tagHumor & SatireBig Bad and the Three

Big Bad and the Three

bySean Renaud©

There is a story around these parts about three sisters who got the name of the three little pigs. They weren't called pigs because they were fat; these girls were anything but fat. They were young, trim, athletic and nubile. Everything every man wants in a woman and more than most deserve. These girls were called the three little pigs because they had no shame not a single shred. Between the three of them they had slept with close to half the population of the little town. The other half was female and rumor has it they had gotten through a considerably portion of them too!

There was one chap that they hadn't let get a piece of that porcine pie though. Nobody really knows what his real name was, we all just called him Big Bad on account of how he used to chase that little girl in the hood all the way to her Grandmas house. He was just like those pigs, always on the look out. Why I heard that when Little Red hit her eighteenth that old bastard had her and her grandma at the same time. He'd been through his half of the local population too but he didn't swing that way so all the men folk were safe from his charms.

It's hard for guys like to understand why he wasn't happy with what he'd already got. I mean I'm happy with the love of my wife Francine, she's a good woman. Big Bad though he wasn't content, and those pigs, they were always teasing him. They'd flash him when they drove by his house. I could sit here for days and tell you all of the things those girls did to him but I'm only going to tell you about the last time and before I get to that part I need to tell you a little more about them pigs.

You see like a lot of really pretty and pretty easy girls (and them pigs were both) you see a lot of girls who ain't bright enough to screw in a light bulb. Not really their fault, all they gotta do is bat an eye lid and the light bulb'll jump right out of the socket and a new one'll take it's place just so it can shine down on a beauty like that. It was really the worse in the youngest one, twenty one years young when the story took place. See she grew up knowing she was too danged pretty and knowing how to use it from her sisters. Being the only redhead in town didn't hurt. I long since forgot what her name was so I'ma call her Red.

The middle sister, a brunette I'm gonna call Belle didn't have it quite as good. Don't get the wrong idea. That girl could still convince an Eskimo he needed to stock up on ice and if she crawled into bed with him he'd be thankful that she warned him before melting his home. She just wasn't quite a spoiled to the core as her sister.

The eldest, Goldie, with blonde hair obviously was the least spoiled of the three. She actually made it a point to be an independent woman. She could put gas in her car without help and even bought her car with money she'd earned from a job that didn't involve no kinds of pole. Not a dancing pole like Belle and not a sittin' pole if you follow my meaning like her sister Red. Goldie was a long way from what most would consider independent but compared to her sisters she was downright fierce.

I'm sorry I've been sitting her runnin' off at the jib when you want me to get the point. So I'm gonna get to the point and that is that them girls loved to tease Big Bad everyway that they could and one day they decided to take it a little too far. They went up to his house stripped down to their birthday suits knocked on the door and ran away so all he got to see was their perfect little butts bouncing as they ran home. Some folks used to say that Big Bad took one sniff of their clothes and knew exactly where to find them girls. I know better though, them dumb broads didn't take their wallets out of their pants when they stripped.

Big Bad decided right then that enough was enough and he was tired of these shenanigans. He was gonna teach those pigs a lesson and pork em at the same time. Can't say as I blame the guy, if those three had been bothering me I mighta done the same thing.

Red's house was the closest so she was the one that he visited first. He came right up to her front door and politely knocked. He called to her. "Come out, come out little pig." Red was spoiled, but she wasn't stupid, well not that stupid. She didn't open the door. Instead she called back to him. "I won't let you in, not by the hair . . . well actually I shave so just no you can't come in! Just to keep you out I'm gonna lock my door right now!"

If that stupid sow hadn't said anything Big Bad might not have known that her door was unlocked. Since she told him het let himself in. Red was still just as naked as she'd been when she ran from his house. The only thing she had on were a pair of pink running shoes. "We can do this one of two ways." Big Bad told her. "You can be a good little pig and let me pork you or you can struggle and squeal and I'll do anyway!" He would really rather the second, the predator in him liked to hold something down as it struggled.

Red didn't disappoint him either. She was already nude she could have stayed still but instead she tried to run. Big Bad was on her in an instant. He took her by the hair, twisted her onto her hands and knees. After a bit of playing with her tits though he made a mistake and she ran, naked, to her sister Belle's house.

Big Bad frowned. It was enough that these girls had teased him for years but now one of them was going to leave him with blue balls too?! That shit just wasn't fair but since hew knew where she was going he didn't follow her. He just walked over to Belle's house.

He was hoping to get lucky so he didn't announce his presence this time. Instead he just tried the door. It had worked on the first pig and maybe this one was just as stupid. Sadly for him she wasn't. The door was locked tight and when he jiggled the door he heard a voice call out. "I'm not like my sister who's just a common tart. I'm older, wiser and dare I say smart? you won't get in here through an unlocked front door."

If he hadn't been listening so closely to her words he might have missed the clue she gave. It was true she was smarter than her sister but not by much. A smart woman wouldn't have told him that the backdoor was unlocked which she certainly implied and when Big Bad ran around to check he found it open.

For the second time in one night he had the helpless pigs and he gave them a choice. All he wanted was a little tail from the two and then he would go away and leave them alone but if they insisted he would take what he wanted. Pigs never make things easy.

Big Bad found is surprisingly easy to hold the two beauties down though stacking them with Red on top of her sister. Even if their mouths were saying no their bodies certainly weren't. Both of those pigs were as wet as slop and Big Bad slid right in pumping a few times in each sister before switching over. They only put up a tiny struggle when he decided he wanted to turn them onto their backs and so he could play with their tits.

It was just as Big Bad was about to come that it happened. Belle kicked him in the chest with her sneakers. It wasn't hard enough to hurt him but it through him off balance and off they shot. It's amazing how fast piggies can run when they are denying a wolf. All slicked with sweat even if Big Bad had caught them he couldn'ta held em.

Course the girls ran the only place left to go. Goldie's house. I don't know what those girls talked about when they got there all I know is that I've been to Goldie's house and it's like a small fortress. She's got bars on the windows and doors and they all lock automatically when she closes the door. When Big Bad got there he felt his heart sink because there was no way he was getting in. He tried the front door, then the backdoor.

"You can't come in Big Bad!" Goldie shouted when she saw him prowling around her home. The girls couldn't really flash him any more since they were nude but they three made quite a show of dancing in front of the windows showing off their big o' titties and working the wolf into quite a frenzy.

"Let me in little pigs. Or I'll"

"You'll huff and puff? Go on, have fun. What you really want is for us to blow you and that'll never happen!" Belle called. Then she turned around and pressed her ass against the glass.

It took a while but Big Bad got a clue and that clue grew quickly into a thought and the thought into an idea. He was a mighty clever fellow you know. "Fine I'll just wait in your car; sooner or later you'll have to come out." He couldn't get to the car of course, it was locked in the garage but just like he expected the pigs didn't remember that. It only took Goldie peeking her snout out of the doorway for a second for him to get his foot in the door.

This time Big Bad didn't give them choices, he was going to take what he wanted. This time there was no struggle at all though. Not against him anyway. Whatever it was the pigs had been playing at was over and they were only struggling to see who was first. He'd never had three girls trying to suck his dick and lick his balls but it was definitely something he could have gotten used to. He also didn't mind the dirty little pigs lining up on all fours and letting him take them one after the other. It was without a doubt the best sex that he'd ever had in his life and Big Bad was no stranger to good sex.

I can't tell you how long they kept going on like that. I know that Blondie had to go turn her alarm clock off and ended up being skipped over during the reverse cowgirl portion of the night, a fact she still complains about. When he was finally exhausted and felt that the girls had learned their lesson he left.

I know what you're thinking and that is how can the story end with the Big Bad winning like that? He got everything he wanted and without consequence. Well that's what he thought at first. He was proud of how he'd put those little pigs in their place but for a life long bachelor sometimes it takes a while for things to catch up to you. In his case it took exactly nine months before Red introduced him to his son Butch. Belle brought his son Brent and Blondie brought him twin girls Ariel and Alexis. More than that they brought lawyers to make claims for child support.

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