tagIllustratedBetween Friends Ch. 04

Between Friends Ch. 04


Becky has just been knocked out by a punch from Donna. But her ordeal is far from over in their most violent and erotic wrestling match yet.

I had no idea that anything out of the ordinary had occurred during our island vacation with Donna and Dave. It was not like Becky to keep secrets. Had I known of the wrestling match between her and Donna at the resort bungalow, and how it had almost escalated into full-blown sex, perhaps what happened next would not have taken place the way that it did.

The winter wore on, severe for those of us used to mild weather in the Southeast. Becky and Donna continued to work together at their new jobs at the health club. They were still basking in the glow of being minor celebrities because of the magazine article the prior summer. Becky's aerobics classes and Donna's martial arts workouts were popular sellouts.

Becky told me much later that she thought by this time the thing between her and Donna, while undeniably more then just competitive, had been just a flash in the pan. There was apparently no further acting out of such feelings between them.

The girls were usually tired by the end of the day. But one afternoon, on a whim, they put on boxing gloves and sparred in the club's ring. There was no hard hitting, just goofing around.

While they were jabbing away at each other Donna suggested, "You want to get together at my house sometime? We could wrestle again and Dave says he would make it a threesome."

To Becky the notion was absurd. Donna was unpredictable when she got worked up and tended to go to extremes. But wrestle with Dave? He was a good looking and a good-humored man with unruly light hair. He was in excellent shape and no doubt would be more than a match for both of them put together.

In the spring, I was away on business and Donna invited Becky to come home with her after work. Dave was there to greet them and they had martinis on the patio. Again, the subject of wrestling was brought up.

Donna said, "Let's wrestle again. Dave and I do it all the time now. If you join us, we'll make a video of it, and if you like it, you can give the tape to your hubby as a little surprise. How about right now?"

Dave added, "And I'll make sure my wife behaves herself."

Somewhat reluctantly Becky said yes. Dave jumped up and said it would take a few minutes to get the recreation room ready and set up his cameras. The girls had a second drink, white wine this time. Donna went to change as Becky had yet another glass of wine. Becky was wearing athletic shorts and a knit shirt, under which she had on an old four-colored monokini that she led her aerobics class in. It would do for this occasion too.

Donna came out of the bedroom in a long T-shirt and the two of them proceeded downstairs. Becky felt her heart beating wildly with anticipation. Odd, since she thought she would never want to do this again.

Dave had one camera set up on a tripod and another one to use as a hand-held. He said he would go change. While he was gone Becky stripped down to her monokini. Donna pulled her T-shirt off, underneath it she was wearing a tight white string bikini, more lingerie than swimsuit. Dave reappeared, now clad only in dark red nylon trunks that did little to conceal his masculine assets.

Donna has stripped down and does a little dance of anticipation.

Donna said, "The way we could do this is that we draw straws, whoever gets the longest gets to pick his or her opponent. They go at each other and when one submits or is pinned that's the end of a round. The loser goes out and the third person comes in. Whoever is first to win five rounds is the champ."

Donna held up three fireplace matches. Dave and Becky drew and Dave got the longest.

"All right," he said as he went to the center of the room and winked, "let's start with you Becky."

Becky felt apprehensive. She had never wrestled with a guy before except playfully with me. She wasn't at all sure she wanted to do this. Donna picked up a camera as Becky nervously stepped forward. Dave smiled at her. Then he suddenly lunged forward. With one arm he grabbed her around the shoulders and with the other reached around one thigh pulling that leg up and off the floor. Becky hopped on the other leg and tried to disengage but she went down on the low couch behind her with Dave on top of her.

He felt impossibly strong but Becky's natural aggressiveness kicked in and she pushed and twisted and Dave spun off onto the floor pulling her down with him. They wildly rolled around for several minutes. Every time Dave almost gained control Becky somehow wiggled free. Soon they were both panting from the exertion. Finally Becky slipped free and threw herself on Dave's back. She grabbed one of his arms, pinning it behind him and pulling up at the same time.

"Do ya' give?"

Dave meekly surrendered. The first round went to Becky. Dave got up and traded places behind the camera with Donna. As he flexed his sore arm he smiled, "Good job, I bet you didn't think you were going to win did you? It's fun isn't it?"

Becky gets up after pinning Dave in the first round.

Now Donna and Becky squared off. They both securely clamped a hand behind each other's neck and bent almost double as each tried to throw the other off balance in a Greeko-Roman style. Becky, the lighter of the two, was at a disadvantage but she managed to stay on her feet. They turned in several full circles while Dave gave a low whistle.

"Great ass shots ladies."

Becky hooked a foot behind Donna's ankle and tripped her. They went down on the mats in a heap with Becky on top. Donna shoved her off and tried to scramble to her feet but Becky's arms encircled her hips and dragged her back down. This time she ended up on her side. Becky threw herself across Donna pinning her to the floor with her full weight.

"Come on, you can get her!" Dave yelled at his wife.

But Becky held on tenaciously. Donna strained mightily and managed to get up on her hands and knees. Becky grabbed a leg and flipped her over on her back. She got one arm around her neck and the other under her thighs. She pulled Donna's legs up, driving her shoulders into the mattress in a classic wrestler's pin.

Before Becky could do a count, Donna managed a reverse and got an arm around Becky's upper torso. She pulled Becky forward across her own body while at the same time flipping her slowly head over heals onto her back.

With her butt momentarily straight up in the air Becky thought ruefully to herself, "No doubt another great ass shot for Dave!"

Now Donna was on top. She straddled Becky and pinned her arms together over her head. Becky was stretched out flat on her back under her; her legs splayed out in both directions to keep Donna from trying to pretzel her.

Dave's voice was shrill with excitement, "Keep going girls, both of you are so hot!"

Donna now lowered herself horizontally full length on Becky while still holding her arms straight out over her head. But Becky writhed like a snake and worked her arms free. She embraced Donna tightly, pulling her face down next to her's. She felt Donna's body heat all up and down her own body. Over and over they rolled, tightly entwined, until they came up against the wall with a dull thud. Becky was really getting into it at this point, savoring the now familiar rush that came from overpowering and controlling her opponent.

Donna managed to break free and started to stand up as she tried to adjust her flimsy outfit. But Becky pounced on her like a cat, causing Donna's ample breasts to almost pop out of her white top. Down they went again grappling furiously, arms and legs flying in all directions. This time Becky ended up on top, sitting astride Donna's neck, her knees on Donna's arms. She reached back and grabbed both of Donna's legs, pulling them up behind her until she was pretzeled under her. She scooted forward until she was sitting directly astride Donna's face.

As he watched his wife being smothered in such a risqué fashion Dave could hardly breathe himself. Donna gave out a muffled surrender. Becky let Donna's legs drop, stood up and moved to one side. Donna lay on the floor, spread-eagled, her chest heaving, but otherwise not moving.

Becky has just won the second round with a face smother that leaves Donna stretched out on the floor.

Becky looked down at her defeated friend. She was exhilarated. She couldn't believe that she had beaten both of them. A warm almost orgasmic sensation coursed through her.... Surely it was the alcohol. She looked quickly at Dave and grinned, raising her arms in a victory pose. He panned the length of her body with his camera and then zoomed in on his wife stretched out on the floor.

Donna slowly got up and rearranged her white two-piece. She seemed overwhelmed and exhausted which was unusual for her. But she managed a wan smile as she looked at her husband while they traded places.

"I told you she was good didn't I?"

Dave stepped forward, a bemused expression on his face, "You want to keep going or do you want to take a break first?"

"Bring it on," Becky replied, flush with energy and feeling much more confident in herself than she should have.

Dave grabbed Becky around the waist. She violently twisted and turned almost breaking free. But this time his superior strength prevailed. He managed to keep control as he spun her around and embraced her from behind, his locked hands pressing hard into her stomach. He leaned back pulling her up until her feet were off the floor, her monokini stretched tight as a drum across her midsection as she was bent back like a bow.

The close, almost intimate, physical contact and Becky's fruitless struggles caused a change to come over Dave. He tightened his grip and shook her hard. She could not pry his arms apart and felt helpless and unable to breathe. She uttered a long drawn out "Arrghh!" while Dave leered over her shoulder. Dave overpowers Becky and flips her upside down.

In one swift motion Dave dropped her and spun her back around facing him, this time pushing her head down. He forced her to bend forward and as she was about to tumble to the floor he gripped her head between his thighs and reached over her back and grabbed her around the waist and suddenly Becky found herself dangling upside down in a pile-driver position. Her legs were draped back over his shoulders. He bounced her up and down and she was keenly aware that his chin was repeatedly digging into her crotch.

"Okay, I give!" Becky gasped as the blood rushed to her head and she felt herself going dizzy.

Dave lowered her until her head was on the mat and then he allowed her body to flop over onto the floor. Becky lay still on her back with her eyes closed while rubbing her temples with her hands. She thought to herself that she shouldn't have had so much to drink. At least she could sit out the next round.

Dave knelt over her for a victory pose for the camera. He pulled her up into a sitting position. Her head was spinning but she heard Donna say to her husband, "I see you've come to attention." Becky looked up. A very prominent oblong bulge in Dave's tight trunks was unmistakable.

Becky's head is spinning as an aroused Dave kneels next to her.

Becky was still light-headed as the couple began to argue. Dave was saying, "I'm not trying to come onto her but what do you expect?"

Donna replied, "I expect this was a bad idea. I'm your wife for cry'in out loud!"

"Yeah, well, you two get it on, I know you do," Dave shot back.

Donna was angry now. "You want to see how we get it on? I'll show you how we get it on!"

She turned to Becky who was trying to get up. "You turn my husband on, you know that? Do you do it deliberately? He's always staring at your tight little ass and your cute little titties. He's always going on about how good you look."

Becky was confused. This wrestling thing was Donna's idea. What was she so pissed about? Besides, she was the one all but falling out of her flimsy attire. It almost seemed like Becky was being accused of being unfaithful. Was Donna jealous?

Becky got to her feet just as Donna charged at her, both fists balled. Becky realized all rules were off, this was turning into a brawl. Becky deflected the first blow and managed to drive her own fist deep into Donna's stomach. Donna bent double and clutched herself while letting out a prolonged, "Owww!"

Becky desperately hoped this would bring Donna back down to reality. But Donna suddenly stood back and while balancing on one leg and kicking out with the other, brought her foot up between Becky's legs. The foot sank into Becky's labium with the dull thud of a blunt object impacting tender flesh.

Becky's stunned reaction from a kick between the legs.

Becky's eyes bulged and her cheeks puffed out with a loud moan. The sharp sudden pain shot through her. She just stood there with her head thrown back and an astonished look on her face, her hands shielding her violated genital area. She left herself wide open to a follow-up stomach punch that Donna drove home with an audible "Whump!"

Becky doubles over after Donna follows up her kick with a stomach punch.

Becky goes down hard.

The blow doubled Becky up and sent her reeling backwards. She fell hard on the mat. She lay still for several seconds while holding her midsection as the throbbing pain almost caused her to lose consciousness. This only seemed to make Dave more excited.

As Becky struggled to get up, he shouted to his wife, "Come on, keep going! Knock her out this time!"

Donna needed no encouragement. She pulled Becky to her feet and before she could react, Donna grabbed her by the neck and flipped her head over heals sending her crashing onto the mat. Donna again pulled her up, this time dropping on one knee, locking her hands together and slamming her across the middle with a forearm smash. The shock was so jarring Becky thought it was going to make her pee in her swimsuit. Becky vainly tries to surrender after being knocked down again, this time by a forearm smash across her midsection.

Struggling to control herself, Becky clutched her middle and dropped to the floor again. She tried to say that she surrendered but she felt herself being pulled roughly back up. Dave was behind her, pinning her arms behind her back.

"No fair!" she managed to cry out.

But Donna smiled fiendishly and hit her repeatedly in the stomach area, then several times under her breasts, not hard, but with just enough force to torment her. Each smack was followed by an "Uhh" or "Ahh" from Becky.

Dave pressed his body into Becky's and kept yanking her from side to side to keep her off balance. She felt his hard cock pushing against her butt. But that was the least of her worries because she sensed she was on the verge of passing out and Donna was far from finished with her. She wished she could just black out and then they could do whatever they wanted with her and get it over with.

Helplessly pinned, Becky braces herself for a knockout punch.

As if reading her mind, Donna smiled, "Are you ready for lights out? How about we put you out like this...." She slowly drew one arm back, made a fist and held it suspended for a second while taking careful aim. Then she brought it suddenly around in a wide arching swing landing a light but effective right hook on Becky's jaw with a loud splat. Becky's facial expression went blank as she at first stiffened and then collapsed into Dave's arms.

Knocked unconscious, Becky limply falls into Dave's arms.

"Get this on tape!" Dave said to his wife as he looked down at Becky's limp body, shifting his grip to supporting her under her lower back. Her head was thrown back and her arms dangled down. It seemed to turn him on tremendously that she had been knocked out while he was holding her. He had to visibly control himself. While Donna pointed the camera she watched as he half carried and half-dragged Becky's unconscious form over to the low couch, turning her over and then lowering her face first onto the cushions. He stood back as she slid slowly off until she was in an upright sitting position on the floor leaning into the couch.

Dave has just laid Becky's body out on the couch.

Becky slumps into a sitting position against the couch.

"Damn, she is out!" Dave exclaimed. He nudged her on the shoulder, which caused her to loosely topple backwards until she hit the floor pads with a soft thud. She was stretched out full length on her back.

Donna knelt over her. "Are you really out? Let's make sure."

She flipped Becky's body roughly over. Becky didn't react as she now lay on her stomach with her limbs splayed loosely out. Donna spanked her hard on the butt, the tight nylon of her swimsuit defining how the blow sent a shudder through her lower body. Donna grunted, still not convinced.

Becky remains unconscious as she is turned onto her stomach and spanked by the gloating Donna.

She turned Becky over again on her back, examined her carefully and then dramatically clamped down with a violent belly claw, kneading Becky's stomach muscles with her fingers none too gently. When that had no effect Donna proceeded to work her way down toward her vulva.

Donna looks down on her friend as she prepares to use a claw to see if Becky is really totally out cold.

Dave protested, "Hey, that's enough, she's already going to be sore as hell when she wakes up."

Without turning around, Donna replied, "What's the matter? You want to fuck her don't you? Think she won't enjoy it after a little pussy claw?"

With that she dug into Becky's already tormented vagina. She finally got a reaction but not what she expected. Becky didn't flinch but a wet spot suddenly erupted from between her legs. The spontaneous squirt of urine was brief but it came through the nylon and then rapidly spread out in a damp blotch on the lower area of her swimsuit.

Donna jerked her hand back and jeered, "You always manage to end up wet one way or other don't you?" Then she directed her scorn back to her husband as he stood over both of them. "There, I messed up your pretty little plaything. She's soaked herself."

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