tagIncest/TabooBig Brother Has Little Package Ch. 3

Big Brother Has Little Package Ch. 3

byTiny Tom©

I woke up with one hell of a hang over. After a long shower I was felling a little refreshed, and a little hungry. On my way to the kitchen I overheard fucking sounds coming from the living room. Could that slut little sister of mine really be fucking some guy right in our living room in the middle of the day? I wouldn't put it past the whore. I peaked my head in and saw my sister and her friend Christin sitting on the couch watching one of my pornos. Without thinking I barged in the room furious.

"You've got some fucking nerve sneaking in my room and taking that."

"Sorry bro, you can take it back if want to watch it and jerk off your little dick." Christin giggled at my sister's comment as I stood there in total shock.

"That's right big brother we know all about that sad little thing you've got hiding in your pants. It's not even fair for me to call you big brother, there's serenely nothing big about you."

Was this really happening? Was she just fucking with me or did Christin and my little bitch sister really know about my under sized penis. My sister finding out about my less then average penis was always one of my greatest fears. I knew nothing would make her happier then to be able to humiliate me and tell all of her friends about how small her big bother's penis is.

"You didn't tell anyone else, did you?"

"Tell anyone, why shod I when I could just show them the pictures of you and your pathetic prick."

"You have pictures of it?"

"Yup, and with just a click of the mouse everyone we know could have them too. How would you ever be able to look your drinking buddies in there faces, when they all know about your little pinkie dick. I've sucked and or fucked every one of your friends, and even the smallest was at least twice the size of that tiny stub you've got. And I know every girl that gets the pictures will have such a good laugh at your pitiful penis that they'll send the pictures out to all there friends so they can have a good laugh too, and so on until there won't be anyone who will be able to look at you and keep a strait face."

"Please don't sis, I'll do anything you guys want."

"Oh we know you will. You can start by taking off all of your clothes."

They sat there with big smiles as I undressed. As I removed my underwear they started laughing.

"Oh my god it's even smaller"

I was so embarrassed and nervous my member had shriveled even smaller then usual.

"Your right Christin, boy brother you sure are pathetic. If your little pinkie dick gets any smaller, your going to be my sister."

Christin and my sister started laughing. I stood there totally humiliated as the girls laughed at my small dick until Christin finally said...

"Come over and have a seat, what was it you called his tiny thing, oh yeah a pinkie dick. That's a cut nickname for you. Come over and have a seat pinkie dick."

Christin patted on the cushion in-between her and my sister as they started laughing again. I hesitated until my sister said in her bitchy voice...

"Hurry up pinkie dick, you don't want to make us mad."

I walked over to the couch with my head down in shame and sat in-between the two young girls still laughing. I couldn't bare to look at either of the girls and I didn't want look down at the object of my embarrassment, so I looked up at the porno playing on the TV.

"Where's your manners pinkie dick, here you are siting next to two beautiful girls and all you can do is watch that whore suck that guy's big dick on the TV. I don't even know how you keep it hard when you watch these movies and jerk off. I mean if I where you watching the girls in the movies screaming and moaning from getting filled by those thick long cocks. Then I looked down at the little thing I was stroking in-between my fingers and knew I would never be able to satisfy a girl with it, I'd probable start to cry. What about you Christin?"

"I'd cry an ocean."

They both busted out laughing.

"Since we know your never gonna be able to please us with that little scrimp dick, let's see what you can do with your tong. Get up and get on your knees."

I did as i was told.

"I know you've been waiting, why don't you go first Christin."

Christin stood up with a big smile, undid her shorts and dropped them to the floor. She had on white panties with little teddy bears all over.

"I'll let you do the honors pinkie dick."

I slid my fingers in her waistband and carefully pulled them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, sat back down and spread her legs giving me a perfect view of her beautiful hairless pussy.

"Look Christin, he likes your pussy, it's making his little dick get hard. I bet that's the first real pussy you've ever seen, isn't it?"

I nodded and they both started laughing hysterically.

"How pathetic being your age and still a virgin. Well, this may take a while so you better get to licking. You better show him where to lick Christin, or the little dick virgin my stick his tong in your bellybutton."

After a good laugh Christin reached down and spread her lips apart and told me...

"Right here pinkie dick, and see that there, that's my clit, it's the most sensitive part of my pussy."

"Yeah p diddy, it's just like the head of your tiny prick."

Feeling even more humiliated, but still hard from knowing I was finally gonna have my first taste, I plunged my head into her already wet pussy. It tasted even better then I thought it would. I went at it as best as I could. I pretended her lips where like the ones on her mouth and I was french kissing them, and used her clit in place of her tong. I had at least a little experience at frenching, that was as fare as I would let it go with any of my old girlfriends. Before I knew it my face was covered in Christin's juices.

"Well, Christin, is he worth a lick?"

"Ooooh it feels soooo good, keep at it pinkie dick, I'm almost there, ooh, oh fuck yeah, oooh."

I pulled my face from Christin's dripping hot box, feeling pretty good about what I had just accomplished, which didn't last long.

"Well, now we now your not completely useless even if that little cocktail weenie in-between your legs is. I wouldn't let that be a boost to your self-esteem though, you can ask any girl, it's nice when a guy eats your pussy, but it's no way a substitute to getting a good fuck from a guy with a big hard cock. With that said why don't you crawl over here on your hands and knees because it's my turn to see want you can do with your mouth."

My humiliation reached an even higher level as I crawled naked to my younger sister on my hands and knees. My sister stood up and dropped her mini shorts, the slut wasn't even wearing panties.

"I can see your little pee pee is still hard, I guess you don't have a problem eating yours sisters pussy. Do you?!

I knew I couldn't say no, and to tell the truth her also hairless pussy looked even more delicious then Christin's. I nodded my head.

"Well, that's good to know you sad excuse for a man, but your not going to eat my pussy today. Today your going to lick my ass. "

My sister turned around, bent over and grabbed an armrest of the couch sticking her ass out. I hesitated for a moment. I knew my sister was at least a very clean person, and whenever I had been close to her she always did smell nice, but knowing the bitch she is she probable just took a big shit and hardly cleaned her self.

"What are you waiting for, you know I don't like to repeat my self."

Once again I had no choice, I spread her cheeks and was surprised to see her ass was well cleaned, and even smelt rather good. I stuck my tong out and began running it up and down the crack of her ass.

"Oow not bad brother, your a natural asslicker. None of my other boyfriends would ever lower them self's as much to lick my ass, but then again it was always enough just to have them put there big dicks in me. Now stick your tong right in my asshole."

As I penetrated her brown hole with my tong, she let out a little whimper. I stuck my tong in as far as I could and swirled around in a circle. She began to rub her pussy with her fingers and let out soft little moans.

"Just imagine how pathetic you look... on your knees with your tiny little dick....Ooow had as a rock.... and your face buried in your little sisters ass. OH, fuck my ass with your tong, Yeah, stick it in and out, that's it....Fuuuck."

I removed my face from my sister's ass and looked over at Christin, who had already put back on her panties and shorts. She had her hand in her shorts and looked like she had just finger fucked herself to another orgasm. My sister pulled up her shorts and sat back down.

"Not to bad brother, I'd take a big hard dick to a little dick virgin's tong in my ass any day, but not to bad. To show you where not total evil bitchs, we're going to let you have a reward for a job not to badly done."

"Is one of you going to give me a blow job, or let me fuck you?"

"Hell no, but we will allow you to jerk off your sad little dick in front of two beautiful young ladies."

I stood up and grabbed hold of my small penis.

Not so fast there small wonder. Christin would you mind cupping your hands together so inch worm has some where to shoot his load."

With a smile on her face Christin cupped her hands together and held them out in front of her.

"You better get every drop in there"

With my hard little penis still in hand, I moved in front of Christin's waiting hands. Looking down at Christin sitting there with a big smile and her hands just inches from my inches, I knew I wouldn't last long. Sure enough, after only three little jerks I erupted into Christin's hands. I may have a small dick, but after getting as worked up as I was, I came like Peter North. I let go of my already shrinking penis. With my little head drained, all I was left with was my shame of today's events, but it wasn't over yet.

"What shod I do with all this hot cum in my hands?"

"I think we shod make my pathetic brother eat it up."

"I think that's a great idea. Get back on your knees pinkie dick, and lick up the mess you made in my hands."

Without an ounce of pride left I sank back to my knees. I lowered my head to Christin's hands and began lapping up my sperm.

"What a fucking sissy."

After completely cleaning Christin's hands, I looked up at Christin's still smiling face.

"That's my little pinkie dick."

"Oh shit you better go cover up that little thing of yours, I just heard Mom and Dad come in the front door."

I grabbed my clothes from the floor and ran to my room with my flaccid little penis wiggling in the breeze, which Caused the girls to roar with laughter. Boy, life was never going to be the same.

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