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Best Birthday Ever


Please note, this story actually happened, and the characters, me and my current girlfriend, Liv, are real. This is my first story, so be nice lol. Anyway, hope you like it.


Liv smiled at me from across the table. We were at a restaurant for my 18th birthday. Liv was turning 19 in July and it was currently April. She was my first girlfriend, and I loved her a lot. I was her third boyfriend. Nothing fancy, just a typical diner, but it was good nonetheless. I had ordered a burger and fries, while she got a salad. We were just waiting for the check. I leaned in and sipped my drink. She leaned in too, presumably for hers, until she kept coming. She kissed me softly over the table, savoring it, really wanting it. If she only knew how bad I wanted it too. I kissed back. It kept getting more intense, until I realized where we were.

I broke it off quickly and said, "Liv, we're in public. They don't need to see this."

She smiled at me again, that smile I loved. The smile that made me ask her out last year, when she was a senior and I was a junior. She had surprised me today when she came home from college for the weekend, about 2 hours away. "Oh please, they like it. Our waiter's probably jerking it right now, watching us."

That was what I loved about her. She was a girl, but talked and sometimes acted like a guy. A horny bastard of a guy at that.

On that note, our waiter came over with the check. I grabbed for it, but Liv snatched it away. She paid and gave it back. The waiter bade us goodnight and left. I stood up, but Liv stayed sitting. She looked at me seductively and reached for her drink again. She slowly and sensually licked her straw and pumped it in and out of her mouth several times, the whole time staring into my eyes. She didn't give a shit about being in public. This was what made her so attractive.

She was about 5'4" and athletic. She was recruited for soccer at her college. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes. She also had an amazing body, with gorgeous legs (from soccer), a nice firm ass, and a decent rack, maybe a C cup. I wasn't too bad myself, or so I've been told. I stood about 5'9" on a good day. I had dark brown hair and grayish blue eyes. I did have a rather prominent nose though, but I didn't really care. I played lead guitar in an alternative rock band. In fact, Liv was coming to our gig on Sunday, along with about 200 other people.

Anyway, Liv finally stopped her antics and got up and followed me out of the restaurant. We held hands walking toward my car, a 2003 Saab 9-3, stick shift. It was my grandparents' old car until they wanted to save money on gas. Liv led me toward the car. Then she spun around and literally jumped into my arms, attacking my lips. I was caught by surprise and struggled to hold her up, though it gave me an excuse to grab her ass. I found the door handle, still lip locked, and gently set her down in the passenger seat. She broke it off with another seductive smile and a "Happy birthday," wiping her mouth. I walked around to the driver's side and opened the door to find her jacking off the gear stick and looking at me with lust in those pretty hazel eyes. I loved her so much. I jumped in and started the car. Sadly, I had to take her hand off the gear stick. I was enjoying that sight. The drive to her place was uneventful, apart from her sucking on my earlobe the entire time and trying to stick her hand down my pants. I don't know how I didn't stall the car with her acting like this.

Liv and her family lived in a nice house not too far from mine. Her parents weren't home. They had gone out, Liv having told them we would be going back to my house, with my parents home. I had told my parents Liv was taking me out for dinner and we were going back to her house after, with her parents home. She said her parents would be gone all night. She still made me back in to the driveway, insisting on a quick getaway if they showed up. I parked and we got out. She ran around to my side and jumped into my arms again and wrapped her legs around me, kissing me, this time with some tongue. I picked her up by that amazing ass of hers and carried her into the house. I set her down on the couch and sat down next to her.

She got up and went over to the fridge. "Want a beer?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied. Her parents let her drink on the weekends, but only at their house. I wished mine did. She threw me the bottle and went to her room to change. I sat there drinking, thinking of all the things I wanted to do to her. My hand found my growing cock and started stroking it through the jeans. I finished the beer and looked up and choked on it.

Liv was standing there in the hottest outfit I had ever seen her wear. She was wearing skintight yoga shorts, showing off her knockout legs and ass. On her torso she had on a tank top with no bra that was about 2 sizes too small, revealing her perfectly toned stomach and belly button piercing. She grabbed another beer and walked over to stand in front of me. "Oh dear. Is Mathieu getting hot under the collar?" she teased, and chugged the whole beer. (My real name is Matt, but my name in French class was Mathieu. We first began talking in this class, which we both hated. The conversations usually started in bad French but switched to English due to frustration and dislike of the class. Her name was Emilie). "Hmmmm, I want some music, how about you?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she walked over to her bag of stuff from college and bent over, rummaging through the bag for her iPod. She stayed bent over far too long.

Damn, her ass looks fucking incredible. I thought, keeping my eyes glued to it.

She finally found it and plugged it into her speakers. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed another beer. Then she went over to the speakers and selected a playlist. She had similar music taste to me, part of why we were so compatible. We were both Green Day fans. The song "Bad Girlfriend" by Theory of a Deadman came on. Liv started dancing to it and drinking simultaneously. Fuck, she looked hot! When the song finished, she said, "I have a whole playlist dedicated to us." Then the next song, "Sex Type Thing" by the Stone Temple Pilots began playing. "I love this one!" she exclaimed, and continued dancing, but more sexily. Slower and more provocative. I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up and walked over to her. She danced her way over to me and stood right in front of me, singing the chorus into my ear, "I know you want what's on my mind. I know you'd like what's on my mind. I know it eats you up inside. I know, you know, you know, you know."

Damn right, I thought. She started grinding her amazing ass into me, still singing and drinking. I instantly got a boner, which I'm sure she felt. She looked at me and winked as the next song, "Let Me Hear You Scream" by Ozzy Osbourne started blasting. She grabbed my hands and put them on her boobs, singing the chorus, "Let me hear you scream like you want it! Let me hear you yell like you mean it!" At this point I started dry humping her softly and gently through her yoga shorts. It's good her parents didn't show up! They would've seen me holding her rack, her grinding her ass into my cock, and heard music blasting. She turned around and pulled me in for a kiss, with a shitload of tongue. All I could taste was beer.

I love when she gets drunk. I thought happily. She gets so horny.

The fourth song came on, "In the Dark" by Dev. Liv continued grinding and started singing the lyrics. Then she did something I didn't expect. She walked over and shut the lights off! The room was thrown into pitch black. Then it hit me.

Where the hell is Liv? I asked myself. The music was still blasting but there was no sign of her. Until I felt her hands snaking down my jeans and trying to unbutton them. She finally got them open after struggling. It isn't easy to undo jeans in the dark. Then I felt her soft hands pumping my cock, which was already stiff as fuck. I closed my eyes and moaned softly. Then I moaned very loudly as I felt my dick entering a warm, moist opening, presumably her mouth. It was still pitch black at this point. Holy shit, she knows how to suck a cock, I thought with bliss. She used the perfect amount of tongue then started deepthroating me without even gagging once. She must have practiced on her other boyfriends. Not that I'm complaining, I thought. I moaned again as my cock started pulsing. "Liv, if you're listening, I've got about 5 seconds then I'm going!" I said.

My cock slid out of her mouth with a pop. "Well that's a problem. I wanna make this last," she said, still on her knees by the sound of it. She got up and turned the lights back on as the song finished. She was still fully clothed. I looked down at my cock, still rock hard and glistening with her saliva. She came back over and pushed me back down onto the couch. Then she sat on my lap, straddling me and facing me. "Happy 18th Matt!" she exclaimed wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Thanks babe," I said with a smile. She leaned in and pecked me on the lips, with that smile again. Not the seductive one, the genuinely happy one. We sat like that for a while, just cuddling and staring into each others eyes. By this time, my cock was flaccid again. She noticed, and with a smirk, she got up and grabbed another beer. But this one was different. She opened it and poured some over my cock. Then she kneeled and sensually licked it off, getting it hard again. Jesus, it felt good! She looked up and said, "My parents can never know about this, so you'll have to unload inside me. Ok?" Fine with me. I lasted another 5 minutes, cumming inside her mouth. She swallowed like a pro, not missing a drop. I was holding back fine until she started humming with my cock in her mouth. This drove me over the edge. I moaned, "Oh my god! LIIIIIVVVVV!" as my dick squirted load after load down her throat. Then with a wink, she took it out of her mouth and put it back in my jeans and zipped them up. Liv crawled up onto the couch and lay next to me. I pulled her close and spooned her. Then I got an urge and started caressing her perfect stomach, not an ounce of flab on it. I slowly moved up, going up her shirt and fondling her boob. She moaned and threw her head back. Then she turned around and started kissing me passionately. I could taste beer and my own cum.

She pulled away and said with a wink, "If your band gig goes ok, I'll have a surprise for you after," referring to my gig on Sunday.

"I can't wait, Liv," I replied.

She laughed and got up and checked the time. It was only 10. "Wow. I thought it was way later."

My iPhone suddenly started ringing. It was my mother telling me to come home. Unbelievable. 10:00 on a Friday and I had to be home! I hung up and said, "Fuck me, I've gotta go home! Shit."

Liv said devilishly, "That can be arranged," and got up and threw on a sweatshirt. "I'll walk you to your car."

"I'm not going home. Fuck that! It's a Friday night and I'm a legal adult now."

She paused. "I guess you're right. Maybe you should call and tell them that."

It turned out that it worked. My parents remembered it was my birthday and agreed to let me stay out.

Liv heard this and gave me that sexy smile of hers. "I have an idea. One more present on your birthday." She led me outside, still wearing the tank top and yoga shorts. I don't know when my parents will be home, so we need to do this quick." With that, she took off her shorts and beckoned me closer. She wasn't wearing panties. Christ, she had a nice pussy! She then reached for my jeans and slid them down to my ankles. For the millionth time that day, I picked her up by her ass. She wrapped her legs around me and guided my cock into her vag. Her mouth felt good, but this was unbelievable! We were both virgins, so she was incredibly tight. So warm and moist, I loved it. I began gently bouncing her up and down, watching her rack bounce through her tank top. We were both moaning now. It was cold out but neither of us noticed.

"I love you, Matt," she said between moans, her eyes boring into mine. Her breathing got more ragged and really turned me on.

"I love you too," I gasped, and grunted as her pussy started pulsing around my dick. I couldn't hold it in any more. With simultaneous moans, we both climaxed. I collapsed against my car with her still in my lap. We kissed passionately.

"Happy birthday babe," she whispered into my ear.

"Jesus. Liv, giving me your virginity for my present. I can't thank you enough," I said and started crying. Mostly out of how much I loved this girl. We'd been dating for over a year, so it really was love.

"Oh shit, don't cry! You were supposed to enjoy that. I damn well did."

"I did. It was fucking incredible! I'm crying because you have no idea how much I love you."

"Oh I do know. And trust me, it's mutual. I won't regret losing it to you. I've had boyfriends before but nothing like this." She stood up and put her shorts back on. I stood up, still crying and struggled to pull my jeans up. "Here. Let me help you with that," she reached down and grabbed my now soft dick and stuck it in her mouth, cleaning it off. Then she put it in my boxers and pulled my jeans up. We went back inside to chill out. She put on the song "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica and sat down next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head. We must have fallen asleep like that because the next thing I knew, my phone was ringing. It was my parents again asking where I was. It was now midnight. Liv was woken up by this too. I hung up and turned to her, "I've gotta go now. Thank you for making this my best birthday ever. And I mean ever!"

She laughed and smiled. "Just doing my job as your girlfriend, babe." She jumped up and led me to my car. I opened the door, then stopped and turned around. I threw my arms around her and kissed her with the most passion I can remember ever putting into a kiss. I softly sang "Nothing Else Matters" into her ear, "So close, no matter how far. Couldn't be much more from the heart. Forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters."

She smiled at me, the moon reflecting in her hazel eyes. "Happy birthday! I'll see you tomorrow or Sunday. Probably, no, definitely, tomorrow." With that she pecked me on the lips and stepped back from the car. I drove away with a wave. I already missed her by the time I got home. My parents were both asleep. I stayed up all night texting her, saying how much I missed her. We spent all day Saturday together. I banged her in the backseat of my car and in the shower at my house when my parents weren't home.

As for my band performance, it went flawlessly. Liv was sitting in the front row, her face beaming with emotion. The "surprise" she mentioned turned out to be a hummer in the bathroom after the gig. She had to go directly to college after to get there in time for Monday classes. She pulled me in for a hug and a kiss goodbye. "I fucking love you. And happy birthday again. I'll try and come up again sometime this month."

"Please do as soon as you can. I don't know what I'd do without you," I said.

"You'd have to resort to your left hand. Isn't that what I'm for?" she said with a wink. There she went with her bluntness again.

I laughed and replied, "Damn right. Please text me when you get there. I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt."

"Will do. Bye," she said and kissed me. She got in her car and said, "By the way, look in your guitar case. There's something for you in there." She winked and drove away, waving and making sexual gestures out the window. She was a girl with a guy's sense of humor and attitude. That's why I liked her. In the case, I found a pair of unwashed panties and two pictures of her, one in a sexy bikini and the other nude. This was one hell of a weekend to brag about in school! We are currently still deeply in love, even though she's at college while I'm still in high school.

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