tagErotic CouplingsBest Friends Ch. 02

Best Friends Ch. 02


I sighed contently; keeping my eyes closed against the sunlight streaming in. I could feel the warmth of a mid-summer day already seeping into the room where we lay.

After fucking about 3 more times the previous night, Eric and I had finally made it to his bedroom, where we now lay. I had borrowed a white oxford shirt to sleep in; the fabric loose and comfortable as I leaned against him. His hand was stroking my hair as I lay there. I was on my side; one leg swung over his; wrapping around one of his as my hand rested on his chest. I cuddled in closer and he wrapped one arm around me. I opened my eyes.

"Hey sleepyhead." He grinned down at me. I giggled and yawned; stretching before going back to my previous position. His hand continued to play with my hair as I stroked his chest. He kissed my forehead and I looked up at him.

I kissed him slowly before rolling on top of him and sliding off the bed with a grin. I moved over to pick up my clothes; which I had thrown into the dryer at some point. As I dressed; Eric leaned on one arm and watched me. "Can I help you?" I teased as I slid my skirt on. He grinned back.

"Yeah; by taking off those clothes," he responded and I went over to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I have to go home for a little bit. My parents think I spent the night at Sarah's; they'll be expecting me soon." He sighed and stroked my leg quietly. I leaned over and kissed him again; this time a little more passionately.

"I can't even convince you to maybe shower before you go home?" He whispered in my ear; his hands moving to remove my clothes again. I chuckled and kissed him again.

"Well, I am pretty dirty," I trailed off. Without another word he leaned up and took my head in his hands; pulling him closer as our mouths connected; his hands quickly shedding off my clothes and my hands reaching to remove his boxers. We stood , our hands never leaving each others bodies, our mouths never separating as we found our way to his bathroom. He turned for a second to turn the shower on and we stepped in; kissing under the warm water. I shivered a bit as I felt his hands roam my body; tweaking a nipple; moving down my back; grabbing my ass. I giggled as I let my hands move from around his neck down to his cock; stroking it a bit as we kissed. He moaned against my lips as my tongue slipped into his mouth; caressing his tongue softly. He pushed me against one of the walls, his hands rougher on my skin as our passion grew.

We parted momentarily; my deep green eyes alight with lust. He grinned at me as he grabbed my hips and lifted me up. I reacted immediately as he held me against the wall with my legs wrapped around him. He kissed me deeply before sliding his cock in. I groaned and leaned against the wall, water still splashing down on us. He kissed my neck as he managed to get balls deep inside of me, pausing for a minute for us to catch our breath before starting to slowly move his hips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, nibbling on his bottom lip as we stared at each other in lust and happiness. Our hips rocked back and forth, our mouths moaning as we fucked harder. We moved faster; my body starting to slam against the back of the shower, the hot water still sliding down our bodies.

I leaned my head back against the wall as I felt my body near the edge. Eric could sense I was near and moved one hand from my back to my clit; his thumb playing with it slowly. I didn't even last another minute before I came, my orgasm flooding through me. I bit down on my lip hard, a groan escaping through my mouth as my body shook. I felt Eric start to cum inside me during my orgasm, and it edged me on. My cunt clapped down around his cock, milking him for all his sticky sweet cum. Our groans mixed together in the shower as our hips slowed down.

As I caught my breathe and unwrapped my legs he slid out of me. He kissed me slowly as we backed into the water and washed up.

A couple hours later I was sitting on my bed, my sister drawing at my desk when my cell phone rang.

"Thank you for calling Ashley's phone. How may I help you?" She answered and I chuckled. She was a good little secretary. She looked over her shoulder, her deep green eyes, so much like mine, staring at me. "It's Eric," she said and handed me the phone.

I pushed my magazine away and rolled over to lay on my back. "Hey," I said, my face pulling into a smile automatically. I could feel my sister watching me.

"Hey, so I was wondering...maybe you could tell your parents you're at Angie's or something tonight and we could hang out again." He said, keeping his voice low. He knew my sister was still within hearing distance.

I bit my lip; a habit even when the person I was talking to couldn't see me. "Sure," I said. "How about 8?" I asked, looking over at my sister to see if she knew what I was talking about. She seemed oblivious.

"Sounds perfect. I'll see you then." He said before hanging up. My heart flipped a bit as I closed my phone and put it next to me on the bed.

"Are you going to see Eric tonight?" Emily asked, hopeful. "Is he going to come over!?" I chuckled and shook my head.

"No, sorry Em." I replied before tickling her.

A few hours later I knocked on Eric's door. He answered, looking sexy as usual as he grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. My arms went around his neck as we made out on his front porch for a few minutes. When we parted he kissed my forehead and pulled me into the house, leading me to his backyard. "Hope you brought your swimsuit," he said, "We're barbequing and chilling in the hot tub tonight," he finished with a wink. I grinned and placed my backpack on the couch as we walked to his back porch.

"Wearing it under my clothes," I responded as I sat down at that picnic table, relaxing with my feet up on one of the other chairs. "Need any help?" I offered and he shook his head no, throwing me a coke. I opened it and sipped some as I watched him flip the burgers. When he turned I was grinning at him, and he blew me a kiss.

So much changes so quickly.

After we ate our hamburgers and pasta salad, he turned the hot tub on and ran into the house to change into his bathing suit. I slid out of my white shorts and pink wife beater tank, revealing a black halter bikini top and bottoms with little yellow and pale blue stars on them. I had already thrown my hair into a messy bun and was relaxing in the warm water when he reappeared. I looked up just to see him standing there watching me with a smile.

"What?" I asked, coyly smiling back.

"Nothing, you just look so damn sexy." I giggled and he slid in next to me, grabbing the soda out of my hands and placing it on the porch next to us; grabbing my head gently and pulling me in for a soft kiss. I moaned softly into his mouth and he chuckled and pulled away. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.

We spent about a half hour in the hot tub before I proclaimed that I was already really hot and wandered over to his trampoline. He quickly followed, and we cuddled on the trampoline and talked. I kissed his cheek every so often, and he would kiss my forehead, stroking my hair that I had let back down as soon as we were out of the hot tub.

At around 1 a.m. I started getting super horny again. I looked around, he lived in a quiet neighborhood, but the yards were pretty big and most people had some sort of fence. He had shrubs surrounding his backyard, but they weren't that high and I'm pretty sure if you wanted you could see us on the trampoline. Suddenly though, I didn't care.

I kissed his cheek, and he turned his head to kiss my forehead. I took advantage and kissed him deeply, our tongues dueling in one another's mouths. I adjusted myself so that I was straddling him, the trampoline moving gently beneath us. I ground my hips against his, my hands grabbing his hair and pulling his head closer to mine. His hands were traveling my sides, caressing them softly. I moaned quietly into his mouth, encouraging him on.

I let my hands travel his body as well, my fingers trailing his stomach as they moved lower and lower, finally hooking into his bathing suit and sliding it off, throwing it off the edge of the trampoline. He looked at me in surprise, and probably was about to protest before my hand gently grabbed his cock and started to stroke it in between us. He kissed me passionately again as my hand slid up and down, occasionally grabbing a hold of his balls and squeezing them gently too. He moaned quietly in my mouth before reaching up and untying my top, one hand focusing on teasing and playing with my tits. I grasped his cock harder as his tongue moved from my mouth down to my neck, finally playing and sucking on my nipples.

All of a sudden he flipped me over, sliding his hands down from my tits to my bottoms, untying them at the sides and throwing them with the rest of our clothing. His hand returned to squeezing my thigh, his mouth returned to mine as we kissed passionately once more. I opened my legs slightly, inviting his hand further access up my legs. When his thumb gently started rubbing my clit I moaned automatically, rising my hips a little to his touch. He responded by sliding two fingers into me, slowly teasing me. It drove me insane. He managed to hook my g-spot and I shuddered, moaning loudly against his mouth. He grinned at me and started trailing his kisses down my body. I felt his tongue on my neck, moving down towards my tits again. He sucked and teased each nipple for a moment before letting his tongue trail down my stomach, kissing and sucking on it gently before he reached my clean shaven cunt. Two fingers still inside me, he moved his thumb and replaced it with his tongue.

I groaned instinctively, my hands reaching down to wrap in his short hair. His tongue flicked and teased my clit as he slowly slid his fingers in and out of me, my cunt trying to squeeze them to stay in. He kissed my clit before letting his tongue slide down my slit, and with a long moan and shudder, I felt his fingers slide out of me and his tongue slide in. I was in paradise.

He started to tongue fuck me for several minutes, my hands keeping his head to my cunt. I groaned loudly as my hips arched, cumming all around his tongue. He responded my tonguing me faster, bringing me right to the edge of a second orgasm.

Right as I was about to scream, he pulled back. I groaned in frustration, biting my lip. "Eric-I-what?" I managed to choke out. He grinned and leaned over me, kissing me again. I could feel his stiff cock teasing my clit, sliding gently up and down my cunt. Quickly, I pushed Eric down and climbed back on top of him, grabbing his cock with a firm hand and placing it at my entrance. I slowly let the head of his cock fill me, stopping there, teasing both of us.

He grabbed a hold of my hips, biting his lip in concentration as he watched me slide downwards on his cock, groaning when I managed to get him all the way inside me. My cunt started gripping his cock immediately.

I leaned over, my hands on either side of his shoulders as I paused to collect myself. His mouth quickly found my nipples again, sucking on them. My cunt squeezed tighter, and I could tell I was on the brink of another orgasm already. I grabbed his head and kissed him fiercely before pulling back, straightening myself out. He held his grip on my hips as I started to ride him.

The trampoline moved with us, increasing our tempo as our hips collided together. I groaned as I felt my pussy tighten and felt myself cum, closing my eyes as my hips continued to pump. His grip on my hips tightened along with my cunts grip on his cock, and we moved faster. I placed my hands on his chest, supporting myself as I rode him fast. Our breathing got heavier, my skin flushed.

As we approached the end, I watched his face contort in pleasure. He moaned loudly and leaned up to kiss me, biting my lip gently as he pulled away. He started shooting inside me, and as I felt him cum and felt his teeth gently nibble my lip, I felt myself explode. I arched my back, riding my hips as fast as I could, moaning loudly. The neighbors could probably hear, but I didn't care. Eric's hands moved up my back, caressing my skin as we panted and groaned through an orgasm, my head leaned back as my eyes rolled. We slowed dramatically, the trampoline still bouncing as we moved.

As I collapsed on top of him, he kissed me again. I rolled off of him, snuggling up to him as we caught our breath. He chuckled and kissed my forehead, stroking my hair once more.

Looking up at the stars on the trampoline, the warm summer air touching our bare skin, all I could think of was how I never wanted this vacation to end.

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