tagMatureBill and Kate Conclusion

Bill and Kate Conclusion


This is the third part of a series of stories about Bill and Kate. I suggest you read the first two before proceeding, although it isn't completely necessary.

I awoke to find Kate draped over half my body, eyes open and smiling.

"Good morning, honey," Kate whispered.

Pulling her tight against me with one arm, I replied, "Yes it is. A very good morning."

"With all that racket coming from the kitchen, I'd say Jess is up. I guess I'd better get up and go talk to her," Kate said. She gave me a soft, lingering kiss on the lips. "Or maybe...I should make her wait a little longer."

"I think I've created a monster," I quipped.

"No. You've just let her out of her cage. Fine. I'm going," replied Kate as she threw back the covers and swung her feet to the floor. She stood and grabbed her robe, slipping it on and smiling at me.

"No woman has a right to look as good as you do when she wakes up in the morning, Kate."

She flashed a satisfied little smile at me, then tossed her pillow into my face. "You don't need to sweet talk me to get laid, mister."

"That thought never crossed my mind. You just catch me off guard looking as beautiful as you do."

Kate nodded her head up and down, sporting a look of feigned disbelief. "Yeah, okay. Relax. I'll bring you some coffee."

Kate turned and left the room, walking out into the kitchen to have a long overdue conversation with her best friend. The moment Jess saw Kate, she pounced on her.

"It's about time you got up. Spill sister. I want to hear everything," exclaimed Jess.

"Let me just pour some coffee for Bill first," answered Kate.

"Jesus. He's domesticated you already? I don't know if I'm ready for this."

Kate giggled as she took two mugs from the cupboard. She poured coffee into each, then added some half and half. Leaving her mug on the counter, she brought one into me, delivering it with a kiss. Leaving the door open behind her, she returned to the kitchen, grabbed her mug, and sat in the living room with Jess.

"Okay. I want to hear everything," said Jess. "EVERY DAMNED THING."

"Jess, he's your Uncle for God's sake," laughed Kate. "I'll have to edit at least a little bit."

"Whatever. So...?"

"Okay. Well, I don't have to tell you how long I have wished Uncle Bill would notice me the way I wanted him to notice me."

"I've been listening to you for years, Kate. That isn't news."

"No, I guess it isn't. Well, something happened when I stayed behind during winter break."

"Wait a second," interrupted Jess. "You mean to tell me you've been holding out on me for months? Kate! How could you?"

"I'll get to that, Jess."

"You'd better. And you'd better have a damned good reason too."

"The morning you headed back to school, Bill and I spent the day at Stowe. The skiing was amazing that day."

"Rub it in, Kate. I can't believe we weren't able to go once over these past few days."

"Anyway," Kate continued, "There were major storm warnings when we left the mountain. We stocked up on groceries and went back to the house. We had a great dinner and were watching a movie when the lights went out."

"Very romantic," Jess chimed in.

"Not so much," said Kate, laughing. "I ended up sleeping on the couch. But something DID happen. After the power went out, well, Bill looked at me in a way he never had before. He looked at me with desire in his eyes. I swear my heart nearly leaped out of my chest when I saw that."

"And you went to sleep on the couch?" screeched Jess.

"It was just a brief moment, but it did fill me with hope."

"Oh, I wish I had some popcorn," said an excited Jess. "Go on, go on," she said waving her hands around in a frenzy.

"When we got up the next morning, we were pretty much snowed in. I stomped my foot and insisted I wanted to go skiing, but there was no way Bill would take us. I started to tease him about being old and chicken. I guess he heard enough to threaten to spank me."

"Oh, God," Jess chuckled.

"Right? Except he got that look on his face again after he said it. The moment kind of passed, and I went upstairs to take a bath. I thought about that look while I was in the tub, and ended up in there for a lot longer than I needed to be, if you catch my drift," said Kate shyly.

"I've got it. Did Bill come in while you were doing it?"

"No. I don't think he ever knew," said Kate.

"I never did," I yelled from the bedroom.

"Hush up in there, you," snickered Jess.

"After, I came down and we had some lunch and talked. He told me about the divorce and why things broke down with him and Sandy. I always knew that woman wasn't right for him. Anyway, we spent the afternoon drinking and playing Monopoly. Once we had dinner, we played some more and I started to tease him again. And again, he threatened the spanking."

"Who knew Uncle Bill had such a streak in him?" joked Jess.

"I know. Well, I pushed him and challenged him and told him there was no way he could catch me, and if he did there was no way he could subdue me. I knew if I bolted for the stairs he'd try to catch me, and that's what happened. I got a spanking through my pajamas, and then I dared him to do it on my bare bottom. He did. With my hands between my legs the entire time. He made me cum."

"Wow," exclaimed Jess. "Uncle Bill! And next? What happened next?"

"Kind of nothing. We watched another movie while we ate popcorn and drank iced tea. I went up to bed, and made as much noise as I could masturbating with a vibrator, hoping Bill would come in. I heard him come up the stairs, but then he left."

"I thought you were crying," I shouted.

"Didn't I ask you to be quiet?" admonished Jess.

"The next morning, we ate breakfast and talked about me. About how I haven't done much dating. About me being a virgin."

"Woah. That must have been a bit awkward."

"I didn't care, Jess. I decided that I had seen enough interest from Bill to approach him. So I did. I asked him to teach me to make love."

"What? You asked him that? Oh my God," yelped Jess.

"What was the worst that could happen? That he'd say no? A girl could do a lot worse for her first lover, couldn't she?"

"I sure did," roared Jess.

"I don't need to hear that," I chimed in.

"One more outburst from you and we close the door," scolded Jess. "Now hush."

"Bill thought about it, and that night, I made love for the first time. We made love for the first time. We pretty much spent the rest of the week eating, sleeping, and having sex. By the time I left for school, I knew that Bill had real feelings for me."

"So why didn't you tell me," asked Jess.

"Well, Bill isn't really committing to a relationship with me just yet. Jess, you've been my best friend since before we could walk. I didn't want to risk that if Bill and I weren't going anywhere. I didn't want anything to get strange between us."

"Kate, I love you. There is no man that will get between us. Ever."

"So you're not mad?"

"Maybe a little," Jess said with a pout. "But I'll get over it."

I appeared at the bedroom door wearing a pair of shorts and no shirt.

Jess glanced over at me, then looked at Kate. "He is hot, I'll give you that," she giggled.

"You have no idea, Jess," replied a smiling Kate.

"Let me tell you something, Uncle Bill. If you hurt Kate, you're going to have to deal with me. Understand?"

Rolling my eyes, I acknowledged Jess. "Yeah, yeah. You, your mom, and I'm sure a long list of other people behind you all. The last thing in this world I want to do is to hurt Kate."

"My mom knew about this too?" Jess asked incredulously.

"She kind of tricked me into spilling the beans," I admitted. "She wasn't supposed to know."

"Well, I'm not mad at you, Kate. But Mom is going to hear it from me!"

"I'm sure, she will," tittered Kate.

We had a light breakfast and Jess finished packing. Kate asked if she could take Jess to lunch and drop her at the airport alone, and I agreed. I'm sure there was all sorts of girl talk that needed to happen, and I wanted no part of that.

I walked the girls out to the car and loaded Jess' bag into the trunk. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and she got into the car, rolling down the window and looking out at me.

"Take care of her, Uncle Bill. Remember what I said."

"I will, Jess. Have fun in Mexico and good luck the rest of the semester."

I watched the car pull from the driveway and head down the block before I turned and went inside.

I was catching up on work when the phone rang, disturbing my stream of thought. I grabbed the receiver and answered in a gruff voice.


"Billy? Are you okay?"

"Oh, hi Jenny. Yeah, I'm fine. I was in the middle of working on something."

"So, how are things?" Jenny asked with an inflection that told me she knew quite well how things were.

"Just fine, Sis." How are things there?"

"I just spoke with Jess."

"I gathered, Jenny."

"She told me you and Kate were doing the naughty. So she's finally clued in, huh?"

"I reckon so, Sis."


"And what?"

"Don't be such a pain in the ass, Bill. What's going on with you two?"

"I thought you already got all the dirt," I said, toying with Jenny.

"I want the skinny from you, Bill. What are you doing?"

"I'm struggling to figure that out."

"I told you not to be an asshole, Bill. How do you feel about this girl?"

I paused before answering.



"Yes, Bill. Honestly."

"I am pretty much hopelessly in love with Kate. I feel like I'm the twenty one year old."

"Well it's about damned time. So what are you going to do?"

"I still have reservations, Jenny."

"Billy, so help me. Don't make me come up there and kick your ass around Northern Vermont. You have nothing, and I mean nothing, else going on in your life. There is no good reason for you to not embrace this beautiful young woman and let her into your life. None. Stop the bullshit, Billy."

"I didn't say I wasn't going to, Sis. I'm just saying I have reservations."

"Well get over them. I want you to be happy, Billy. I know this woman can make you very happy. Stop fooling around and start living your life."

"Okay, okay. Enough, Sis. I hear you loud and clear."

"Good. Now go back to whatever you were doing. Finish up before that girl gets back, and then tell her you love her."

"Goodbye, Jenny," I said with exasperation.

"Bye little brother," said Jenny with pleasure in her voice.

I hung up the phone and plopped down onto the couch, thinking about my conversation with Jenny. I realized that I had not yet told Kate that I was in love with her. Surely she must have sensed it, but I had not yet spoken the words. Obviously, I was holding that back from her. Jenny was right. I needed to either embrace Kate or release her. What I was doing wasn't right.

I got up and went back to work, escaping my thoughts for a few hours, losing track of time. I was surprised when Kate walked in and dropped the car keys on the kitchen counter as she shed her coat.

"Kate! Back so soon?" I asked.

"Soon? I've been gone almost four hours, Bill," Kate replied as she ambled over to me. She leaned over and kissed me, and I could feel the chill of the outside air on her lips as she did. One kiss led to another, then another. Kate looked down and closed the laptop, then stood back up and sauntered over to the bedroom door, beckoning me to follow with her expression. Work forgotten, I arose and followed Kate into the room, finding her half naked already. Following suit, I pulled off my shirt and jeans, then turned my attention back to Kate. She stood by the side of the bed wearing nothing but a hair tie and a lusty grin. I approached her and took her into my arms, kissing her deeply. Kate abruptly broke the kiss, and turned me to the bed, pushing me down into a sitting position.

"I know we need to talk, but I'm not in the talking mood right now," she said. "We can do that later."

She dropped to her knees and took my semi-erect cock into her mouth. It took mere seconds for me to fully stiffen, and Kate cooed with delight. Watching Kate perform was a thing of beauty. It was clear that she truly savored sucking my cock. She didn't do it just to please me, although I'm sure that was part of it. It pleased her immensely, and it showed. In fact, I'd argue that she loves it as much or more than me, and I like it an awful lot.

Kate took her time, stroking, kissing, licking and sucking. She'd pause now and again, slowing me down and making me wait for release. When she was ready, she made a final assault on my cock, and greedily swallowed down every drop of the cum she had worked for. When she was satisfied she was finished, she let my cock slip from her mouth and looked up at me as she bit her bottom lip. Standing up, Kate pushed me back onto the bed, then climbed up and straddled my face.

"I'm going to need fucking, but why don't you have something to eat while you recover?" she growled as she lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

Kate tasted wonderful as I probed her cunt with my tongue. Ignoring her clit for the moment, teasing her insides, wiggling and stabbing, causing her to moan and wriggle about. When my tongue grew too tired to move, I sucked her lips into my mouth and nibbled on them. Kate was growing impatient with my lack of attention to her clit.

"C'mon, Billy. Stop teasing me. You know what I want." She was maneuvering her body in an attempt to get some stimulation where she wanted it, but I kept her at bay.

"Billy, please," she begged.

Satisfied that I had teased her enough, I sucked Kate's clit between my lips and flicked at it with my tongue. Kate let out a huge moan and put a hand on my head, her hips undulating as her body took command from her brain. It didn't take long for Kate to shatter in orgasm, squeezing my head between her thighs as she did. Shortly thereafter, she rolled over and flopped onto her back beside me on the bed.

I rolled onto my side and watched as Kate lay there with her eyes closed, catching her breath. When she opened them again, she turned toward me and smiled. I reached over and kissed her tenderly, again and again. As we kissed, I moved my body so that I was on top of her, and Kate opened her legs in preparation for me. I thrust forward just a bit, and my cock entered her, eliciting a soft moan from her lips. I wrapped my arms under Kate's shoulders and gently held her face as I kissed her while slowly gyrating my hips in concert with hers.

We stayed like that the entire time, gazing into each other's eyes, face to face, sharing breath as we made love, no longer fucking. I don't know how long it went on, but when I finally came inside her, Kate erupted in her own orgasm, and I swear I saw her soul in those light brown eyes of hers. Tears streamed down Kate's face as we lay there, and I kissed them away, tasting the salty sweetness and feeling them in my heart.

"I love you, Kate," I finally admitted to her.

"Duh," she responded with a smile. "Do you think I'd be here if I had any doubts?"

"I reckon not."

"I love you, Bill. I've loved you forever, but this...this is...I can't even explain. It's like that movie Pleasantville. I'm loving you in full color right now, and it is better than I ever could have imagined."

Kate sat up and looked down at me.

"I need to know where we stand, Bill."


"No. Let me speak first, and then you can have your say."

"Okay," I said, smiling. Kate didn't realize I'd already made up my mind, and there was nothing she could say that would change it. I would let her have her say.

"Good. I know you're so damned worried about the thirteen year spread in our ages."

"Fourteen, Kate."

"Half the year it's thirteen, so I'm going with that," snapped Kate. "You know damned well that I'm not anything like a typical twenty one year old, Bill. I am just as old as you are from a maturity perspective. Older, probably."

"What happens when you're fifty, and I'm almost sixty five? Do you think about that at all?"

"Seriously? You're not fucking eighty years old, Bill. Do you really think I'm going to give up a lifetime of happiness with you because some day you'll be old a bit sooner than me? That's ridiculous."

"You have experienced so little of college life, and life as a young adult."

"What the hell do you think I'm missing out on? Drunken toga parties? I don't give a shit about things like that. The life I want to experience is a life with you, Bill."

"Kate, you have been fixated on me for years, by your own admission. How can you say that I'm the man for you when you've never given another one a chance?"

"I have had boys and men around me my entire life, honey. I've had friends, I've had acquaintances. Do you think I never opened my eyes to them, even after you and Sandy got married? I may have set the bar high by comparing them to you, but no one ever came close, Bill. You dumbass men look at women and think...I'd fuck her. Women, we look at a man and think...I'd have his babies. My god, you are the only man I have EVER thought that about."

"I just feel like I'm protecting you from me. From being shortsighted in your thoughts on this. From feeling like you've made a mistake twenty years from now."

"What are you, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca? I don't need protecting, Bill. I'm a big girl. I'm smart enough to have thought this through."

"Have you? What are you going to tell your parents? That you were swept off your feet by a man who is nearly middle aged?"

"My father is ready to come here and beat some sense into you, Bill. My parents know. Other than this silliness, they love you Bill. They always have. There are worse things than having your daughter involved with a smart, successful, kind, gentle, and, to be honest, smoking hot man. One who is humble on top of all that. Sorry Bill. They are already on board."

Kate punched my arm in frustration. "You work as a financial adviser. Do you have your clients stick all of their money in fully insured bank accounts, avoiding all risk without any thought to rewards? Of course not. You look at the entire picture. But here, all you want to do is to avoid risk at all cost. What the fuck is that, Bill?"

"I realize that, Kate. I'm not saying that rewards shouldn't be considered."

"Let me ask you a question," said an increasingly frustrated Kate. "If you let me go, how are you going to feel when I show up with another man on my arm? When you see me kissing him and holding him? When I get married? When I come to visit during the holidays and my womb is full of his child? How will you feel about that, Bill? Happy? Fulfilled?"

"It would likely break my heart, Kate."

Kate sat there glaring at me, her chest rising and falling with her angry breath. She opened her mouth to say more, and I put a finger to her lips and started to laugh.

"What the hell is so funny, Mister?" Kate fumed.

"Before you started this conversation, I tried to tell you something."

"Which was?"

"Kate, I am completely in love with you. I want you in my life. Hell, I want you to be my wife if you'd like. I'm done being a fool about this."

Kate appeared dumfounded.

"You son of a bitch. You let me sit here going on and on and pretended to argue with me when you'd already made up your mind?"

"Yeah. You are fucking adorable when you get on your soapbox, Kate. Has anyone every told you that?"

Kate jumped on top of me and playfully hammered on my chest with her fists. "I am going to have to keep a close watch on you. A very close watch."

"I sure hope so," I replied, grabbing her and rolling her over onto her back beneath me. We lost ourselves in each other for the remainder of the afternoon.

Kate finished out the semester, and we decided to live together after she transferred to NYU to complete her studies. She worked alongside me, and with her help, I was able to expand my client base by more than fifty percent. We married in June of the year she graduated, and she delivered our first child four months ago.

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