tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBeth & Her Mom Break the Law

Beth & Her Mom Break the Law

bydeputy duffy©

I am one of those lucky few, who love their jobs. I work for the great State of Vermont, as a Deputy Sheriff. I spend most of my nights patrolling its sleepy highways and back-roads. I'm just 22-years-old and only got this job because my dad's the Sheriff. Most of the time there is not much to do, as I work the late shift. There are times however, when this can work to ones advantage.

The following is an account of one such evening.

I set up shop (radar) one night on the main drag leading to the freeway. Things were slow as usual, a car here, a car there. A night when the calmness of the evening settles over a person. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, when all of a sudden, a black Lincoln sped by, doing 20 miles over the 40 mile per hour speed limit.

"What the hell," I thought, and off I went after it. I caught up to it a short ways down the road, just at the entrance ramp to the freeway. I called in the plate to headquarters and decided to have a look. I approached the car carefully, because you never know what you're going to get out here. I tapped on the window, just as the driver rolled it down.

"License and registration!" I barked out in my best cop voice. My flashlight lighting up the interior of the dark car.

A concerned female voice echoed from the car. "Sorry sir, is there a problem?"

I lit up the face of the driver. My male libido, quickly registered the fact that she was an attractive middle aged woman with wavy brown hair and nice full lips.

"Just going a little fast," I said, while trying not to be too excited.

I lit up her passenger with the light. "WOW," I quickly thought to myself. (Now I was excited.) Her passenger was a younger female, sporting dirty blond hair, puppy dog brown eyes and some killer looks aided by some heavy makeup. She squirmed under the light's attention.

"And who's this?" I wondered, now really trying to hide my excitement.

"My daughter Beth," the driver simply replied.

"Nice," I said to myself, as I made my way back to the cruiser. Everything checked out, so I wrote a simple speeding ticket. It had been a slow night, hell it had been a slow week. I knew what I should have done...but....

"Damn! I have to get a better look at that dirty blonde," I said to myself, as I returned to their car.

"Could you step to the back of the car, both of you?" I announced.

After a bit of hesitation and the obligatory complaints, they both made their way out. I started interrogating them, asking them any question I could think of, just to get some more info. The blonde (Beth), I was so interested in was 18. Her mom, Evelyn, was 39 and did most of the talking. She seemed to be annoyed with the whole day so far, and I'm sure I wasn't helping. It seems they were on their way home from a college visit. They were late because Beth had begged her mother to stay and watch a band that was playing that night. She said she was speeding because she was in a rush to get home. She had an early morning or something like that.

"Can I just check your bags and then you can be on your way?" I asked.

Mom's bag produced nothing out of the ordinary. Beth on the other hand was a little reluctant to hand hers over. I grabbed the small bag away and it didn't take me long to find out why. Inside her butts pack, I found three rolled joints.

"What have we here?" I announced, feeling like I just hit the lottery

"They're not mine!" Beth screamed, as soon as I said it.

"Beth, Jesus!" her mom screamed.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to come with me!" I barked.

I spun Beth around and bound her hands together with my steel cuffs. Loud protests followed my order for her mom to turn around, so I was forced to use some force to cuff her. Both women now pleaded with me, as I led them to the back of the cruiser.

"Watch your head," was my only reply.

I called for a "hook" and made my way back to the station, my damsels in distress in the back. During the 10 minute ride back to the station, Beth's mom verbally berated her about the dangers of drugs, keeping her out late, flirting with the college boys, and so on.

I could only laugh to myself as I thought, "If she's mad now!"

Back at the station, I led the two women into the processing room, pausing only to wink at Big Al, who was working the front desk. He smiled, knowing what that meant.

Mom was still steamed, as I unlocked their handcuffs. "Listen, I want to call...."

"You haven't been charged yet," I interrupted her.


"You two will be searched for further contraband and if you behave then you might be free to leave. If you cause problems for me, then I will cause problems for you," I said in my best police voice.

I watched as Beth and her mom talked it over.

"Well, let's get on with it, 'cause I want to get out of here," Beth's mom said. But by her tone, she seemed none to happy about it.

I guided them to the yellow line on the floor. "Stand on the line, feet 2 feet apart, lean forward, hands on the wall."

Mom quickly took her place, as she seemed to know what was coming, while Beth was a bit apprehensive, so I had to guide her into position. It was kind of funny, because she was almost a half foot shorter than her mom, so she had to lean straight out just to reach the wall. I stood back for a second to enjoy the view. Beth was dressed in tight blue jeans, and a little white blouse that was tied up to show off her tight midriff. I smiled, as leaned forward like this, her tight pants hugged her tight little ass, even more than before.

Mom was dressed more conservatively, wearing a simple summer dress, with colored flowers. I deciding to start with the older of the duo (to save the best for last.)

Moving into place, I started to "pat her down" starting with her shoulders.

"You're going to do the search?" A nervous Beth shouted from my left.

"That's my job!" I said with a smile.

"Don't you...?"

"Quiet!" I interrupted her, while also knowing that she was going to ask for a female deputy. Silly girl.

"Beth, this was your doings, so just let him do his job and let's get the fuck out of here," Beth's mom scolded. (I guess she forgot that she was the one speeding.)

I continued my search, guiding my hands over her lower back, down over her nice full ass and down her leg. I continued up the other leg, this time I moved to her front side, running over her stomach, up to the bottom of her breasts. I felt her body tense up as I cupped both breasts in my hands, squeezing them several times.

"Searching for contraband," I explained, as she whimpered some protest.

Her body noticeably relaxed when I stood back.

I rubbed my hands together and announced, "Your turn, Beth."

Beth received the same "quick" pat down as her mother, although, I must admit it was a lot "harder" to stay in control, especially as I ran my hands over her tight ass, while checking her back pockets. I continued by slipping a hand inside the waistband of her blue jeans, and then like her mom, I also finished the pat down with several squeezes of her medium sized, firm breasts. I stood back and both of them turned around and looked relieved, as if they thought this search was over.

(Little did they know that this search was far from over.)

I excused myself, and locked up my gun-belt and turned off the processing rooms cameras.

Big Al just shook his head, "Time for them to pay up, eh?" He chuckled. "Man, I wish my dad was the sheriff."

I slapped him a high five on my way by. "Yes, I love my job."

"Can we go now?" Mom inquired, as soon as I re-entered the processing room.

"Sorry, since this is a drug related case, I'm afraid we aren't through yet!"

"Shit, I knew it mom!" Beth screamed. "This little pervert expects us to strip naked."

(Boy did I, but really now, I was just doing my job.)

"I can see why you're going to college," I teased.

"Look sir, you can't do this," Beth's mom pleaded.

"I can...I'm the law...let's go.... STRIP!" I barked.

After several minutes of begging pleas from both woman. I stood my ground, telling them "Strip" or go to "State Prison."

(Honestly, we don't have a State Prison for Women, but what the fuck, I figured they didn't know that and I've told bigger lies to get women naked.)

"Hey, I have all weekend," I teased, remembering that Beth's mom was so rushed earlier.

"Mom... What the...?" Beth begged, as her mother started to unbutton her summer dress.

"Let's just get this over with, maybe you'll learn your lesson when you're standing here with me, in the buff," Her mother scolded, and I cheered her on. I watched as her bra and panties quickly hit the floor, without me even asking, leaving her buck naked.

"Back on the yellow line, hands against the wall," I ordered, but only after I checked out her nice 39-year-old figure. I estimated her to be about 5'7", 130 pounds, with surprisingly nice full tits. Loved her large brown nipples. When she was back against the wall, I noticed her ass was still hanging in there.

"Well, Beth, I'm waiting," I said, as I tapped my foot, (and boy was I.)

"Please, don't do this, not here, not now, at least take me to a different room."

"Get out of them duds, Missy Pot-Smoker," her mother hissed, and I laughed inside, thanking her for her help.

Behind a stream of tears, false or for her mom's benefit, Beth's clothes slowly came off. She kicked her shoes off and then wrestled with her tight jeans, finally handing them to me. I place them on the table behind me, right next to her mom's things. Beth was now standing in her small white cotton panties and a half-shirt, seemingly pondering her next move. I snapped my fingers, as more tears rolled down her face. With a sniffle, she rolled her panties down and handed them over.

("Wow," I thought. "She saved her tits for last.")

"Let's go...everything off." (I love that line.)

I stood in front of her, as she slowly, all most teasingly, untied her shirt and unbuttoned the last button, before sliding it off her shoulders, thus removing her last piece of clothing because she didn't wear a bra, something I already knew. Beth, now totally naked, seemed to be really fighting with her composer. She used her hands to cover her crotch, as soaked in her beauty and boy was she beautiful. By my guess, she stood just over five feet tall, maybe 100 pounds. She sported perfect, perky, round breasts, adorned by hard, brownish, nipples, which looked like they could break glass.

Beth turned and started to assume the position, next to her mom.

"Beth," I gasped, clearing my throat. She froze.

"I need you on the table, over here." I pointed to the large steel table behind me that held my prisoner's discarded clothing. I fully excepted more cries of protest, but much to my surprise, head down; Beth proceeded to climb up on the table.

"On all fours," I managed.

"Oh, my, god!" Beth cried, as she flipped over and propped up. Then it was my time to use that line.

"You're a professional." I had to remind myself several times, as I took in the spectacular view before me. This girl's ass could kill an older man. It was tight and perfectly heart shaped. When I spread her legs apart, I quickly noticed that her beautiful pussy and anus were completely free of pubic hair, much to my eye's delight.

"Now Beth, this will all be over shortly, just relax," I managed, as I rested my hands on top of her naked ass. "Since you were found in possession of illegal drugs, I must perform a cavity search."

"I know, I know," Beth sobbed.

"Been through this before?" I asked in surprise.

"No, no." she sobbed. "My dad's a prison guard."

She told me who he was and where he worked. I didn't know him and he worked in another state so I didn't care. She was still getting searched.

"Can I go now?"

I ran my hands over her ass-cheeks. "Not if your daddy was the Governor."

With her mom standing naked behind me, I spread her ass cheeks with one hand. I gathered all my nerve and gently separated her puffy outer labia with my fingertips. I bent over very close to inspect her, my nose was only inches away! I smelled the distinct aroma of her musky, vaginal juices. Her inner surfaces were a light pink and moistly delicate to my touch. I took my fingertips and cautiously spread the uppermost part of her labia open a little wider. I ran my finger back and forth over her pinkish interior. She seemed so incredibly wet and seemingly getting wetter as I touched her. I figured that she was turned on by my close examination, but also trying to remain in control of her reactions as she was silent.

"Fine...that's good...just relax, please," I mumbled, but it was more for my benefit.

I reached for a latex examination glove from the draw under the table, noticing her beautiful brown eyes, following me over her shoulder. I slipped the glove on my right hand and watched her look apprehensively at me, while she also unconsciously started wetting her lips a bit...nervous energy again.

"Was she anticipating the intimate penetration of her pussy that was about to take place?" I thought while I was doing this, I picked up the KY Jelly and squeezed it on the fingered glove, although I really didn't need it.

"Beth, I need your permission, before I can go any further. I need to check you out internally." I said as professionally as I could, (wondering how much daddy told her.)

Beth hesitated for a moment, looking at me with those brown eyes, as I was holding up my glove-covered hand.

"My pussy, right?"

I nodded, quivering when she said "pussy".

"You have my permission," she finally said, in a wavering voice.

She was watching me over her shoulder do everything. I looked back down at her pussy and almost came in my pants. The sight that lay before me was the sexiest thing I had ever seen!

I moved her thighs a little further apart, before I reached out with my hand and began stroking the surfaces of each of her unblemished pussy lips. I was admiring there smooth, elastic texture as I spread on the lubricant. I pulled each one out, into a soft fan, like she was modeling for a porno magazine. She had positively the most exquisite pussy I had ever seen. It was time to feel what her vagina was like inside. Again I told her to "relax" or was I telling myself. I slipped my right index finger, ever so gently, into her very moist pussy. Slowly at first, I moved my finger in and out of her, pausing a second to let her get used to the feeling, before a second finger joined the first one. I quickly increased the pressure and speed of my probing. Beth's backside was squirming back and forth, like a dog wagging its tail. Which turned me on even more.

Satisfied that she was free of contraband, and thinking that she was enjoying this a little too much. I parted her tight ass cheeks with both hands and watched as her pink little bunghole came into view. I lowered my hands down her firm ass cheeks and put my thumbs on her outer labia. I slowly drew them apart and watched her vagina gape open, amazed at how her vagina had opened up so much. This 18-year-old was no virgin.

It was now time to concentrate on her rectum. "Please lower your shoulders to the table," I whispered, as I applied some more lubricant.

"Please, not there."

"Yes, there," I said, a little surprised that she knew what was coming.

She dropped to the table, but looked concerned. I reached in and slowly introduced my finger into her winking asshole. I was surprised that Beth didn't protest more, but instead she let out a long "Ooooooooooooh." It was so incredibly tight that it gripped my finger like crazy. I couldn't withstand her open invitation any longer, I put my other finger into her waiting vagina and probed it at great length as well. Slowly I moved each finger in and out, for what was probably a couple of minutes. Beth was moaning and groaning away, while I was lost in my own ecstasy, only to be snapped out of it, by my prisoner's mom tapping me on the shoulder.

"Find anything?" she huffed.

I turned around quickly grabbing the older woman by a wrist, twisting it behind her back, and then I aggressively pushed her down on the table.

"Who said you could move!" I barked.

(I was a little upset with her or moving from the line, and also a little embarrassed that I forgot that she was there, while I was inspecting her luscious daughter's privates.)

"I just thought that since you had your fun, maybe we could go now!" she cried out.

"But I'm not through yet," I growled into her ear, while grinding my pelvis into her backside.

"Please, I'm married," she mumbled. (I guess she could feel my hardon.)

"Up we go," I barked, (like I gave a fuck).

I lifted her up on the table, which also held her daughter, who was surprisingly still in position. I spun her around on her back, her legs dangling off the side of the table.

"Hands behind your head," I barked and she followed.

I was now holding her down, my hand placed between her ample breasts, trying to regain control of the situation, while trying to catch my breath.

"Don't move," I said, and then I used a wet nap and cleaned up Beth's privates. I quickly changed gloves, snapping the new one into place, as Beth's mom's eyes widened.

"Why search me?" She pleaded.

Beth snickered and dropped down onto the table.

"Like I asked Beth, I need your permission before I can go any further. I need to check you out internally, too."

She didn't answer me for several seconds and then she just nodded.

"I need to hear you say it...say it out loud." I said, still a little mad at her.

"Yes," she mumbled.

"Yes, what?" I asked several times.

"Yes, you can search my private parts, just please make it quick," she finally answered.

Satisfied, I proceeded. "Oh god," was all she could muster, as I grabbed her feet, bringing them together, while spreading her knees apart. Beth scooted up and was now sitting up on the edge of the desk, her brown eyes, surprisingly still watching my every move.

I quickly thrust a finger into her mom's neatly trimmed pussy. Surprisingly my quick actions, drew no reactions from its owner, as her pussy was already moist at this point. She flashed me a "big deal look" as a second finger joined the first. I continued my two-finger probe, thrusting almost violently, definitely obscenely, in and out of her increasingly wet pussy.

"Find anything?" She teased, and she had to know I wasn't looking for anything at this point.

"Turn over," I barked. After I got no response to my command, I helped the older woman into position. It was similar to the position her daughter had assumed earlier, except I moved her knees closer to her chest and forced her shoulders to the table. Now in position, her ample backside was just hanging off the edge of the table. I grabbed for the lubrication tube, but was beat to the punch by Beth, who playfully handed the tube to me, while flashing me a sly smile!

"What the fuck is going on with her?" I thought to myself. "While watching me finger her mom, was Beth starting to get turned on, or was she trying to turn me on? Is this the same girl who called ME a fucking pervert?"

"She made me go to HER doctor," Beth said, probably reading my quizzical look.


"Yeah, she has a male doctor, and he made me strip to the skin, just like you did, and he put his fingers in me, just like you did, even in my butt, of course he didn't do it as long as you did."

"Beth!" Her mom snapped.

"But you know what the worst part was?"

I just shrugged my shoulders.

"He did it all in front of my mom, who wouldn't leave the room."

Beth's mom moaned, "He's a good doctor, but...."

I put a dab of gel on my fingers.

"Oh," I moaned, with a chuckle, finally getting it. (She wanted some payback.)

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