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We had my friend Jake staying with us for a few days. He was an old high school pal of mine that I had not seen in a few years. He was in town trying to clean up old business. He was selling his old house and needed to come in to sign papers and such. I told him that it was silly for him to stay in a motel when we had enough room.

We sat around most of the day re-telling stories about our old high schools days and all the trouble we use to get in. I kept calling him Big Jake as I asked to him to tell me and Kim this story or that story. As we knocked down more beers the stories started getting dirtier and dirtier.

The three of us moved to the kitchen table and started to play some card game called UNO. I kept asking Big Jake to tell most of the stories because he was so good at it. Kim would laugh as he told a story and ask him all kinds of questions about what happened after and if we ever got caught and so on. He would look at me from time to time to see how far I wanted him to go with the stories but I kept assuring him that it was alright to tell Kim the whole story.

Kim finally asked why I kept calling him Big Jake. We both laughed and told her that she really did not want to know. She kept insisting so I told her that it was because Big Jake could tell the biggest tale. She said that could not be the reason that a person would get such a nickname but that Jake was not overly tall or fat so she did not know why we would call him that. I finally told her that it was because he was rather large in the privates area. Kim seemed very interested in this and started asking all kinds of questions. I told her that not only was Big Jake rather long but his dick was the thickest one I had ever seen. I told her that his balls were unusually large too and that was why we all called him Big Jake. She asked how big he could possibly be to get this kind of attention from other guys. Big Jake told her that he was almost 12" long. Kim said that she thought we were pulling her leg as the only dicks that she had seen that long were ones on the internet and she thought that those photo's were fixed.

We both laughed and told her that indeed, dicks were that long. I then told her that none that I had seen was as thick as Big Jake's though. Kim then asked that if Jake had such a big dick then how come he had the reputation of being a ladies man. Big Jake told her that the first few girls that seen his tool were scared until they found out how gentle and good he was in bed. The word started to spread about how good he was and before long he was receiving lots of attention. Kim asked him if it would hurt the girls when he put it in and if they could handle one that big. Big Jake told her that if he took it slow and allowed them time to adjust most could not get enough.

Kim started to laugh again and said that we must be pulling her leg. She knew that it could not be that big and we were just trying to see how gullible she was. Big Jake took that as a challenge and asked her if she would like him to prove it. Kim just looked at me in disbelief not knowing what to say. I told her that she got herself into this and she could not back down now. With that Big Jake stood up and let his pants and underwear fall to the floor. He stood there in all his glory with his cock dangling down his leg. Kim looked at it and gasped. She said "It is pretty big but there is no way that it is 12" long". Big Jake said that it was because he was so soft. Kim again said "There is no way that it is 12" long even if it gets hard". Big Jake reached down and started rubbing up and down on it to start making it grow. With Kim and me both watching him to see what would happen Jake was having a hard time concentrating. Big Jake got it to stand straight out but could not make it grow completely hard.

Kim started to laugh and said "I told you that it would not grow to 12" long". Big Jake said that he was a little embarassed because we were watching him but if he had a little help it would get hard. Kim asked him what he meant. Big Jake said "If you would be willing to touch it and help it get hard I could prove to you that it would get that big". Again, Kim looked at me not knowing what to say. I said that she owed it to him to prove his claim. Kim looked back at Big Jake and said ok. Big Jake walked over to Kim's side of the table while taking off his shirt on the way. By the time that he walked up to Kim he was stark naked with his dick sticking straight out. With Kim sitting down and Big Jake walking up to her he about stuck his cock right in her mouth. Kim moved her head and told him to step back a little so that she could touch it. Jake stepped back enough so that the head was no more than an inch away from her face. Kim looked it over and said "It sure is big when you see it up close like this".

Kim reached up with both hands and put his cock between them. She started by rubbing her hands up and down the length. With the head of his cock pointing right at her it started to grow in her hands. It must have grown another two inches while she was rubbing it. The tip of his cock was just about touching her lips as she put her hand around it to stroke it up and down. Without even thinking she leaned forward and licked the head of his cock that was leaking some pre-cum. This made his cock twitch and it came to full attention. Kim stopped stroking it for a minute to take a look at it's full glory. As it stuck straight up in the air it looked even bigger than I remembered from high school. Kim could not believe that it was so big. She looked up at Big Jake and said "Ok, you win, it is as big as you said it was". "I can't believe that a woman could handle this thing". "It is the most gorgeous cock I have ever seen but it is so big it scares me to death". Jake could do nothing but grunt because his head was still reeling from the feeling of his cock being touched and licked. He was close to blowing his load and now he was just standing there with it sticking straight up.

Big Jake told Kim that she should see how much she could get in her mouth and see if she enjoyed it. He told her that most of the girls seemed to start loving it after they tried it for a few minutes. Kim again looked at me for approval to which I told her that she owed it to herself to see what she would think of having a cock so big. Kim reached out and grabbed Jake's cock and brought it to her mouth. At first she just put the head in her mouth and licked it all over. She ran her hand up and down the length as she sucked on the head. This seemed to bring new life to both of them as Big Jake closed his eyes and let his head fall back as he savored the feeling. Kim was really starting to get into giving him a blow job that he would never forget. She had worked about half into her mouth and was using the wetness from her mouth to use with her hand on the rest of his cock. She then licked the entire length and took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked on it. Her hand was busy running up and down his entire length while she sucked on his balls.

Kim then took the head back into her mouth and put her hands on his ass as she pushed him forward. She was taking as much as she could force into her mouth and letting him slide back out. All this was driving Big Jake ever closer to the final release. He grabbed the back of her head as he looked down and said "I was right wasn't I, you love having this cock in your mouth". "You love knowning that you have this large a cock in your mouth don't you". Kim let out a "Uhn Ha" as she kept up the constant sucking. Jake just said "Well keep sucking and you soon will know the feeling of having this large cock fill your pretty mouth to overflowing". Kim started working her hand up and down a little faster knowing that he was getting close. I could tell that she wanted him to fill her up with his hot juice. That she wanted to feel him shoot his load down her throat. Big Jake opened his eyes and looked down at Kim. "Oh yes, you are driving me crazy. It is going to shoot baby and I want you to swallow it all". "It is ready to shoot out baby just a little longer". Kim worked her hand up and down a little faster wanting to bring him past the point of no return. "Oh baby, here it comes. Go and get it". "It is starting to shoot out of me". "Oh this feels so great". I could see Kim's cheeks expand out as she accepted his seed into her mouth. I watched as she swallowed several times to keep up with the load that he was shooting into her mouth.

As Big Jake pulled his now limp cock out of Kims mouth he said "That was the best honey. "You sure know how to give head". "You were like a woman possessed pumping my cock like that". "Did you want my seed that bad". Kim looked at me and then back at Jake and said "That was the largest load of come that I have ever taken". "Your cum is as large as your cock". "I can see why you were talked about so much now". "Your cock could become quite addicting". "I enjoyed making you cum more than anything".

With that Big Jake picked Kim up off the chair and carried her into the living room and laid her down on the couch. He looked down at her and said "One good turn deserves another". "I think you deserve a reward for doing such a good job". He then reached down and pulled her pants and panties down and off her legs. Kim was now laying there with nothing but her sweater on. Big Jake reached up under her sweater and started feeling her size C tits. He then lifted her sweater up so that he could take a nipple into his mouth. Kim let out "Oh that feels so good". "You are going to put that giant cock in me and fuck me aren't you". Big Jake then slide down between her legs and started licking her sweet pussy. Soon he found her clit and starting flicking it with his tongue. Kim started shuddering as she yelled out "Oh god, I am cummmmmmming. Oh this feels so wonderful please don't stop". "I'm cummmmmmmmming I'm cummmmmmming so hard". Big Jake kept licking up her pussy juices as she came over his face. Kim let out "I can't take it any longer. You are going to have to fuck me. Get up here and put that monster in me".

"Ok baby, here it comes. I am going to put this giant pole in you. I will go slow so that you can get used to it. I want you to stay loose so that it will slide in easier and then we will go on a ride that you have never been on before". "I will put the head in first so that you can feel it". As soon as his cock entered her, Kim's whole body shook like a giant cold wind had hit her. I could tell that she was coming like she never had before. Big Jake just let her revel in the orgasm and did not move. When she started to come back down he said "Ok here comes a little more get ready". He pushed forward till about three inches was inside her. Another orgasm racked her body. Kim screamed out "Oh my god you are huge" "I have never felt anything so big or so good in my life". "I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm". "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh yessssss". Big Jake pressed forward until her had about seven inches in her. He then pulled all the way out and slowly pushed forward again until he had the seven inches in her again. Kim was going crazy. She finally wrapped her legs around his ass and screamed "Fuck me with that pole". "Shove it all the way in me and fuck me hard". "I need you to fuck me hard". With that Big Jake pushed forward until he had his dick buried in her. He started pulling out and slamming it back in with all his might. Kim was meeting him stroke for stroke as she used her legs to push his ass in to take him further into her. Her hips were bucking up to meet his strokes as she was taking his length and seemed to be asking for more.

Kim started screaming out "This is the best fuck I have ever had". "I can't get enough of this". "Fuck me harder, Fuck me longer". "I need you to fuck me". "I'm cummmmmmmmmming". "Oh my I am cummmmmmming so hard for you". "Fuck me baby, Fuck me". Big Jake was pounding into her with all his might. I thought that the way that he was shoving it to her that it would pop out her mouth at any time.

Big Jake finally said "I am ready to shoot baby, do you want me to pull out". Kim shot back "Not on your life". "I want to feel you cum in me". "I want to feel your cum". "Please oh Please cum in me, cum with me". I could not believe my ears, as I knew that Kim was not protected. She was going to take his seed deep in her pussy and risk becoming pregnant. Big Jake then said "Here it comes, I am going to fill your hot pussy with my hot cum". "We are going to cum together and make a baby with our love juices". Kim then screamed out "Oh yesssss". "We are going to cum together". "I am going to make that monster cum in me and mix with my love juices". "Oh shoot that love juice in me cuz here I cummmmmmmmmm". "Oh please cum in me". "I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming, I'm cummmmmmmmmmming for you". With that Big Jake buried his cock to the hilt and shot his load. I could see it bubbling out the sides of her cunt as he shot load after load into her. They laid there holding each other for another five minutes before Jake finally pulled his cock out of Kim. Kim kissed him hard on the lips and said "Thank you". "I never knew that raw fucking could be so good". "That monster is the best I have ever had". Kim then got up and walked over to me. She said "Did you enjoy the show half as much as I did putting it on for you". "I love you so much for letting me enjoy his cock". "I never knew that a cock could be that big let alone know that I would enjoy fucking it so much". "Did you know that this was going to happen". I told her that I thought it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen and yes, we had planned on getting her to fuck Big Jake the minute we got together. Kim said "I need to make love now so I need us to go to bed". "Good night Jake". With that we walked to the bedroom and we made love the rest of the night. I let Kim sleep in the next morning as Big Jake and I rehashed the events of the previous evening. He thanked me and I thanked him.

When Kim did wake up and come down for some coffee you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Kim seemed very shy but you could tell that she was very excited. Big Jake stood up and gave Kim a big hug and told her how much he liked last night. He asked her if it was good for her too or if he was too rough. Kim said "You know that I loved every minute of our fucking". "Your cock felt so good in me that I could not stop cumming". "Seeing you two together is kind of weird though". "I have never fucked two guys at the same time before and to see you both at the same time is scary". I told her that we just wanted to treat her to something special and hoped that she would like it as much as we did. Kim said "It was the most erotic thing I have ever done and fucking Big Jake while you were watching was a great turn on".

Big Jake had to leave to take care of his business while Kim and I had some shopping and other chores to do. We got back around dinner time with some Chinese in hand. We all sat down and had dinner together. Not much was said as everyone was a little nervous about what was going to happen after dinner. Big Jake was the first to finish and he got up and went into the living room. Kim and I cleaned up the kitchen. Kim yelled out to ask Big Jake if he would like a beer. Jake said that he would love one. Kim got a beer out of the fridge and walked into the living room to bring it to him. I stayed in the kitchen so not to add any tension to the room. I stayed in the kitchen for about 10 minutes and when Kim did not come back in I figured I would check on them.

When I walked in Kim was on her knees in front of Big Jake with his cock half way down her throat. Jake looked up at me and smiled. I watched while Kim again brought him to climax and swallowed every last drop. She looked up at me and said "It is his last night here and we probably will not see him again for a few years". "I cannot let him leave without trying his big cock one more time". With that she stood up and her clothes were off within seconds. They sat on the couch and made out for the next 15 minutes. Both naked and swapping tongues with their hands all over each other. Big Jake laid Kim down and started licking her pussy again. Kim let out a "Your tongue feels like it is on fire". "It is hitting all the right spots". "That's it, that feels sooooooooooooo good". Big Jake continued to lick her slit and then open up her folds so that he could suck on her clit. When he did this Kim about bounced off the couch. "Oh my god that feels fantastic". "You really have me going". "Oh yes lick right there, suck my clit". "I am going to cum for you, keep licking". "Oh here it cums, yess, yessssssss". "Oh I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming". With that Big Jake slid up her body until he was poised just right above her. He slowly started to insert his big, hard cock into her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh push that monster in me". "You are sooooooooooooo good". "Please fuck me now and make me cum". With that Big Jake started slowly pulling out and plunging back in all the way. Kim again started rocking her head back and forth as she was racked with another massive orgasm. "Oh he is taking me to new heights". "I love having his giant cock fucking me, plunging into my tight cunt and stretching me". "Stretching me to my fullest". "Cum in me now as I am about to cummmmmmm again". "Shoot your load into me and fill me with your hot load". As Big Jake started to cum I thought that it would never stop. He kept pushing forward as load after load filled her. "Yessssssssss, keep shooting that load into me". "I love the feeling of your cum entering my body". "Fill me up with your love juice as I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming for you". They lay there holding each other while the feeling of their lovemaking subsided. Big Jake had not pulled out yet and I could see that he was starting to pump her again. He was pulling out real slow and pushing in just as slow. They slowly fucked each other for another 20 minutes until they both climaxed yet again. I could not believe how much cum Big Jake carried.

Kim gave Big Jake a big kiss when he was ready to leave. She told him that it was the greatest time of her life having his big cock. She told him that she would miss it terribly but her memories would feed her fantasies for years. Kim and I made love over and over again for the next few months. We seemed like we could not get enough of each other. Our sex life had never been better and our love only grew stronger. We now wait for Big Jake's return.

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