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Bisexual Black Men's Wives


There isn't a lot of positive literature out there about the lives of bisexual men. Especially bisexual black men. Whenever they're mentioned, it's usually not because of something pleasant. The black community is very homophobic and black people who swing both ways are seen as a blight upon their communities. A black male who identifies as bisexual is seen as fair game by the haters. As the wife of such a man, I don't find this funny at all.

My name is Evelyn Roberts. I'm a six-foot-tall, curvy yet fit, very attractive, licorice-skinned young black woman living in the West Side area of Milton, Massachusetts. I've recently graduated from Boston College with a degree in Criminal Justice. I decided to attend Boston College Law School. It's my dream to one day become a lawyer. Why the law? It puts me into everything. Also, lawyers pack a lot of power. The use and misuse of the law has turned modern-day America into a battlefield. Everyone is watching their backs. Especially at work and in schools.

My parents raised me to be an assertive young woman and instilled a great work ethic in me. I come from a family of achievers. My father, Lionel Roberts is a Harvard graduate working as a heart surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. My mother, Leann Alexander Roberts is an Emeritus Professor of Bio-Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My older brother Lawrence is an instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy. My younger brother Cain is a freshman at Emerson College, studying media communications. We do fairly well for ourselves. Proof that if we apply ourselves, black men and black women can achieve the American dream.

I've always been proud of my family. However, we've recently clashed because of the man I love. Adam Wolfgang. A six-foot-two, ruggedly handsome young black man from the city of Brockton. We first met while he was visiting his sister, Isabel Wolfgang at Boston College. You see, Isabel Wolfgang was my roommate during my senior year at BC. We got along wonderfully. This stout, dark-skinned, lively young black woman was the best friend I ever had. She was smart as a whip and one of the nicest people I ever met. When she introduced me to her fine-looking, Hershey-colored brother, I was breathless. I've always liked tall, dark-skinned brothers. And this one was really pretty. When we were introduced, I actually licked my lips. Right in front of him. I don't do this in front of every guy I meet. It's just that he was so fine-looking.

Adam Wolfgang was something else. He was a business administration student at Northeastern University. He played football for the school. Before that, he was a star athlete playing football and basketball at Brockton Community High School. This smart, soulful, cocky young man took my breath away. After his visit, I pestered his sister with questions. Did Adam have a girlfriend? What kind of women did he like? What was his favorite music? Yeah, in case you can't tell, I was quite smitten with him. With his big sister's blessing, we began to date during the 2006-2007 school year. I had never met anyone like Adam. There are quite a few smart people at schools like Boston College, Northeastern University, M.I.T. and Harvard. However, this young black stud was in a class by himself. A star athlete with a genius-level IQ who had already published three urban fiction books before he turned twenty one.

At his school, he had legions of fans. They adored him. On the gridiron, he was an unstoppable force. In the classroom, he was the very definition of genius. He skipped an entire grade by taking online and summer courses while his fellow classmates took some time off. He was handsome, smart and driven. The guy had alpha male written all over him. When he introduced me to his family, I saw where he got his good looks and brains from. I already knew his older sister. He took me to Brockton to meet his parents, William and Janet Wolfgang. They lived in a nice house on Brockton's quietly opulent west side.

William Wolfgang was a tall, ruggedly handsome, dark-skinned black man in his early fifties. He was a sergeant with the Massachusetts State Police. A big, friendly man who was very proud of his family. His wife Janet was a tall, regal-looking, light-skinned black woman in her late forties. She had long black hair and light gray eyes. When our eyes met, I saw that she was a thoughtful, formidable woman. We women can sense that about each other. That was my first impression of her and she did not disappoint. Janet Wolfgang was a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. She owned a civil engineering firm located in Woburn, Massachusetts. I found the Wolfgang family to be quite friendly.

Yeah, I was falling head over heels in love with Adam Wolfgang and I didn't care who knew it. We hung out together in the Back Bay. We rented a canoe and went rowing on the Charles River. I always went to his football games. And I cheered louder than anyone, except maybe the die-hard fans and the players moms and dads. We also attended Boston College baseball and basketball games along with Northeastern University men's and women's Ice Hockey events. Adam was a big hockey fan. Several of his friends were collegiate hockey players. I found that quite intriguing. I thought I was the only black person who liked collegiate ice hockey. Adam laughed when I told him this and revealed to me that he played one season of hockey in high school, before taking up football.

The school year went by. For the first time in my life, everything was right. My grades were great. My family was healthy, happy and prospering. And I was dating a tall, dark and handsome stud who took my breath away. Everything felt right. Then, one day, Adam made a devastating revelation to me. My black knight in shining armor had a secret. He was bisexual. I was stunned! I just sat there on his dorm room couch, mouth agape. Adam stood before me, pleading with me to say something. I couldn't say anything. I was catatonic. If he told me he was an alien from another planet, I wouldn't have been more surprised.

How could this be? Adam was bisexual? My Adam? No way! Was this some kind of joke? Looking back, I probably should have handled the situation better. Instead, I just got up and ran like the devil himself was after me. Adam shouted for me to come back. I just ran back to my car and drove away. When I returned to my dorm, Isabel knew something was wrong. I told her. She surprised me by saying that she already knew. I was shocked. She knew her brother swung both ways and she didn't tell me? I got mad as hell. Isabel stunned me by making another shocking revelation, this one concerning a secret of her very own. Isabel was a lesbian. If lightning had struck me, I couldn't have been more shocked!

I forced myself to calm down, and asked her to explain. She sat next to me, took my hand in hers and told me her story. Isabel was gay. She'd known it her entire life. She kept this from her father and mother. They were ultra-conservative and wouldn't understand. Sometimes she went on platonic dates with men just to throw them off the scent. Her younger brother Adam once came to her and revealed that he was bisexual. He was attracted to both women and men. She was kind of surprised. For years she thought he was the heterosexual high-achiever that any parent would be proud to call their own. Turns out he was as flawed as she was. This secret brought brother and sister together. They became each other's protectors.

When Isabel finished her story, I tried to absorb it all. Slowly, I began to understand. How tough life was for them. How lonely. Adam was honest with me about who he was, and I ran. He came to me with the truth because he loved me, and I had rejected him. What had I done? Isabel gently touched my shoulder and told me it wasn't too late. I had made a mistake. I didn't want to lose Adam over this. I loved him too much. So that night I went back to Adam's dorm. He was quite surprised to see me, to tell you the truth. And he was a little worried, too. I understood his worry. Lots of females would go nuts if they found out their men were bisexual. I gently touched Adam's hand, and told him I would try to understand.

That night, the two of us sat together. We talked. He told me the story of his life. It was hard for him to be the perfect son in front of his parents, especially since they weren't exactly tolerant of homosexuality or bisexuality. He publicly dated young women and kept his desires for men to himself. At twenty one, he'd only been with one man. A fellow athlete he met at the university. That young man recently transferred to another school. Adam had been celibate ever since. He told me of the loneliness that filled his nights and days.

My heart wrenched when I saw the look of pain on his face. I simply pulled him to me and kissed him. I wanted to take his pain away. That night, we made passionate love. Our first time together. I had been with a couple of men before but none were as passionate as Adam. This tall, sexy brother was not only fine but also well-endowed. He knew how to please a woman's body. He made my toes curl. And I return, I pleasured him. I came to him with willing mouth, returning his passionate kisses. I kissed every inch of his body. Until I reached his manhood. It was long and thick, and wonderfully erect. As I stroked it, I noticed something. Adam was uncut. He smiled nervously, and told me that his parents didn't believe in physiological modifications of the human body.

I looked at my wonderful man. He needn't be self-conscious about his body. I really don't mind a man being all-natural. If mother nature didn't want them to be a certain way, she would have made them different. I showed him how much I appreciate him by taking him into my mouth. He gasped as I began sucking on him. I tasted the vessel containing his manly essence. Sucked him until he came. He tasted salty, and delicious. I licked him dry. Later, he laid me on the bed and spread my thighs, going down under. His agile tongue and nimble fingers probed my pussy, sending little waves of pleasure deep inside of me. I grabbed the back of his neck and urged him to continue. And so he did. Worked his magic until my floodgates opened. I screamed in sheer pleasure. Then he licked every last droplet of my being.

I had barely caught my breath when he pulled me to him. I wrapped my arms around him, urging him to take me. I needed to feel him inside of me. Adam thrust into me, entering me with one smooth forward motion. I felt his manhood stabbing me inside. It hurt, but in a good way. I welcomed him inside of me. It had been so long since I made love. I am very picky about who I share my body with. And I wanted Adam. No, more than wanted. I needed him. Just like he needed me. I needed to feel that cock of his deep inside my temple. I had an itch only he could scratch. He happily pumped away, and I surrendered to him completely. Time after time I came, and so did he. Passionately, we romped the night away. When morning came, it found us entwined in each other's arms.

I woke up first. I found myself looking at Adam's face as he slept. He was the prettiest man I'd ever seen. In a masculine way, though. There was nothing soft about him. Gently, I stroked his face. His eyelids fluttered, and he opened his eyes. He smiled at me. I smiled at him. Good morning sleepy head, I said with a grin. He took my hand and brought it to his lips. Good morning darling, he said. And I guess that's when I knew. This was no ordinary relationship. Adam was a special person and I was special to him too. I wanted to be with him and only him. This wasn't the sex talking, folks. I asked him to marry me. And he said yes. I know what you're thinking. We're both college students with busy lives, and we shouldn't rush into things. Part of me knew the risks. However, when something feels so right, letting go of it is such a waste. How many chances like this am I ever going to get?

Adam and I got hitched shortly before my graduation, surprising both our families. I encouraged him to come out to his folks, and he did. As did his sister Isabel, the best 'man'. Let's just say both our families got a lot to digest. But we're not worried about them. Once we start giving them grandsons and granddaughters, our parents will come around. In the meantime, Adam and I are living in a nice apartment on the South End. We plan on buying a house in a year or two. He graduates next year and already has a job lined up with one of the corporate big-shots downtown. As for me, I'm starting law school. It's an exciting time for me. Things just couldn't be better. Wish us luck!

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