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Bikers Use a Wife


Based on the length, and on comments re: category choice, I wish to remove this (and the other "Role Over" chapters) and re-post as a novella, complete with the final (as yet unsubmitted) chapters. This is a true story that happened to my wife and I in 1997.

My wife and I were all set to take a three day weekend of camping. We were all packed up and heading out for the mountains. We knew of a rustic remote cabin that we have been camping at for years. In fact I have been camping at this cabin since I was a young child with my parents.

It was a beautiful day and the weather was suppose to hold all weekend. After the three and a half hour drive, we arrived at the cabin. It looked the same as always. There is no telling how old it is. There is a wrap around porch, one main room on the ground floor with a narrow stair well heading up to a room half the size of the one below. The cabin itself is pretty rickety and infested with field mice. We usually set up a tent near the stream to sleep in, we really only use the cabin to get out of the rain.

We had set up camp and my wife had changed into her two piece bathing suit and started sunning herself. I puttered around attending to the small details to finish setting up the campsite. Four of five hours later the wife and I were sitting around the fire enjoying the piece and quiet of the great outdoors. This is when our weekend took its turn for the worst.

As we sat there I started to hear a rumble of a motor. It sounded far away and it became louder and louder. Soon I realized it wasn't the sound of one motor but many, many motorcycles. In fact I counted 32 as they pulled into the space between us and the cabin. They looked to be a biker gang, all guys no women. As they got off of their bikes the roar of their motors was replaced with the yelling and gearing as they gave each other shit.

A couple of guys came right over towards the light of the fire. Soon there were three fairly large guys standing over my wife and I. They asked us why we were at their cabin. I told them that this cabin didn't belong to them and that we were just there to have a relaxing weekend. I was told that they were setting in for the weekend also. Great I thought, we are going to have to bail from this spot.

Before they walked away they asked me to come and have a drink with them, you know as a goodwill gesture they said. I told my wife I should to keep them happy. So I headed towards the rest of the gang.

As I sat around with these guys on chairs they had produced from I don't know where. I had downed three or four shots. I was getting along just fine with these boys when I heard a squeal come from the direction of my camp. As quick as it took for me to stand up a group of guys came into the light with my wife being held between two of them. Someone said "look what we found". My wife was struggling with all her might and was looking very scared. At that time I felt two strong hands on my shoulders pushing me back into my seat.

Once my wife spotted me she screamed for me to help. At that point, what I assumed to be the leader of these guys stepped up and told her to be quite and that there was nothing that I could do. A few of his guys flashed knifes and guns. The leader continued to spew some shit about cooperation and letting us go and some other shit. What ever he was saying seemed to work on my wife. She quit yelling and fighting so hard.

My wife was wearing a sun dress over her bathing suit and nothing on her feet. I watched as a hand snaked around the guys holding her arms and started to grope her tits. I started and stood and moved towards her. There was a scuffle and it took three or four of them to get me down. Once I was pinned I felt handcuffs clamp on my wrests and my ankles were being tide. With their work done the bikers moved away from me. I looked in the direction of my wife and I could see her illuminated in the fire light. She was still being held and there were hands groping her all over, hands on each tit, and a couple fighting over her crotch and even more feeling her ass. She still had her sun dress on but that didn't last long. I watched as her dress was pulled up to her chin then they lifted her arms, practically lifting her whole body off the ground, to pull it off. There she was being held by a couple of guys with only her two piece bathing suit on. There was a moment or two before the hands started squeezing and pulling at her body again. She was squirming to try and get away from the hands but there wasn't anything she could do.

It didn't take long before one side of her top was pulled down and she had a tit out. Of course I only saw it for a second before more hands covered it with their mauling. Then her top was pulled off and discarded. Her suit bottoms were not much of a barrier as there were many hands reaching inside of her suit. She was squeezing her legs together to try and stop the hands from reaching their mark. I heard a tare and then her suit bottoms were torn from her body. One of the guys holding her arms pushed a boot between her feet forcing her legs apart. Now the hands had reached her pussy.

About that time a couple guys walked up and un-rolled some kind of mat at her feet. As they did this she really started to cry. The guys picked her up off of her feet and laid her down on the matt. There was a biker holding each arm and leg. Then the leader walked up to her kneeled down, and then he slapped her face. She lay still from that moment and he said something to her. She stopped fighting. Slowly the guys released her arms a legs and she wasn't fighting. She just lay there crying as she pulled her legs together and her arms in covering her chest.

The leader stood up and undid his pants. As he lowered his jeans and underwear his cock was already hard and sticking out. He kneeled down at her feet with his pants around his knees. He put a hand on each of her wrests and slowly but with force pulled her arms away from her body. She was still crying pretty hard and he said something to her again and I watched as she slowly opened her legs. With her legs spread apart the leader moved in closer and ran a couple of fingers along her pussy. I could see between his legs as he stuffed one then two fingers into her. I could see she was wet as the moister was reflecting the light of the fire. I could also see when he grabbed his cook and guided it into her hole. She let out a yelp and started crying even harder. He started to fuck her slowly at first giving her a chance to get use to it I guess, and then he started to pick up speed. My wife was grunting through her tears with every thrust he made. He was fucking her at a pretty good pace. I could see her tits flopping as he pistoned in and out of her. She was grunting with a primal noise in between sobs. Her face was turned to the side and I could see she had her eyes clinched shut. This guy had great stamina, he just keep fucking her with an amazing pace. Soon I saw her body relax. She was giving into what was happening to her and just stopped fighting. Also her crying had stopped. I could still see the tears coming from her clinched eyes but she had stopped sobbing. I think she just plain tired out.

The leader started pumping faster. I figured he was getting close to cuming. He started fucking her with violent strokes. She was lifting her chin ever so slightly with her eyes still clenched shut and her mouth was slightly open. Then the leader let out a loud grown and arched his back and I figured he was cuming. He kept slamming my wife's pussy for what seemed like forever but was probably only a minute or so until he relaxed and pulled back out of her pussy and sat back on his knees. The crowed was quite as the leader stood up and pulled his pants up and fastened them. My wife just laid there naked with her legs spread. I could see her pussy as it was open from the fucking and very wet from his cum and her juices.

Once dressed the leader said "Ok boys, she's all yours. Just don't hurt her. She will cooperate and do as she's told."

I thought then that they would tare her apart, but there was an unusual calm. A couple more pads were unrolled to create a larger surface for the make shift fuck spot. Most of the guys broke from the crowed and started chatting like nothing was different as they broke out more alcohol.

A couple of guys in close proximity of my wife stripped naked and moved close to her. One guy moved up close to her face and placed a hand on the back of her head and pulled her face into his crotch. I watched as my wife opened her mouth and took his cook into her mouth. She started sucking him as he slightly pumped his cock in and out of her mouth.

A big fat guy stepped around between her legs and kneeled down to guide his cock into her pussy. He lifted her ankles up to his chest as he aimed what looked like a large cock at her pussy. He didn't waist any time, he just shoved his cock all the way into my wife's cunt. I heard a slight squeal come from my wife when he entered her but with a cock in her mouth there wasn't much she could do. He must have been big because I could see the look on my wife's face had changed to one of pain. The big guy between her legs was fucking her pretty hard. Each thrust shook her whole body. Some time during that fuck she must have gotten use to it because her facial expression had lightened up.

A couple of more guys moved in close and pulled her hands to their cocks. She had a cock in her mouth, her pussy, and one in each hand. She was getting a pretty good workout. Once the guy in her pussy had cum the guy fucking her mouth took his place and another took up the position at her mouth and she just took him into her mouth without missing a beat or opening her eyes. One of the guys she was jacking off shot his load all over her belly and stepped aside for one of his buddies to take over.

After she had been fucked by eight or nine guys they rolled her over and lifter her up on her hands and knees with her ass facing me. In this position she couldn't use her hands but that didn't seem to bother anyone. After two guys had used her pussy in this position a third moved in behind her lubed his cock with the spew running out of her cunt and then guided his cock into her ass. My wife squealed with this and shook her ass as if to dislodge the cock being forced into her. There wasn't anything she could do. The guy pushing his cock in her ass just continued to push his cock in until he had it in all the way to the hilt. Then he started pumping his cock in and out of her ass at a steady pace. I could hear my wife squealing and grunting with his thrusts. My wife still had a cock in her mouth and that guy had a hold of her hair and forced her to keep his cock in its place.

It didn't seem to take long for her to get use to the ass fucking. Soon she was taking it in her ass as business as usual. I could see the shadows of her tits flopping about in time with the ass fucking she was receiving. It took a while but the guy in her ass finally came and yet another took his place. At this point I had watched my wife take numerous loads of cum in her pussy, in her mouth, and now one in her ass.

This went on for another ten or more guys to blow their loads in her mouth, ass, and pussy. Then a guy laid down beside her and his buddies picked up my wife and lowered her on to his cock. He slapped her ass and told her to ride. My wife started moving her ass back and forth on his cock. He seemed to be content with this as he reached up and placed his hands on her tits and began squeezing and pinching and pulling her nipples far out from her chest. At one point my wife threw her head back but I couldn't tell if it was from the pain of the torturing of her nipples or from the pleasure of it all.

This went on for awhile until two bikers stepped up and the first biker pulled her head forward and forced his cock into her mouth. While she was distracted with that act the second biker moved in behind her and guided his cock into her ass. When he first made contact my wife flinched and tried to move. The guy underneath her grabbed her wrests and held her hands to the ground and the guy in her mouth took up a tighter grip on her hair. The third, forcing his way in her ass, just continued what he was doing until he had all of his cock shoved into her. I know for a fact that this was the first time she had had a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. She was making strange guttural noises and both bikers, the one below her and the one behind her took turns thrusting into her orifices. Some of the noise she was making could have been mistaken for sounds of pleasure. She did start to pick up speed sucking the cock in her mouth. I think the guys fucking her were assuming that she was starting to enjoy what was happening to her. All four of them seemed to pick up their pace. It looked like one big fucking mass of flesh. Soon all three guys seemed to take the same queue as they all started cuming at the same time. During that moment I could have sworn I heard a familiar noise or two of please escape my wife. When the guys were done spewing their loads in and on my wife they all collapsed on the pads together.

The rest for my wife didn't last long. Soon more bikers moved in for their share of the booty. I watch may wife get fucked in all sorts of ways. She had eight or nine more double and triple penetrations. At one point two guys fucked her pussy at the same time. I watched guys cum on her face as she held her mouth open to catch what she could. She must have swallowed twenty loads. By the time they were done with her she was a mess of dried cum. They dragged me next to her and left us there on the fuck mats to wait for dawn, which wasn't far off.

I asked her if she was ok and she just grunted and fell asleep. I to must have dosed off because I was awaken by movement right next to me. When I opened my eyes there was my wife laying flat on her stomach and a biker on top of her fucking one of her holes. Being that close to her I could her quiet noises of pleasure escaping her. It turned out that the bikers worked a guard shift during the night and ever guard during their shift would take a fucking from my wife.

As dawn came around it seemed like a steady stream of guys was flowing from the cabin. The first two bikers that came out, it must have been six or seven A.M. They took turns fucking her pussy and mouth. My wife seemed more awake now. Her eyes were open and she was assisting or maybe facilitating the bikers more with there fuck acts. She wasn't holding back on her moans of pleasure.

After the first two day-light-fuckers had moved off I didn't have to wait to long before four more bikers came out to use my wife. When they stepped up my wife sat up on her knees with her hands on her thighs and look at each of them. She never did say a word the whole time. One guy stepped up and pulled his cock out of his pants. He offered it to my wife and she reached up with her hand and guided the member into her mouth. She sucked it eagerly. As she was involved with giving a blow job a second guy moved in behind her and ran his hands down her back, over her sides, and onto her hips and ass. He tugged a little letting her know what he wanted. She scooted her ass back and lifted her ass up into the air giving that guy complete access to which ever hole he wanted. After the guy removed his pants he moved in and guided himself into her pussy. I watch when he first entered my wife flinched a bit. I assumed she must be getting sore. After a stroke or two though, she let out a small purr of appreciation.

Now my wife had a cock at both ends. The other two guys were content for a while to just watch their buddies go for it. After a bit though they wanted some for themselves so they ended up lying one guy on his back, placed my wife with her back to him with his cook in her ass, a cock placed back in her mother and a third entering her pussy. Now she was triple stuffed, again. My wife seemed more into it today then she was last night. I was beginning to think they may have broken her. She was beginning to show enthusiasm which was beginning to shock me. She started saying things like "oh fuck yeah" and "yes, fuck me". She wasn't screaming these words just saying them quietly as if to herself.

After those four guys had fucked my wife at least once each, a few of them fucked her twice, the crowed had grown and more bikers were moving in for there morning fuck. It was hours before they gave her another break. She must have been fucked thirty or forty more times. The bikers had left her alone as they moved off to attend to their own business. It was at this time when my wife had decided to say two words to me. What she said was "I'm sore" and that was it.

We both laid there on those mats in the sun for awhile. My wife naked and free and me tide up and cuffed. Then there seemed to be some activity in the middle of the crowd. All the bikers started rushing around loading up their bikes. I couple of bikers came over to where we were and told us they needed there mats back and asked my wife to stand up and then they just rolled me off like I was a log. My wife moved over and sat on me while the guys rolled there mats up and moved off towards their bikes. We watch them move about and when they appeared to be ready to leave the leader and a couple of his boys came over to us. He thanked us for our hospitality then grabbed my wife by her arms and stood her up. He looked at her as he held her then pulled her in for a hug. It looked like she hugged him back some. Then he reached down and gave her ass a squeeze and then took one of her tits in his hand and squeezed it then pinched her nipple. My wife gave a little shy child look and then he let her go and started walking away. He looked over his shoulder and told his boys to bring him his cuffs so they un-cuffed my hands. One guy gave me a look and told me not to unit my feet until they were gone. So I just laid there and watched them file away on there bikes. My wife just stood there and watched them leave also.

When the last biker was out of sight I hurried and untied my legs. I jumped up and moved to the closest bush. I had realized I had been tied up for over twelve hours and hadn't taken a piss until now. My wife just kind of watched me, she was in a different state of mind then I had ever seen her before. When I finished my business I walked over scooped up my wife in my arms and carried her down to the stream. I threw her in the swimming hole.

The hole was five feet deep in the middle and the air temperature was probably close to ninety degrees. She wasn't shocked, in fact she looked like she enjoyed the water. I stripped off my close and jumped in also. I swam over to her and started rubbing off the dust covered dry cum. I rubbed it off of her face and neck, out of her hair, off of her back and tits and her belly. I started rubbing her ass and legs and her crotch, also her ass crack and pussy hole. My wife didn't seem to mind, she showed no resistance at all.

When I was satisfied with my work I started to guide her out of the water and when I was out of the water and my waist was exposed I realized I had a raging hard on. I guided my wife over to the tent and then I pulled out one of our sleeping pads and through it on the ground. My wife immediately moved to it and lowered herself down on her knees. I moved over in front of her and she hurriedly grabbed my cock and stuffed her mouth over it. Man that felt good. She had never giving me a blow job like she did at that moment. She was sucking me like a champ. Before I blew my load I pushed her off of my cock. She immediately spun around and offered up her ass to me.

I wasn't going to pass up a good thing. So I moved right in. I guided my cock into her pussy and man did it feel loose. I sunk right to the hilt. My wife started moaning and making much more noise then she did when the bikers were fucking her. She was really into it, working her ass and body back onto my cock, we were fucking like mad. As I came closer to cuming the second time I pulled out of her pussy, she gave a slight sigh of regret. I then aimed at her ass hole and shoved my cock in. My wife squealed upon first entry but warmed up fast to what was happening to her. She really seemed to love having her ass fucked and I really loved the fact that I was fucking her ass. I didn't last much longer and soon I was cuming. My wife pulled off of my cock and spun around to take most of the load in her mouth, and it was a big load. When I was done squirting she sucked me until I was clean.

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