Bird Watcher


I am a female, aged 25, quite fit, nice figure and blonde hair. I have a degree in psychology but am not currently working. My hobby is bird watching and I obtained permission from the local authority to build an inconspicuous hide in the park so I could observe water fowl interacting with the environment.

The interest in psychology and bird watching is what led to this report.

I was in my hide one morning, having arrived early to try and catch the dawn chorus. It was just by chance that, while packing and preparing to leave I looked out the side of my hide and found that I had an excellent view of another hide down near the water. It was only the height of my hide that permitted this view, and I doubt that there was another position in the park where this would occur. What surprised me were the activities taking place within the hide.

Even though it was now full light there were a man and a woman in the hide, both of them naked except for a mask that the woman seemed to be wearing that hid her complete head. The woman was on her hands and knees with the man kneeling behind her, with what looked to me to be a very large erection, which he was thrusting into the woman in fine style, while his hands had reached around and clutched her breasts.

I'm quite embarrassed to say I found this quite titillating and I hastily focused my camera and took a few shots. After they had finished their activity the man dressed and left, seeming quite happy with himself, while the woman waited a few minutes before taking off the mask, dressing and leaving. Unlike the man, she seemed a trifle upset. I drew the tentative conclusion that for all the size of his equipment, he had failed to satisfy her.

I thought at the time that this would be a one of bit of behaviour but next day, while in my hide I thought to check out the lower hide and saw, to my surprise, that the same activities were going on. The couple were dressed, or I should say undressed in the same way, with the man enthusiastically fucking the woman, who was quiescent, just letting it happen.

Again they left separately, the man first then the woman who was, I noticed with surprise, not the same woman as yesterday. While not as upset as the previous day, neither did she look happy and satisfied.

I found this behaviour to be most odd and, the psychologist in me coming to the fore, I decided I would spend some time observing this little slice of life. Accordingly, I arrived early the next day and set up my cameras to videotape the action in and around the other hide and set down with my notebook to enter my observations.

Day 1 – The man comes early to the hide and enters. He put on a mask and just lingered, apparently waiting for his partner. I notice that there are a few joggers about, and the man I am watching seems to be watching them. After a while I saw a single jogger coming, a pretty young woman of about twenty five. As she approached the hide the hidden man suddenly darted out, approaching her from behind. He slapped what seemed to be some tape on her mouth and snatched her back into the hide.

Once in the hide the man pulled a mask from his pocket and drops it over the woman's head so she is unable to see. The man then very quickly and efficiently stripped the woman and took of his own clothes and mask.

I can see he is talking to the woman, but whatever he is saying she's not agreeing, shaking her head and trying to slap at him whenever he touches. Finally I saw the man shrug, slip behind the woman and clip her behind the knees, forcing her to trip and fall forward, automatically throwing out her hands to catch herself.

It seems this is what he wanted, for as soon as she fell to her hands and knees he was kneeling behind her, holding her firmly in place while his hand slipped between her legs, followed quickly by his cock, which he thrust into her. Again I was treated to the site of this man energetically taking his pleasure while the woman, I was now able to see was trying to struggle, but uselessly. He was nailing her and she couldn't do anything to stop it.

Afterwards it was the same as the previous days. The man quickly dressed and left, leaving the woman to slowly dress and go her own way. Again the man seemed happy and the woman upset, but I now suspect the reason for the woman's emotions.

It seems that this man is a rapist, choosing his victims from the joggers that go past. I shall continue to watch and make notes.

NB – I have decided to call this man Al. I find it convenient to have a tag for him.

Day 2 – This was substantially the same as Day 1, with one minor difference. This time when Al started talking to the woman, I observed that she nodded, and promptly sank on her hands and knees, lifting her bottom to provide easy access. His enthusiasm hadn't waned and the woman seemed to just accept what was happening as one of those things that happen. When they departed I observed that the woman was not noticeably upset.

Day 3 – Substantially the same as day 2. Woman quiescent and accepting.

Day 4 – This was a repeat of day 1, with the woman plainly furious but unable to stop him from ravishing her. Al is certainly consistent in his performance.

Day 5 – finally there was a distinct change of behaviour. Instead of struggling or tolerating Al's advances, this woman enthusiastically welcomed them, enjoying and co-operating with the initial rape and upon completion rolling onto her back, apparently assuming that Al would take her that way as well, which he did.

When Al left he had a slightly strained look on his face, whereas the woman was practically glowing when she left.

Day 6 – Same as day 5 – I believe it was the same woman as well. When Al left, the woman was standing and leaning against the side of the hide with her legs spread. It appeared that her head was turned, and I gained the impression that she was waiting for Al to take her again.

Day 7 – Another change in behaviour. Al was watching the joggers, then suddenly bolted behind the hide and hid in the bushes. I saw the woman from the previous two days was approaching, and as she neared the hide she slowed down considerably, giving Al ample time to grab her. When this didn't happen she crossed to the hide and looked around before continuing on her way. At that point, Al returned and chose another victim, who again turned out to be quiescent. Al did seem a lot happier after dealing with this woman.

Day 8 – Another struggler, as per day 1. Al seems to have his handling of these women well worked out, as he generally has them on their knees with his cock ploughing them before they can put up any effective resistance. His expertise makes me wonder how long he has been doing this.

Day 9 – I could almost feel sorry for Al today. The woman from day 5 might have been willing but she was a learner compared to this woman. Al didn't have a chance to take her in his favourite position, for as soon as he told her what was going to happen she had jumped him and mounted him. Poor Al fell flat on his back while that woman rode him like a racehorse. I suspect that she won't be getting a repeat invitation to his rape-athon.

Day 10 as per day 2

Conclusions to date:

These conclusions are only tentative and will be refined for the final report.

* The strugglers violently object to and don't enjoy the violation and if they did enjoy the sex they would deny it. I have never seen a struggler come jogging this way again.

* Some women seem indifferent to being raped. They accept it as one of those things. Some of these women appear to find the enforced sex acceptable. They also don't take precautions against it happening again, as I have seen these women jogging repeatedly despite being raped.

* Some women thoroughly enjoy being raped and offer themselves for repeats.

Additional research to take place:

* I will go jogging in the area at the right time and see what it's like to be raped. As there are three different responses I will need to arrange some disguises so that I can experience the forced, quiescent and enthusiastic experiences.

* Having identified Al's real identity and traced the various women that I know he has raped I intend at the conclusion of my personal experiences to send Al and his victims a tape of what happened, with all personnel clearly identified.

* Subsequent to placing the videos, I will try to interview Al and his victims to find how they feel about all this coming out.

Appendices - My experiences with Al.

Appendix 1 - Quiescent

I approached Al's hide at a steady jog, keeping the pace down so that Al would note that I was victim material. I was passing the hide, thinking I'd missed out this time when a hand appeared in front of me, pressing something to my mouth. Even though I had been expecting it, it still came as a shock and I tried to scream only to find my voice muffled. I was then hustled quickly into the hide where something dark was pulled over my head. I was feeling rather nervous now, even though I knew what was going on, for it is disconcerting to be suddenly in the dark and helpless. I heard movement and the rustle of cloth, and knew that Al was now stripping and that I would be next. Knowing what was coming I found it exciting. I was shortly going to be stripped naked by a man and raped and there was nothing I could do about it, even though I'd walked into this situation with my eyes open.

Al turned to me now, seizing my jogging shorts and panties and stripping them straight down. Back up to grab my top and lifting, and suddenly I was naked in front of a stranger. Then I heard a quiet voice say, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but we are going to do it. Co-operate and it won't take long and you won't get hurt. Now get down on your hands and knees."

As I had decided that the first time would be quiescent, I quickly knelt, only to be told "You can do better than that. Head down, bottom higher and move your legs apart." I hastened to do as he said and, although I'm ashamed to admit it, I could feel wetness welling up inside of me in anticipation. I could feel him taking up a position behind me, then his hand was touching me down there, and I could feel myself blushing with embarrassment. His fingers were moving my lips apart and I felt him finally put that erection I'd seen him use so often, against my open lips. I knew what was coming as Id seen him in action, and then he moved and it was a case of "Oh my god! That's not a penis! It's a bloody baseball bat."

This huge cock just came ravaging up into me, not caring it I was ready or not, and started pumping away. I'd seen it in action and it had seemed a minor thing to do to just kneel there and let him have his way. In practise I was squawking into my gag, yelling my head off while this callous bastard just kept thumping away. And in an odd way I found it exciting, letting this man use me like this, not resisting but just going with the flow, letting the tensions inside build up and I found I was hoping that he'd hang on long enough to let me come. I tried to remember how long he took on average when raping someone and it seemed to me that he always took his time.

I found that, even though I was being quiescent and just letting him do what he wanted, my body was moving in time to his thrusts, and from his grunt of satisfaction he had expected this.

He continued to bonk me for what seemed like ages, but all the time he was thrusting into me I was moving closer to a climax, and to my satisfaction I came. That's when I got another shock, as he also came and I could feel his seed splashing through me. I'd never even noticed that he didn't use condoms. No wonder some of those women were so annoyed at him.

He quickly withdrew, and after a few moments of waiting I took of my mask and looked around. He was gone so I dressed and left as well, considering how to add this to my report.

Appendix 2 – Eager

The approach was similar to the previous day, although I again got a shock when he actually grabbed me. For a large man, he can certainly move quietly.

This time I was more confident with what was happening and I was pleased to hear Al's startled gasp when he found that I'd stripped just as fast as he had and I was obviously willing and eager to be raped. I'd been anticipating this for a while and I was hot, wet and ready. Al just growled at me "Doggy fashion, Bitch," and I was kneeling bottom high to give him easy access. Oddly enough Al was a bit hesitant this time, apparently not really liking to rape willing women, but that wasn't going to stop him. Again I felt his fingers moving my lips apart and I was ready for him this time, knowing what it was like when he came in.

His cock lined up on me and in my eager mood I was already pushing myself towards it, enthusiastically waiting my rape. He came sliding in again, and although I'd been expecting it and had felt that invasion yesterday, the enormity of it charging in shocked me rigid. How could I possibly have forgotten what it felt like? As far as my pussy was concerned, it reacted as though it had never felt a cock this size before, and I could almost feel it cringe in shock. Adjusting rapidly I pushed up to meet Al half way, feeling him hesitate at the enthusiasm I displayed, but then he went manfully to work, pounding into me at a speed that seemed to indicate he wanted this over and done with. I quickly realised that he wasn't interested in waiting for me to come, but was just hammering away, trying to come himself so he could withdraw and run. I felt quite powerful and ferociously horny realising that my enthusiasm was scaring my rapist.

My eager acceptance of his cock and his frantic need to finish greatly reduced the amount of time it took for us both to climax, but after we had I again found that I was flooded with his seed. I really hope my pill works as advertised.

I tried to ask for seconds, but Al wasn't having a bar of it. I heard him bolting from the hide, and I suspect that he hadn't even got fully dressed before running.

Appendix 3 - Fighting

For the last time I approached Al's hide, and seeing I was going to be a fighter today I was wearing a red wig. I thought that it was a nice touch and would give him a warning.

Again the sneak and grab. Damn, but he was good at that. This time however I wriggled and kicked all the way to the hide, not that it did me much good. He was strong. He held me effortlessly as he stripped me, and there was nothing I could do. Despite all this, I found the fighting invigorating and stimulating. I was surprised to realise that if the fighting continued much longer I might just turn the table and rape him. He must have realised that there was no way I was going to co-operate, so he didn't even bother offering.

He suddenly let me go and I started turning about trying to determine where he was. I felt a sudden blow behind the knees and even though I knew it was going to happen I couldn't prevent myself from pitching forward and going to my knees, my hand automatically going down in front of me to break my fall, and landing me in that doggy position he so adored.

I tried to rear up again, but he already had a hand on my back holding me down, while his other hand was already spreading my lips so that his pet monster could be let loose. I didn't even have a chance to squawk as he came charging into me, ramming full length into my vagina in that initial thrust. Unlike the previous two days, the fighting and expectation of rape and delicious memories of the prior encounters had really readied my pussy for this, and it fell upon his invading cock as though it was a long lost friend, clutching it and drawing it in. I couldn't help myself. My body was so wound up that when I felt that cock intruding I was throwing myself at it, trying to draw it even deeper into me.

I could feel Al trying to slow down and control the duel our bodies were waging, but it seemed to me that he had as little control of his penis as I did over my vagina. The two had decided they were long lost friends and they were doing their dance, irrespective of the desires of their owners.

And dance they did, dragging their owners in their wake our runaway bodies mated, following their own instincts and nearly driving us mad with the massive orgasms that came crashing upon us.

For the second day in a row, I heard Al flee the hide after the sex ended. I have a suspicion that he may go into seclusion for a few days.

Appendix – Meeting with Al and his various ladies.

Unfortunately, this turned into a bit of a fiasco.

I was unable to meet with Al, and none of the women were willing to meet with me. Apparently all his victims are being cross-questioned by the police, who are trying to determine alibis.

Unfortunately, I included my own experiences on the tape, and the police are really interested in meeting the three mystery girls from the end of the tape. Thank heavens for wigs. I don't have an alibi.

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