Between My Sons


He slid off the bed and put his hand on my hip. I rolled back on my knees and looked back at him. He rubbed my pussy with his hands and looked up at me. "I love you mom," he said.

"I know," I answered.

I groaned as he pushed his hard cock into my wet and cum dripping pussy. It slid in easily and he started to pump me quickly. He gripped me my hips and fucked me fast, I felt my boobs shaking as my son fucked me. Our bodies slapped together and we moaned in unity as he fucked me as fast as he could. I felt his thumb slide over my asshole as he pumped me. I looked back at him, biting my lip and staring. Lust drove me back against his hard cock, harder and harder. I wiggled and his thumb pushed into my asshole. I swallowed and moaned loudly. I stared back at him as he stopped pumping me and just pushed his thumb in my ass.

I nodded to him and closed my eyes at the new sensation. My breasts were hard and my hips writhed. My son pulled his wet cock from my pussy and pushed it up against my asshole.

"You need to get her wet," James said.

I felt fingers running over my pussy again and then my asshole being rubbed. I was so wet I didn't need lube. "I am ready," I said looking back at my tow sons working on my ass lovingly with their hands.

Tim pressed his cock against my asshole again and I took about an inch of it. The initial pain hit me and I winced. I took a deep breath and pushed against his big dick. I went in further, and I groaned loudly. It felt huge and I wasn't sure if I could take it.

"Oh fuck! Your ass is so tight," Tim said through his teeth.

I looked back at him with half-closed eyes.

He was staring at my ass, pulling at my cheeks with his hands and thrusting slowly.

My body began to adjust and I moaned at the shifting muscles. "Oh!" I yelled as my body warmed for another orgasm. All my repression built up in me and I knew this would be the orgasm I had been searching for. I pushed against his cock, there was a slurping sound and I felt it lock into me as my body took it all in. There was no feeling like it.

"OH! Yes, you found it. Oh shit!" I said as I grabbed at the blankets of the bed.

He began to pump faster. I took every inch of him and groaned. I propped up on my hands and knees and focused on his driving cock in my body. I felt cum slopping out of my pussy and my ass clicked and slapped against his body. The orgasm was building in the base of my tummy and in my pussy. He fucked me faster and faster until his balls were slapping against me. I looked back at him and shook as he fucked me so deep. I saw James standing next to him with a newly hardened cock in his hand. I loved my sons and there endless erections.

"Get on the bed James!" I said through heavy breaths. "Timmy, take it out of me for a moment."

He blinked and looked at me. Sweat ran down his face and his chest. He pulled his dick back slowly and in a burst of pain it popped from my asshole. He stared down at it while James on the bed beside me.

I climbed over my James, grabbed his cock and slid it into my wet pussy. He stared up at me groaning as I took the length of his cock. I reached behind me looking for Tim's dick. I grabbed it and pulled him back toward my ass. I let it go and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I looked back at him and he did not hesitate to force his big cock in my ass.

"AH!" I yelled as he pushed it in deep. My body felt full—full of both my sons' cocks.

"Shit! Oh Shit!" James yelled. I knew he could feel pressure from his brother's dick.

Tim pushed in deep, all the way to his balls and he groaned. He pulled back and pumped in. I clenched the cocks and held onto James as Tim began to fuck my ass vigorously. With each pump I slid on James' cock as well and he grabbed my breasts—trying to suck them.

"Yes! Oh yes! Oh boys! Fuck me! Oh shit! Ah!" The orgasm built in my body and I squirmed and writhed from so much stimulation, so much longing, so much needing, and so much lust. With each pump from their cocks I felt it grow and grow.

"Oh my! Ah! Ah!" James yelled.

Tim began to fuck my ass as fast as he could. He grunted and drove his cock in deep—seemingly deeper each time.

I clenched as best as I could but I lost control of my body. I kicked my legs, grabbed my son James with my hands and screamed as the orgasm poured out and over me. I shook, shuddered, screamed and swore. My body was on fire and the intensity of my cumming too me over. "Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! AHHHHH!" I had no control.

"I am cuming!" James yelled and he clutched my boobs tightly.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! AHHHHH!" Tim roared as he began to cum in my ass.

I slid on their cocks in perfect rhythm as we came together screaming. I held on to them and moved my hips in every direction. The pleasure overwhelmed me and then it was over. We sat like that for some time, Tim's cock in my ass and James in my pussy. Cum oozed, sweat dripped and mouths were dry. We kissed each other and dared not move from our closeness.

Finally Tim muttered in my ear, "I love you mom."

James swallowed and said, "I love you so much."

I was between them, in bliss, closeness and exhausted from an orgasm that I didn't believe was possible, "I love you both."

That was the beginning and our lives changed forever.

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Great story

I enjoy reading these stories please keep writing please they are a good source of jerk material.Lol

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