tagLoving WivesBirthday Treat

Birthday Treat


It was a hot day in South Texas, typical for my birthday in the middle of the summer. Tina and I arrived at the golf course at 8:00 a.m., after having dropped off Zaida at daycare. It was a Wednesday, and I had taken the day off as a treat. Little did I know that Tina had a treat in store for me.

After I checked in at the pro shop, I picked up my golf cart and went out to where we had parked to load up my clubs and the ice chest. The golf course was empty, typical for this time of year on a weekday. But that's precisely why we had chosen this time to come out. As I loaded up my clubs, Tina turned off the car and came out to meet me. She smiled at me as she started to take off her t-shirt. I wasn't sure what was going on and was about to protest when I realized she had on her tight white tank top underneath it. Her 34DD breasts strained the spandex, and her nipples and shapely tits were on full display.

"Happy birthday, Babe." She winked at me, then coyly added "Oh my goodness, I've forgotten to wear a bra! I'd better keep the t-shirt close in case we run across other golfers. I don't want anyone else seeing what is only meant for you."

I was instantly hard. At least we already know that my golf game is shit, so I can enjoy the scenery. I was amazed when Tina then sat in the golf cart and peeled off her sweats to reveal a pair of tight denim shorts.

"Are those new?" I queried.

"Yep. I figured you would enjoy seeing my legs, and they show off my ass, too. Do you like them?"

I knew what she wanted to hear, and I wasn't going to disappoint her. "I love them!"

Tina and I had been married for 9 years, and we had had more than our fair share of shit to deal with. This summer had been a good one, so we were both enjoying it. I was hoping this would be a good birthday. I hadn't had one of those in a long, long time, and we needed to reconnect after a tough year. We headed to the first green, and at the first bump, I knew it would be a good day. Tina's tits bounced with every bump, unconstrained by a bra, and shining from the sunscreen she had liberally applied. It was a good thing she hadn't asked me for help with it, or we would have ended up fucking in the car. She was showing miles of cleavage, my favorite, and when she leaned forward, I noticed the waistband of her panties and knew she was wearing a thong.

I golfed nine holes, enjoying the quiet, and Tina was enjoying the sun and the low stress of the morning. The drive to the back nine was rather long, with the 10th hole starting at the back of the property, out of sight of the clubhouse and the surrounding neighborhoods. As we drew closer, Tina looked at me and winked. "I want you to enjoy me." And with that, she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them to her ankles. "Touch me."

It wasn't her favorite, but she knew I loved touching her pussy and seeing her get wet. We parked in the shade of a large oak tree, and I reached over, put my right arm around her, and pulled her panties aside with my left hand while I kissed her. Tina moaned as I kissed her and gently played with her clit. Her moans grew in strength as she got wetter. I kissed her neck, and when she pulled down the shoulder of her tank top to free her breast, I took it in my mouth. I sucked harder and harder as she got wetter and my fingers dug deeper into her warm cunt. I wanted to remove my shorts and fuck her right there in the cart, but I knew we were already taking a chance at getting caught as it was. So I continued touching and sucking on Tina, not verbalizing my personal goal of giving her multiple orgasms during the day. She was wound pretty tight, and had been raised by an overly strict Baptist preacher-father, so she struggled to let loose and enjoy sex. I took my time, building slowly and enjoying watching her tits heave and her pussy juices soak my fingers and her panties.

Tina pulled my head into her bosom and let out a cry "Oh, god, Jesse! God, I love it when you suck my tits! Fuck me, Babe!" Tina's rocking was giving the golf cart suspension a tough go of it, and suddenly she opened her eyes, looked me in the eyes and screamed "God, I love it when you suck me and fuck me!" and closed her eyes and shook in climax. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers, and her juices flowed freely. As her climax subsided, Tina looked at me again and proclaimed, "Wow! I didn't know it would be that amazing to be fingered. You can do that to me any time you want!"

Little did she know, I would take advantage of that offer again very soon.

Little did I know that she had goals of her own... After pulling up her shorts, I was about to drive to the next tee, when Tina leaned over and unbuttoned my shorts.

"What are you doing?" I asked, not really wanting her to stop whatever she was about to do.

"I'm going to suck your cock, Babe. Now relax." Tina got on her knees, a position of submission that wasn't her norm, pulled down my shorts and boxers, and engulfed my cock. I leaned back, enjoying the bliss of being pleasured. After an all-too-short period, she sat up, looked me in the eyes, and said "My god, you're big. I can't wait to get it into my pussy while you suck my tits."

I didn't know what to say. Tina was being a vixen, an animal, insatiable, submissive, and seductive. She was a new woman. "I love you, Jesse. And I want things between us to be better. And I know that starts with me being better to you."

I golfed the last nine holes, and we talked and laughed, held hands, and threw water on each other. I'll admit, I started that one because I wanted to see Tina in her wet tank-top. She obliged me by pouring an entire bottle of water over her chest and letting me take pictures of her before she put on her t-shirt and we headed back to the pro shop. But the image was burned into my memory, as was the taste of her nipples.

We had lunch at Chili's, and Tina had two margaritas, enough to make her tipsy and loose. As we headed home, Tina held my name and talked incessantly. She was drunk now. But she had done it on purpose. She needed to let loose. When we arrived home, Tina went to her knees as I closed the garage door and opened the door into the house. She yanked down my shorts and began sucking my cock. I leaned against the doorframe and enjoyed the attention and submission. But she wanted my seed inside her womb. She wanted to give me a son, and she would let no seed go to waste. She stood up uneasily, and I steadied her. "Take me to bed, Dr. Richards. Use me for your pleasure.

I walked Tina to the bedroom and removed her shorts and panties. I was about to remove her top when she pulled me down to the bed with her. "Fuck me, studly man. Fuck me hard."

I wasn't about to waste this opportunity. So I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy as she pulled up her knees and moaned. I didn't last long. Our warm, sweaty bodies entwined, her legs wrapped around me as I came in her cunt and whispered into her ear.

We fell asleep and enjoyed an afternoon nap. I figured my birthday surprise was over, and when we awoke, I went to shower. But I was wrong. I was a minute into my shower, about to wash up, when Tina walked in, stark naked, and hugged me. We held each other and enjoyed the water rushing over us, but she soon began grinding her body against mine. My cock responded like the trooper he was and rose to the occasion. Tina turned around, bent over, and guided my cock into her pussy. I rammed my cock home and felt her clamp down onto me. I loved taking her from behind, but again, it wasn't something she enjoyed. But she was being submissive to me, and I enjoyed it. I grabbed her tits, which were swinging wildly as I rammed my cock into her. I loved having my hands on her tits. As I went faster, I lost control of myself, slamming into her, swearing, cursing, fucking her wildly, an animal with complete control of his mate; fucking his submissive mate who was happy to let me enjoy myself.

I pulled out of her, turned her around, lifted her up, and plunged my cock deep into her as I pinned her against the wall of the shower. Holding her by her knees, I was deeper inside her than ever, and I longed to cum inside her again. Into my ear she whispered "Fuck me hard, Dr. Richards. God, I love feeling your cock explode inside my pussy. I love seeing you look at me lustfully, wanting me, enjoying my body." I shot another load of my seed deep inside her, quivering in ecstasy. When I opened my eyes, she was smiling at me. "You like it when I submit to you, don't you?"

"I love it." It was all I could say. I was still shaking.

"Happy birthday, Sweetheart. Today we start fresh. Blank slate. We're going to make this work."

I gently lowered her as my cock went limp. I held her, feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. We had been through a lot of shit. Between her parents interfering in our relationship and sabotaging us, to Tina's temper tantrums, control freak tendencies, and withholding sex for months at a time, we were nearing the end of our relationship, and we both knew it. There weren't words for the moment, so we just held each other. We washed each other's bodies, kissed, and enjoyed the quiet. Soon, it was time to get Zaida from day camp. Tina offered to go get her, and we met at Chuck E. Cheese for an impromptu family fun night, which we hadn't done in a long time. Once home, we went for our evening run/bike ride, then headed home to clean up and get ready for bed. We read Zaida a story together, and she fell asleep faster and more contented than she had in a while.

"Want to watch a movie together?" I asked, thinking we would watch a show, then feel asleep. But Tina had other plans.

"Nope. It's time for your birthday gift."

I was shocked. "I thought I had already opened my birthday gift...twice...with lots of unwrapping along the way."

Tina smiled at me. "No, sexy man. There's something you've been wanting to do since our honeymoon, and it's time I give it to you. Follow me."

Tina led me to the back yard, and on the deck I had recently built was a new hot tub. "Wow! You got us a hot tub?!"

"I did. We could both use the stress relief. Now strip down and enjoy." She ordered.

"Ummm, shouldn't we go put on our swim suits?"

"I am. But you don't need one." Tina was being both in charge and seductive. And I was enjoying it.

"Yes ma'am." I shed my shorts and climbed in. The water was perfectly warm, and the jets were just what I needed after my run. Tina disappeared back into the house, so I leaned back and enjoyed the water and the night sky. I heard the back door open and Tina's footsteps, so I opened my eyes.

"Happy birthday, sexy man!" Tina stood in front of me in a new swimsuit. It was black, low-cut in the front and back, and it showed off her curves. I was hard again instantly. She stepped into the hot tub and walked over to me, straddled my lap, and kissed me. She began to grind her cunt against my cock as she shoved her cleavage into my face. "You like my curves and my big titties, don't you?"

I didn't respond. I didn't have to. I began to peel off her swimsuit, her tits bouncing as they were freed, her nipples erect and hard, longing to be sucked.

"Yes, you do, my love. You love my body. And it's yours. You can have it any time you want. You can do whatever you want to me. I know you love me, and I won't take that for granted anymore." Tina reached down to her cunt and pulled her swimsuit to one side, giving my cock access to her secret garden. She impaled herself on my cock and began grinding, letting me feel inside her, giving me all of herself. "Lift me up, Love. I love it when you're deep inside me."

I lifted her up, pulling her knees with my elbows, and felt my cock slide balls deep into her cunt. I pushed hard into her as she threw her head back and moaned in pleasure. After five minutes of slamming into her, I was spent. But I wanted to cum inside her. And I knew she wanted the same. I lowered her legs and extricated my cock from her pussy, then sat her on the side of the hot tub and lowered my head to her cunt. I forced her legs apart and dove into her clit, sucking her sweet button while reaching for her G-spot with my middle finger. Tina moaned louder, her tits heaving with each breath. "Oh god, Jesse, please don't stop fucking me. Please make me yours. Own me, use me to pleasure yourself. Plant your seed inside me and get me pregnant. Oh god, fuuuuuccccckkkk me!!" She shook in her climax, her legs clamped around my head as I sucked her clit.

Tina pushed my head away and pulled me up to kiss her. I kissed her passionately, and I felt her legs wrap around me, pulling me in. My cock found her pussy, and I slid in effortlessly. She was wet, and she wanted more. I continued to kiss her as I slowly thrust in and out of her. A cool night breeze blew across our bodies, both cooling and titillating us, giving us a second wind. Tina looked in my eyes and whispered to me, "I know we can't get pregnant again, but I wish we could. Make love to me like you did in the beginning, Jesse. Make love to me like you want me to have your baby. Get me pregnant. I want you inside me."

I continued pushing into her as she leaned back, the moonlight glistening off her still-damp breasts, enjoying our slow, sensual rhythm. Our day had been filled with lust and satiating each other's sexual desires. This was making love. Tina held on to me, letting me thrust into her and watch her breasts move with each beat of our rhythmic quest.

"I love you, Tina." I always have.

"I love you, too, Jesse. I always will."

We kissed, and I held her close to me. Tina pulled up her knees, and whispered "You liked my new swimsuit, didn't you?"

"I did. I love your body, your curves, your breasts, your secret garden. And your swimsuit accentuates those and turns me on."

"Well, then, I'll have to wear it more often." She teased me.

Her teasing, along with the mental picture of her in black spandex, pushed me over the edge. I exploded into her once again, pushing deep, holding her tightly, our bodies inseparable.

"There you go, Dr. Richards. I love it when you explode inside me. Now I'm marked as yours." She stroked my back as my quivering eased.

We sat in the hot tub together for a while, enjoying the bliss and the starts. Through the back window, I saw the kitchen clock, and it was 11:00 p.m. The day had been amazing, and hopefully the start of a new era in our relationship. We exited the hot tub, dried off, and went inside. We slept fitfully, and when my alarm went off Thursday morning, Tina was bringing me coffee.

Maybe turning 40 wasn't so bad after all.

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