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I get a kick out of cruising on my bike. Almost every weekend I'm riding the roads all around town. I usually ride alone, but at the end of my ride, I stop at a bar on the edge of town and have a brew or two before heading home. The place has its' regulars, but it's not a biker bar by any means. I shot a few games of pool with a couple of the customers, but one guy approached me about my bike. It turned out he wanted a ride on my bike

The next weekend I brought one of my old helmets with me. All the regulars were there when I stopped for a brew. The guy who wanted a ride was there. I ignored him until he approached me and started a conversation. He introduced himself. His name was Carl. We talked about my bike a little bit. He said that he'd always wanted a bike, but his wife thought that was stupid for a guy his age. He'd just go out and wreck it someplace and break his neck and then where would she be, but up the creek without a husband and an income.

I told him I'd make him a deal, if he bought me a brew when we got back, I'd give him a ride on my bike. Carl offered to by me a steak dinner for a ride. I told him that brew would be fine. When we got outside, I handed him the old helmet. He had a wide grin when he put it on. I wear leathers when I ride, so I let him wear my jacket. I thought Carl would pee his pants when I handed him the jacket.

We tooled around some back roads for about half an hour before returning to the bar. While we were riding Carl hugged me pretty close. I didn't think too much about that. My bike doesn't have a sissy bar or anything like that so I figured Carl had to hang on some way. Later, on a couple of the rides, Carl dropped a hand down onto my thigh. He always moved it quickly and, again, I didn't think much about it. I figured he was just shifting his position a little on the seat.

The rides got a little longer each weekend. In addition to the old helmet, I had an old set of leathers. I brought them for Carl to wear. I thought he was going to burst the first time he put everything on. I noticed he had bought a pair of boots to ride in. They were pretty fancy with a chain and all. On one ride we stopped to take a break. We walked a ways into the woods and took a piss. All that beer, you know.

When we were walking back to the bike, Carl made a comment about the bike being a chick magnet and, because the bike made it easy to pick up women, I probably had more hot pussy than I could handle. I grinned at him and asked him if he'd ever seen me come into the bar with a biker chick on my arm. I had a girl friend or three, but that's about it.

I brought my digital camera along on a couple of rides and took some pictures of Carl, in full leathers, standing alongside the bike and astraddle it. He was thrilled when I e-mailed them to him. On one ride I pulled off the road and rode up to an old barn that I had found. Cark never asked to drive the bike, so I figured I'd help him pretend.

He wanted to know why we were stopping and I told him I just wanted to look around as I'd seen this old place from the road a couple of times. When we finished looking around, Carl asked me if I had brought my camera. If I had, would I take a couple more pics of him? I told him sure. He took off the leather jacket and vest and his shirt. I had to say, it looked like he worked out and he looked pretty good.

He put the vest back on but left it unbuttoned and then pulled a biker's cap out of his clothing. He struck a hairy chested biker's pose and I shot several pics of him. We went back to the bar after he got dressed in full leathers again.

Some of Carl's talk began to drift towards fantasies, mostly sexual in nature. They all involved a bike and a person, whom I figured was a female, being tied to the bike in various positions and, as Carl put it, being used and abused by a stud biker. I almost fell off the bike and wrecked us when Carl told me he saw himself as the abused person.

I thought about Carl's fantasy all week. I finally decided to help him fulfill it. I didn't know how far he wanted to go, but I packed some clamp clothespins, soft rope and some bandannas, to use as blindfolds and gags, into the saddlebags on the bike. This was in addition to the usual thin flashlight, tools, rags, grease, and oil that I carry with me.

When I got to the bar, Carl was already there. He never wore the old leathers inside the bar. We had a couple of brews before heading out on the bike. A ways out from the bar, we stopped so Carl could put on his leathers. We rode right to the old barn. I told Carl to open the barn door so I could drive the bike inside.. Once inside, I parked the bike in the middle of the space and closed the door.

He asked why we had come to the barn. I told him that I was going to help him make his fantasy happen. Before he could say anything, I told him to undress completely except for his boots. He looked sort of shocked, then he grinned and began to undress. While he was stripping, I got the rope and other stuff out of the saddle bags. I also got out my camera.

When Carl was naked, except for his boots, I told him to put on his biker's cap and the vest. Then I told him to lean against the bike and play with himself for me. He gripped his cock and pumped it into a hard-on. After taking a couple of pictures, he really began to put on a show. handed him a short length of soft cord and told him to tie it around his cock and balls like a cock strap.

When he had done that, I told him to go to the front of the bike and straddle the front wheel. I tied his wrists to the handlebars. After clipping a clothespin on each of his nipples, I got out a pair of clamping pliers. Carl grinned and watched as I adjusted them and clipped them to his nut sack. He winced a little as the pliers pinched his skin. The pliers made a nice ball stretching weight. I took several pictures.

After untying him, I told him to lie on the bike seat with his feet over the handle bars. I found an old broom handle and tied it across the handlebars. I tied his ankles to the ends of the broom handle so his legs were spread wide. I made him put his arms down and I tied his wrists together by passing the rope under the bike frame. I took some pictures of him.

He watched as I stood by his head and undressed. I put my vest and leathers pants back on. My cock and balls were exposed. Carl was laying with his head back on the rear fender. I straddled his head and rubbed my balls across his face. I thought he might object, but he started licking my balls and trying to catch my cock with his mouth. I reached forward and slapped and twisted his hard cock.

When i got tired of doing this, I untied Carl and told him to spread his legs and bend over the bike. I tied his ankles to the front and rear wheels. On the other side of the bike, his wrists were tied to the wheels too. I took some more pictures. I liked the way his weighted balls hung down between his thighs.

All of this activity had given me a hard-on too. I rubbed my cockhead against Carl's lips. He surprised me by opening his mouth and swallowing my cock. I took a couple of pictures. After fucking his face for a short time, I moved around to the other side of the bike.

I got the thin flashlight and grease out of the saddleback. Putting some grease on my finger, I worked it into Carl's ass. He groaned as my finger moved around inside his butt. I greased the body of the flashlight was pushed it up his ass. Just for the hell of it, I turned the light on and then took a couple of pictures of the light shining out of Carl's ass.

I fucked him with the flashlight, then, getting a condom out of my wallet, I sheathed my hard cock, lube it with grease and shoved it up Carl's ass. He jumped when my fat cockhead pushed through his sphincter ring. I don't know if Carl had ever been ass fucked before, but almost right away he started wiggling his ass and flexing his sphincter muscle. I took some pictures of my dick up his ass.

While pumping his ass with my cock, I reached under him and pumped his cock with my hand. I had to unclamp the pliers because they were banging against the side of the bike. Carl was moaning and groaning. he blew his load into my hand and against the bike. I blew my load and filled the condom. After wiping my hand on his ass, I pulled out, then removed and emptied the condom down his ass crack. I took several pictures of Carl's gaping asshole and the cum running around it, down his ass crack and dripping off his balls.

As soon I finished untying him, Carl dropped to his knees in front of me. He started sucking the remaining cum out of my cock. After sucking me dry and cleaning my cock, we got dressed and rode back to the bar.

I didn't go back to the bar for several weeks. When I did go back, there was a large bike parked out front. When I went inside, Carl was at the bar. He was in new full leathers. He told me he had taken riding lessons, got his license and the bought a bike. All to his wife's dismay. I gave him a CD with the pictures of the two of us in the barn.

He wanted to go riding. We left the bar and I followed him to a garage. There were several bikes parked outside. When we went in, a half dozen guys were waiting. They greeted Carl like a buddy. I watched as Carl undressed. He got down on his knees and began unzipping flies. He sucked various cocks as the guys undressed.

When they were all naked, they helped Carl to his feet. He bent over a padded barrel that had been mounted on short legs. One of the guys got a bottle of lotion and pushed the nozzle up Carl's ass. When he was satisfied, he pulled out the nozzle and replaced with his cock.

One of the guys stepped in front of Carl and fed his cock to him. I watched as the guys rotated from Carl's mouth to his asshole. He sucked and they fucked. I was surprised that everyone was bareback. They played with his dick and balls as they fucked his ass.

Carl's ass and face were spotted with cum when they all finished. They dressed and left, one by one. Carl leaned against the barrel and jacked off. Carl grinned at me. He really enjoyed being a cocksucking, ass fucking cum pig for a bunch of guys.

He offered to blow me and let me fuck him, but i declined. He picked up a large canvas bag and handed it to me. It was my old helmet and leathers.

I haven't seen Carl t the bar recently. I guess he's busy.

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by siktici08/12/17

Biker's Fantasy

I found your story very well-written. If it wasn't a personal experience, it certainly sounded that way. Most importantly, I found it very sexually satisfying. Now if you will excuse, I have to cleanmore...

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