tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBetty and the Cop Ch. 2

Betty and the Cop Ch. 2


As soon as Betty got home, she ran to her neighbor's house. Bursting through the kitchen door she almost shouted, "Wilma, I have to tell you what just happened to me."

Wilma, who had just finishing the dishes, turned to her friend and asked, "What's wrong Betty? You look like you've seem a ghost."

"Oh Wilma," Betty cried, "I cheated on Barney.

A startled Wilma could hardly contain her excitement, "Come into the living room, and let's get comfortable." A moment later the two were seated on the sofa. "Betty dear, tell me all about it," Wilma said.

"I was driving home from mothers," began Betty, "and I was talking to my sister on the phone, when I rear ended a policeman's motorcycle." As Betty began telling Wilma her story, Wilma placed her hand on Betty's thigh just below the hem of her dress.

"Oh my," Wilma interrupted, "was anyone hurt?" Wilma's hand began to stroke Betty's thigh. She would move her hand towards Betty's knee, then back up towards her crotch. With each stroke, she moved closer to Betty's snatch.

"No" Betty returned with a relieved smile, unconscious of her friend's touch. "There was no damage to my car, and only a small dent in the cop's bike. Anyway, he was going to give me a ticket, and I sort of hinted that I would be.... well, really nice if he didn't give me the ticket."

"Betty, you little vixen," Wilma chuckled merrily, "I never knew you had it in you. So give already. Tell Auntie Wilma all about it."

"The officer told me to follow him to this little way station. As soon as we got inside he ordered me to my knees, and told me to suck his cock. "

"Did you do it?" Wilma interrupted again.

"Yes," Betty replied proudly, "it was the first time I ever sucked a cock, and I really loved it."

Wilma hand continued to stroke her friend's thigh, she could feel her nipples getting hard, and her pussy getting wet as she interrupted Betty again. "Did he cum in your mouth?"

"No," Betty returned, "at least not then. After I sucked him for a few minutes, he pulled me to my feet, laid me on the bed, and Wilma, he ate my pussy. He actually ate my pussy. Barney has never done that to me."

"Barney has never eaten you pussy?" a slightly shocked Wilma inquired. "God Betty, if I had known that, I would have eaten your pussy myself." As Wilma finished speaking, her roving fingers made contact with Betty's quickly dampening fur-covered snatch. "My but you're a hairy little thing," Wilma told her friend, as she slipped a finger into Betty's now very wet pussy.

Betty gasped, partly at her friend's word, but also at the surprise and pleasure of Wilma's finger entering her pussy. "Wilma!" Betty cried, her hips to moving in rhythm with Wilma's fingering, "what are you doing? But, oh God, it feels so good, and aren't you hairy too? And what do you mean, you'd eat my pussy?"

"Betty," Wilma returned still finger-fucking Betty's tight wet pussy, "I've wanted to eat you for as long as I've known you, but was never brave enough to ask. As for being hairy." Wilma removed her finger from Betty's steamy pussy, and pulled her dress up to her waist. Wilma smiled proudly as she spread her lovely legs revealing her glistening wet, pink lipped pussy. Betty could see that it was completely shave, except for a small triangle of curly red hair just above her clit.

"Wilma, you're absolutely beautiful," Betty gushed, "I never knew a woman's pussy could be so pretty."

"Fred loves it," Wilma informed her friend, "he likes looking at me better, he likes eating me better, and when he eats me or fingers me, I cum more and harder because I'm more sensitive. Come on Betty. Let's shave your pussy. You'll love it and so will Barney."

*** Giggling like a couple of schoolgirls, the two women dashed to the bathroom. Once there, Wilma said, "Betty, I think we should take our clothes off so we don't get them messy while I'm shaving you." Following her own advice, Wilma had removed her dress even before she finished speaking.

By this time, Betty was thoroughly turned on, and ready for anything her friend had in mind. "Wilma," Betty giggled as she pulled her dress over her head, " I feel sooo naughty, and sooo excited. I can't believe how horny I am."

"I know what you mean Betty," Wilma chuckled, then pointing to the vanity, Wilma told her friend, "hop up here and spread your legs. I'll get the scissors and a stool so we can get started."

A moment later, Wilma was seated on the stool between Betty's widely spread legs clipping away the curly black hair that surrounded her rapidly moistening honey pot. Wilma was trying hard to concentrate on the jog at hand, not on the enticing aroma of recently fucked pussy that tickled her nose, made her mouth water, and her own pussy so very wet. "Betty," Wilma grinned up at the raven haired beauty, "you're just gonna love the way your pussy looks, and how sensitive it is when I've finished."

"Oh Wilma," Betty cooed, as she watched Wilma start to shave her mons, "I can hardly wait. I hope my pussy is as pretty as yours is. Hurry please, I'm getting so horny." Even before she finished speaking, Betty's hands had drifted to her small pert tits; her fingers began to massage and twirl her pebble hard nipples.

Wilma worked quickly, but carefully. In a very few minutes, all that remained of Betty's thick pubic bush was a small triangle of black curls that pointed right at her erect little clit. "Betty," Wilma gushed, "you are absolutely beautiful. I simply must have a taste." With that, Wilma's tongue flicked out and touched the bottom of Betty's steamy slit. She licked her way to the top, then around Betty's swollen clit.

Betty let out a scream of mixed surprise and delight as Wilma's skilled tongue invaded her pleasure center. "Oh my God Wilma, I'm cumming already." Eat me," Betty yelled, "eat me Wilma, make me cum." Her cries became inarticulate as the force of her orgasm increased. Betty pulled Wilma's head closer to her, as the lovely redhead stabbed her tongue as quickly and deeply as she could into Betty's gushing snatch. Betty's orgasm peaked, and as it ebbs her screams of pleasure changed to sighs of contentment.

When Betty released her, Wilma stood up, took her friend's face in her hands, and pressed her cum covered lips to Betty's. Betty's lips parted, eagerly accepting Wilma's probing tongue. She could taste herself on Wilma's lips and tongue. A taste she found to be quite pleasant. I'll bet, Betty thought, Wilma tastes even better. "Wilma, that was wonderful. Now its my turn to eat you."

"Oh yes dear," Wilma panted, "but let's go into the living room so we can be more comfortable." Betty followed Wilma into the living room. Wilma sat on the sofa, and pulled Betty to her. The horny pair embraced. Lips met again in a deep, passionate french kiss. Hands exploring, finding hard nipples at the end of soft tits. Fingers trailing down flat bellies, searching for and entering each other's desire driven honey pots. Muffled moans of pleasure and the squishy sounds of rapidly fucking fingers were all that could be heard for several minutes.

Betty was the first to break the kiss and the silence when she said, "Wilma I want to taste you now." With that, she gently pushed her friend on her back, spread her lovely legs, and dove between them. Betty stared for an infinitely long second at her friend's beautiful pussy, glistening with sweet nectar. Eagerly, her tongue shot out, dipped into Wilma's dripping snatch, then curled back in to savor this new taste. Betty was in heaven. She loved the flavor of Wilma's pussy. In an instant, she had clamped her mouth over the pretty redhead's love tunnel, stabbing her tongue in and out like a jackhammer in overdrive.

"Oh Betty," Wilma gasped, "you are wonderful. Eat me baby, fuck my hot pussy with your tongue."

Just as Wilma was about to reach an incredibly intense orgasm, the door burst open, and Fred Flintstone bellowed out, "Wilma I'm home."


With Wilma's legs clamped over her ears, Betty did not hear Fred's shout. Wilma, on the other hand, was so close to orgasm that a little thing like her husband walking in on them was not about to stop her. "Oh my God Fred, I'm hoooommme toooo!!" Wilma screamed out as her orgasm broke over her.

"What's going on here," Fred demanded, his eyes bright with lust. A huge tent was forming on his tunic as he stared at the erotic display.

"MMMMMM" Wilma purred, as the waves of orgasm slowly receded, "Betty's eating my pussy, and she's doing it so well. Why don't you come over here and let me suck your big beautiful hard cock, and you can watch Betty make me cum again. Betty, you don't mind if I suck Fred's cock while he watches you eat my pussy, do you?"

Betty had only just become aware of Fred's presents, but she was so horny, and so turned on by eating her friend's sweet pussy, that didn't mind at all. "No Wilma, Fred can watch all he wants." As soon as she finished speaking, Betty stuck her tongue back into Wilma's steaming snatch.

Wilma was moaning around Fred's thick hard cock, and Fred was making animals sounds deep in his throat. "Wilma baby," Fred panted, "I love your hot mouth. Baby I ain't seen you eat no pussy in a long time. Hows about you eat Betty's box while I fuck you?"

Pulling Fred's huge cock from her mouth, Wilma exclaimed, "Fred, you dirty old man, sounds like fun to me. Betty, come sit on my face while Freddie fucks me with his big, hard cock."

Fred and Betty quickly changed places. In an instant, Fred was between Wilma's beautiful, widely spread legs. With one quick thrust, he shoved the full length of his massive erection into molten tunnel that was Wilma's incredibly tight pussy. Wilma shrieked with delight, as Fred's rampaging erection fucked deeply into her womanhood. At the same moment that Fred started fucking his wife, Betty placed her cum soaked cunt over Wilma's eager, talented mouth.

"Wilma," Betty begged, "eat me like you did before. Make me cum again. Fred, fuck me next please. Wilma, you'll let Fred fuck me won't you?

"Betty," Fred growled, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, I'll have to carry you home. I always knew you could be a hot little pussy if you just let yourself go. Wilma baby, I love watching you eat Betty's pussy while I fuck you." When Fred finished talking, he pulled Betty to him, his large hands gently caressing her small, but sensitive tits. Their lips met, tongues seeking, probing, exploring new territory.

For several minutes the only sounds to be heard were the moans, and groans of busy active mouths, and sucking noises made by Fred's cock as he fucked in and out of Wilma's dripping wet cunt.

Almost in unison, Betty and Wilma began to quake and shudder, as their mutual orgasm built to a crescendo. Both women broke contact with the lips they were kissing and screamed in mock stereo. "I'm cumming, oh fuck, I'm cumming so fucking hard!!"

Fred pulled his still hard cock from Wilma's throbbing cunt, and lay down on the floor. "Betty, come sit on my cock, so I can fuck you tight pussy. Wilma, sit on my face. I want to taste you sweet snatch."

In a flash, Wilma had positioned her dripping pussy over Fred's eager mouth. As soon as it was in reach, Fred's talented tongue slipped deep into his wife's honey pot. Betty hesitated for just an instant. Not sure if she could fit Fred's huge cock into her tight box. Then with a gulp and a shrug, she placed the head of Fred's blood engorged dick between the swollen lips of her pleasure palace. With one swift plunge, she impaled herself fully on his raging erection. Wilma pulled Betty to her, and jammed her tongue into her best friend's mouth.

Fred was in heaven. He was lapping up the honeyed nectar of Wilma's perfect pussy. At the same time, he was fucking the incredibly tight and beautiful Betty.

"Betty," Wilma gasped as she broke their kiss, "fuck Fred doggy style. I want to see Fred fuck you doggy style. Oh Fred, eat me lover, I'm there Fred, I'm there Fred make me cummmmmmmm."

"Me too Wilma," Betty screamed, "I'm cumming too." Betty ground herself hard on Fred's cock as she orgasmed. Her pussy was still throbbing with her latest orgasm, when she hopped off Fred's pulsating hard-on, got on all fours, and begged, "fuck me some more Fred, fuck me like a dino-bitch in heat."

Fred was quick to obey. In a matter of seconds, he was behind Betty, and slamming his huge throbbing cock in to Betty's sopping wet snatch. "Goddamn Betty," Fred moaned, "your pussy grips my cock like a vise."

"Oh Fred," Betty panted, "your cock fills me so well. I just love it when you fuck my hot pussy."

Wilma watched entranced, while her husband fucked her best friend. "Freddie baby," Wilma ordered, "fuck the hell out of Betty. Look how much she loves it. I want a closer look." With that, she slid beneath the copulating couple until her face was right below their union.

As soon as Wilma's pussy was within reach, Betty lowered her head and began to furiously lick her friend's cunt. She alternated between sucking on Wilma's ultra sensitive, blood engorged clit; and sliding her tongue as deeply as she could into her lover's hot, dripping, love tunnel.

For several seconds, Wilma just watched Fred's phallus furiously fucking her friend's fiery fun factory. Wilma could see the sheen of Betty's pussy cum on Fred's cock every time he pulled back. His balls were just above her nose. The hard nubbin of Betty's swollen clit was mere inches from Wilma's eager mouth. Wilma was so enthralled by the scene above her, that she could not decide whom to lick first. So she ran her tongue from Betty's clit across the exposed portion of Fred's prick to his balls and back. By this time, Betty's tongue was working its magic on Wilma's pulsating pussy, and she was nearing yet another thunderous cum.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Fred cried, "Wilma, I love you're licking my balls while I bang Betty, and its such a turn-on watching her eat your cunt while I'm fucking hers."

"Wilma's pussy tastes sooo good," Betty panted, "your cock and her tongue are driving me wild. I'm almost ready to cum again." Betty slammed her pussy back onto Fred's cock as hard as she could, and buried her face into her friend's hot box, as she screamed out the most intense orgasm of her life.

Fred could feel Betty's pussy muscles contract in her latest orgasm. The already tight grip her snatch had on his cock became a true pleasure-pain. It was the greatest thing he had ever felt.

"Hot damn," Wilma moaned, "I've never been this close to a fuck before. It's so goddamn hot. Between seeing you fuck, and your wonderful mouth, Betty, I'm ready to cum too." With an inarticulate scream, Wilma joined her friend in a powerful orgasm.

"You two are the hottest pussies I've ever seen," Fred praised loudly, "I can't hold back any more. I'm gonna cum."

"Pull out Fred," Betty begged, "pull out please. Don't cum inside me."

"Freddie," Wilma cooed, "cum in my mouth baby. You know I love eating your sweet semen."

Fred groaned, and pulled his pulsating penis from Betty's seething snatch. Wilma instantly grabbed his cock and wrapped her eager lips around the head. Almost as soon as his cock entered her hot mouth, Fred started shooting a huge load. Spurt after spurt shot from Fred's cock into Wilma's waiting mouth, filling it. Wilma savored the salty, sweet taste of her husband's cum.

Betty lay down next to her friend. "Wilma," Betty pleaded, "please don't swallow it all. Share his cum with me, please."

Wilma was careful not to spill any of Fred's jizz as he withdrew his deflated cock. She positioned herself above her waiting friend. Betty opened her mouth wide to receive the gift Wilma was about to give her. Wilma parted her lips slightly, allowing a large dollop of Fred's cock cream to spill out, and into Betty's hungry mouth. Both women swallowed. Then french kissed, savoring the taste in each other's mouths.

"Damn Betty," Fred said, "I always thought you was a prude, but you're as hot a piece of ass as Wilma. And that's saying a lot, cause Wilma is one truly hot fuck."

Wilma smiled at her husband, "I told you she'd be a great fuck if we could just loosen her up. Now we need to work on Barney."

* * * * *

Watch for part three "When Bedrock Rocks"

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