Bipasha & Preity


Not many know that Bollywood is home to some of the world's greatest hypocrites. Take for instance, Bhagyashree. She claims to be all Pativrata Naari and all, but the truth is that she is one of the most hedonistic women in the industry. She is not an isolated case. Most of our actresses are in the same league.

In fact, a lot of them are "available on the market", if you know what I mean. Simply put, if you have about Rs. 60 lakhs to spare you can bed Rani Mukherjee for the night. Others like Diya Mirza, Suman Ranganathan, Sameera Reddy, Shweta Menon, etc., come a lot cheaper. Anyway, that is a story I shall narrate some other day.

What I would like to narrate today is an account I heard from Sam. You know Sam. He is the luckiest man in the world - being the 'assistant' of Raveena Tandon his duties involve a lot of stuff that people would pay money for. But, I digress. He told me this incident between Bipasha and Preity that almost made me shoot my load in my pants.

Ebony and Ivory - no not the song but two women. Bipasha - tall, dark, and hot. She is neither plump nor thin - just perfect. She has beautiful brown breasts, long legs, a great mouth and, what I love most, an amazing ass. Oh, What I would do to run my hands over those wonderfully smooth ass cheeks! And Preity? Well, she is one of the very few actresses not available on the market, and that makes her much more desirable than those who are. Her breasts are milky white. Though smaller than Bipasha's, they are quite a handful. This is what I love about Indian breasts. They are naturally full and supple. Unlike Bipasha, her legs are a little stubby but then those inner thighs of hers are simply velvety in feel. Besides, just imagine how her dimple would look when she has a nice hard cock in her mouth! However, both women have one thing in common. They both have beautiful bottoms.

Here we have two women with contrasting attributes, their colours being the most prominent among them. Dark and fair. It is an unbeatable combination that two women desirous of coitus can have.

What brought these two nymphs together was a stage show in the US. So, how did Sam get to know of it? Because he was there. Stage show organisers know that to take top actresses means there is going to be trouble every once in a while. They all have bloated egos, and the only way they can be kept in check is by making sure they let all that steam out in mindblowing sex. So, it is normal for guys like Sam to accompany them on such tours.

This time it was particularly bad, and I must say if it had not been for Sam the stage show would have to be cancelled. Something like this happened. Preity was not happy with her costume because the one Bipasha wore showed a lot more breaasts and legs than hers. Not a major issue for a lot of costumes were available. But, Preity took the issue further and made bones about Bipasha being accorded preferential treatment. Then Bipasha threw a tantrum regarding Preity throwing her weight around, and everybody realised that the two women were in need of good old animal fucking.

Sam brought the women together in his room and asked them both to wear their respective costumes. In spite of having seen a lot of dare-all bare-all acts, even Sam was amazed when the women appeared before him. They practically wore nothing. Bipasha was in a tight black leather mini skirt that was so short you could practically see her red thongs when she was standing. If she bent forward a little you could see where her legs joined her waist. All she had covering her breasts was a carelessly worn almost sheer black band of cloth. He could make out the impression of her black nipples and he figured that she was a little bit turned on by the whole deal.

If this was how Sam felt when he saw the glamorous Bipasha, he was completely overawed by Preity. This fair skinned beauty wore scarlet red leather shorts that were so tight Sam was certain she wore no panties for he could very clearly make out the lines of her pubes and the crack of her ass. They were so short, in fact, that they covered no more than what a pair of knickers would. Those white legs of hers seemed to invite anyone interested into those milky thighs of hers.

But, Sam could figure out why Preity was angry. Her top covered all her boobs, without showing even a hint of cleavage. His thoughts went back to the time when this had happened with Raveena, and she had had to share the stage with Aishwarya. What did Ravs do? Something only a woman of Ravs' confidence could. She went on stage, performed a few numbers and then simply, without any fuss, took her top off! The look on Ash's face had to be seen to be believed. She had the look of a woman who knows that the focus had suddenly shifted off her. Of course, Ash could never do what Ravs did. That kind of thing needs loads of attitude and very few women are blessed with that. And Sam knew that Preity could not "do a Raveena", as the move had come to be known as. Anyway...

Sam said, "OK Preity, you do have a problem. Why don't you do this? Get on stage with just a flimsy white bra on? That should have the audience enthralled."

With that, he looked into his bags and searched a bra what he was sure she would like. It was of lace - neither too opaque nor too transparent. Just enough to show and to keep guessing. One look at Preity and he was sure she loved it. Why wouldn't she. This was Raveena's favourite bra. Good thing he had had the foresight to bring it along.

Preity took her top off, and presented her milky globules. She teasingly did the splits.

Preity said, "So, Sam, am I turning you on?"

"I am not dead" Sam said.

That had Bipasha envied, "Hey, you call those breasts? They are just some boob-shaped bags of flesh that are a sad excuse for breasts. You want breasts, Sam? See these. These are what real women have."

With that she yanked off her top and her brown knockers sprang free from the restraint. She continued, "OK, Sam, tell us who has better boobs?"

Sam knew where this was headed but he had no inclination to participate in it. The last few days had been a bitch. He wanted to hit the sack as soon as he could. So, this is what he said, "Why don't you women find out for yourselves?"

This was the hint they were looking for. All they had been wanting all this time was to lay their hands on each other. Bipasha took the lead. She stood behind Preity and cupped her breasts. She felt her nipples get firm and erect in her hands. Preity started gyrating her hips and thrusting her ass against Bipasha's crotch. Slowly her hand moved down to Preity's flat belly and then it entered her shorts. Wet! That is how her pussy felt to Bipasha's fingers. To gain better access, she undid the shorts and pulled them down. Wow! Her ass was much more beautiful than she had imagined - white and smooth without any blemish. She bent Preity over and smacked her hand across her naked bum. She loved the pink imprint her hand made as it made contact with the flesh. Preity squirmed as the pleasing sensation ran through her body.

Preity wanted to taste Bips. She opened her mouth and Bips put her tongue in it. We all have seen the Britney-Madonna kiss but, hell, that has no comparison to the way these women snogged. Their lips locked, creating a perfect vacuum, so perfect that even their saliva could not drip. They only stopped to catch their breath and that was also for so short a time that Sam was beginning to fear suffocation. Explain that to the press - one naked actress dead and the other semi-naked actress in her company! The press would have a field day.

Preity was now getting tired of not being able to make contact with Bips' naked thighs. In one swift motion she took off her skirt and thong. Without wasting anymore time, they got into 69. It made a fascinating sight - two gorgeous women embracing naked, one fair, one dark, as they tried to outdo each other in the art of giving pleasure. Juices overflowed their mouths as both went into throes of orgasmic spasms.

Bips looked around and realised that she had been called to the right room. Sam carried all the sex paraphernalia that you could need on a given day. She found what she was looking for. It was a double-ended black 14 inch strap-on designed to pleasure both the fucker and the fucked. She applied genourous lube on it and proceeded towards Preity.

Preity's eyes lit up when she saw the tool hanging from between Bipasha's legs. She bent over the bed and offered herself to her lover. Bips spread her legs and applied some lube on her anus. Then positioning herself behind Preity, she gently but firmly pushed into Preity's anus. Preity felt herself violated as the dildo made its was into her. However, Bips was good. When she was fully in, she made slow rythmic to and fro movements while rubbing Preity's clit. Soon, all Preity felt was pleasure, supreme pleasure. The jou of being taken by a woman is something only those women who have experienced it can know.

As the women got into rythm, the dildo did its work on Bips as well. They were sweating profusely now, in their zest to attain orgasm-supreme. Bips smacked Preity's ass every once in a while which drove them both to a frenzy. Then, as Bips gave one big thrust they both came violently with such a loud cry you would think the sky fell down.

Spent, they now slept naked in each other's arms fully aware that this was just the beginning of many more such unions.

Note: Over the past few months, I have had a tremendous response to my stories. I would like to thank all the readers for their support. However, this would probably be my last submission to the site for quite sometime, due to personal reasons. If anyone would like to carry any of my stories forward, they are more than welcome to do it. I look forward to all kinds of feedback. If you would like a response, please send non-anonymous feedback. I shall definitely respond. Thank you all, once again.

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