tagIncest/TabooBeth's Cherry

Beth's Cherry


When Beth's plane had lifted off from Sea-Tac, it had been raining. Typical December in Seattle. She was in the middle of her junior year at the University of Washington and looked forward to spending Christmas break with her family in Phoenix. After the long letter she'd gotten from mom, she had a whole new perspective on the nature of her family. She dug the letter out of her purse and reread it yet again.


My Darling Elizabeth,

I'm SO looking forward to seeing you soon and hope that we'll be closer after your holiday visit. I'm writing this to explain some things that may have puzzled you over the years. I've always noticed the bewildered cast in your eyes when you hear me call your grandpa Otto instead of dad. As you know, your grandma died when I was seventeen. As an only child, I was all dad had left. He dearly loved mom and grieved heavily when she was gone. I turned eighteen and his sorrow seemed to abate somewhat. At least he no longer cried himself to sleep at night.

One morning I went in to kiss him goodbye before I left for my summer job. I guess I should have knocked before entering his bedroom. He didn't notice when I entered. He lay on his back, spread eagled, and totally nude. His eyes were closed, probably fantasizing about happier times with mom. He stroked his fully erect penis in and out of his left fist while rubbing his testicles with his right. I apparently caught him just at the point of no return. He moaned softly as thick spumes of semen squirted from the head of his penis, making pools of white cream in his stomach and chest hair. He opened his eyes and noticed me as his orgasm took control.

I was quite the social wallflower in high school, so to my young, naïve eyes, I might as well have been witnessing aliens landing. I'd never seen a full grown penis at rest, let alone one at its plateau. And his ejaculation was a complete mystery. My reaction was wide eyed amazement with my gaping mouth forming a silent 'O'. Daddy was embarrassed and blushed hotly as he pulled up the sheet to cover his manhood. I ran from the room and scurried off to work. That evening neither of us spoke of it, holding an edgy, uncomfortable truce.

As I lay in bed waiting for sleep to take me, I ran the scene through my mind over and over. I knew a little bit about sex from rudimentary lessons in school. That must be how boys masturbate or jack off. The white cream that shot from his penis must contain sperm from his testicles, and a man can make babies by squirting it into a woman's womb. I tossed and turned, worried that this incident would always be between us, creating an impassable void. Finally, I decided on something and fell deeply asleep. I got up early the next morning and took a long shower, taking extra time to carefully wash my pussy. I was going to give daddy my cherry to show him how much I loved him.

After toweling dry and applying antiperspirant under my arms, I crept into his bedroom and slipped under the sheet beside him. He snored softly as his eyes rolled under his lids. I hoped he was dreaming of mommy. He had a full hard on and I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and slowly stroked him. I knew about circumcision from sex ed class, and discovered that my daddy's cock was uncut. I peeled the hood back and felt the head. The skin felt silky soft and was covered with a slippery secretion that seeped from his pee hole. This awakened him and he was shocked to find me in bed with him with my hand around his cock. We argued about it until I finally broke down and cried, pleading with him not to spurn this gift that I offered out of love, and would never be able to give to another man. I told him that I had become a woman, but was still a virgin, and would like to learn to fuck from a man I truly loved.

He finally relented. He got a condom from his dresser drawer and taught me how to stretch it down his cock, explaining that the small pouch at the end was to catch his semen when he came, and to keep his sperm out of my womb. He was gentle and took his time popping my cherry and spreading open my cunt. It stung a little at first, but that went away. Being my first time, I didn't know about orgasms, but shared a greater thrill when daddy shuddered with ecstatic release as I felt his cock throb and expel his seed. When he was done and finally pulled out, more than just the little pouch was full. The bottom inch of the condom was full of daddy's plentiful semen. He kept my legs spread and went down on me to lick up my droplets of virginal blood. When he licked the top of my pussy, I felt a warm fullness, like I needed to pee.

After my cherry healed, he fucked me every day until I went off to college. Daddy was a skilled cocksman and a patient teacher. He taught me how to give and take pleasure. He was strong as a bull, and would thoughtfully wait for me to have as many orgasms as I wanted before finally releasing the bounty from his balls. We used condoms religiously, except when I got my period. Those were special days for me. He always left me feeling well fucked, so feeling his thick cum slowly drip out of my still buzzing pussy was just a bonus.

That's all ancient history. Just bear with me a little longer and I'll cut to the chase. I met your 'dad' in college and we married in our senior year. It was a mistake, but we thought that was what we were supposed to do. Money was tight so we moved in with daddy. The chemistry was still there, and soon we were fucking on a regular basis. At first we only fucked when I got my period. My young husband thought I was too dirty to have sex with while I sloughed off my unused egg.

One day he caught us. Daddy had just ejaculated and was pulling out when Jerry walked in the bedroom. I tried to negotiate with him and get him to go along with me fucking daddy only during the days of my period, when he wanted nothing to do with me anyway. But no man likes to be cuckolded, perhaps especially by his father-in-law. I think he just couldn't handle the image of my daddy on his knees with his hard cock throbbing above my well fucked pussy, thick cum still dripping out, and covered head to balls with my monthly blood. He threw his stuff in his car and took off, never to be heard from again.

So that's why I call your grandpa Otto. We're still lovers after all these years. Even though Otto is in his sixties, he can still fuck like a young man. So, to make a long story short(I know, too late for that!), Otto is your and Jeffey's biological father. Surely you've noticed that you are not tall and large framed like me. You're petite and small boned like Otto because you were made with the genes from one of his seeds. I hoped that this might have occurred to you on your own. But if not, I'm sorry to throw it on you like a pail of ice water. I hope you'll forgive me for not telling you sooner. We couldn't really keep it from Jeffey, what with him living under the same roof and Otto and I still going at it like rabbits, but I just didn't think you were ready to hear all this til now.

Anyway, I hope this candor will clear the air and we can all become closer while you're here for Christmas. I'll meet you at baggage claim…

With all my love, Your Mom, Charlotte


As the plane banked to line up for final approach, Beth looked down at her home town, a kinescope of childhood memories flickering in her mind. The pampered lawns and ubiquitous swimming pools made Phoenix look like a tapestry laden with emeralds and turquoise, surrounded by brown desert.

Mom was waiting for her as promised. She wore jeans and a loose fitting shirt. She stood 5-11 in her bare feet and wore medium heeled sandals, making her even taller. She wrapped her 5-2 daughter in a bear hug. Beth knew her mom hated bras and happily snuggled her face between her full tits.

"Oh, Beth, I'm so happy to see you! How was your flight?"

"Thankfully uneventful…good to see you too, mom. Where are Jeff and grandpa?" They were both dancing around the contents of the letter. Being Sunday, Beth knew that grandpa and Jeff were probably at the house in the pool, but asked anyway to make small talk. Grandpa owned a health and nutrition store at the mall and always let the hired help run it on Sunday. Jeff worked as a rough carpenter and usually took Sunday off unless his crew was in a rush to complete a job.

"They were finishing up the lawn when I left. They should be in the pool by now." Beth noticed a twinkle in her mom's eye as she said this. Then the twinkle turned to a look of concern. "You look tired dear…I'm going to make sure you're well taken care of while you're here. C'mon, lets get out of this anthill." She hoisted Beth's bag and they zigzagged through the milling travelers toward the parking garage.

They fought heavy traffic and finally made it to the house half an hour later. Grandpa's house looked the same as always; a neatly maintained, sprawling rambler, surrounded by a perfect lawn and drought tolerant plants. Sure enough, as they passed through the rec room on the way to the bedrooms, Beth saw Jeff and grandpa in the pool playing volleyball. They exchanged waves.

"You can use your old room. I only use the dresser and closets for some of my clothes, but there's still plenty of room for your stuff. Unpack later. Let's change and go join the boys." Beth unzipped her bag and rummaged until she found her swim suit. Her mom pulled a two piece out of one of the drawers and undressed. Beth had learned to like girls as much as boys while at college and enjoyed looking at her mom's beautiful body. She was a little on the heavy side, but carried it well on her tall frame. Although in her forties, her face had few wrinkles.

Her best features were her big, brown eyes and her full, sensuous lips. Her tits were so big and full they had to sag a little just from their sheer weight, but they looked beautiful to Beth. She loved to suck a woman's tits and imagined circling her tongue around one of mom's brown nipples, feeling it grow in her mouth. Mom stood on long legs with muscular thighs. Probably well toned from hugging grandpa while he serviced her. She was a natural blond, but wore her hair short because of the hot climate. She let her bush grow full and when she sat on the bed and hiked her leg to remove her panties, a thick, reddish brown mane hid her closed pussy.

Beth kicked off her sandals and pulled off her jeans. She pulled her shirt over her head and shook out her long, black hair. Although she had small, perky tits, she had at least inherited her mom's big nipples that always looked aroused. After she'd stripped off her panties and bra, she went into the bathroom. Her mom heard a long, hard piss splash into the toilet. When she'd seen her daughter's pretty, little tits, she'd felt her pussy moisten. She picked up the panties and smelled the crotch, savoring the young pussy aroma, spiced by the pheromones of fresh piss. She ached to eat Beth's pussy, if she could just get her to play along. Still sniffing the panties, she strolled into the bathroom just as Beth was getting off the bidet and toweling dry.

"So how long have you been shaving your pussy? I don't mean it as criticism… I'm just curious and maybe a little jealous. Otto likes a lot of hair on his meat. How often do you have to shave it?"

"I first did it when I was in my freshman first semester. A bunch of us in my dorm got really stoned one night and ended up shaving one another. I have to touch it up about once a week. Like my panties?"

"I like the smell of your pussy. You don't wear perfume and I'd guess you showered this morning and have pissed a couple of times before just now." Charlotte had noticed the hungry gleam in her daughter's eyes when she'd stared at her tits. She moved closer so that her bush was right in front of her face. She took Beth's hand and pushed her fingers into her pussy. "Feel how wet I am? I've never eaten a woman with a shaved pussy and the idea excites me. Come lie on the bed and give your old mom an early Christmas present."

Beth almost told her about the Friday night vibrator parties she and her dorm mates held, but decided to keep still for now. Instead she sat on the edge of the bed and offered her pussy. Mom knelt on the floor between her legs to give her cunnilingus.

She started by just enjoying the aroma of Beth's pussy. The bidet couldn't erase all the wonderful smells. A faint piss smell still lingered. When she put her nose close to the entrance and took a heady whiff of her cunt, she felt her pussy juice running down her thighs. She gently licked her piss hole with the tip of her tongue, tasting the salty acidity. The stubble along the sides of her pussy and on her mons felt rough under her kisses. Rimming her hole to get her wet, she pushed her tongue in as far as she could to enjoy the salty taste of Beth's cunt with all her taste buds. She licked and kissed along her small lips, working her way to the top. Her little clit felt hard as a stone under its hood.

She smiled as it occurred to her that her daughter had done this before. Beth's cunt was much bigger than hers, and it surprised her to find a well stretched, but intact, hymen around the mouth. Using two fingers as a cock, she rubbed her G spot with her middle finger while she slowly increased her tongue pressure on her clit. Beth's breathing became shallower. As she came, she felt her cunt squeezing her fingers as her clit pulsed against the tip of her tongue. She wasn't noisy, but she could tell she'd given her daughter a strong orgasm. She greedily slurped up Beth's cum.

Charlotte was puzzled by the virginal maidenhead and commented, "When I was your age, one of the main reasons for going away to college was to find out what it felt like to be fucked by a cock instead of my hand…or do you just do girls?"

So mom had felt her untorn hymen. She smiled and answered, "Well, there's more to it than that. I've lost count of how many college boys I've fucked. It's just that I prefer girls. The boys typically are drunk and lose their loads in less than five minutes, that is when they can get it up in the first place." She rubbed her pussy as she got up and went over to get something out of her bag. "I may be petite, but I'm a big girl down here. All the guys I've fucked had average equipment, so I guess none of them was man enough to pop my cherry. So, how about you, mom? Have you ever been fucked by another woman?"

As she watched Beth dig through her bag for something, she responded, "You remember Maria?" Beth nodded. Maria was the pretty Mexican woman who cleaned the house. What Beth remembered best about her was her beautiful ass. "Turns out she likes to eat gringo pussy, so when she comes to clean every two weeks, I let her snack on mine."

"So, what does grandpa think of that little service?"

Charlotte chuckled, "Oh, he's all for it now! Ever since the day he forgot his cell phone and returned to get it, only to find me spread wide on the bed with Maria kneeling and licking out my taco ."

"What did he say?"

"He didn't 'say' anything. He took off his pants, showing us his raging hard on, pulled down Maria's shorts and panties, and gave her cunt a rough, doggy fuck while he rubbed her clit. After he got her off, he straddled me and made me lick Maria's tasty cum off his cock. Then he fucked my tits and ejaculated in my mouth, forcing me to swallow his full load of cum. Not saying a word, he put his trousers on and went back to work. Ever since then, the last thing Maria says when scheduling her next cleaning is, 'Will Mr. Otto be home at that time?' So yes, I like to lick pussy almost as much as I like to suck cock."

Beth had found what she wanted and turned to show it to Charlotte. A lesbian strap on hung from her outstretched hand. She bent to wrap the straps around her waist and butt. "I'm not talking about pussy licking, mom." She pointed to her dildo, "I mean have you ever been 'fucked' by a woman?"

Charlotte had never seen one, and crossed from the bed to have a closer look. The strapping was black, but the dildo was red with a red scrotum hanging from it. She felt the two rubber balls hanging loosely inside. The dildo was shaped like a real cock, about six inches long and an inch or so wide. Above the cock protruded a clit flicker. She smiled and lay back on the bed, opening her pussy, inviting her daughter to mount her.

Beth knelt to moisten her with her mouth. In the middle of the full mane, Beth found that mom was hung with a big pussy. Her long, thick lips were full and purple, eager to feel Beth's cock slide between them. She slid her finger up her cunt and felt her mom flex her muscles. Beth smiled, musing that she could probably send grandpa over the moon with her tight, little cunt. Hard to imagine that two decades ago she had slithered into this world through such a small passage. She licked her hole, lubricating it with saliva, then kissed along her lips, finding a large clit under the hood where they joined. Her clit felt fully erect. Mom was hard and wet; hot to be fucked.

She mounted her and suckled her tits. Needing both hands to hold their massive size, she nuzzled them one at a time, kissing and sucking both nipples until she felt them grow to the size of extra large grapes between her lips. As she lovingly caressed her mom's gorgeous tits, she reached down between them to guide the head of her dyke cock into her cunt. When she'd given her all of it, she reached behind her to find the switch on the strap that turned on the vibrator.

Charlotte felt warmly aroused by Beth's loving attention to her tits. She was taken aback when she felt the dildo begin to buzz, but quickly relaxed to enjoy this new sexual experience. Beth fucked her slowly and skillfully, building her orgasm. She pulled Beth's ass into her, urging her to fuck her deeply. Beth stayed in deep and let the vibrator throb along her cunt while the flicker buzzed against her hard clit. Her daughter smiled up at her between her tits when she felt a powerful orgasm seize her. Beth continued to make love to her tits as her contractions subsided.

Beth popped a nipple out of her mouth, "So now you've been fucked by a woman, mom…how did you like it?" she asked in a teasing lilt.

Charlotte, still panting, squeezed her tits around her daughter's head and replied, "Whew!...that's as hard as I've ever come, so I guess I liked it…but I think I prefer a blood filled cock attached to real balls. I like the feeling of power and control when I make a man shoot a hot load of semen up my cunt. But that said, I won't argue against doing it again…maybe next time you can teach me how to wear the tools. Anyway, I think we're both overheated, so let's get into our suits and try to get in the pool before Otto and Jeffey smell the cum on our pussies."


Beth expected the water to be chilly from the cool, desert night, but found it warm as bath water. Mom explained that they'd installed a heater so they could use it whenever, even first thing in the morning. Once their pussies smelled like chlorine, they got out and lay on lounge chairs to dry in the sun. Beth soon found out what the twinkle in mom's eye was all about. Grandpa and Jeff quit their volleyball game and waded toward the shallow end to join them. Once they were in shallow water, Beth was surprised to see they were naked. Grandpa still had a thick mat of chest and stomach hair, with only a little graying.

He was only 5-8, but trim and well muscled. She was curious about his shaved head. He was small framed with small hands and feet. So much for the theory that hand or foot size predicted a man's endowment. He let his groin hair grow full. He must have seen her eyes focus on his crotch. He came and stood closer to her so she could have a good look. His hairy scrotal sack hung a third of the way to his knees, laden with the weight of his enormous balls. His cock was flaccid with its hood completely down. He looked about four inches long and as thick as most men become when hard. When he turned to say something to Jeff, Beth saw that he had a tight, muscular butt. The skinny dipping apparently was a regular thing. He had a uniform, full tan.

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