tagSci-Fi & FantasyBH Ch. 04: The Goblin Lair

BH Ch. 04: The Goblin Lair


Shajstra, bounty hunter of the Southern Ravishome Guild, cautiously peered out from her concealed position and got the first glimpse of her target.

The abandoned keep was still several miles away nestled in a small valley and protected by a natural fast flowing river. It was no doubt the location of her quarry. She had easily tracked the Goblins to this location, their sour stench and footprints were everywhere.

Must be a small raiding party to have come so far south from their mountainous home in the Varkil Mountains. Goblins rarely travelled in large units as they were too disorganised and skittish but raiding parties could have close to a hundred warriors. Shajstra would have to approach this mission stealthily and with a great deal of care.

There were no signs of movement around the keep, no sentries had been posted on the ground but the high towers were cloaked in darkness. Goblins were notoriously sloppy when it came to patrolling - especially when they had entertainment to draw their attention. They did have far better night vision then Shajstra's own human eyes though so one false move and the entire raid party would be alerted.

Satisfied that the route to the keep was clear, she drew back into her makeshift camp, a small enclosed outcropping of rock which shielded her from view of the keep. She still dared not start a campfire for fear of alerting the Goblins to her presence but she needed light to prepare.

She withdrew a small clear stone from a pocket and gently brought it to her lips and uttered a soft word in Elvish, 'Elila'.

The small stone immediately pulsed and grew warm in her hand, a soft white light emanating from the center to cast a faint pale light upon the rocks around her. Shajstra wasted no time in digging through her pack for the piece of parchment she sought.

She hastily unrolled it and read the bounty posting one last time which had been handed to her from the Guildmaster back in Ravishome.

We seek your help!

Our beloved daughter has gone missing. We don't know how or by whom but she was last seen near the forest on the city outskirts. She is a brown haired girl of medium height and 20 winters old.

Reward is 200 gold crowns.

Please bring her back safely!

There was no signature or seal on the parchment, there never was. Only the Guildmaster and some of the higher ranking officials knew the details of the bounty requests. The hunters, like Shajstra, just got handed the details.

The Guild preferred it that way, claimed it reduced their hunter's conscience when carrying out jobs. The reward was quite modest by Guild standards, Shajstra suspected they were a poor working family but then second guessing her client wasn't her job. Once she returned to the Guild with news of a Goblin raiding party, the Guildmaster would up the price for sure. If they couldn't pay then the girl would be held as collateral until they could.

One hostage situation to another...

Satisfied that a female of twenty would not be hard to find in an abandoned keep, Shajstra tucked the parchment away. She pocketed the light stone which softly hummed and winked out before fastening her travel cloak and pulling the hood up over her face. It was time to pay the Goblins a visit to see what they had done with the missing girl.

Shajstra hugged the tree line as she made her way down the path to the old keep. The signs that the Goblins had come this way became more and more evident as she saw crushed vegetation and stinking piles of excrement everywhere.

These creatures were no better than rats and they stank just as bad sometimes. Shajstra ducked further into the trees as she approached the keep, she still couldn't afford to be spotted until she had infiltrated the ruins. The goblins would likely kill the girl in their panic and then flee and she would be one hostage short of a reward.

As she made her way silently through the forest she picked up on sounds from the keep, only vague but it sounded like the manic chattering of Goblins. She could also discern some faint lights from several high locations. The light was static, a guard carrying a burning torch would be moving. Most of the light sources were located on the the opposite side to where she was approaching from.

So far so good.

As the trees began to thin, Shajstra ducked behind a large gorse bush and surveyed the keep. It was no more than a hundred paces away now but a wide river flowed between her and the crumbling stone walls. It was not a fast flowing rover but it looked deep enough that she would need to swim.

The river surface rippled like black ink as she watched the keep for any sign of movement. Once she was satisfied she dropped her pack and unfastened the clasp to her cloak. She would have to cross here as the river meandered away into the distance for some way and she had no time to find a crossing.

She reached around her back and unfastened the buckle of her metal bustier which dropped to the ground, releasing her breasts and stiffening her nipples against the chilly night air. Then came the armour on her lower body and finally her boots until she stood before the river completely naked and bathed in moonlight.

She stooped down, feeling the moisture on the ground seep between her toes, and retrieved an oilskin from her pack. She deftly layed it out and placed her armour and sword in them before expertly rolling it and and tieing it with string. She had learned long ago that water and amrour did not mix. An old Guild member once taught her that...he had drowned before her eyes when his armour had snagged on a rock.

Shajstra pushed her pack into the bush so it could not be seen and then readied herself. She had never been used to freezing water and diving in could attract unnecessary attention. So she carefully stepped into the dark waters until she was ankle deep, the frigid liquid clamping her skin.

She bent and drew some water onto her hands, rubbing it over her body to try and brace herself for the cold shock. She took a deep breath and waded in, oilskin clutched to her chest. She closed her eyes as the water engulfed her thighs and tickled her belly, completely swallowing her breasts in it's murky grasp.

Her feet soon lost touch with the muddy riverbed and kicked with her legs, using her free arm stroke quietly through the water. Her supple figure glided across the river, the current was noticeable but not strong enough to cause her trouble. She focused on the opposite river bank which was low and sloped up to the walls of the keep.

It was tempting to hurl the oilskin up onto the bank as she drew close but she didn't want to create any unessary noise. Instead, she ignored her tiring muscles until her feet touched squelchy mud an she scrambled up the bank and onto an area of prickly grass and rocks.

Shajstra leaned up against the keep wall to catch her breath for a while, staying completely still and watching for any signs of trouble.


She wrung out her wet hair and sluiced the excess water from her body as best she could before unfolding the oil skin. Her armour and sword were perfectly dry and she made short work of dressing and re-arming herself.

Now she needed to find a way into the keep to begin her search properly and it wasn't long before she found an open invitation. A rusted and twisted grate, almost perished, was set into the bottom of the keep wall to act as a primitive sewar system. There was enough space for her to squat down and edge through it into the darkness beyond.

A thin film of water trickled past her feet and the rank stench of Goblin assaulted her senses. The tunnel was far too low for her to walk upright so she had to stoop and shuffle along the passage. She stepped on several squishy things which she didn't care to think about until the tunnel widened and she came to a crossroads illuminated by weak wall sconces.

The fire in them burned low so they must have been active for some time. If she followed the trail then it would likely lead her to the lower levels. There were three ways she could proceed but there was a distinct chattering coming from the western passageway.

Shajstra climbed a small ledge and silently made her way further into the keep. The walls and floor were a mixture of stone and dirt which were big enough for her stand at times but mostly she was forced to crawl in order to progress.

The Goblin cacophony was certainly gaining in pitch and volume and Shajstra thought she heard another voice in the midst. Was that a human voice she could hear? The noise proved to be a reliable beacon as she followed the sounds and eventually crawled towards a semi circular set of iron bars at the bottom of a wall.

She flattened herself against the floor and peered through the bars. There was a room beyond resembling some kind of dungeon. Cobwebs clung against old tables and equipment but it was not abandoned. There was a head also in view with brown hair. She had found the hostage, the only trouble was there was no way to get to her.

The poor girl had her back to Shajstra's position and was laying on the grimy floor, most likely unconscious or sleeping. She was naked and stick thin, her skin had a glimmer to it like it was covered in a slick oily substance. Then Shajstra realised the oily substance was pooling around her body in small puddles.

Goblin semen.

They had been using her as a sex slave to entertain themselves. There was no telling how much abuse she had suffered these past few days if that was the case. She was unlikely to be in a fit state to walk out of here without a lot of help.

The girl was breathing, that much Shajstra could tell but she dared not call out to her in case the Goblins were still close by. Their chattering had faded so they must be moving off into another part of the keep. The entrance to the dungeon could not be far, it was only the other side of the wall.

Shajstra continued her crawl where the tunnels split to the left and right, She looked left to see another lit passageway which stretched off into the distance. The entrance to the chamber must be to the right but there was an issue. A whole section of the keep had collapsed and was blocking the way,

The only way around looked to be a small opening in the opposite way which looked as if something had cracked through from the other side. It was not a particularly big gap and Shajstra did not know if she would fit through.

It must be close to the dungeon though, if she got through, there may be another route into the area where the girl was being kept. The hole in the wall was dark and she could barely see beyond it. She felt around on the other side and touched solid ground relieved she would not be falling to her death.

Shajstra passed her sword through the hole in the wall first to avoid it getting caught then she pushed both arms through as if in a dive and squirmed her head and shoulders after. Typically, her breasts got in the way and she had to squash and flatten them as best she could until they flopped through.

One breast escaped her armour as she pulled them through but this was no time for modesty. Her face dropped as she attempted to drag her lower half through. Her hips weren't going to fit through the gap, she was stuck.

Shajstra attempted to back out but the hole in the wall felt like it was clamping onto her and no amount of wriggling or angle offered her an escape.

Just as she was about to curse, her situation got much worse. A maniacial cackle came from where her lower half was exposed back in the lit tunnel. A Goblin! Maybe only one, Shajstra stayed as motionless as she could hoping the creature would not see her prone form.

Her hope was soon shattered as she heard shrill giggling from the other side of the wall. Only one by the sounds of it but bad enough. She was stuck firm and there was a Goblin behind her. Shajstra expected a killing blow at any moment but what happened next was unexpected.

A pair of hands grabbed her buttocks, squeezing them roughly. She clamped her hands over her mouth to stifle her shouts. If she stayed still long enough, the Goblin may get bored although it was showing no signs of that. It's scaly little hands slapped and jiggled her backside to insane laughter. Her thighs received similar attention as the little monster inspected its latest find.

It began to tug and pull at her armour and clothing, eventually managing to shuck down her bottoms to reveal her rear end. She gasped as she felt something moist dart over her vagina. It withdrew quickly but then tickled her anus which made her body convulse.

Shajstra couldn't help but let out a small moan as the Goblin's tongue snaked out and explored her nether regions even further. It was like a slithering worm on her flesh as it probed and tasted her her. The Goblin cackled something and then buried it's whole face against her.

Shajstra gasped as the tip of it's crooked nose entered her anus and it's tongue forced it's way into her vagina where it slithered and wriggled. Instictively, she tried to pull her body away but her stone prison would not give. She thought about kicking out but the Goblin was too close and it would have to be a well aimed kick to have any kind of impact.

As if sensing her thoughts, the Goblin stood on her calf muscles with it's scaly feet to stop her moving. It continued it's oral ministrations, sometimes lapping at her tender areas coarsely and sometimes burying it's face so far into her rear that Shajstra thought it may be trying to shove it's entire head into her.

The Goblin eventually withdrew much to Shajstra's delight but the worst was still to come. There was a small commotion behind her and then something cold and smooth pressed harshly against her anus. Shajstra's hands shot out and braced themselves against the ground as the foreign object violated her. If she would have been able to see through walls she would have seen the Goblin attempting to insert the butt of a short spear into her backside.

She felt the goblin spit on her for extra lubrication as it twisted and turned the spear handle forcefully until her flesh parted and a decent length sunk into her. Shajstra cried out then, her mission temporarily forgotten as the unforgiving wood stretched her. The Goblin chattered in it's own filthy language as it leaned on the spear to apply extra pressure.

It was excruciatingly painful and Shajstra done all she could to relax her muscles to avoid her flesh tearing. Her fingernails dug into the dirt of the ground and she gripped her sword handle tightly with both hands to prevent her from splitting her nails. She didn't know how much of the spear handle was jamming into her anus but it felt like it would burst through her bowels at any moment.

Just as she thought she would pass out a new sensation gripped her. Something hard and hot pressed against her vaginal opening. She had little time to prepare herself as the Goblin's penis thrust into her.

Shajstra shrieked as the two shafts battered her insides, separated only by the flesh of her perineum. The Goblin was having trouble building up rhythm because of the spear in her anus but it continued to thrust roughly nonetheless. It was surprisingly large in girth for it's size and thankfully hadn't managed to insert the entire length in her. It was enough though, what she had taken so far was forcing her to grit her teeth and grunt in pain already.

The goblin was leaning mor and more heavily on the spear as it attempted to pound into her and a sharp pain was developing in her spine. Shajstra had to do soemthing to escape the situation to avoid the creature damaging her permanently. After a particularly disgusting exchange where the Goblin fingered her labia to try and widen the entry, Shajstra struck the wall trapping her with the hilt of her sword.

She timed it well with the Goblin's thrust as a small crack appeared and the tiniest piece of rubble fell away. The Goblin's vigorous movements were loosening the wall! After another seven or eight, she could feel the gap had widened, not much but enough that she would move her hips.

Now she just had to be patient as she braced her feet and bunched her legs muscles. Shajstra waited as long as she could bear it and as the Goblin withdrew it's filthy penis almost fully for a violent re-entry, she pushed herself forward.

Her backside scraped the coarse wall but it went through cleanly along with her upper thighs. Unfortunately for the Goblin, it's violent copulation met empty air and it pitche forward straight into the sharpened spear point which still protruded from Shajstra's rear end.

The tip pierced through the Goblin's eye and slid into it's tiny brain, killing it instantly. The lifeless form pushed even more weight onto the wedged spear. Shajstra cried out and quickly scrambled forward to alleviate the pressure. Fortunately, the spear slid from the Goblin skull and she was able to reach around and start to remove the wooden handle from her insides.

She had no idea something could be jammed so deep inside a human body. Shajstra gripped the spear with one hand and gently twisted and pulled until the haft began to inch out of her flesh. With a grimace, she gave a final tug and the weapon clattered to the floor. She collapsed on her side, breathing heavily as she felt between her legs for any damage.

The light was dim but her fingers looked clean of blood although her back passage was spasming badly and her vagina felt sore and bruised. She could not afford to wallow in self pity though, it was likely the girl she had seen in the dungeon had been subjected to far worse than her own ordeal.

Shajstra adjusted her clothing quickly, pushing her exposed breast back into her bustier and redressing her lower half as well. As an afterthought, she reached back through the hole and dragged the dead Goblin through to her side. The tunnels were still well lit and she didn't want another of this one's comrades to stumble upon it.

As she pulled the Goblin through and tucked it into the corner, a high pitched squel emitted from the tunnels. Shajstra looked through the wall and saw some shadows playing eccentrically against the wall.

Damn! More Goblins!

She backed away instinctively for a few steps before remembering she was walking into unknown darkness. One foot wobbled when it met thin air and she twisted to try and regain her balance. She failed and found herself tumbling over and then there was a sensation of sliding.

Sliding because she seemed to be travelling uncontrollably down a steep slope. She kept a grip of her sword and tried to stop her descent with arms, legs and anything that might slow her down. It seemed to last forever but was only moments as she was harshly ejected into a room feet first.

She saw light first but then it was consumed by a jumble of old clothes, barrels and a rotten pile of straw as her body rolled into the junk. Shajstra tried to roll with the fall, releasing her sword to avoid slicing herself with the honed blade. She came to rest against a stack of demolished crates and she rolled onto her back with her legs splayed out. She raised her head and found a dozen or more Goblins staring at her over an old wooden table.

A few flagons were resting on the tabletop and the glint of coins was clear to see. Shajstra had interrupted the Goblins who had clearly been placing bets on something. Probably not a red headed human tumbling clumsily into the room that was for sure. There was deathly silence in the room until one Goblin pointed at her and issued a shrill command.

Shajstra was on her feet in a moment as a wave of green skinned bodies rushed over the table towards her. The first launched from the tabletop towards her, scrawny arms extended. Her fist met it's long pointed nose and squashed it flat against the Goblin's face. It's eyes bugged at the pain and the back of it's head cracked against the floor as it dropped like a stone.

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