Bettina's a Back-door Girl


Her sodden vulva, smoothly waxed, mashed against my lips. The blonde's hips jerked as she fucked down onto my face, her clit sliding over the protuberance of my nose. She began to moan in earnest, lust obviously boiling inside her as desire slid from her cunt.

In reciprocation I bucked my hips, forcing gristle into the back of her throat. It was too much and she gagged and coughed, spitting my drool-soaked penis out of her mouth, her eyes watering.

'Later,' she gasped. 'I'll let you use my mouth later. But now I want you in there.' She spun away from me, a knee brushing the tip of my nose in her haste. The woman stood at the side of the bed and I rolled onto my side to see her. 'In my ass,' she said, pointing to her buttocks. 'Fuck my ass and make me scream.'

Whatever the lady desired ...

'It's the control,' Mrs Philips explained nonchalantly as she squirted a dollop of gunk onto a fingertip. 'It might seem like I'm being submissive, letting you do me in my ass.' She leaned forward, breasts hanging, and smeared the gloop over the dome of my cock-head. 'But I'm in control. It's only you, my special boy, who I allow in there. And if I don't allow it, it doesn't happen. Men, usually because they want to please me, and a horny man will agree to anything, are only too eager to comply with my every command.' She lay on the bed on her stomach. 'Squelch a drop of lube on my ass,' she said, spreading her buttocks. 'Even with a man wedged deep in my ass,' she continued. 'Even if he's as horny as a hound with two cocks, I still call the shots. They know that if I'm not pleased then there'll be no more of me for them.' With her anus slick and glistening, Bettina rolled onto her side to appraise me with a serious, blue-eyed stare. 'I'm going to let you fuck my ass, but I'm in control, Special Boy.' I nodded, I understood. Mrs Philips spat curt instructions. 'On your back. Lift your cock upright.' She straddled me, her exquisite body hovering over my supine form. 'Here I come,' she muttered, her face a mask of concentration. 'Easy,' she said when my cock head nudged her body. 'Nice and slow.' I felt the natural resistance when the blunt dome pressed against her. 'It's going to pop,' she said in a dark, treacly voice. 'Slowly,' she urged, grimacing with effort of balancing atop my hard cock. 'My dirty-hole doesn't want to let that big fucker in,' Mrs Philips grunted, eyes closed, head lolling. Then I felt something give and she squealed. I felt her anus opening before me as I slid in deep. 'Oh, fuck, that burns so fucking much,' the blonde gasped, eyes wide. She looked down at me, her mouth hanging slack. 'It burns my ass, it's itchy. Fuck my nasty ass.'

I held her hips tightly as she began to ride up and down on my cock. Her breasts swung and shivered as she screwed her anus around my penis. The woman angled her body in such a way that I remained wedged inside her as she leaned low over me to kiss me. Panting into my open mouth while our tongues danced wetly, Mrs Philips jerked her hips, somehow maintaining the incredible pressure at the point in which our bodies joined.

'Mrs Philips,' I burbled, 'If you keep this up, I'll ...'

'Will you come in my ass?' she asked, eyes wide with expectation. She was upright again now, hands spread across my chest as she jerked her hips quickly back and forth. Will you come in my ass and bathe my anus with semen?'

If she kept on moving like that, and if she continued to use the sewer language, then I'd be sure to squirt my load into her dirty-hole.

'Not yet,' she gasped as she swung her leg over me to dismount. 'I want to come too, but I need something in my cunt and on my clit.' She leaned across me and opened a drawer. When she returned she held a thick rubber cock and a small vibrator in her hands. 'Now,' she said gleefully, rolling onto her side. 'Now we can do some damage.' She offered her derriere, tight buttocks pressing against my stomach. 'Put it back into my ass. Really fuck me. Hold my hips and bang the shit out of me.' She laughed at the pun.

I did as I was told, gripping the jutting promontory of her uppermost hip after I slid back in. The tight ring of her sphincter gripped my cock at its root. She had all of me buried in there but still angled her hips so her bottom could accommodate as much of my length as I could stuff into her. She lifted one leg to expose her vulva to the angry buzz of the vibrator, its tone rising and falling as Mrs Philips rubbed the thing around and around the area of her clitoris. Then I felt something pushing against my cock, a force from in front of her body, and realised it was the rubber cock wedged in her pussy.

'Fuck my ass,' the woman sighed as she jammed the dildo into her other hole.

We fell into a rhythm of slick, squelching fucking. Liquid slurps and obscene farts accompanied us when Mrs Philips stabbed her cunt with the rubber cock and I slid my goo-smeared cock half out of her backside. We reversed the process, her withdrawing the dildo when I thrust back into the dark hole of her anus, keeping with that lewd cadence until everything clouded for me. Every empirical sense was overloaded. The sounds, the buzzing vibrator, the obscene squelching from the rubber cock in her cunt, the slick fapping of my own erection sliding through the gloop foaming at our conjunction, Bettina's moans and filthy vocabulary were just part of it, there were also the sensations in my cock as her body fought to repel me. I could feel the pressure from the rubber thing in her cunt, through the thin membrane that separated the two invading shafts. The texture of her skin under my fingers; the smell of her hair in my nostrils ...

'Mrs Philips ...' I warned.

'Do it. I'm going to come too. Just do it. Let it go. Fill me up with spunk ...'

I recall, dimly, biting into her shoulder as the stuff spurted from me, bathing her sphincter. I think I took a handful of hair and roughly yanked her head back, twisting her neck as I wedged my cock deeper into her rectum and discharged the gooey load of jizm. We kissed, I'm sure of that. I held her head at such an awkward angle, craning over her as far as I could as we both let the pleasure cascade over us, my mouth against hers, our tongues quick and ardent.

Finally, as sensibility returned, we lay, still joined at her back door, panting and not quite believing how intense the experience had been for both of us.

A chuckle curdled from the woman when, eventually, my diminishing cock slid from her body. As soon as I slid from her a rush of some obscene gloop dribbled from the opening I'd vacated. The slide of santorum stained the bedcover, but no doubt she could afford a replacement.

The woman hefted herself onto her opposite side, facing me. I looked down and saw the rubber cock hanging from the sticky mess of her vulva like an impudent tongue.

'Bettina's a back-door girl,' the woman snickered, referring to herself in the third person. 'You can use my cunt if you like,' she added. 'But in my ass is the best.'

I was inclined to agree.

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