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A long forgotten Beverly Hills 90210 episode was recently discovered in the private belongings of a former Hollywood producer who had recently passed away. Other than telling the story of the 90210 characters' experiences at a weekend health resort it also tells the story of how censorship at times took its toll on the old Fox show. After the episode was filmed it was extensively cut after orders by the FCC due to it's X-rated contents. Below is a depiction of the original uncensored shoot. For purposes of brevity only the storyline involving the characters Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh is detailed below.

Episode 3x18 Midlife...Now What?

Scene 1

Walking through the school halls Kelly, Brenda, and Donna were talking about the health spa they were planning to visit during the upcoming weekend. Donna was telling them that due to her mother turning ill she couldn't accompany them as planned.

"Donna, I can't believe you're passing up a whole weekend to be pampered to death," Brenda said.

"Yeah, I'm gonna get massages every morning and every night. I haven't gotten laid in like forever. I really wanna meet a guy there," Kelly added.

"Me too," Brenda quickly agreed.

"I know, but it's a mother/daughter thing and I just feel like a fifth wheel," Donna offered apologetically.

"Donna, are you sure your mom's really sick?," Kelly asked suspiciously.

"Kel, she is not faking it! I mean, do you honestly think my mom would bail out on something that is non-refundable and pre-paid? No," Donna answered, knowing well how stingy her mother was.

"Can't you go with somebody else?" Brenda then suggested.

"Like who?" Donna asked.

Cut to the office of the school newspaper where the girls were asking Andrea to go with them instead of Donna's mother.

Andrea was reluctant to go. "You guys, I'm just not into those kinds of places."

"Andrea, how do you know? You've never been to a health spa before," Brenda reasoned.

"Yeah, and the Montecito Spa is supposed to be the best in California," Kelly added.

"And it's totally geared toward women. The guys there are supposed to be way hot. I heard that they only hire guys who are well endowed, so that they can service the guests the best way possible," Brenda said.

"And it's totally free," Donna added.

"And it's totally luxurious," Kelly said, continuing the barrage of reasons why Andrea should join them.

"And we'll all be together, it'll be a blast," Donna tried.

Andrea still wasn't impressed. "I don't know, getting massages and beauty tips makes me a little nervous. And I'm a virgin, so I'm not really sure I could take a guy who's... what did you say, Brenda? "Well endowed.""

"Somehow I've never had that problem," Kelly offered gamely. "And come on, you owe us, Andrea. Remember when you couldn't come to me and Brenda's joint 18 year birthday party because you had to stay late and write that story you though was so important? We really missed you there."

Brenda continued their persuasive efforts: "Don't think of it in terms of vanity, think of it more as nurturing and relaxation."

"And just think, the whirl pool will definitely be good for your legs. And if you don't want a big dick I'm sure the guys would be just as happy to eat your pussy instead," Donna advised.

"That's true," Andrea begrudgingly confessed.

Eyeing a crack in Andrea's resistance Kelly pressed. "Come on, Andrea. Admit it. Aren't you just a tiny bit curious?"

Worn down by the girls' persistence Andrea admitted, "Maybe just a little. I mean, it is free and I could write a story about it in the erotica section of the blaze... Okay," Andrea finally conceded.

With even numbers the girls were set for an exciting weekend at the spa.

Scene 2:

The weekend. Kelly, Brenda, and Donna were sitting in the lobby of the spa having just arrived.

"This place is so peaceful," Brenda said blissfully.

"I can feel myself melting into this couch," Kelly agreed, relaxing with her eyes closed.

"They'll have to carry us out on a stretcher by the time this weekend's over," Donna added.

"All depending on what size guys we find here," Brenda said. Donna and Kelly grinned friskily.

Excited, Andrea rushed up to the group.

"You guys, did you see all the exotic massages they have here? They have Jin Shin Do, Watsu, and reflexology. What's Jin Shin Do? I guess they'll explain it later. Listen to this, they got low impact aerobics, water aerobics... aw, and yoga! I always wanted to take yoga. When... It's in two hours! That totally conflicts with their guided tours, what am I supposed to do?"

"Andrea!" Brenda tried to interrupt her.

Andrea continued, "Maybe they'll let me take a late class if I skip breakfast. What do you think?"

"Andrea!" Donna tried instead.

"Maybe they have an early bird class I can take before six a.m." Andrea continued still.

"Andrea!!" Kelly tried louder.

"Huh?" Andrea finally caught on.

"Relax," Kelly calmly instructed. Andrea realized how hyper she was being and responded with a smile that she understood she had to mellow out a bit.

Kelly's mother Jackie and Brenda's mother Cindy were talking nearby.

"Well, we're all set. Now all I have to do is lose the ten pounds I put on since Erin was born," Jackie said.

"Yeah well, it sounds easier than losing 15 years," Cindy responded.

A woman dressed like she worked at the spa walked up to Jackie and Cindy. "Jackie?" She said.

"Babette? Hi! You look fantastic!" Jackie responded enthusiastically.

"You too, thank you," Babette said.

Jackie introduced her to the group. "Babette Lewis, this is Cindy Walsh."

"Hi, nice to meet you," Cindy said.

"Babette, this is her daughter Brenda," Jackie continued.

"No doubt. Hi", Babette said

"And this is Andrea.


"And Donna.


"And you remember Kelly.

"Of course. Hi."

Kelly waved back unenthusiastically, clearly not happy to see Babette.

"It's been a long time," Babette again addressed Jackie.

"Yeah, it has. Are you here for the weekend?"

"Every weekend. I work here. For the last two years."

"You're kidding!"

"No. So if you need anything, or want anything, feel free to give me a holler. What room are you staying in?"

"Uh, 8-32," Cindy answered.

"Oh, you guys have a great view from up there."

"Ah, great," Jackie said.

Babette started to leave. "Listen I gotta go, but I'll give you a call."

"Okay," Jackie said.

"Bye bye," Babette said as she left.

Jackie addressed the girls. "Okay, guys. Let's go."

They all left for their rooms. Kelly and Brenda walked seperate from the others to talk alone.

"You know this place is Nirvana to begin with. And with your mom's friend working here we will definitely be given the royal treatment," Brenda said.

"Believe me, any treatment Babette can give you, you don't want," Kelly said.

"What do you mean?"

"Babette used to be my mom's coke connection," Kelly said dejected.

Scene 3:

Sitting in a big tub Kelly, Brenda, Donna, and Andrea were taking a mud bath.

"Urh, this is really weird," Donna exclaimed, looking down at the mud they were all sitting in.

"I can't believe I'm taking a bath in mud," Kelly said flatly.

Brenda felt around with her hands. "It is so gooey, it feels like there's hay in there or something."

Donna, trying to keep up their spirits, said, "It's not hay, it's herbs."

"What kind of herbs?" Kelly asked.

"The kind horses like to eat. Ha!" Andrea interrupted before Donna could answer.

"It's supposed to draw the toxins out of your skin and restore its natural supple tone," Donna reassured.

Brenda was not encouraged. "Well, I can't move in this goop."

Andrea agreed. "I don't know. Rolling around in the slop just doesn't seem kosher."

"Shhh, let's all be quiet and relax." Donna said before she leaned back and closed her eyes, tired of their complaining.

Just then, a young, good looking man walked by. He wore khakis and a white T-shirt making it apparent he was an employee at the resort. He was carrying a stack of towels to one of the lockers. Kelly saw him first.

"Uh, look at him!" she praised.

Donna turned her head to look at him too.

"Cute butt," she said with a grin.

Brenda, her eyes now on him too, couldn't help but speak her mind.

"Looks like he's got a nice bulk down there. I wouldn't mind seeing what he's hiding."

Donna was quick to take her up on her words, "You probably could if you wanted to."

"You think?" Brenda said.

Their eyes all followed him as he walked through the room, put the towels in the locker, and headed back out.

"Sure. I bet he'll think you're hot if he sees you. But I think you'd better hurry if you wanna catch him."

"That sounds like a dare, Brenda," Kelly challenged. "Are you gonna stand by your words or are you just all talk?" she said, having a bit of fun with her.

"Yeah, that's right, Bren," Donna said. "I dare you to go find out how big his thing is," her feigned seriousness trying to cover her playful tone.

Contemplating Donna's dare, Brenda's pensive expression turned into a mischievous smile as she decided to take her up on her challenge.

"You're on. But he's gone now. I'll have to catch him later when we've showered. It's probably better anyway. I doubt it'll hurt my chances if I'm not covered in mud when I meet him," she said, making the girls laugh in agreement.

Scene 4:

Having finished their mud bath the girls were coming out of the shower.

"Urh, that was invigorating..." Brenda said sarcastically, having found the experience unusual to say the least.

"I'm freezing!" Andrea said, shivering.

"Well, the cold water closes your pores up," Donna said.

"Well then, my pores are freezing."

Jeannie, who worked at the spa, came up to them. "Okay, everybody all set?" she said, letting them know it was time for their massage.

Donna nodded to her.

"Lasan will take the two of you," pointing to Donna and Andrea, who left alongside Lasan, another spa worker. "And you two are with me," she said pointing at Kelly and Brenda. "And don't worry," she said, leaning in to Kelly, speaking in a low voice as if confiding something in her, "We're gonna do a lot of work on your... problem areas."

Jeannie turned and walked away leaving Kelly to contemplate her suggestive words.

She was taken aback by her blunt comment.

"Problem areas?," she said to herself trying to let it sink in, wondering what she had meant.

Scene 5:

Kelly and Brenda were getting a massage.

"So, where are you girls from?" Jeannie asked.

"Beverly Hills," Kelly responded, lying face down on the massage bed.

"Ah. You girls go to college?"

"High School."

"High School? They didn't make'em like you when I was in high school. Thank God. 'Course I'm not sure it would have made any difference, I wasn't very popular anyway. Eh, it's just as well. Men! Who needs'em, you know what I mean? My friend Mandy, she was going with this married man for almost three months. A rich guy from Beverly Hills. He was crazy in love with her. Bought her gifts, sent her flowers, till her best friend Sheila got her claws in him. Can you imagine that? I mean, two best friends fighting over the same guy. What a crazy thing to do, huh?"

Kelly and Brenda exchanged a look, full well knowing Jeannie could just as well have been talking about them and their fighting over Dylan.

Scene 6:

Kelly and Brenda were changing in the locker room after the massage.

"My legs feel like they're made out of rubber. Are you as vegged out as I am?" Brenda asked.

"Yeah, I'm a radish," Kelly said.

"Uh, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Brenda asked.

"Yeah, if you thinking of my thunder-thighs... Kelly answered sarcastically, still vexed that Jeannie the spa worker had suggested she had problem areas.

"Kelly, that masseuse was an airhead. Although, what she said about her two best friends fighting over the same guy, that kind of got to me."

"Yeah, I wish Jeannie hadn't said anything either. But one thing I can say for her, she may have a big mouth, but she's got great hands," Kelly said with a grin.

"Well, let's go see how the others are doing," Brenda suggested.

"Brenda, wait. Uhm...Do you think I have problem areas?"

"Pfff," Brenda shrugged her off.

"No, I'm serious," Kelly insisted.

"Kelly, no! You're crazy," Brenda said and headed for the exit.

Kelly stayed behind and looked at herself in the large wall mirror. Feeling insecure about her body she turned her side and scrutinized her thighs and butt and wasn't pleased with what she saw, her discontentment showing in a frown. A male spa worker walked by and saw Kelly's critical look at herself. The tight black leotard she was wearing accentuated every contour of her body. A black scrunchie held her long blonde hair in a ponytail. She looked incredibly sexy to him and he couldn't stand such a beautiful girl looking at herself so unhappily.

"Why does a beautiful girl like you look so blue, miss? You look wonderful. I hope you don't think otherwise."

A little surprised by the spa worker addressing her, Kelly turned her eyes to him.

"Oh...Hi. Oh well, it's just...I don't know," she said, returning her gaze to herself in the mirror. "I guess I'm just thinking I might need a little work."

The man stepped behind her and joined her in looking at her in the mirror.

"Miss, you don't look like you need any work to me," he said hoping she would appreciate his compliment. Kelly looked up at him in the mirror, this time inspecting him a little closer. He was tall, fit, and very attractive, making her instinctively raise her eyebrows.

"Thank you," she said, encouraged by his praise, her feminine blue eyes holding his gaze. "You don't think I have big thighs?"

A jolt of bravery struck him and he placed his hands around her hips.

"You look perfect to me," he answered. Kelly kept looking up at him in the mirror, saying nothing. Emboldened by her silent consent he slid his hands down to her front thighs. Gently holding them he let his thumbs slide to the inside of her legs. He leaned in close to her until his nose touched the back of her head. Taking in her feminine scent, her blonde hair tickled him warmly, his crotch gently pressing against her lower back.

Feeling comforted by his kind words Kelly didn't mind his hands.

"Mmm..." she sighed softly, instinctively closing her eyes, enjoying his light touch against her neck. "That feels good."

He pushed his lips against her skin and kissed her neck carefully almost as if she was fragile and could break if he was too aggressive. He moved his hands up along her small frame to her shoulders, his fingers gently pressing into her soft skin through the thin fabric.

"You are so warm," he whispered affectionately in her ear, pressing himself against her, wanting to feel her as much as possible.

His quickly escalating lust inspiring his instincts to take over he bent his knees and grinded his hardening erection against her behind, seeking some much needed friction.

He nudged one of the straps of the leotard down exposing her naked shoulder. He dick was now rock hard. She grabbed his hand to stop him.

"No, wait. I can't. What if someone comes?"

"Don't worry. We're alone in here and no one is gonna come," he said, trying to reassure her. His raging lust and hard-on aching to come out of his pants made him incapable of caring if what he said was actually true or not. His only thought was that he desperately wanted to undress her and enter her. He was more than willing to risk getting caught to make that happen. Leaning into her he breathed against her shoulder, looking at her in the mirror, his eyes showing how much he craved her. "Trust me. We're all alone," his voice whispered in her ear, pining to sway her. It seemed like an eternity before she let go of his hand and allowed him to remove the strap and bear her shoulder completely.

"I trust you," she turned her head back at him to say. With her back to him she couldn't turn her head all the way, but he eagerly met her halfway and pushed his lips against hers. Passionately, they took turns taking bites out of each other with their lips. Kelly grinded her ass against his hard cock that was still confined to his pants. Her tongue longingly playing with his, he nudged the other strap to the side, exposing to other shoulder too. He pulled the tight leotard down her body to her hips, freeing her beautiful topless breasts. The delicate light nipples stood proud with excitement and he cupped her mounds and ran his fingers over them, feeling the contrast between the soft tits in his hands and the hard nipples against his fingertips.

She reached behind her and ran her fingers over his pants in search of his zipper. Finding it she pulled it down and inserted her hand. Finding his cock she slid her fingers around it and squeezed tightly, wanting to feel him, but wanting more to see his reaction to her touch on his manhood. His face grimaced ecstatically as his built up tensions were given their first release by her soft, yet firm hand giving his hard-on the first much needed tug.

"Ooh, fuck yeah! Oh my god," he moaned into her mouth, their passionate kiss continuing unabated while she stroked his shaft as well as she could from her awkward angle.

"You like that, honey?" Kelly purred, taking her lips off his for a second to speak, only to thrust her tongue into his mouth again without waiting for his response. He could only moan his agreement into her hot mouth. His hands left her tits and moved to the waistband of his pants and pushed them down. Locked in their fervent kiss, their eyes closed, Kelly followed suit and pulled his boxers down, permitting his rock hard cock to spring free. Breaking their kiss to watch him in the mirror she moved her hand to his balls and gently caressed them with her fingertips, teasing him with her restraint, when what he desperately wanted was for her to jerk his cock. Her small hand on his ball sack didn't promise him that, so he, incapable of delaying his gratification any longer, went down on his knees behind her and pulled her leotard down past her hips and onto the floor. As she stepped out of her clothing, now only dressed in a pair of small white panties, he ran his tongue over the small of her back, all the while groping and caressing her firm butt.

Almost feeling like he would lose his mind with lust he got to his feet with only one thing on his mind. He put one hand on her ass and one on her shoulder and gently, but firmly, pushed her up against the mirror.

"Uuhm, yes. You want me like that?" Kelly asked, her eyes closed, her cheek pressed against the glass.

He didn't answer her and just pulled her panties down her thighs and grabbed her hips with both hands. He pulled her ass back, allowing for a better angle, and shuffled his feet in place behind her. She smiled blithely and spread her legs, allowing him in. His swaying erection brushed over her ass cheeks while he settled himself. Kelly moaned, feeling its size on her skin, anticipating what was to come.

His long hard cock standing straight up he angled it down and slid it in between her soft ass cheeks and with a slight thrust with his hips settled the cockhead at her beautiful pussylips marking the entrance to her hot pussy.

"Ready when you are, miss," he teasingly said with a grin, happy that it was finally all up to him to decide when he could get his release. That he was now in control.

"Do it, honey, do it," she sighed back at him without opening her eyes.

Bending his knees to find his angle he pushed forward, the thick head pushing her lips open. He pressed into her hot pussy, slowly for just a moment until he felt her give way and take him in. Feeling her muscles hug every inch of his shaft as he slipped into her, snug and tight enough to slow his penetration, but not enough to resist it, he held tightly around her ass with both hands, controlling her movements completely. He entered her almost all the way, her pussy holding onto him and squeezing him tightly before he started to pull out again. She clenched him tighly almost as if trying to prevent him from pulling out, both of them giving synchronous moans as he emerged from her wet pussy, his shaft already glistening with proof of her lust.

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