Beyond the Wall


Dillon Jones turned to enter the Silver Oak Estates gated community; he always marveled at the massive stone arch between the two ancient oak trees flanking it. The trees and arch stood outside the ten foot high wall surrounding the enormous housing development with its multi-million dollar homes, manicured drives and luxurious club house. The Halloween decorations adorning the facade were festive and reminded him of a medieval castle. It was truly a wealthy area beyond the wall. There were only 150 homes but with many on 1 acre lots and a few sprawling over 5 acres, the whole place covered a big piece of land.

Dillon stopped his Toyota pickup, rolling down the window at the guard shack where he saw Tony, a rotund security guard he'd known for a couple years now, step out to greet him. Dillon had been working for the same pool cleaning service since he was sixteen, always coming with an older coworker until his eighteenth birthday where he was now allowed to work solo. It was a fun job and he actually made decent money at it during the summer. But now that he graduated and didn't have any plans for college just yet, he wanted to put some money away for when he did want to continue his education. Being that it was well into the fall, his 'smaller' clients didn't need him coming by as regular but here at 'The Oaks', these rich people always had a need for his services.

"Hey DJ...You're here bright and early," Tony said, resting a thick forearm on his driver's door.

"Got lots of pools today, Tony. Looks like everybody here is having some kinda party on Halloween and wanted everything looking sharp," Dillon replied, flashing him a casual smile, "The curse of living in So. Cal." Except for a couple clients and a teacher or two, everyone called him 'DJ' rather than Dillon especially if they knew him for a while.

"Well you better get to it, buddy," Tony said as he reached for the button that opens the decorative wrought iron barrier, "There's just over a week until Halloween."

"Yes I know...No rest for the wicked," he laughed, proceeding through the open gate.

DJ had a sly smile as he drove along the shaded streets, recalling each house he had to visit that day and the possibility of seeing some of the residents who often displayed themselves poolside as he worked. He found it humorous that if they saw him someplace other than here, they'd hardly give him a smile or even a glance. But in the privacy of their backyards, things were definitely different beyond the wall. The Oaks was filled with bored trophy wives, neglected MILFs and spoiled offspring looking for attention. DJ loved to watch them parade around in skimpy bathing suits or even half naked trying to get a reaction, which they usually did. He never had any physical encounters with his clients because, 'it wouldn't be good for business,' according to his boss. The other reason was that Dillon was shy.

It was hard for most people to believe such a handsome young man could be so shy but DJ was just that. His slim athletic build, on his six foot frame, had been refined over many years on the swim team at school. He has an infectious smile and sandy blonde hair cropped close, also from his swimming career. Once he got to know someone, he was funny and charming but getting to know people was hard for him. He wasn't outgoing, so most girls he liked would pass him by thinking he was aloof or even arrogant, which wasn't true.

Pulling into the long stamped concrete drive of his first stop, the Taylor's, DJ wondered if Mrs. Taylor, a fifty-two year old cougar would be up this early. He collected his gear and proceeded to the backyard to begin his day.


DJ saved the best for last. His final stop was at Ms. Michaels' house. Mansion was a better description. The residence must have been over ten thousand square feet by his estimate and spread out across a 2 acre parcel was the lavish grounds. It also had the most amazing pool as far as DJ was concerned. The scalloped edges of the pool looked like flag stone surrounding a small lake that had a grotto at the far end. A huge hot tub was on top of an artificial peak with its water flowing out to create a waterfall over the entrance of the cave. The shrubs and trees around the pool gave it a real forested look. There was one of the monster oaks the neighborhood was named for at the back corner of the property, spreading its huge limbs over a large portion of the remaining yard.

It was well known Amanda Michaels lived alone. Although according to Tony, she had 'frequent guests' that stayed the night. The thirty-eight year old financial executive also threw epic parties for people other than the residents. DJ assumed that she was going to have a blowout Halloween party after seeing the decorations that were up all around the property and having him come and do his thing on her pool. He noticed her red Corvette in the driveway but hadn't seen Amanda yet. She usually was out sun bathing when he showed up on weekends but it was a weekday afternoon so she may have just gotten home from work. He was disappointed he didn't find her out on one of the chaise lounges but he held out hope she would make an appearance. With a sigh, he set about the task of taking care of her pool.

Lucky for him, many of these modern pools were controlled electronically. The owner could do most anything they wanted with a smart phone or tablet. DJ ran a diagnostic check with his work tablet since all his clients have to give him access so he knows what's going on with the mechanisms. The only thing that looked like it needed his attention was one of the filters feeding the hot tub. He decided to do the cleaning of the pool itself and handle the filter last.

Given the size of the pool, it took nearly forty minutes to clean out leaves and other debris from the various skimmers and the surface of the water. There had been a loose grate in the hot tub that was hanging by a single screw that he re-attached as well. DJ had just finished checking one of the lights in the grotto that appeared to have a corroded bezel when Amanda walked out of the back sliding glass door. She still had on her work attire but that wasn't disappointing at all to DJ.

He loved how she looked in one of her little bikinis. She was tall, about 5'-9" with legs that didn't quit which seemed to make her swim suits look much smaller. Her body was toned but not overly muscular with a narrow waist and proportionally flared hips. Her ass was high and tight and her breasts appeared to be a modest D cup if he had to guess. Her long wavy blonde hair fell past her shoulders when it was down but today it was pulled back in a tight ponytail. The reason DJ didn't mind seeing Amanda fully dressed that day was because of a fetish he had for nylons and pantyhose. She was wearing sheer smoke grey nylons with a pencil skirt and jacket that looked very expensive. His eyes focused on her silky legs and the towering stiletto heels she had on.

DJ watched as she advanced toward the grotto where he was kneeling then stopped to sit down at one of the tables bordering the poolside. She was on her cell phone and carrying a lap top which she opened as she talked. The splashing of the waterfall didn't allow him to hear what she was saying but she seemed agitated. He walked out the rear entrance of the grotto to check the filter and determine if it needed replacing. He wanted to get another look at Amanda but he pulled the filter first. It was badly clogged with what looked like the bottoms of a bathing suit. It was too big to be one of Amanda's but it may belong to one of her 'friends'. The filter wasn't damaged so he put it back in place then decided to show what he found to his client.

As he approached her, she was still talking on the phone with her back to him. DJ took a good long look at her crossed legs as she bounced her foot mindlessly. She turned to face her lap top and saw him coming.

"Listen Pam, you tell the caterer that they have to be here by 2 pm on the 29th to get set up and be out of here by six when the guest are supposed to arrive," she said then gave DJ a wave, "I've got trusted servers for the evening so they don't need to send any. Thanks...gotta go." She ended the call and turned to face DJ. "Hello Dillon...what have you got there?"

He wasn't sure why but every time she talked to him, he felt as if she was sizing him up for a meal. Her hazel eyes had this unique sparkle as she looked him over. He'd seen lust in the eyes of many of the women he came in contact with doing his job but she was different. It seemed almost predatory but he liked it.

"It looks like one of your guests lost a piece of their swimwear," he said holding up the item, "This was in the primary filter for the hot tub. One of the grates had come off so I fixed it. I think that's how this got in."

She took the garment and inspected it then asked, "How do you know it's not one of mine?"

"That's way too big to fit you like I've seen..." he stopped as she cocked an eye brow. Fearing he may have said the wrong thing, DJ rephrased his words, "I's really not your style."

"Oh? What is my style?" she asked, pivoting in the swivel chair and crossing her arms under her breasts, "Have you been paying that much attention to what I wear around the pool when you're here?"

"Well's just...I've seen you when I'm working but..." his cheeks were burning as he fumble for the right thing to say, "I don't think that'd look good on your tight...I mean, it'd be loose on you." He was having trouble meeting her gaze, partly from embarrassment and partly from being distracted by her legs.

"I see...Well are you finished here today?" she asked once he was able to look her in the eye, "Did anything need replacing?" Amanda uncrossed her legs to sit forward and when she did his eyes went to her legs briefly.

"No...The bikini bottoms didn't damage the filter or anything," he swallowed looking at her face once more, "but one of the lights in the grotto has a bad bezel. It's looking badly corroded. It should be replaced."

"Okay...replace it."

"I'll have to see if we have any at the shop. If not I can order one for you."

"How long will it take if you have to order it?" she asked with noticeable concern in her voice.

"A couple days...a week tops."

"Shit, that's cutting it mighty close. Can it wait until after my party on Saturday?"

"It could be an electrical hazard but if I shut the lights off to the grotto, someone is bound to take a fall."

Amanda's phone began to ring.

"Well then I've definitely gotta replace it. Let me know as soon as possible when you can do it."

"Will do," DJ answered and went to collect his gear.


Back at the shop, DJ wasn't able to find a replacement bezel. He placed a call to one of their suppliers and found the part but it wouldn't get to them until late Thursday. He called Amanda but only got her voice mail. He left a message and his number to see what she wanted him to do then called the supplier back and ordered the part just in case.

His phone rang as he came to a stop in his parent's driveway. DJ looked at his phone but didn't recognize the number. "Hello," he said, stepping out of his truck.

"Hi Dillon, its Amanda Michaels."

"Hello Ms. Michaels. Did you get my message?"

"Yes I did. You didn't say when you could fix that light."

"I've got a full schedule Friday. I could stop by after I'm done but it might be late," he replied, hoping that wouldn't be a problem.

"How late is late?" she asked.

"I should be there sometime after 5:00 barring any problems at my other stops."

"That'd be great," Amanda sounding relieved, "I'll see you then. Bye!"

DJ walked into the house and up to his room. He saw a note on the door in his mother's writing that read.


Julie stopped by to drop off your costume and remind you about Friday and said don't be late.



He'd forgotten he was supposed to meet his girlfriend Friday evening to go out with friends to a costume party. It was going to be a casual gathering at one of their houses but she wanted him to pick her up at 6:00 pm that night. That would be cutting it awful close assuming everything went perfect at work on Friday. He snatched the note from the door and entered his room.

There was a bag on the bed with what he expected to be a wolf costume for the party. He was going to be the 'Big Bad Wolf' and Julie was going to be Red Riding Hood. What he found was a flesh tone 'morph suit', a blonde wig, a pair of gold spandex shorts and gold boots.

"What the hell is this?" he wondered aloud. DJ pulled out his phone and called Julie.

"Hey babe," Julie said as she answered, "I dropped off your costume this afternoon."

"So I see. What happened to the wolf costume?"

"Oh I had a change of plans. Becca and John are going as 'The Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood'. She showed me her costume and it was much more reveling than mine."

"So?" DJ exclaimed, "What difference does that make?"

"I'm not going to a party dressed the same as one of my friends who is going to be showing off more skin than I am. I don't need the competition."

"Are you serious?" his annoyance very noticeable, "What the hell is this costume I've got supposed to be?"

"You're gonna be Rocky from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I just thought the morph suit would add some mystery," she said as her voice dropped low and sexy, "And some sexiness too. I've even made some modifications to it. I'm going as a sexy Magenta."

"What kind of modifications?" DJ was already uneasy about this costume but what had Julie done? He heard a beep.

"Ooh, Mandy is calling...I gotta go. See ya Friday," and she was gone.

"Wait!...Shit!" he shouted in frustration knowing she'd be on the phone for a long time with Mandy. He hadn't told her about his last minute repair job but figured he'd just get an earlier start and get done a bit earlier. At least that's what he hoped.

DJ sat on his bed and pulled out the skin tight morph suit to give it a closer inspection. The first thing he noticed was an opening for his mouth. 'At least I can eat and drink without taking this thing off my head,' he thought. As he held the garment up, he saw the other 'modification'. Julie had cut an opening at the crotch big enough for his cock and balls to hang out. She had also sewn a flesh colored, elongated spandex sack to cover his genitalia. It had small strips of Velcro to secure it in place. He was shocked. Knowing Julie, it was done for easy access once they were alone. He couldn't believe that she wanted him to wear this in public, let alone around their friends. 'Had she finally gone crazy?' he wondered.

His relationship with Julie went back a long way. They'd grown up together; gone to the same grade school, middle school and high school. They didn't date until their senior year and DJ lost his virginity to her as his 18th birthday present from Julie. She was a few months older than DJ and had dated one other guy prior to him. Once she broke up with that guy, she and DJ got together. From what he'd heard from others, the guy just used her for sex.

Julie liked to act very outrageous after that. Some would even say slutty but DJ knew that was just for show. When it came to sex with Julie she was anything but slutty. In fact she was more prudish than anything else. DJ just accepted the fact and didn't knock it since he was at least getting sex from her. But he felt there was more out there. He stuffed the costume back in the bag, shaking his head and went to take a shower and jerk off to the thought of being with Amanda Michaels.


Friday was turning out to be hell. DJ had started extra early that day but it didn't make any difference. Everything seemed to be fighting him. He had finished the last of his scheduled appointments and raced over to Ms. Michaels place. It was 5:30 when he got there and immediately went to work on the damaged light. He had to make several trips to his truck and do some creative modifications at one of the poolside tables before he was able to get the bezel to fit properly.

Amanda had been watching DJ from her kitchen window, admiring the young man's efforts and his sexy body. She found him very attractive and had many a fantasy about taking him to bed. Even now she was getting aroused. To take her mind off her naughty thoughts, Amanda poured a tall glass of iced tea and took it out to DJ. As she passed the table he'd been working at, his phone began to vibrate. She looked toward the grotto but didn't see DJ. Not knowing how important this call might be, she decided to answer it for him.

"Hello, this..." she began before being cut off.

"WHO IS THIS?" an angry female voice shouted, "WHERE'S DJ?"

"Well he's here with me working..."

"WHAT THE FUCK! I should've known," the call ended.

Amanda looked at the phone in shock and a bit of concern. She hoped she hadn't made Dillon's life more complicated. She turned to the grotto once more and saw Dillon approaching. He was sweaty and he looked tired as he carried a bucket with tools and an empty box toward her. He saw her holding his phone and the concerned look on her face.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, setting down the bucket.

"Ugh...I hope not," she replied handing his phone to him, "It was ringing...and I answered it thinking it might be important...I'm sorry."

DJ saw nearly a dozen missed calls all from the same number; Julie's number. He hit dial and turned, walking away from Amanda. The phone rang four times before Julie picked up. Even from a few yards away, Amanda could hear the same female voice begin shouting at Dillon.


"I'm finishing a job," DJ replied trying to keep his voice low in hopes Julie would do the same.


"Hey! Stop yelling. She's a client. She answered..."


"Julie, calm down. I'm not..." he tried to explain.


DJ tried to keep his cool but he kicked the bucket of tools, sending the contents flying everywhere, including the pool. "Shit!" he exclaimed then saw Amanda looking at him. "I'm sorry about that," he started, setting his phone down and picking up the scattered tools, "I didn't mean for this..."

"It's okay. Can I help you?" she asked, squatting to pick up a roll of tape at her feet.

"No...I've got this," he replied as he knelt and refilled the bucket.

"Alright then...What do I owe you Dillon?"

He fished an invoice from the cardboard box and handed it to her. She looked at the paper briefly then back to the despondent youth.

She nodded then said, "I'll be right back."

He watched her turn and head back to the house. She was again in a work outfit. His eyes focused on her firm calves incased in sheer nude nylon. Even though he was upset about the situation between him and Julie, his cock was rapidly coming to attention as she walked away. When Amanda was out of sight, DJ stood and looked into the pool at the hand full of tools on the bottom. He sighed as he stripped off his shirt and shoes then dove in to the cool shimmering water.

Amanda returned to see Dillon climbing out of her pool with a wrench and three screw drives that had taken the plunge. She was struck as to how sexy his body was and how horny it was making her seeing the water running off it. His swim trunks clung to him, showing the distinct outline of his cock. It appeared to be fully erect and that made Amanda even hotter. He dropped the tools in the bucket and sat down to put his shoes back on.

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