Birthday Girl


Over 21, the words were stamped in red ink across the back of my hand for everyone to see. Branded, I was. I shuffled along with the rest of the herd until I caught Traci's eye and what began as smiles, evolved into full fledged giggles for both of us. We held up our hands and interlaced our fingers, sealing in our sisterly bonds with the still wet red ink. Yes, we were over 21 years of age but we still had what it took to turn a man's (and woman's) head. After the hulk of a bouncer took our money and stamped our hands we made our way deeper into the club.

It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the club. Smoke hung heavily in the air as our gaze swept over this den of debauchery. It was 11:00 pm; the more experienced dancers were just making their way to the stages. I have to admit, this was all Traci's idea. After all, tonight was her 30th birthday and we were determined to have some fun. The past year had been hard for my best friend; she was going through a painful divorce and turning 30 so I wanted to make this evening special, one that we'd never forget.

Traci and I had been to so-called "gentlemen's clubs" before, watching the beautiful women undulate and seduce with their raw sexuality disguised by smooth gracefulness. The club we'd chosen this evening was very upscale and catered to mostly affluent businessmen and a few couples. There was always the usual assortment of bachelor parties and the rowdy crowd that went along with them but for the most part, the clientele was rather subdued. This evening seemed different though, there was electricity sparking in the air although at the time I didn't know why.

At Diamond's there are five circular stages; each elevated about four feet in the air. Each stage had about fifteen chairs set up around it. Trancelike music surrounded us as soon as we sat down at the biggest stage in the center of the club. The beat throbbed and pulsed as women in various forms of dress and undress slithered and pawed their way across the stages.

"Hey look," Traci said as she nudged me and pointed toward a large poster on the wall, "it's National Nude Day; they're having an amateur striptease contest to celebrate." I could tell by the gleam in her eye and flushed cheeks that she was intrigued.

"No way, there's no way you're going to get me up there." I whispered back into her ear as a new dancer took to our stage.

The dancer at our stage was a dark-haired goddess named Autumn. She was dressed as a little school girl complete with a red plaid miniskirt and cropped white t-shirt. She wore white knee socks with her 6-inch platform stiletto heels. Her long, soft, chestnut brown hair was pulled up into two ponytails which completed the look perfectly. She worked the stage going from person to person, meeting their gaze intensely as if she were on the prowl. The smoke in the room swirled obscenely around her body, as if each tendril were fingers caressing her.

I noticed Traci uncross her legs and lean back, she looked incredible tonight. At 5'9" the short skirt she'd worn only accented her already extremely long tan legs. Her short blonde hair was spiked and there was an aura of confidence about her. She was a tattooed and pierced edgy woman but I also knew the sensual, introspective side of her that most people never got to see. We'd been friends since college and had seen each other through good times and bad. It was refreshing to see her so radiant and sexy tonight.

I was distracted from my thoughts by the sound of Autumn's stiletto heels clicking past us. The techno music pounded overhead and a coy little smile appeared on Autumn's pouty pink lips as she would entice a customer to stand and be subjected to her whims. Traci and I watched spellbound while she asked a big burly man to stand up. The beat of the music shook the room as she slinked down onto all fours in front of the man. She flipped up the back of her flirty little skirt and backed up to him. Through her silky g-string panties her warm pussy was pressed hard against the noticeable bulge in his pants. She arched her back and began bucking and flailing her pony tails like a bitch in heat while bouncing so hard against his cock that he temporarily lost his balance and stumbled backward.

Of course, all the men at the table loved seeing this sexy little waif of a woman cause the huge bear of a man to lose his balance, along with his self control. She may have looked like a lamb but there was no doubt that she fucked like a lioness. Just then, she pushed up and stood. Her back to the man, she bent over slowly at the waist as she slid her schoolgirl skirt down over her sexy, toned thighs. Her tight ass was near his face and I could see the perspiration forming on his upper lip. He reached out and ran his hand over her warm skin. From where I was seated I could see her eyes flutter slightly as she ran her hands up under the tight white little t-shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing it aside. Was she getting turned on? I couldn't help but wonder to myself. I sat transfixed, watching her seduce this man. I wasn't sure if she was getting turned on but the warm wet sensation between my legs left little doubt that I was.

"Thanks for being such a good sport, you're a sweetheart." She said to Mr. Bear with her breathless sexy voice, as he wiped the sweat from his lip with the cuff of his perfectly starched white dress shirt. He roughly shoved a wad of dollar bills into the sides of her g-string with his sweaty, sausage-like fingers.

As the song ended and another began, Autumn turned and swiftly pulled the money out from her g-string, tossing it into the middle of the stage atop the already mountainous pile of bills she had acquired.

The beat began again and I inhaled deeply as she turned to me. She sauntered my way and I noticed how truly beautiful she was. Those girlish pony tails framed a lovely face with large dark expressive eyes. Glistening with perspiration her breasts were not large but very natural looking with perky pink nipples jutting upward. She had the toned athletic legs of a dancer and I could tell that she knew how to turn on the charm. She slithered down onto all fours again and began crawling toward me. I could feel my face flush as I felt the gaze of so many people staring at us. It was strangely exciting and erotic for me.

She crawled over to me like a cat; I could smell her intoxicating perfume wafting around us as she narrowed her eyes and leaned forward. Her face was just inches away from mine as she began nuzzling her cheek against mine. The vixen purred into my ear, "You're so sexy; I wish you'd dance with me."

"I just couldn't, I'd be too embarrassed." I stammered back.

"Don't you want to join me, up here, elevated from the rest of the world?" She taunted.

I had to admit, the thought of all those people watching me was very exciting indeed. I've always had an equal appreciation of both exhibitionism and voyeurism.

"You and your friend are so sexy together; you should enter the National Nude Day contest." She continued trying to entice us.

Being the adventurous type, Traci was all for it. She begged and pleaded with me to join her but I just agreed to offer my cheers and whistles tucked safely in the shadows.

"Why don't you two meet me outside the door marked 'Dreamgirls' when my shift is finished in 10 minutes, I've got something to show you." She said with a wink.

Ten minutes later we were standing outside the Dreamgirls door when suddenly Autumn breezed over to us. "Come with me." She said while holding the door open.

I couldn't believe my eyes when we entered, there were unbelievably sexy women sitting around fixing makeup, spraying and teasing hair, putting on costumes and reapplying lotions and perfumes. "Hey Autumn, I see you found some contestants for the National Nude Day Contest." A busty blonde with a raspy voice called out to our newfound friend. "Yes, I'm going to give them a few pointers." Autumn said as she giggled and winked at us again.

She turned to Traci first and gave her a long look from head to toe, "Come here hon, you're quite a bit taller than me but I think I've got just the right costume for you."

I couldn't believe this wonderful woman was going to actually share her costumes with Traci but I suspected that the contest wasn't getting too many contestants so she was only trying to make the evening more profitable for the club. Whatever her motivation, I knew Traci was having a fun time and that's all that mattered to me. Autumn took Traci's hand and pulled her toward a back room.

"Are you ready Jessica?" Autumn yelled to me when Traci was almost dressed and ready to make her grand entrance.

Traci came around the corner and I gasped. She was wearing a tiny red, white, and blue bikini with thong bottoms and only two gold stars held together by skimpy strings covering her very large breasts. Every step she took made those breasts jiggle and strain harder to get out. She'd even changed into some of Autumn's shoes and was now towering over all of us. She looked hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July.

"Hey Jessica, why don't you let Autumn pick something out for you," Traci pleaded, "just for fun."

After seeing Traci's miraculous makeover I couldn't resist the temptation. "Okay, but only for fun." I replied.

Autumn once again disappeared to the back costume area with a devilish grin on her face. I heard her emerging from the costume area before I actually saw her. What was that sound? Was it leather, rubber, maybe vinyl? She draped a sexy policewoman costume over the back of the chair. It was latex and made scrunchy sounds each time it was touched.

"Try it on, sugar." Autumn purred.

I went into the back and undressed. I slid the tight blue top on, wiggling my ample breasts upward amazed at the cleavage this outfit created. I pulled the skintight black skirt on; it fit like a glove but was so tight that it was definitely a no panties type of outfit. I pushed my wet g-string panties down over my thighs and stepped out of them. The skirt had a slit in the front that ended perilously close to my bare pussy. I grabbed the shiny silver badge and pinned it to my left breast area. Tossing my long straight silky brown hair, I put the leather police hat on. The final prop was a long, black nightstick that hung at my side. I turned and looked into the mirror for the first time. The costume fit my petite frame perfectly. My long hair cascaded over my shoulders while the hat accented my high cheekbones and full lips.

"Oh my." I sighed breathlessly.

I teetered out in the heels that Autumn had selected for me, they were a little large for my size 6 feet but nonetheless they made my legs look fantastic. "Jessica, you look so fucking hot!" Traci struggled to get the words out, one by one, slowly emphasizing each syllable.

"Well I do think we've got two gals here that are ready for the stage." Autumn said as she clapped her hands together and giggled like an excited little school girl.

"What do you think; will you help make my birthday a memorable one?" Traci pleaded with her best sad puppy dog eyes look. I melted.

"Okay, I'll do it." I said shyly.

"Ladies and gentlemen," a loud booming voice came over the speakers, "this lovely Monday evening of July 14th is National Nude Day and what better way to celebrate than to have an amateur striptease contest." The crowd erupted in a flurry of applause and whistling. A man that had obviously overindulged in libations slurred out "Bring out the nekid girlssss; I wanna see some hot pussy!"

Traci and I peeked out the door and were excited to see that the crowd has tripled in size from what it had been. It was a mob out there, and obviously they wanted to see some 'hot pussy', I cringed. We stood in the shadows watching while one then another amateur dancer was called to the stage. Those girls danced their hearts out but this crowd was rowdy and hard to please. The next girl was announced and I watched a statuesque blonde with a dazzling smile and quite possibly the largest boob job I'd ever seen walk to the stage.

"Oh no, we're never going to beat that woman." Traci groaned.

Blondie stood there poised and waited for the music to start. As the beat began she started moving in a robotic side to side motion. She looked awesome as long as she stood totally still. I had to muffle my laughter when she actually attempted to moonwalk across the stage. When the song ended there was some light applause then a heckler yelled out "Hey Blondie, I'd fuck 'ya as long as you promise not to ever dance again!" followed by raucous laughter.

"Okay girls, you're up next." Autumn said as she kissed both our cheeks and gave us some last minute preparation. She put her hands on my breasts and gave my nipples a playful tweak and reached around and gave my ass a slap before doing the same to Traci. "Now go out there and make me proud; and remember tonight that you're above that crowd. I want you to savor that feeling."

We teetered toward the stage in our borrowed costumes. By now the crowd was in a feeding frenzy and eager for a show. Our bodies glistened under the spotlights as we were announced. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a special treat for you. These two lovely ladies are from right here in St. Louis and one of them is a birthday girl." The crowd once again erupted into applause. Mr. Heckler leered at us with his drunken gaze. "Contestants number 4 and 5 are Jessica and Traci." The announcer said as we took our places.

The music began and Traci pranced forward like a thoroughbred, one long leg extended in front of the other. God, she was so sexy. I listened to the music pound and its hypnotic beat drew me in while Traci and I began dancing with one another. Our arms were wrapped around one another while we looked into each others eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her passionately while our breasts rubbed together. The crowd went crazy. We broke free from our embrace and slithered down to our knees. We both crawled catlike to opposite ends of the stage, our limbs stretching and backs arching like pussies on the prowl. Traci worked one end of that stage like a pro while I snarled and purred at the customers seated below. I looked into the faces of those men and women and saw exactly what Autumn had seen. Lust, their passion was written all over their faces. I pushed up so that I was on my knees, spreading my legs wide revealing my bare pussy to the crowd. I gyrated and danced, arching my back and running my hands over my breasts, it was nasty simulated fucking and the crowd was going insane.

Just then I saw Traci prancing toward the shiny golden pole located in the middle of the stage. Don't do it, I thought to myself. No one had even attempted to pole dance during the amateur contest and I wasn't sure that this was a good idea. She leaped onto that pole like a pro and wrapped those beautiful legs around it but evidently she had put too much lotion on her legs so she lost her grip on the pole. She slid ungracefully down the length of that rod and landed with a thud on the stage. The force of the fall caused her already perilously covered breasts to break free and the tiny strings holding the golden stars of her costume snapped. Her massive tits poured forth as the crowd erupted in cheers and whistles. Closing her eyes seductively she simply reached up running her fingers through her spiked hair, down her neck and over her large breasts. Her nipples were large and stood proud and erect for the world to see.

I strutted across my end of the stage and looked down at a man that had been bragging earlier that evening about being there to celebrate his 21st birthday. He looked up at me and licked his lips. I knew there was fire in my eyes; I wanted this man to fall under my spell. I reached up and began shimmying out of the top of my police uniform. I spread my legs wide as I pulled the latex over my head and tossed it back away from the stage. My breasts bounced as I danced closer to him, my hands roaming over my body. I knelt down and nuzzled my face against his while whispering in his ear, "Hon, would you like me to get you a drink?"

"What, um, sure I guess so." He stuttered.

I laid down on my back and kicked off one stiletto heel and extended my foot over the side of the stage. I dipped and swirled my bright red toes into the icy liquid of the drink that he'd been sipping. I raised my leg high in the air as I spread my thighs and knew that at least 20 people were getting a peek at my wet slit.

"Open your mouth, sweetie." I commanded.

"I have your drink all ready for you." I sneered as I commanded him to lick the sticky sweet concoction off my toes. He licked and sucked like a hungry baby. Hoots and hollers were erupting as I giggled.

I stood and wiggled back into my shoe and turned toward Traci, there was something I'd been dying to do since first seeing this costume. Traci took my cue and glided toward the center of the stage, meeting me.

"Well hello you little birthday vixen." I teased as I reached for her. She spread her thighs and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as she ground her hips against me. Our bodies were covered with perspiration and our hands roamed over each other's bodies as we kissed and rubbed our naked breasts together.

I helped her lay down on the stage as I kneeled on all fours above her. I crawled over her body starting at her head, my mouth found hers and I kissed her deeply. My tongue pushed past her lips and she moaned into my mouth as I roamed her body with my hands. I moved farther down the length of her body kissing and nibbling as I went. My tongue reached out and flicked across her nipples and I felt her body shiver as I moved into a 69 position. I vaguely heard the roar of the crowd. I buried my face between her legs and reached out with my tongue, running it over the material of her bikini bottoms and inhaling the warm wet scent of her pussy. Rising up, I tossed my hat off as my long hair spilled all around her legs. Tossing my head from side to side I pretended to eat a piece of the birthday girls pie, I know most people have cake but this year I was having pie.

I pulled her up roughly up and smiled slyly at her as I reached for my nightstick.

"Bend over." I hoarsely yelled to her over the roar of the crowd.

I put one hand on her back, bending her over farther at the waist as I slid the nightstick out of my belt. I suggestively sucked the tip of the nightstick and then rubbed it against my own steamy, drenched pussy. The long black nightstick, a graphic phallic symbol was between my legs as I slid it along Traci's snatch. She bucked and fucked me back while I slid it along her pussy, just grazing over her sensitive clit again and again. I knew that I was getting insanely hot watching the length of my 'cock' slide in and out of her and we were in a frenzy. I needed to cum. The thought slammed into me and I couldn't stop it.

I pulled her up, turned her head and kissed her roughly and whispered into her ear, "Follow me, and don't hold back." Dropping the nightstick I slinked closer to the edge of the stage, searching for just the right man. There he was. A quiet looking man in his 20's with brown hair and eyes. He didn't know it yet, but this was his lucky night.

Traci and I made our way over to the table that he was sitting at and began by pushing him back away from the table so that everyone in the room could see and also so that we could have more access to him. We paraded around him, pawing at him. He must have come straight from the office or perhaps he was someone traveling here on business because he was still dressed in his suit. I leaned forward and slowly loosened his tie and mused with his hair while Traci straddled one of his legs and smiled at him. He seemed hypnotized, he didn't say a word as we each straddled a leg. He simply smiled and slightly closed his eyes as if in ecstasy.

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