tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeware of Dragons

Beware of Dragons


Several centuries ago, in ancient China, many local villages still lived in fear of dragons. Reports of dragon attacks struck terror into their hearts, many were afraid to travel or go out at night for fear of dragons attacking.

To keep the villages safe from such attacks, a local man was often sent forth to find the dragons, to use mystic abilities these men were said to have that enabled them to communicate with these imposing creatures. It was the job of these "Ambassadors" to negotiate a treaty that would ensure peace and prosperity for all. Over time, this became a position of great respect. These Ambassadors were usually rewarded with wondrous food, gifts and -- for one night a year -- a female chosen for her great beauty and virtue. The young woman would be taken one night by the Ambassador and brought home the next morning, always looking tired and somewhat dazed. She would never speak of it and questions were never asked. For all concerned, it was considered to be the best solution.

Over time, this tradition lessened, but it did not end. Even when some emigrated to other countries, some superstitious persons still feared the dragons would someday return. Yes, even in the modern world, an Ambassador was often still chosen and rewarded. Some chose to do this out of tradition and a form of good luck, some from superstition. It was the way things were, a tradition that was usually followed at Chinese New Year.

It was June Lee who had been chosen this year. Young, beautiful and intelligent, the well-educated June was having none of it. She protested and screamed at her somewhat-superstitious parents, letting them know in no small way she considered dragons a myth from ancient times. It was ridiculous, June asserted, she wasn't going to go along with any of this. Her parents, in turn, let June know that as long as she lived free under their roof, this would be a sacrifice they expected her to make. June loved her parents dearly, but they had been raised in a very sheltered environment and were unschooled in the ways of the modern world. Dragons , June sniffed ... how absolutely ridiculous !

June considered herself a modern, loves-to-party girl who favored miniskirts and high heels, stockings and sexy lingerie. June was tall, nearly 5'10" tall and not demure in any sense of the word. She liked to dance, have a few drinks and enjoy a good time. She adored her martinis. Her virtue -- well, she wasn't by any means a slut , but she wasn't averse to the pleasures of the flesh. Fucking was a great way to unwind after a hard week of studying and part-time work in her parent's tiny restaurant. A few good-looking studs had been in June's panties -- when she chose to wear them. June vowed that she was going to get herself out of this "debt of honor" when she got a good look at the Ambassador. He walked into the restaurant and June was very surprised to find he was a striking man.

Mr. Yan was even taller than June, towering over her at 6'4". He had a wonderful voice, rich and deep, with eyes that seemed almost ablaze with passion. She swiftly found he was possessed of a pleasant manner and quick wit, he seemed to be very sure of himself. Ambassador Yan wore Giorgio Armani suits and was impeccably groomed. June decided to "do her duty" and allowed herself to accompany Mr. Yan - "John", he corrected her. Somehow, the prospect of spending an evening in this man's company no longer troubled her.

John took her to one of the finest French restaurants she'd ever been to. "I get tired of our own foods" he smiled at her. Every mouthful was a delight, the crepes seemed to melt in her mouth. She found herself full, so John suggested a way to work it off. He took her dancing and they shared some drinks and wonderful conversation as well. By evenings end, June knew she would have slept with this man for several different reasons. He was fucking hot , she giggled to herself.

His home was as spectacular as the man himself, rich with wonderful furnishings tapestries, paintings and statuary that was obviously rare and likely centuries old. It was so obvious to see none of them were cheap, modern-day knockoffs. June found herself overwhelmed when he took her in his arms and kissed her with an heated, ardent passion.

"I want you" he said simply, directly.

June nodded and her silk dress slid to the floor. She stood before John with a great deal of pride, head held high, her body on display to an obviously admiring gaze. He took in June's intoxicating beauty, smooth, well-toned flesh, golden and smooth. Her only impediment was a tiny thong, which she kicked off quickly. All she had on now were heels and stockings -- those she kept on, somehow sensing he liked that look.

"Pleasure me" John commanded. June found him a bit haughty, but it was almost arousing. His confidence was impressive, his body even more so. Lean and taut, there were a few minor scars, but no wasted flesh, no flab from eating the rich foods they had enjoyed tonight. This was a man she knew could show her tricks in bed, who would be a lover to remember. June pulled his trousers down and a cock -- such a cock! -- sprung loose. Her girlfriends would be so envious when she told them of this night. June wrapped her soft lips around the thick stalk of flesh and sucked hungrily.

John's eyes shut tight and he felt flames of desire welling up inside him. The community had chosen well -- how sick he was of "virtuous" maids, whose stupid idea had that been? Virtue was a highly overrated commodity. This little bitch knew how to please and he was pleased. June obviously knew how to suck cock, yes, he was in no way unhappy she wasn't "virtuous". June's long black hair whipped about as she sucked his cock, her dark eyes looked up at him with undisguised lust. Good, he thought -- I like a woman with fire!

June hadn't been this horny at any time in her entire life. There was some strange power he held over her, she ached to fuck his strong, lean body. As if in a daze, she was led to a large bed, her body positioned atop his thick cock. Down, down, down she slid, twisting and turning until she was packed with his cock. Instinctively, June began to ride and take full measure of the man. His cock felt wonderful in her tight, horny cunt and her pussy throbbed around his throbbing dick.

"Fuck me. Use me and make me yours, for tonight, I am yours!" she moaned as his magnificent shaft moved inside of her.

John was pleased to hear her submission to his desires, he was fucking her back with full force, her hips matching his motions, arching and pumping in tune with him until she ached. It was the kind of ache every girl should experience at least once, the ache of being well and truly fucked, the ache where every inch of her body felt alive with heated passion. As for John, his own heat rose exponentially. Everything about June got him aroused -- she was an exquisite creature, they'd chosen well this year and he would indeed tell them so later.

June was astonished at how this man moved in bed, she'd never had a lover who seemed so creative, almost acrobatic. She realized that somehow, without her even thinking about it, they'd switched from her fucking on top to his drilling her body from behind in Doggy style. All June cared about was cock -- fucking her depths and keeping her lusts aroused.

Strong, deft hands played over every square inch of June's body -- she felt hands stroke her tits, his warm -- no, hot -- breath on her neck and in her ear. Her body reacted in pleasure and June's pussy tightened around the cock inside it. She tried to match his fucking, but June has met her match -- he was clearly the superior lover, it was all she could do to keep up!

"Dear God lover, fuck me -- keep going John, I want more, all you can give me! Damn, you are a wonderful lover!" June growled as the creaking bed added to their lovemaking noises. John smiled the most inscrutable of grins.

"I have no intentions of rushing, my hot little slut !" John hissed as he arched forward and drove his cock deeper within her waiting cunt. June howled -- she didn't think it possible to have more cock within her body, but every expectation she'd had from a lover, John had exceeded. He must have bedded many, many women to get so proficient in the arts of pleasuring a woman. Most of the Ambassadors traditionally remained unmarried, so as they could enjoy the pleasures of the women they were offered without conflict. John was a young man, but he must have -- must have been widely traveled and well-regarded to be such a skilled lover.

June felt a slight pang of jealousy over the countless women he'd no doubt bedded, but she pushed it down. John was possessed of an amazing cock and hands, he wielded them like an incredible lover, so it had all been to her benefit. June put out her best efforts to match his pace, twisting and riding him, taking whatever she could and giving back whatever he needed.

"You are the kind of woman a man desires, beautiful June, a woman who lives to fuck!" John hissed as he drilled her cunt and his hot breath was on her flesh. Somehow, those words were one of the most sincere compliments she'd ever known.

"Nothing is better than fucking - nothing !" June groaned as John's seemingly insatiable prick pistoned in and out, in and out.

"I quite agree!" he chuckled as the fucking went on.

The continued love-play went on for some time. June had to focus all her energies on pleasing this magnificent man -- at times, she found her consciousness drifting and she was moving on pure Adrenaline. No matter -- she trusted in John to keep their fucking on the correct path. Her sleek golden body shone in the moonlight that streamed in from the window, she knew that she was soon at the apex of orgasm.

June did orgasm -- and it seemed as if it wouldn't stop. She rolled back, panting, ebony hair splayed across the sheets. She was exhausted and ravenous. She and John shared a late coffee and dessert and it was soon time to go. There was a pang of disappointment -- she would have loved another night, but she sensed that was not in her near future, if ever. No matter -- she wouldn't forget this evening, as long as she lived.

June chuckled and John was curious as to why.

"Well, this all started over the silly superstitions of paying you to keep dragons away and bring good fortune. HaHa -- how silly. Who believes in dragons in this day and age?"

"Who indeed?" came a deeper, louder voice from behind her.

June looked into the dark eyes that blazed with passion -- the eyes of the dragon -- and fainted dead away.

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