Bitchy Supervisor


Brian was no stranger to allowing a woman to become accustomed to his girth. Still, in his experience most women adapted quite quickly. He held Candy for a moment, inhaling her scent and enjoying the closeness that comes with sexual contact. Once again he was shocked that the beautiful woman beneath him was his work supervisor.

"Fuck me," she moaned. "I can take it."

Candy gasped as Brian worked his whole length in and out of her slowly. Her moans slowly crescendoed with each deliberate thrust.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Do you have to ask? I love it," she responded.

To an outsider the minutes that followed might have looked like redundant penetration, but to the two lovers involved it was heavenly bliss. Both became lost in a world of sensation, yet still highly aware of each other.

Brian accelerated the pace of his thrusts, shortening them but continuing to grind himself against her clit. He was having the desired effect on her body, feeling her pussy grow warmer and tighter as he proceeded.

"That's my girl. You like my big cock don't you?" Brian asked.

"Yes, yes, I love it. Please, fuck me harder," she responded.

Brian did fuck her harder, really focusing on pleasuring his supervisor. His efforts were successful. Candy gripped his back tightly and wrapped her legs around his. "More," she requested. He thrust into her deeper and harder, with more force. Candy's moans became cries of pleasure. Her pussy clenched him tightly, and she loudly gasped, "I'm coming!" before her whole body shook with orgasm. Brian savored watching his new lover climax, satisfied at the pleasure he'd brought her.

He sat inside her until her breathing had slowed enough to speak. "God damn," she muttered. "That was some fucking."

"Thanks. I want to do you doggy style now," he told her.

"Mmmm sounds great," she agreed. He reluctantly slid out from her pussy, but was quickly compensated with a great view of her on all fours, wiggling her bare behind and inviting him back inside.

This time Brian had no intention of being nearly so gentle. As he gripped her hips, he realized he did still have a certain amount of resentment towards Candy and the way she'd treated him at work. While he had no intention of being petty, he was going to enjoy the chance to get a little rough with her.

Brian certainly enjoyed watching his cock disappear into Candy's pussy and feeling the velvety warmth around his shaft. Her sigh of pleasure was like music to his ears, and the feeling of her soft buttocks against his hips reminded him he was fully within her once more.

Brian admired the view, studying the tattoo on her lower back. A crude friend had once referred to female lower back tattoos as "cum targets". He stored the idea of spewing his load all over Candy's back in his brain.

Brian resumed sliding his dick in and out of Candy's slick pussy. He held her hips firmly, reminding her exactly where he was and what he was doing. For her part Candy simply supported her body, rocking her ass back and forth in unison with each of his deep thrusts.

Without asking permission, Brian lifted his hand and brought it down quickly, spanking Candy's ass.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "Naughty boy!"

"You like that don't you?" he replied, spanking her ass once more.

"I don't mind," she responded, groaning as he slid his cock into her depths once more. "You just like being the one in charge for a change," she added with a smirk.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked, spanking her other buttock.

"It is," Candy giggled. "But I don't mind. Punish me, Sir, I've been a bad girl!"

Brian almost came right there hearing Candy use her submissive tone, despite the obvious tongue-in-cheek nature of her words. He held back and grabbed her hips once more, slamming his cock deep within her eager pussy.

"Yes! Fuck me! God, fuck me with your big, fat cock!"

Candy's encouragement was all Brian needed. He slammed into her hard, fast and deep. He almost was trying to permanently change her, leave his mark on her pussy by fucking it harder, faster, and deeper than any man had before. He felt a raw sense of competition with every man she'd ever fucked before and ever would again.

"Oh God," she moaned in response.

Brian dug his nails into her flesh and watched his cock sink in and out of her depths, pistoning rapidly against her light brown ass. He loved the obscenity of the view, the situation, and her words. He grunted loudly as his cock swelled up even more and exploded, ejaculating into the thin sheath around his cock. His whole body pulsed with excitement at his release.

He stroked in and out of her a few more times as his orgasm abated. At last he came to a halt, savoring the post orgasmic bliss while still buried within her warm pussy. When his cock began to soften he slid it out of her gently before collapsing on the bed beside her.

"Good times," he muttered, cuddling up against her back.

"Hell yeah," she replied. "I needed that."

Eventually the couple became aware they were in a stranger's bedroom occupying his bed. Brian had little clue how long they'd been away from the party, but he knew it was a decent amount of time.

"We should…" he began.

"Yeah, I ought to, you know, get going and stuff," Candice agreed, getting up and fumbling around for her clothes.

"That really was awesome," Brian stated as he slipped on his own pants. "I mean, amazing. I'm in shock though. Never in a million years did I expect this, you and me, to happen."

Candice cocked her head to the side, thinking. "Well it did, and we're both happy about it." She kissed his cheek tenderly, now fully dressed. "I'll leave first. Hopefully we can avoid a scandal. Because as fun as this is, I don't want Eric knowing about it."

Brian nodded in agreement. Finding the remainder of his clothes and the condom wrapper took long enough for Brian to feel comfortable making his own exit. He opened the door a crack and peered out into the hall. Seeing the coast was clear, he darted to the luckily available bathroom to clean himself up before returning to the party.

"Shit, dude, you totally missed it!" Eric exclaimed when Brian made his way back to the living room.

"Oh yeah? What did I miss?"

"Some lucky son of a bitch totally boned Candice!" Eric exclaimed.

"No way," Brian said, trying to sound shocked. "Who?"

"I don't know, man. So my roommate Carl wanted to go in his room but it was locked. He didn't want to interrupt, but then he totally heard this chick yelling 'Oh God, fuck me with your big, fat dong!' Then, just a little bit ago, I saw Candice come out of Carl's room!" Eric looked at Brian excitedly.

"Good for her," Brian answered non-committally.

Eric looked disappointed at Brian's lack of reaction. "So where were you?" he asked.

Brian had often faked drunkenness to get out of awkward questions, a technique he quickly utilized with Eric. "There was… this chick… oh man, totally hot…"

"Shit dude, who?" Eric asked excitedly.

"Um… fuck I forgot her name… about this high, kinda longish hair but not really?" Brian said, holding his hand out roughly at the average female height.

"Doesn't ring a bell," Eric said, thinking.

"She said she didn't know you," Brian said, finally lying outright. "So what happened with you and Tonya?" he asked to change the subject.

"She took care of my needs," Eric said trying to sound satisfied. When Brian didn't respond he confessed, "Ok, she only gave me a fucking hand job. Pretty weak dude. Turns out Tonya is the big Vee. She's cherry dude. Fucking high schoolers."

"Tonya's a virgin?" Brian asked to clarify.

"Fuck yeah, apparently. Wouldn't guess it by the slutty way she dresses. That girl wouldn't even let me pop off in her mouth. Said it tastes gross or something."


"Yeah. I mean I did get to see her tight little body mostly naked, and she let me shoot off onto her little titties. Still, I had hoped for more," Eric lamented

"You gonna hook up with her again?" Brian asked.

"Probably not. I don't have enough patience and have too much conscience to pop that cherry. Maybe I'll come back to her later once some other dude has opened the gate."

"Wow, even I'm offended by your crudeness," Brian chuckled.

"What can I say bro, what can I say?" Eric laughed. "At least one of us got a nice hot piece tonight."

Brian thought back to the sex he'd shared with Candice and could only smile and nod.

Tuesday was the next day that Brian worked with Candice. Tonya also happened to be at work that evening.

At first it was business as usual, with Candice acting like her usual cold self. Tonya was acting a little weird towards him, but he'd never fully understood her anyways and figured she was being hormonal. When Tonya went to the bathroom and there were no customers Candice snuck behind Brian and grabbed his ass playfully.

"Hey!" he whispered. "I thought we weren't going to let this affect work?"

"It won't," Candice agreed trying to look serious. She winked at him as Tonya returned from the restrooms.

An hour before closing the store was pretty dead. "Brian, could you come help me for a second?" Candice asked him

"Why don't you ask Tonya?" he retorted.

"I need a big tall man. Just come over here, please."

Brian followed Candice to the small storage closet behind the registers. It was always locked and needed a key to open from the outside, but for safety it opened from the inside without one. Candice pulled the door shut behind them.

"This is the only place in the store without cameras besides the bathrooms," she mentioned casually, tuning to undo Brian's belt.

"What are you doing?" Brian asked surprised, his cock hardening suddenly.

"What does it look like? Am I being too direct and pushy for you? Would you prefer me to beg?" Candice asked as she yanked his pants and boxers down and kneeled in front of him. "Please Brian, can I suck on your big fat cock?" she asked in a facetious submissive tone, rubbing his swelling cock against her pretty face.

"What about Tonya?" Brian asked.

"If she needs me she'll page me. She has my override code. Don't worry, I own that little twat after all the favors I've done for her."

"So does she know?"

"Yeah. I hope you don't mind. She knows ALL about you." Candice wasted no more time, taking Brian's erection into her warm wet mouth.

"God," Brian moaned, reveling in the depravity of having his supervisor suck him off in a storage closet at work. He watched as her lovely mouth repeatedly engulfed his cock

"I can't just suck you off!" Candice exclaimed, springing to her feet. She undid her own belt hastily, sliding her pants and underwear off in one motion. "I need you."

"I don't have a condom," Brian said disappointedly.

Candice rolled her eyes, bending down and producing a condom from her pants pocket.

Brian smiled, accepting it and putting it on. "Someone sure was prepared," he teased.

"You caught me," Candice admitted. "I've been thinking about this since I left the party. I needed more of you." She turned around, bending over and supporting herself on a sturdy stack of boxes. Brian took the hint and came up behind her, sliding his cock slowly into her already damp pussy.

"Mmmmm god," Candy moaned. "That's nice."

"So where is this headed?" Brian asked once his cock was fully buried within Candy. "I mean, I'm all about getting laid, but are we going to make a habit of this?"

"I don't know. I don't care. Just fuck me, please."

Brian did just that, and slid himself in and out of her slowly, forgetting about work and focusing on the pussy in front of him.

He could tell she was starting to really get into his slow deliberate pace when they heard Tonya's voice on the intercom. "Candice to register two please. Candice to register two for customer assistance."

"Fuck!" Candice exclaimed. "Someone is going to die." Brian heard hints of Candice's bitchy side peeking through. "Stay here," she instructed, grappling with her clothes. "I'll be back before you know it." As an afterthought she turned and kissed him before stepping out into the store, leaving Brian hiding behind the door with his pants around his ankles and erection jutting out obscenely.

Two minutes later he was still waiting, partially soft. He heard a knock on the door, and let Candice back in.

"God, what a pain! Some customers are idiots," Candice lamented while pushing her pants and underwear off her hips once more. "Now where were we?" she asked, her scowl turning to a lustful grin. "Something like this?" She turned around and backed her ass towards his cock.

Brian couldn't resist and gave her a nice firm spanking. "Is that any way to treat your supervisor?" Candy gasped. Brian gave her another swat, his cock rapidly re-hardening.

Brian pushed his cock forward into Candy's pussy, which was still wet from earlier. "You may be my supervisor, but when I'm fucking you I'm the one in charge," Brian replied with a grin.

"Whatever you want, just fuck me with that cock of yours!" Candy said excitedly.

Brian slid her uniform polo shirt up past her bra as he resumed fucking her tight pussy. He squeezed her tits gently and watched his cock sink in and out of her, listening to her soft moans.

"So good," she whimpered, sliding one of her hands between her legs to rub her clit. He felt her rapidly stimulate herself through the walls of her pussy.

Excited by the depravity of fucking his supervisor at work, Brian grabbed her hair by the roots and slammed into her pussy hard and fast. Brian gently tugged her head back, his other hand squeezing her flank. Candy repressed a cry of pleasure, and within moments he felt her pussy tighten and throb as she orgasmed from his cock and her fingers. Candy's orgasm set off his own, which he had been holding back. He grunted and released his semen, feeling her pussy continue to spasm around his throbbing cock.

With only a few moments to catch their breath, the lovers quickly redressed. Candice gave him a quick peck on the lips with a soft "Thanks," before she headed back into the store. Brian followed a minute later and returned to his register.

"Sorry I had to pull Candy away from… helping you," Tonya giggled when she and Brian were all alone. Brian just rolled his eyes in response. "I hope you two finished what you were working on."

"She was pleased at the job I did," Brian responded with a wink.

Later, Brian and Candice had a private conversation after Tonya's shift ended. "So what now?" he asked. "I'm definitely enjoying what we've been doing, but how long can we continue?"

"I don't know. Maybe we should just take this one day at a time and see where we end up," Candice replied.

"I think that's probably a smart plan," Brian agreed. "I just hope that you and I can hook up sometime at a place that isn't at a party or work."

"Oh, you can count on it!" Candice exclaimed. She smiled at him warmly before going to the office to finish up for the evening.

Note: Thanks once more to awaterhouse for proofreading. I hope you enjoyed my latest offering, and feedback is always appreciated.

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good story but...

good story. But I stopped reading at the second condom. it's a fantasy, not a Trojan commercial. Ruined my immersion.

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