tagLoving WivesBettina Goes to the Movies

Bettina Goes to the Movies


"Are you sure this is what you want?" the Master asked with a very serious expression.

"Yes. I think so," Said Bettina.

She looked over at her husband, Adrian, and he simply nodded and smiled. There was no doubt that Adrian was very much committed to his wife getting fucked by other men.

For the last three hours, the three of them had been sitting in a very expensive steakhouse, drinking cocktails and discussing Bettina and Adrian's sexual fantasies.

Bettina is in her late 40s, though she looks a lot younger. She is 5'4" tall, around 160 lbs, with huge breasts. She measures 38D-32-38 with blond hair and blue eyes. Her titties are very large, with long, pink nipples.

She was wearing a short brown skirt, with brown high heels and a cream colored blouse. The blouse was low cut so that anyone could plainly see her ample cleavage. She usually dressed much more conservative than this, but she had dressed as asked, and was doing her best to step out of her comfort zone. As the Master's email instructions dictated, she was not wearing a bra.

Bettina and Adrian had been married for many years. They had always wanted to spice up their sex lives, but Bettina had been very careful, reluctant, and nervous. Therefore, nothing other than vanilla sex with her husband had ever happened. Recently, Adrian had been introduced to a man with a rather...unique, occupation. He is referred to only as "Master". Couples pay him very well to "break in" a wife and get her past her inhibitions. The two of them knew they weren't getting any younger and if there were ever going to do something like this, they should at least meet the man and listen. They figured that, if nothing else, the conversation would get them both turned on and they could go home and fuck each other silly.

Their conversation continued throughout dinner. The first hour was simply getting comfortable with each other. The couple talked about themselves, their careers, vacations, etc. For the second hour, the Master talked a little about what he had done for other clients, but he was vague as he did not like to reveal the private lives of a client. Besides, each client's needs are different. Finally, they talked about what Bettina liked and didn't like sexually. They talked about what she liked to hear, taste, smell, and feel during sex. They also discussed what jealous feelings Adrian might have seeing his wife with another man. Adrian assured him that it would be nothing but a complete turn on.

"We'll see," was all that the Master said.

They also discussed the Master's fee. Adrian was surprised at how much the man charged, but he could afford it and decided he would give it a try is Bettina was willing.

Finally, the Master changed his tone a bit and looked squarely at Bettina,

"All right. Your training begins now," said her Master. "Are you wearing any panties??

"Of course," she replied.

"Take them off."

Bettina looked over at her husband, for his approval.

"Don't look at him, look at me. He is no longer in control of body or your actions, and neither are you." He did not repeat his command.

Bettina reached underneath the table and then up her skirt. She did her best to discretely squirm in the booth until she had pulled her panties over her shoes and had them in her hand.

"Give them to me," he said.

She did as he asked and he put them in his pocket.

The booth they were sitting in was a close fit, so Master was already sitting near enough to touch her. He put his hand between her legs and moved it up her thigh to her snatch. She was a little startled by his boldness. However, a couple of times she had let men feel her up while Adrian watched, so it wasn't too much of a shock. The fact that she had had a little too much to drink also played into her willingness to go along.

He rubbed her pussy for just a minute. She was wet and it felt good to have his finger on her clit.

"It's time to go," he said abruptly.

They signaled the waiter and paid their bill. The valets brought their cars around and Adrian and Bettina agreed to follow him, unsure of where they were going. The Master had offered them no orientation. They went no more than a mile when he turned in to what Adrian knew to be a porn shop.

Adrian, Bettina and her Master walked in. In the store were racks and racks of porn DVDs. The place smelled a bit musty, and a little like smoke. There were three different men there, each by himself, browsing the movies. They all looked up and stared at Bettina. They looked her up and down, checking out her heels and her low cut blouse. In one corner there was a large collection of dildos, vibrators, sex toys, bondage restraints, and other items for sale.

Bettina's Master led them down an isle, to a section labeled "cum shots". He looked through several movies and grabbed one. On the cover were various women with cum on them, all over their bodies.

"Is this what you had in mind," he said to both of them.

"Yeah, I guess so," Bettina said a little embarrassed.

She was still a little drunk from the drinks at dinner, which gave her "liquid courage".

He gave it to her and said, "Hold it up to your face and smile."

She was nervous, but did as he asked. He took out his cell phone and took a picture.

"Now, lets go down further down the isle. I want to show you off," he said.

They walked down the row and stood about 20 feet away from one of the men that was milling around. The Master dropped the DVD on to the floor and looked at Bettina. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her so that her back was to the man.

"Pick up the movie,..... but you can't bend your knees."

Bettina went to move, but then she realized that if she did as he asked, she would be forced to flash her pussy to the stranger behind her. He would see right up her skirt, and she could feel him watching her.

"Is it ok if I bend my knees and just squat?" She asked.

"Bettina," he said in a very stern voice, "pick up the movie."

"But I really want to bend my knees," she pled.

"Bettina, do as he asks," said Adrian.

By this time Adrian could hardly walk because his cock was so hard in his pants. He was very turned on by the thought of his wife flashing her twat to some random guy.

She bent over and quickly picked up the DVD. When she did, the man behind her could plainly see her cunt. His jaw dropped open, and then he just smiled.

They watched him as he walked to the back of the store and disappeared behind a curtain labeled "theater".

Her Master told Bettina to bend over again, but this time facing away from them, so that they could see what the stranger had seen. He told her to hold onto her ankles until he gave her permission to let go. When she did, he took another picture. This time the pic plainly showed her pussy, her face, and all of the porn movies behind her.

"Bettina, lets go see what is in the back," He said.

The three of them walked behind the curtain. What they saw was a long, dark hall. About every 6 feet there was a door. Bettina looked inside one of the open doors. What she saw was basically a booth for one person. There was a bench to sit on and a TV screen. There was a slot for people to feed dollar bills into the machine. She quickly figured out that this was a place for men to come get a cheap thrill by quickly jacking off to a porn movie.

Standing around in the hall was several different men. They appeared to range in age from mid 20s, to 50s. Some of the men were fat, and some were skinny. She could see that they were not all the cleanest, some with beards, tattoos, and one with B.O.

Her Master led them down the hall, past the men. They were all openly staring at Bettina. They watched her as she walked by. She felt like she was a piece of meat that had just been thrown into a lion's cage.

The Master led them both down to the second to the last booth in the row.

"Get in," The Master said to Bettina.

Bettina though the place was a little "yucky", but she went along with it for now. She figured she could quit and walk away at any time if this scene got too uncomfortable for her. Her new Master followed and stepped into the booth behind her. He sat down on the bench. She just stood there, afraid to touch anything. There was a blue curtain hanging in the doorway, that didn't cover very much. This was interesting because most of the other booths she saw had an actual door. There wasn't room for the three of them, so Adrian stood outside and watched. He was thrilled and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.

"Turn around," the Master commanded.

She did as he asked, so that her back was too him.

"You asked me if you could bend your knees. You begged me to let you squat. Ok, you can squat." He said.

Bettina did as she was told and squatted down in the booth. When she did, she noticed that there was a hole in the wall, right in front of her.

Bettina looked at the hole in the wall. She squatted down so that she was at eye level with the hole. It was dark on the other side but she could see movement through the hole...sort of. She began to get curious, so she moved closer to put her eye up to the hole and peer into it as if it were a knothole in a fence.

"Ahhh," she said, as she was startled.

Suddenly a hard cock came through the hole and was right in front of her face. It was just sitting there. Bettina had the oddest feeling. Here was this anonymous dick right in front of her. It didn't say anything. It didn't move. She looked at it differently than she had any other cock, ever. She could tell that it was probably about 7 inches long, but only about 5 inches were protruding out of the wall. It belonged to a white man, or maybe a Hispanic. It was rock hard. The veins were popping out and pulsing a little.

"Suck it," Master said.

"I am not sucking some stranger's dick," Bettina protested.

"You will suck any cock I tell you to suck, and you will swallow any cum I tell you to swallow. Do you understand me you little whore?"

Bettina was startled by his response. She thought for a second, but what seemed like an hour. She looked over at Adrian. His hand was in his pants.

"Suck the dick honey. I want to watch you do it," he said.

Her new Master spoke in a very stern voice. She could tell he was angry with her. "Bettina, you are no longer anything but a slut to be passed around. You will fuck and suck as I order you to. Now suck the cock."

This time she didn't hesitate or think. "Yes Sir," said Bettina.

With that she put her knees on the ground and pulled herself up to the wall. The floor was dirty. It was wet and slippery from what she imagined was cum from other men. It had spilled there from some other man's cock, or possibly out of some other whore's mouth. Now, she was that cock-sucking whore, on her knees.

She reached up and took the cock in her hand. It jumped at her touch. She put her mouth up to it and licked the head. The she put it IN her mouth and began to suck on it. It tasted dirty.

Bettina felt dirty. She bobbed her head back-and-forth doing her best to give a good blowjob. Her mind wandered. Here she was on her knees in the back room of a sex shop, giving a blowjob to a dick sticking through the wall. She felt like a whore, but at the same time, she was strangely excited about the situation. This was never something she would ever do on her own, yet here she was and she was actually kind of getting turned on. She could feel her pussy getting wet, wanting to get something inside of it, inside of her, soon.

Adrian's wife continued to dutifully suck on the cock in her mouth. The penis pumped in and out, in and out, pushing each time a little deeper down her throat.

"That's a good slut," Master said. "Suck the cock."

Spit and slobber soon covered the dick. She began making slobbering sounds as she slurped and sucked. Sometimes she would stop long enough to lick on the head. But her Master didn't have to threaten her; she willing put it back into her mouth and did her best to suck on it as hard as she could.

Bettina moved her hand in rhythm with her mouth. She stroked faster now, building speed. She could taste pre cum dripping on to her tongue. It tasted good to her. She wanted his seed in her mouth. Since she could not see or hear the man that the cock belonged to, she had no way of knowing when he might cum. So Bettina was careful not to stop for fear of missing his orgasm.

As she licked on the cock in her mouth, she could hear her Master's camera clicking pictures of her. She looked out of the corner of her eye. She could see he was taking pictures from various angles. Her face was clearly visible. She looked past the blue curtain and saw her husband standing there watching her. Bettina felt ashamed, but she slid a her finger in her pussy as she was so horny from the whole idea of what she was doing. She was suddenly glad that she had removed her panties.

"Maybe this Master guy knows what he is doing after all," she thought to herself.

Without warning, hot cum shot into her mouth. Bettina swallowed hard. She drank the first load, and kept sucking. The cock continued its spasms and more cum shot into her mouth. She continued to swallow as much as she could. But some of it ran out of her mouth, down her chin and dripped onto the floor. Betty continued to milk the cock with her hand, working to get as much cum out of it as she could. She wanted more cum.

Finally her Master had to pull her away from the wall. She stopped and looked at the dick. It was still hard, covered in cum and her saliva.

"Bettina, you are a filthy cum slut." Her Master told her.

She was, and she knew it. There was no going back now.

"Say it," he ordered.

Bettina hesitated.

"I am a filthy cum slut," She replied.

The dick in the wall disappeared. She stood up and she and her Master stepped out of the booth. There was a line of four men standing to get into the last booth in the row. They all looked at her. Bettina just wiped the cum from her chin and blushed a bit.

"Take your clothes off," Master commanded.

"What?!" She asked?

Her Master quickly reached up and pinched both of Bettina's nipples. He squeezed and twisted and did not let go. She felt pain, and at the same time her pussy clenched.

"Take of your fucking clothes your whore and don't make me tell you again!" He said.

Bettina began to undress. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Her big breast hung there. One man walked by and reached to grope her. Then she unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor.

"Leave your shoes on," her Master told her.

"Ok," she whimpered.

"What?" He said.

"Yes, .... Master," she replied.

"That's better. Now yell out that you are a filthy cum slut," he said. "Let them know that you are here to service them."

Bettina looked at Adrian. He had the look in his eye that he gets when he really wants to fuck her. He just nodded his approval.

Bettina took a deep breath and yelled, "I am a filthy cum slut!"

When she did, Adrian's dick jumped in his pants. He felt like he was about to cum all over himself.

The Master led his naked whore and her husband through the dark hallways. They came to a double door. He opened and Bettina saw a small movie theater. There were probably seats for no more than 40 people. There were about 10 men there, all sitting alone. The movie on the screen was of a white girl getting fucked in the ass by a black guy. She was moaning like a whore and clearly enjoying her ass fucking. Although it was dark, Adrian could see that at least a couple of the guys in the theater had their pants unzipped. They had their dicks in their hands, stroking them. When the three of them walked in, everyone in the theater turned, and what they saw was naked Bettina standing there. One of them continued to move his hand slowly on his cock as he watched Bettina.

"Say it again," Master said.

Bettina spoke loud enough for the men in the audience to hear her over the movie that was being shown on the wall.

"I am a filthy cum slut!" Bettina announced to the crowd.

Master looked at her and let her know exactly what she was good for, "Well, don't just stand there, get to work you fucking whore."

When Bettina heard these words, her wet cunt clenched again. It kept clenching, but it was empty. She was horny now and desperately needed something to fill her up inside. She didn't care who she fucked as long as she got a dick and soon. The thought of being used by a group of men turned her on. The thought of being used by a group of men would turn on any whore. That's what Bettina was; a whore to be used.

She walked down the row of seats to a man that was sitting there with his stiff cock in his hand. He had been watching the movie and jacking off. The man was skinny, and looked to be in his mid 40's. He was dressed like an auto mechanic and smelled of sweat and dirt. He had a scruffy goatee. She turned her back to him and sat down in his lap, the stranger's hard cock slid easily into her wet pussy.

He was startled. He could not believe his luck. Bettina did not wait. She immediately began riding the man's shaft wildly. She fucked him frantically. There was a man in the row in front of her that also had his dick out. His pants were around his knees. He stood up and turned around. As he did, he shot a load of cum on her jiggling titties. After watching the porn movie for the last half hour, he was primed and ready to cum. Bettina bounced up and down on the dick that was shoved up her sopping wet cunt. Hot ropes of cum hit her chest and neck. She used her hand to rub the cum on her chest. The stranger inside of her threw his head back and grunted. She clenched down on his cock as he began to explode hot cum inside of her. The stiff meat jerking inside of her sent her over the edge. Bettina came hard and did her best to milk his balls dry of cum. She stood up, cum running down her legs and on her nipples.

"Use me you fuckers!" she shouted.

With that she bent over the seats in front of her and stood there with her legs spread waiting to be fucked. A fat black man with a beard moved in behind her. He pulled his pants down and released his fat cock. It was not overly long, at about 5 or 6 inches, but it was thick. He reached down between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy. With cum and her juices, she was wet and ready. He easily slid into Bettina's fuck hole. He put his strong hands on her hips and began to drill into her.

Adrian watched as his nasty wife was being used by this fat black man in the back of a porn theater. He unzipped his pants and started to pull them down, to give himself some relief.

The Master looked at him and said, "not yet".

As the fat black man fucked Bettina, she closed her eyes and took him inside of her. He fucked her hard. His hips slapped into her butt checks with each quick thrust. He fucked her to the music in the movie.

"Harder!" She cried.

The stranger worked her pussy over good. With every thrust of his cock into her, she winced. His thick dick stretching her pussy lips as wide as she had ever felt. He spanked her hard across her butt. She jumped at the impacted. He slapped her ass a few more times. Bettina loved it. Like a true fuck-whore, she didn't even know the name of the guy that was fucking her. She didn't care. She just wanted to get fucked. She just wanted cum. And she wanted to make sure her body was used to satisfy as many men as possible.

The cum from the first guy she fuck helped to lubricate Bettina's pussy as she took her fucking. She opened her eyes to see some old guy climbing up on the seats and sticking his dick in her face. Bettina opened her mouth. The man pushed his dick past her tongue and began to pump his cock into her face.

She had never been with two guys at once, but she liked it. Sometimes sex is about how your mind is turned on. From the moment she tasted the old man's dick, she began to cum. To her ecstasy, she came, wave upon wave. The fat black man never stopped fucking her. Her pussy got tighter as she squeezed down on his cock during her orgasm. He just kept using her. The old man's cock in her mouth did the same. He fucked her face as if it were a pussy. His balls slapped against her chin. Bettina's nose smelled his pubic hair. She gagged a bit as the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. She struggled to hold on as the two men had different speeds. The one fucking her pussy was fast and hard. The one fucking her mouth was a little slower but rougher.

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