(I remember this series on re-runs when I lived in America. As always, I look forward to your feedback. Thank you for reading! Jamie)

Samantha looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn't a bad looking 34-year old witch, better than average in fact. She had thick wavy blond hair, high cheekbones, large oval eyes, and an attractive mouth, which seemed to be set on the verge of breaking into a mischievous grin.

Her figure, though not spectacular, was proportionate to her slight frame. Her breasts were moderate and firm, her stomach flat, and her hips narrow compared to other women in their mid to late 30's. Still, there was something missing in her sex appeal. Perhaps it was a result of her living so long with mortals. Which reminded her, Darrin would be arriving home soon with his clients for another dinner party. It was the third one this week and so far she had not resorted to the use of any witchcraft for the week's preparations - Darrin's mandate. Well tonight, things would be different. She walked downstairs, wiggled her nose and suddenly snacks, as well as a full seafood buffet appeared on the coffee and dining room tables. She then used witchcraft again and donned herself in a sleeveless pink dress with a hemline that fell to just above the knees in a moderately conservative fashion.

When Darrin and his guests arrived Samantha greeted them at the door. They were as usual, a boring group of business associates - four or five advertising execs and Darrin's boss, the white haired and older Larry Tate.

As the latter entered, Samantha was surprised to see a young girl on his arm. "Samantha," smiled Larry, "say hello to Katja. She's from the Russia and is going to be our new model for the brassiere account we're advertising." Samantha was spellbound.

Never had she seen such a beautiful, sexy, and well-built young girl. Her long black hair was straight and luxuriant and framed large dark eyes intelligently peering out from under well-sculpted eyebrows. Her mouth was sexually intriguing, consisting as it did of full sensuous lips that were tinged with a slight shade of deep red. Spontaneously, Samantha pictured Larry stopping at a candy store on the way over in order to let the young Russian nymphet suck her way through a bag full of strawberry licorice sticks.

Noticing that the girl's stomach was exposed, her gaze was caught by the girl's spectacularly thin waist, which flared out to eye-catching hips that pivoted up and down as she entered the house. Hips like those, Sam thought, belonged more on a belly dancer than to a young teenager, as did her pierced navel! Sam couldn't get over this girl's sense of outrageous dress. Perhaps this was the way all young girls dressed in the Soviet.

Casting her eyes further downwards, she discovered legs that were impossibly long and well sculpted and which tapered their way down into tiny ankles strapped into high-heeled white pumps. As if this package was not enough, Katja had an obviously more than adequate bust, which jostled for attention inside a dark blue, loose silk top. Such big tits on a petite girl, Sam noted were already unusual, but they stood out even more because of Katja's otherwise young age and extremely slender waistline.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Stevens," the child said in an East European accent as she performed a small curtsey while offering her hand. Samantha couldn't help but ask how old she was, for although she was obviously well endowed, she really didn't look much older than fifteen or sixteen.

"I was 18 two days ago," she said and smiled, showing perfectly even white teeth. "My family emigrated last year."

"That's my daughter's birthday," Sam remarked absently.

"We are using Katja for our model this year since we are aiming for the junior high and high school markets," beamed Larry who couldn't seem tear his eyes away from Katja's spectacular charms.

"I can certainly see the logic of your choice," quipped Samantha, smiling teasingly at Darrin's boss.

Normally, the older man's attention was lavished on Samantha, but for once it was nice to have a small respite thanks to the young model. There were often times at dinner parties and gatherings when Larry's hand had found it's way onto her thigh or on her ass during the occasional slow dance.

"And who is this?" asked Katja, interrupting Sam's thoughts as she picked up a picture from the mantle piece. It was a full-length photo of a young blond. She had shoulder length hair, and one could just make out a gold bracelet with a hint of green around one of her slim ankles. In the picture, the girl was winking.

"That's our daughter Tabatha," smiled Sam. "She's away at school."

"She is lovely, is she a model?" asked Katja politely.

"No, no," interrupted Darrin, who had approached from behind Sam, "She's in a business marketing program."

"Ah. Too bad for her," said Katja putting the picture back on the mantle piece where she had found it.

As the party progressed, Sam discovered more and more that she couldn't take her eyes off of the young Russian. Not only were her extremely large and sexy breasts distracting as they danced and bobbed to a balalaika inside her flimsy and hardly constraining top whenever she made the slightest movement, but her provocatively compact and outthrust young ass seemed to be trying to work its way out through the material of her short skirt, moulded as it was into the fabric of her dress like two round balloons pressed into thin silk. "Was it silk?" Samantha wondered as she ogled the girl's seductive derriere. Seconds later, as the young Russian bent down to get a snack from the coffee table, her mini skirt rode up so high Sam was able to make out a wedge of nearly transparent panties coming into view between the shadow of her slim shapely thighs.

"Oops sorry." Samantha suddenly felt a cold wet spot on her chest. Someone had spilled a drink. Darrin's clients were getting tipsier and seemingly found it more difficult to avert their eyes from Katja. A young man Sam had never seen before blushed. "So clumsy of me," he stammered. Sam looked down and saw that the drink had now soaked into her blouse. The wet clingy material of the pink cotton now draped her left breast and nipple, which had stiffened as a result of the coldness. When she looked up, she noticed the young man staring down at her chest, his mouth half open, as if he were about to say something.

Sam assured him that there was no harm done and went upstairs to change. She peeled off the wet top and looked into the mirror. After admiring the well-developed charms of Katja for half the night, what she saw in her own reflection was now a disappointment. Perhaps, just this once she could do something about her body using witchcraft. After all, Darrin was preoccupied as usual with his clients and since she had already used witchcraft once tonight, she figured on the old adage, "in for a penny, in for a pound."

Samantha wiggled her nose and pictured the shapeliest figure she could imagine. As usual, her magic worked immediately. Her breasts filled out and expanded until they were full and heavy and sat inside a bra that was now a well-stretched 38D cup. Her nipples, wider and more assertive, pushed into the thin fabric of her brassier making large indentations like small gumdrops inside the nearly see-through material.

Her stomach was smooth and flat and gave way to a well-defined pubic mound, which was covered by luxuriant dark curly hair that was barely concealed beneath the crotch of low-slung transparent panties.

As she turned around and looked in the mirror, she heard herself gasp. Two protruding ass cheeks, tight and well rounded filled out the back of her underwear to perfection and created a deep mysterious cleft. The sight left Sam not only breathless but with a desire she could neither ignore nor resist. She ran a finger into the cleft of her newly sculpted asscheeks and marvelled at its definition and seemingly endless depth. The warmth within excited her more than she could have imagined and upon probing deeper still, she discovered a tight puckered anus at its core. She rubbed the orifice a few times and revelled in a strange new sensitivity.

Moving her fingers lower still, she found the back passage to her cunt. Extending the tip of a long manicured finger, she caressed the lips her vaginal opening from behind. The amount of wetness already collected between her labia surprised her so much that she felt the need to continue her explorations.

Fighting desire, however, she withdrew her finger and brought it cautiously to her nose for a good whiff. The strong pungent aroma was so intoxicating that she at once felt the need to continue masturbating. However, after considering her options, she fought down her desire, wiggled her nose and dressed herself in a loose fitting, nearly Greek style white mini skirted toga. Laced brown sandals completed the ensemble. When she looked in the mirror she let out a moan.

Her toga was stretched seductively across her breasts emphasising the fullness of her new breasts to such a degree that she felt as though she were a Playboy centerfold. Thick nipples were just visible beneath the white fabric, their indentations protruding through the filmy material as though they were rosebuds during the first hint of spring. Down below, a thin cord illuminated an hourglass figure. The remaining material below her belt, just 6 inches in length, exposed her tanned and shapely legs from well above mid thigh.

Pleased, stimulated, and feeling hornier than she had in months, Samantha took a sip of her wine and descended the stairs slowly, one at a time, as though testing the depths of the waters below.

The reaction wasn't immediate. After all, it was a formal gathering and the customers of McMann and Tate were too well versed to create some crass collective behaviour towards the wife of a business associate. Besides, they had all been introduced to Darrin's wife previously upon entering the Steven's home. As the minutes ticked by, however, their awareness of the changes in their hostess's appearance began to permeate the room. Tensions shifted, conversations intensified; in short, testosterone was being released by the bucket loads. As a result, the men (being men) assumed, that her transformation was due solely to the change in her attire.

The young man who had spilled the drink on Sam approached her first, this time, eyes up, attention duly focused. "I am so sorry for spilling the drink on you", he intoned in a nearly servile demeanour, "Is there anything I can get you?" Then he looked down and unabashedly stared at her breasts again for the second time that evening.

"Get me?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," he stammered looking up again. You're just so incredibly beautiful and..."

Sam wiggled her nose and cast a spell, which made everyone in the room freeze. In this state, they were unconscious, unmoving, and unseeing.

"Get me? Yes I think there is something you can get me," said Sam out loud knowing full well he couldn't hear a thing. She unbuckled the young man's pants and drew down his underwear. When she was finished he stood there in his jacket, tie, socks and shoes looking quite comical. His thick penis hung down out of a nest of jet-black pubic hair and seemed to be the only thing that wasn't frozen stiff on his otherwise suspended body. She would soon fix that.

Samantha took his limp penis in her hand and wiggled her nose again, releasing the area between his navel and his thighs from her numbing spell in order to restore its sensitivity. She knew that he could now feel that part of his body without being able to stop what was being done to it.

Samantha stroked his penis and it began to stiffen. She held his balls with the other hand and squeezed them softly feeling them move slightly against each other through the thin skin of his ball sac. At the same time she used her thumbnail to scratch the underside of his dick where it joined his sack. As his now awakening shaft began to harden even more, Samantha opened her mouth and placed her lips firmly but gently around the tip of his knob. It had been a long time since she had given anyone, including her husband oral sex, but she seemed to remember the procedure.

Succumbing to the soft sensations of her hot wet mouth, the young man's penis was now totally erect as Samantha began to suck him in earnest, moving her mouth all the way down into his pubic hair and closing her lips around him as tightly as she could. When she slid her mouth back up, his shaft emerged inch-by-inch, shiny and stiff. After swallowing him to the root five or six times Sam began to crave more. He was not badly hung, perhaps seven inches or more, but why not give him an additional 3? It would be the largest cock she'd ever had and she seriously doubted that he would ever have cause to complain.

Sam slid her mouth down the length of his entire penis again, but this time, when she felt the tip of his prick knock against the back of her throat, she wiggled her nose in his pubic hair and caused his prick to lengthen 3 more inches! All at once she felt his rubbery hardness lodge even further down her throat and nearly choked as she felt her gag reflex react to the intruder. After telling herself to relax, however, she soon began to accommodate his 10-inch manhood so that she actually began to enjoy the experience of having her mouth and throat crammed full of hard stiff cock!

As Sam deep-throated this stiff slab of flesh, she began to concentrate on his balls slapping her on the chin. She held them in her hand and squeezed gently while with her other hand she followed the progress of her mouth as it moved up and down on his newly extended saliva-coated prick. She could feel the tension in his whole groin and knew he was not far away from orgasm. Suddenly, another idea struck her. She wiggled her nose again and this time added 2 inches of girth to his penis. The excitement she felt was incredible. Her mouth and throat were now totally stuffed with prick meat as she clamped down tighter against the thick shaft passing through her lips.

She sucked his big cock as hard as she could which caused her cheeks to pucker in tightly around his throbbing penis. While her lips glided easily up and down his frozen cock-lance she tightened her fist around the root of his fuck-organ in order to commence a frantic hand-job. In this way she found herself jacking his cock urgently from the hairy base all the way up to her sucking lips, back and forth, up and down, desperately trying to coax the hot load of molten cum to start spewing out of his piss hole and into her awaiting mouth.

As she felt his body begin to shudder she reached behind him and found the tight ring of his anus. Using her long middle finger, she penetrated it up to the knuckle. That seemed to do the trick. Suddenly, propelling his pelvis forward, he orgasmed magnificently into her mouth, his banking angry cock throbbing its way down the back of her throat in order to release its red hot load as deeply into her gullet as possible. Hungrily she clung to the erupting fuck-pole, sucking and jacking tirelessly, ecstatically relishing the taste of his seed as it spewed and spouted endlessly between her lips. Again and again the hot, sticky jism spewed out of his prick, basting her tonsils with milky torrents of cum as the sappy white stuff poured down her throat.

Samantha revelled in the sensation of such a decadent act. The copious amount of sperm cascading into her mouth excited her beyond belief. Even after he had emptied his load, she kept sucking as hard as she could, hearing her own sloppy, slurping cock-sucking sounds filling the quiet living room as she continued to cling and nurse the pulsing stiffness of the young man's prick. She didn't stop sucking his penis until nearly a minute later, when she was sure she'd milked the last droplets out of the crown of this cock.

"Get me? That's what you can get me. Thank you very much!" she cried, pulling the big cock-pole out of her mouth, rewarding its fat knob with a loving kiss.

After cleaning up, she blinked the party back into progress. Things went immediately back to normal except that the young man she had just so spectacularly blown now seemed more relaxed than anybody else in the room. She smiled at him and he smiled back, but his eyes were in a bit of a haze this time, as though he had just woken up. She also thought she saw him fumbling around for his dick through his pant's pocket. No doubt, he was wondering how he had attained a nine-inch penis. Sam giggled to herself. So this was what mortal Americans meant by "a cocktail party."

Part Two

It wasn't long before Larry Tate, Darrin's boss made his way over to Samantha. Always having an eye for her he lost no time in admiring her improvements. "Sam, I must say, you seem to get younger every day."

His eyes were downcast and steadily fixed on her newly expanded bust. Sam was reminded of Superman trying to burn his way through steel with x-ray vision.

"Why, thank you Larry."

"And is that a kind of toga you have on? I don't think I've ever seen a dress quite like that?"

He reached out his hand and for a split second Sam thought that he was going to touch her breast, or stroke a nipple, but his hand suddenly fell away as he shifted his focus ever so slightly towards a movement behind her. Managing to move into a position at his side instead of directly in front of him she understood the target of his distraction.

Katja was at that moment talking to a business executive. Larry's view, and now hers' was of Katja from the rear. Her tight turquoise micro mini was stretched around two hard asscheeks, which looked as though they had been sculpted in marble. So taut was the material stretched around the globes of her out- thrust posterior in fact that it seemed quite obvious to the onlookers that she was not wearing any underwear. Furthermore, her skirt had once more ridden so high that the space between her slim upper thighs, (where they didn't quite meet), was also revealed. As a result, one needed little or no imagination whatsoever to apprehend that the covered slit of her pussy mound was only a fraction of an inch out of sight! The view couldn't have been sexier if she had been completely naked.

Both Larry and Sam stopped talking as they admired the teenager's obvious charms. Larry was the first to speak in a desire to break the awkward moment. "Maybe we should inform Katja that her dress has ridden up out of place."

"Yes Larry, why don't you?"

"Come on now Sam, you're the hostess," he implored, his gaze never leaving the young girl's succulent ass.

"Oh Larry, what's the big deal? Are you embarrassed by the charms of a young girl?"

"Not me, no," he stammered, coming back down to earth, "I'm just thinking about her own propriety ."

"Well I don't think she dressed in such a short skirt in order to portray a sense of piety, do you?" Sam teased. But Larry didn't answer. He seemed lost in his own thoughts as he continued staring. "After all," she added, "she's your model."

Sam looked towards Katja, just in time to see the young girl bend down to the coffee table in order to retrieve a snack. She heard Larry gasp audibly as Katja's panty covered wedge came into view. The darkness of her pubic hair was now visible through the thin tightly stretched fabric of her panties. In fact her bush was so thick that it bulged out of the sides her underwear treating Larry and Sam to an unobstructed view of black pussy hair springing out wildly along the crease of her groin. It was at that moment when instinct, more than a conscious decision came into play. Sam wiggled her nose for the third time that evening and the whole room froze.

Reaching out, she put her hand on the upper slopes of the girl's ass, which were still covered by her micro mini. The muscles of her firm backside were taut to the extreme in this position, as she had been frozen while bending over. Sam's long fingers found the hem of her mini dress and then crept downwards towards Katja's exposed panties. Slipping her hand through the young girl's thighs, she cupped the panty- covered mound with the palm of her hand. She was amazed to discover that the girl's underwear turned into a string, which ran into the crack of her ass. "So that's why there was no panty line," she thought. Through the thin material, she could feel the softness of the young girl's pubic hair, her thick labia, and the warmth of her vagina pulsating from within.

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