tagLoving WivesBirthday Treats Pt. 01

Birthday Treats Pt. 01


Chapter I

Her phone buzzes with a new text.

"Are you at the hotel yet?" a smile forms as she reads the message from her hubby.

"Yes. Just got in the room" she replied, setting her bags on the hotel bed.

"How was your flight?" He asks.

"Long... But fun. First Class is the best and I can't complain about free drinks!" A small smile forms on her lips thinking back to the flight.

"Oh and I made a new friend ;)" and attaches the pic she snapped from this morning's flight. She feel excited! A little scared! A little guilty. The adrenaline hits her with a jolt as she look at the image once more. His innocent wife's hand around a stranger's hard dick that she just met on an airplane. His cum dripping over her fingers. Her wedding ring sparkles through her new friend's seamen.

In a nervous twitch, she spins the diamond ring around her finger, not quite believing it's the same hand as in the picture about to be sent to her loving hubby. Her heart pounding she hit send and awaits his response.

Her thoughts run wild. The inner voice throws question after question at her. Is this what he wants? Will he be angry with me? Jealous?

She begins to justify.

Hell, he's been pushing me to do something like this for a long time. Why should I feel guilty?

Her thoughts take she back to earlier that morning.

By her second vodka & cranberry the plane leveled out into its cruising altitude and the rumble of the jet settled down to a relaxing hum. Resting her forehead against the cool window, gazing down at the earth below, she begins to feel the excitement of her birthday getaway. It was still morning, about 8:30. Early flight, but at least the airport wasn't busy and the security lines moved quickly.

Wearing her favorite sweater, a cream white, loose-knit sweater. Her outfit is finished with her comfy, black yoga leggings. Perfect for traveling, comfortable, yet still looking classy with a touch of sexy. Her long, dirty blonde hair pulled up messily letting a few strands fall framing her face.

Settling into her seat and drink, she feel the vibrations from the engines which makes she think of the chairs she sit in during a pedicure. The low hum of the plane actually relaxes her. The drinks helps as well.

"Quite a bumpy takeoff." the man in the seat next to her says. He's flipping aimlessly through the airline provided magazine from the seat back.

Smiling politely she agrees with him. "Yes, it was quite bumpy."

He's dressed in a casual office attire. Dark jeans, dress shirt sans tie, open top buttons and accented with a black wool sportcoat. Definitely not purchased from the mall chain store suitshop, it fits him too well. His hair was messy & longer on top, shorter underneath, salt & peppery color. Blue eyes. Nice smile. Handsome with a touch of ruggedness. Confident, though experienced.

"Pleasure or work?" He asks.

"Pleasure, of course. Who goes to Vegas for work?" She giggle. Either from the vodka or from his smile.

"Actually... I do." He laughs back. "Well, work convention anyway. I can't get too crazy. Still have to function during the day."

"Well, you know what they say, all work and no play... This is my birthday weekend. All play for me!" With a wink.

"Alone in Vegas for your birthday?"

"No. Well, on my own just for today, my friends are coming out tomorrow evening. I wanted a day in Vegas to myself. My husband has something planned for me tonight, he says it's a surprise that I'll find out later. Probably a massage or something like that"

"Oh, that sounds mysterious? Is he not joining you on her birthday?"

"No. Work. He couldn't get away from it again." She takes a sip of her drink to help swallow the words. His eyes read her and quickly changes the subject.

"So what are her plans when her friends get in? Are they going to make another Hangover movie about you girls?"

"Hahaha! Maybe? Probably the usual girl stuff. Lounge by the pool mostly. Spa time. Mani's & pedi's? Oh and lots of shopping of course!" Her eyes get big at the thought of exploring all the shops on the strip.

"Sounds like a fine way to spend a day. Are you a gambler?" He shifts in his seat to face her.

"Not one of those people who will spend all weekend at the tables, but I will probably play a few hands at the blackjack table and some slot machines. See how lucky I can get!" She crosses one leg over the other, mirroring him. Even in first class, her long legs don't quite fit comfortably. She angles them in his direction, knees almost touching. Her foot dangles inches from his leg.

"Another cocktail, Ma'am?" The chirpy blonde flight attendant blurts out, making her jump slightly.

"Um... yes please. Vodka cranberry."

"And for you, Sir?"

"Same as the lady, please."

The flight attendant quickly moves to the next aisle asking the same to the the other first class passengers. Not a full flight this morning. It doesn't take long for the flight attendant to fix the drinks and returns promptly. She hands him the vodka cranberries. His fingers brush over hers as he hands her the glass. His touch sends a shock-like warm tingle through her body.

What the hell was that? A voice in her head questions. Her brain tries to make sense of it, but her body tells it to shut up! Must be the vodka breakfast!

A soft smile forms on her lips. She continues the chat with him a little more, sipping her drink, enjoying his attention. He's a perfect gentleman. Not cocky, but charming. She find herself comfortable with him, leaning into the conversation. Soft touches on his arm. Playful laughing at his jokes. If someone didn't know any better, they may think she were flirting with him. Maybe she is.

"So you're married?" Bringing the conversation back to that.

"Yes. 11 years. Since he couldn't be here with me, I guess he felt bad and this is kinda his gift to me."

"He trusts you to be all alone in a place like Vegas? He must be very trusting."

"Yes. Well, we have always been completely honest. No secrets. We find that allows us to be more open with each other. He knows that sometimes I need a getaway. Let my hair down, so to speak. I give him his space too when he needs it. It works for us."

"Interesting. Well, as they say, if it works don't fix it." He adds this like a toast and raises his glass to clink with hers.

"I think he actually likes it. You know, letting me let loose once in awhile. I think it excites him."

"Excites him? How so?"

"Well I think since we married young, high school sweethearts, I think he feels bad that I never had the chance to date more or live a little as a single woman. He keeps pushing me to be "more adventurous". Whatever that means."

"You mean like an open marriage?" He asks questioningly.

"Well, no, I've could never... I mean, I haven't ever done anything like that. Like one time we went to a club to go dancing and a stranger asked if I would like to dance with him. I said no, but my husband kept telling me I should and saying it was alright with him."

"Did you end up dancing with him?

"Yes. Nothing happened, but I could tell he was very excited that I danced with this guy.

"Did you like dancing with a strange man?"

"Well... yes, I was nervous of course. At first it was a faster song and we had fun, but then a slower song came on and I started to head back to our table, but he pulled me back in and asked for another dance. He held my hand and started dancing me. I tried to keep a little space between us in case my husband was getting jealous, but each time I glanced over to him, he was just watching with a goofy smile on his face. And I didn't want to be rude to my dance partner. To be honest, I did like when he pulled me in close against his body."

"So you did like it."

"Yes, I just felt funny that I was dancing so close with another man while my husband watched. But when I returned to our table, he said how beautiful I looked out there and how hot I was. I figured it was all the drinks we had, but ever since that night he's been "encouraging" me to dress sexier, be more flirty and stuff. We even have a silly bet that whenever I go out without him, like with my friends or something, if I get a "sexy" selfie with a guy, or his number, I win."

"You win? What do you win?" His eyebrow goes up in a quizzical look.

"Ummmmm... I get my way in bed. he's like my slave for the night. Whatever I want." feeling a bit embarrassed and she start to feel herself blush. His knee brushes her leg. She bounces her foot nervously. He watches her turn red.

"Oh I see. So it's like a win-win! Not to bad of a situation, if you ask me. She get to have fun, be flirty AND get taken care of in bed for doing it."

"Ya, I guess so."

How did this conversation get to this? She thinks to herself and gulps her drink.

"So, can I ask how many numbers and selfies have you been able to get so far?" He asks a confident smirk.

"Oh I do alright." With a wink.

"But you've never taken it further?"

"No. Well... since I've already told you this much, I should add that I did... or still do have some steamy sexting rounds with one of the guys I met. We started texting, which turned to flirting, which eventually lead to sexual situations."

She smiles, reminiscing some of the conversations.

"To tell you the truth, I'm kind of liking the attention and I have been finding myself thinking about if I would do more."

She drops the hint and watches his eyes to see if he picked it up.

"I think he knows that and that's why he's given me this extra time in Vegas. He wants me to have some time to let my hair down without him watching over my shoulder. Make lots of friends and take lots of selfies for him is what he told me to do with my free night!"

She let that hang in the conversation and drinks the last of her drink. He looks at her with a smirk, clearly catching her meaning. There's an uncomfortable lull in conversation, the damned "seven minute silence". Neither speaks, not knowing where to go after her last comment. He shifts a little in his seat and looks like he's about to say whatever he's thinking, but holds back. Instead he adjusts the small AC vent above his head and takes a long sip of his drink.

Don't stop now! The voice in her head barks. She likes his attention. She wants to continue the conversation. To see just how far she can go with this. Her heart thumps in her chest. She needs a moment to recompose herself.

"Excuse me, I need to use the restroom."

He nods with a smile and stands up to let her out. She grasps her purse and stands, crouching with the low ceiling above their seats. Her loose sweater falls open giving him a nice view of her 36C's. She feels his eyes on her. Escaping the seats to the aisle, she makes sure to brush against him softly. He can't see her smile as she walks down the aisle. Once inside the lavatory, she looks at herself in the restroom mirror.

Her thoughts spin in her inebriated brain. What's gotten into me? Am I really attracted to him?

Maybe it's the early morning flight, the cocktails, the fact that she's on her way to Vegas... alone, but this conversation has her feeling flushed and suddenly very warm in her sweater dress. She wonders how she can keep his attention on her. Then an idea hits her. That electric sensation shoots through her body again, landing in her lower abdomen.

Ohhh yes. I just need to show him what I have to offer.

She smiles at her reflection, not quite recognizing the stranger staring back at her. She reaches under her sweater and unclasps her bra. She stuffs it anxiously in her purse. Her breasts move freely under the soft sweater. Her nipples grow hard with excitement of her plan. She leaves the lavatory, upon returning, he begins to stand up to let her in.

"No, please sit. I need to put my purse up in the overhead compartment and get something from my bag. He sits as she stand inches away.

Loose sweater... arms raised above her head... time for some blatant showing off and attention. She pops the compartment door and lift it upward. Her raised arms pull the bottom of her sweater upward causing it to rise above her waistline. Definitely exposing her bare navel. He glances at her stomach.

Her fire grows deep inside.

Purposely fidgeting with the bags, acting like she is trying to make room for her purse and retrieve an item, she stretches higher. Pushing up to her tippy toes and leaning forward into the overhead compartment, she can feel her top rise even higher and fall away from her front. The close quarters of an airplane aisle, even in first class, she knows at his viewpoint and her top being so loose, he could probably just make out the bottom of her breasts if he wanted to. She feel his eyes exploring she. She can almost feel his warm breath against her bare skin. She needs to see if he took the bait and quickly glances down.

Oh yes. Her inner voice smiles.

He is locked on her body. She feels her panties dampen. Feeling like any longer would be obvious that she're playing, she decide to wrap it up and grabs her phone charger and moves to take her seat. She slip into the row before giving him a chance to stand like a gentlemen. Choosing to go the ass to face method, she make sure to move slow and purposefully. Her black leggings, like a second skin, shows off her shapely ass. If he looked hard enough, I'm sure he could make out her black, lace thong. His eyes don't leave her. He obviously liked what she's showing. The electric, warm tingle turns into a slow burning, now very low and deep inside. Her sex burns with desire. Just as she is passing between his legs, the plane rumbles with turbulence. Nothing very rough, but she quickly take advantage of the situation and pretend to lose her balance, falling into his lap. She feel his hands on her, catching her by her sides, just below her tits.

"Ohhh shit!" She laugh as she sit in his lap. "I'm sorry for my clumsiness! Must be the vodka."

He doesn't remove his hands right away, he steadies her. They feel so good on her. His strong hands holding her close. She gives a quick glance around the cabin, no one seems interested in her activities. Mostly reading, sleeping watching the movie. The cabin lights are off and most of the shades have been drawn to keep it mostly dark around them. Her hands instinctively take his and slide them up to her breasts and let him feel her braless tits.

"Mmmmm thank god you were there to catch me." pushing her ass down harder on his crotch. She slowly slides over to her seat letting his hands feel her body.

That feels so good. The voice in her head coos.

She slips a hand onto his leg as she playfully thank him again, slowly move it upward.

All he can do is smile and utter a soft "My pleasure."

He shifts in his seat again, trying to not call too much attention from the other passengers. She reaches her hand higher to the now growing bulge in his pants.

"Did you like touching me?" She ask as her fingers caress his erection through his pants.

"Very much." He whispers with a sharp breath.

"I have never felt another man besides my husband. But as, I said before, I find myself wanting to."

Her fingers move up and down his length. He's almost fully erect.

"I know he wouldn't mind if did. He'd probably love to see my hand wrapped around a big... hard... strange cock." She pauses dramatically between her last few words, letting them hang in the air.

"I'm getting wet just thinking about yours in my hand."

He shifts again, angling himself toward her, allowing her hand more access. She raises her hand to the attendant call button and pushes it.

The flight attendant promptly comes their way.He eases the tray table down trying to block the site of her hand on his crotch.

"Yes?" the attendant asks.

"I'm getting chilly, could I get a blanket, please?

"Of course." She slips away and quickly returns with the blanket. She hands it to her and asks if there is anything else she could get them.

"No thank you."

They both smile politely and the attendant walks back to the front cabin. She quickly opens the blanket and drapes it over both of their laps, giving her cover for her eager hands. She slowly unbuttons and unzips his fly. He helps her gently pull out his hard dick.

"Oh my... you're very big". She whisper as she grips his girth. He feels warm. Different. Soft, but hard as a rock. She moves her hand up and down, feeling all of him that she can. Her pussy burns at the touch of a strange cock in her hand.

Her inner voice agrees. Oh my this feels good...

She brings her hand to her mouth and spits onto it, returning her hand to his cock, she covers his tip with her saliva and begins to slowly stroke his length. He takes a sharp breath again, mixed in a soft moan, barely audible over the jet engines. His cock feels so different in her hands, he's definitely thicker and longer. She can feel his erection respond in her hand, she realize how wet her panties are. She watches him as she continues pumping him. Up and down, careful not to make too much noise. She watches her hand move under the blanket wishing she could see it. His pre-cum mixes with her saliva and her hand glides up and down his length. She feel his muscles tense and stroke a little faster, sensing he's getting close.

"Cum for me. I want to feel you on my hand."


She moves the blanket back to watch him cum. A few more strokes and she watches his first spurt jet out onto her hand and onto the blanket. She feels the hot, wet sensation covering her fingers as she strokes him. Another spurt. Then another. He unloads on her hand. It runs through her fingers.

"Oh yes. There's so much!" She admires the site, not believing it's real. Like she had been watching it through someone else's eyes, but still somehow it was her.

"I don't know what came over me, I just know I wanted you in my hands."

"Oh my god, that was amazing. I'm just glad I didn't choose a different seat! They laugh softly together. She softly strokes him as she reaches for her iPhone with her free hand and flicks on the camera.

"May I? He'd love to see what his innocent wife just did!"

"Of course! Show him how much I liked his wife's touch." He added.

She snaps a pic of her hand around his cock, glistening with his cum dripping over her fingers. Making sure to catch it dripping off her wedding ring.

Nice touch. The proud inner voice notes.

"I'll send that to him as soon as we land."

She brings her wet fingers to her lips and tastes him, licking his cum from her fingers.

"Mmm... You taste good. I'd love more of that."

She gently cleans him with the blanket, knowing they don't reuse uncleaned blankets, zips him back up. He recomposes himself then heads to the front of the plane to fetch some hot towels from the first class attendant.

"Thank you." As he hands her a couple. She cleans the rest of her hands.

"Can I get a copy of that pic too?"

"Of course. What's your number? I'll text it to you too."

She put his number in her phone.

His number may come in handy later. Her inner voice smiles mischievously.

She thinks to herself and flashes him a wicked smile.

"Where will you be staying in Vegas?"

"MGM. The Signature, actually. The convention is at the Convention Center there. You?"

"Mandalay Bay, The Delano."

"You'll be right across the street from me." He adds.

"Well... Maybe we'll get lucky and bump into each other? I do have your number now, just in case."

"I hope so." His eyes lock hers. She find herself hoping it happens. Imagining what his lips would taste like. How his hands would touch her skin. How his hard cock would feel inside her...

Bzzz... Bzzzzzz... Her phone snaps her back to her hotel room. Another text from Hubby.


"Is that your hand???"

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