tagLoving WivesBest of Both Worlds Ch. 04

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 04


Life continued to be wonderful. Every Thursday I met with Jacques at lunch time, and had had great sex. After the first couple of times in the back of his shop, the only times I saw him was during our Thursday trysts. The rest of the time , I was Bill's loving wife. By now, the level of guilt I felt had decreased substantially, after all, we still loved each other and there was no way he would ever find out. Besides, when this fling with Jacques ended, as I knew it would, I knew I would be faithful to Bill for the rest of my life.

Then one Saturday, Bill took our daughter to her soccer game, planning to drop her off after the game for a sleep over at her friends, and then meet his buddies at the Country Club and play 18 holes. I did some chores and then I went to the mall to do some shopping. To my surprise, when I was shopping, whom did I see, but my sexy French glass blower. This was the first time I'd ever seen him other than his shop or his apartment.

We chatted for a bit, and then, I don't know why, perhaps the daringness of it all, I invited him to my home. Maybe I wanted to show it off, to let him see the things I had talked about. Since Bill was golfing, I knew he wouldn't be home for hours. We had some coffee, and then I showed him proudly around my house. Of course the room he was most interested in was our bedroom.

As we stood by the bed I shared with Bill, Jacques put his arms around me and started to whisper into my ear, telling me how he wanted me right here and now. I tried not to respond, but his tongue flicking at my ear lobe caused the tingling to start deep inside me. I told him, no, we couldn't, but as he started to nuzzle my neck, his hands caressing my breasts, my resolve weakened, and soon our clothes were in a pile on the floor, and we were rolling around on my bed.

As he prepared to mount me, I told him to stop, it was my house and I wanted to be in charge. I rolled him onto his back and started to run my fingers lightly up and down his erection, watching it twitch with anticipation. Teasingly I bent over, and did the same thing with my tongue, then sliding my mouth over the head. I never exerted any real pressure or suction, my intent being to enjoy myself, and hopefully to drive him crazy. A thrill ran through me as I watched him squirm, for once he was the one begging me to fuck him.

Finally I decided to take pity on him, and me too, for I was dripping, and climbed on top of him, lining my pussy up over that beautiful cock, and then, pushing down hard with one quick motion, feeling that cock fill my insides. I alternated between slow sensuous movements, to riding him hard. Finally I gave into my feelings, and just as I could feel him shoot deep inside me, I came.

As part of his revenge, he rolled me over and started playing with my pussy, running his tongue over my clit, up and down the lips of my vagina, and then over my anus. All the while he was using his fingers as well, working them over my clit, then up inside my boiling cunt, and when his tongue went back to my clit, thrusting first one, then two up my ass. I still wasn't nuts about him playing with my asshole, and had never let him fuck me there after that first time, but today, the intensity over rode my logic, and soon I was on all fours, feeling his cock push past my anal ring, gradually filling me in a way I'd never thought possible.

As I pushed back against that thrusting cock, building to an orgasm I knew would soon come, my world ended! "Sarah." "It couldn't be" was the thought that went through my mind as I tried to turn and look towards the sound. As I did the only thing you could hear was the soft 'plop' as Jacques cock pulled out of my ass.

I almost died as I looked to the doorway and there stood Bill. The look on his face, the hurt, the defeat, the sorrow will haunt me forever.

---------------- -------------------------

My thoughts were surprisingly clear as I drove away from the meeting with the investigator. In fact, part of me was almost relieved, while I was truly upset that there was no doubt, at least no longer would I be torn apart by wondering, was I just paranoid, or was Sarah really cheating on me. While his verbal report was enough, the pictures of her rolling around in bed with him, the look on her face, told me that I had to follow through with what I had decided. I knew it was now or never, and went home to confront Sarah.

I almost changed my mind when I saw a strange car in the drive way, deciding I would wait. But when I entered the house there was nobody there. I headed upstairs, thinking I'd have a shower. As I approached our bedroom I could hear voices . With my stomach sinking even further, I quietly approached our open bedroom door. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, what Sarah was saying, "Oh, Jacques, that is so good, fuck my ass, it feels so good, fuck me hard!"

As I looked in, I almost died, for there was this young man, talking to her in a French accent, telling her how tight she was, and how good it was, as he thrust into her waiting ass. I was almost paralysed with disgust and horror, and for a minute I couldn't move. As I stood there, I couldn't help think that she'd never let me do this, not even let me lick or finger her there, but he could fuck it. Finally I had to say something, but all I could say was "Sarah!"

I could see her squirm as she twisted around, his cock being pulled out. The look on her face as she saw me, was a mixture of shock and horror. I don't know what possessed me as I spoke to the man, a man whose face and body I had seen in a number of pictures, "You must be Jacques Hamel, I am sure you will excuse me if I don't offer you a drink. In fact don't think I'm being rude, but get the hell out of here before I do something I know I won't regret" Part of me wanted to kill him, right then and there, but at the same time, I couldn't help but think of my daughter, so discretion took the better part of valour, and I just watched him scramble into his clothes, and race out of the house. As I watched him go, I thought that someday, I would get even.

I then turned to Sarah, thinking that nothing, even the pictures and almost certain knowledge of her affair had prepared me for the shock I had just received. "And to think honey that you always thought that ass play was dirty! I guess you were right, only fucking sluts and whores would do that, wouldn't they?"

"Please Bill, its not what you think"

"Oh come on Sarah, just what the hell is it, maybe he was just working out a kink in your back, or using his cock as a rectal thermometer! You've played me for a fool for quite a while, but I wasn't born yesterday!"

"Bill, its you I love, this was just sex, what we share is true love, love has never entered into this, for the only one I have ever loved is you, believe me. This was the first time I've ever done this, you are the only man I've been with until today"

Even if somehow my suspicions, as confirmed by the mounting evidence and report and pictures I had just received hadn't convinced me what I had to do, the sight of my beloved wife, joyously letting her young lover fuck her ass, was more than enough. I easily let her protestations of her love for me slide off, for the lack of love was more than obvious in her betrayal, her deceit, her lies, and the actions she had undertaken. I dropped the pictures on the bed, and looked at her face as she saw the evidence of her betrayal, and most recent lie.

I knew she was panicking, but I told her what I had to tell her, that this was it, I wanted a divorce. I told her I would be fair, in fact a lot fairer than I had to be out of respect for the years that I had loved her, but that this was the end. If she didn't contest it, I would do it nicely, but if not, I would use the pictures I had and expose her cheating to the court. Even though she had hurt me so, I thought of her family, our daughter, and felt that I had to do it without malice, unless she pushed me. At the same time, I thought it's to bad she didn't do the same thing.

I debated telling her about his other relationships, but thought I'd save that til another day.

The sound of her sobbing bothered me a bit as I walked out, but any guilt I felt was lessened by the hurt that had been building up until today. Even now, I couldn't feel rage, though part of me wanted to hurt her, physically and emotionally. But the love I had for her all these years, a love that was now shattered, held me back. Instead, I just felt an incredible feeling of loss and sadness, as I walked out heading to a hotel to spend the night.

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by 26thNC11/11/18

How nice

If you're finished with my wife, please leave sir. I'm kind of upset, you see. So please.leave.

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by Anonymous07/20/18

Almost didn't go in because he didn't want to interrupt their fuck.

WIMP. This story has to have been written by a semi-consenting cuckold.

Two stars.

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by Anonymous04/25/18


He politely tells the asshole to leave? Pussy.

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