He was in bed, alone, thinking about her when his phone rang, startling him from his thoughts.

"Hi." It was her. How odd that she should call him as he was thinking of her.

"Hi." Was all he could think to say.

"I don't want to be alone right now. Can you come over?"

"Sure. Just give me a minute to get dressed."

"Ok. I'll see you soon."


He pulled in to her driveway, killed the lights and the engine and just sat there for a moment. Why was he here? Not thirty minutes ago, he was home in bed. Alone. Thinking about her. Slowly he got out of his car and walked to the door.


She heard him unlock the front door and come into the house. Her heart started to race. She knew why he was there. She knew why he always came over. It was always the same. It didn't really matter. She could never refuse him. She knew he didn't love her. She loved him.

Standing in front of the full length mirror, she saw him in the bedroom doorway. Just looking at him made her weak in the knees. Tall, 5'11. Dark, curly hair with dark brown eyes. Oh, how she could get lost in those eyes. He was wearing a dark blue t-shirt that showed every cut of his muscle. His black jeans showed every contour of his ass and legs. Thinking about his naked body made her heart race faster. Oh, how she wanted him.


Standing in her doorway, he saw her watching him from her full length mirror. His eyes moved over every inch of her. He could see her chest heaving with every breathe she took. Standing there, she wore a white blouse and blue jeans. She looked incredible. 5' tall, petite. Her blonde hair, worn down, fell over her shoulders. Through the mirror, he looked in her eyes. They were a shade of blue that reminded him of an impending storm. He loved her eyes.

He entered her room and walked up behind her. Wrapping one hand around her waist and the other around her neck, he pushed his body up against hers so she could feel the bulge in his jeans. He whispered in her ear with his hot breathe, "I want to fuck you". He started kissing and sucking her neck.

He moved his hands to the buttons on her blouse. One by one, as she felt his hot breathe on her neck, he unbuttoned her blouse. He gently slid it down her arms and let it fall to the floor.

He brought his hand back up and massaged her breast and slipped his other hand between her legs. She could feel his cock growing and pressing harder against her as she reached back to rub his leg. She tried to turn around to pull his cock out of his pants, but he had a firm grip on her. She couldn't turn around. He kissed her neck and back, harder, and moved his hand up a little to unbutton her jeans.

He slipped his hand down her pants, into her panties, and slid his fingers over her pussy. As he brushed her clit with his fingertip, her knees began to buckle. He held her firm. From behind, she unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned pants. Her breath came in quick little spurts. He kissed her neck and ear lobe.

Slowly, his fingers found her pussy and finds that it is already wet. That made him crazy and his cock gets harder. She started struggling to turn around. His hold was too tight. Her pussy got wetter as she squirmed in his arms, but he held her up.

The forcefulness and his strength turned her on more than she had ever been before. He slid her panties down with his free hand and then brought his hand back up to her moistness. He slid his finger in. Slowly. She gasps, "Oh, yessss". He slowly fucked her with his finger as she grabbed his arms to hold herself up.

As she started to moan, he teased her a little, "Do you want my cock, Jess? Come on, Jess. Grab my cock and show me how bad you want it."

She pushed back, hard, throwing him off balance and he hit carpet with a light thud. He looked up at her with a stunned expression. She kicked off her pants and panties and stood over him. He laid back on the floor and she straddled his face.

"Ohhh!" He immediately wrapped his arms around her legs and plunged his tongue deep into her pussy. He used his lips to rub her clit so that she got complete stimulation.

She moved her hips back and forth as if she were riding his cock and yelled, "Yes, Kyle, lick my pussy, make me cum! Fuck me with your tongue! Now! Make me cum!"

She rode his face as he vigorously plunged his tongue into her. He slid his left hand over and stuck his finger into her ass, moving it in and out. She took in a breath. She was overcome with sensations all over her body. She felt the heat spreading all through her. She had never felt such pleasure in her life.

She yelled out, "Oh, God, yes!" Her body was wracked with spasms, he struggled to hold her there. She fell over, shaking. Cumming so hard, she couldn't believe it. He got up and hurriedly tore the rest of his clothes off. The whole time, watching her as she lay on her side, massaging her pussy, her body spasming. Moaning uncontrollably.

Then he grabbed her face and kissed her hard on the lips as he got on his knees and guided her onto her back. He took her hand and moved it to his rock hard cock and she gasped. She hungrily guided it to her pussy and grabbed his ass to push it in.

He felt the head of his cock slide into her warm, dripping cunt and moaned. "Oh, my God, it feels so good" Then he pushed his shaft in slowly so she could feel every inch enter her.

"Oh, yes! Baby, you feel so good." he said, in a barely audible groan.

He plunged deep and she arched her back. Sensations surged through them. Electricity. Her body tingled all over. Her hips rising up to meet him as he plunged again and again, matching his every thrust.

"Oh yes! Kyle, fuck me, baby..."

He began fucking her harder. Her reaction got him so hot and his arms and chest tighted as he rammed his cock deeper into her. He felt her start to shake and she started screaming again and grabbing his shoulders, hard. She reached up and grabbed his beautiful, dark curls and pulled his face to hers. He kissed her hard, stifling a yell. She moaned and whimpered under the pressure of his lips as her whole body shook with yet another powerful orgasm.

As she came down slowly from that plateau of ecstasy, she wrapped her arms around his neck and in one quick movement, without disengaging, he rolled them over. She lay on top of him, her breasts pressed to his magnificent chest, kissing him slowly. Tenderly. She slowly sat up and ran her hands down his chest. She felt him so deep inside of her. She started to move her hips. Up and down. She stared down at his face, marveling at his expression. She reveled in the feel of him. His gorgeous body, his cut muscles, the smell of his masculinity. She sat straighter. Arching her back and leaning back further, she grabbed his ankles. With one hand, he massaged her breast. With the other, he rubbed her clit as she rode his stiff cock.

She felt so good that he thrust his hips upward as much as he could to meet her rhythm. He loved watching her slide up and down on his cock, and he started to feel the build up to an orgasm. She must have sensed it because she started riding him faster.

"Jess, you fuck me so good, Oh my God."

She leaned forward and grabbed his chest with both hands and bounced harder on his stiff cock. He felt it coming and started to groan.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Kyle, I'm cumming again! Cum with me baby! Now!" She rode him harder and faster, and felt his cock get so hard. She felt like he fucked her with steel.

He yelled out as he exploded inside her. "Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck me, Jess! Fuck yeah!"

"Oh God, Kyle!!! Yes, yes, yes! I'm cumming so goood, baby, yeah."

She collapsed on top of him, their hearts beating rapidly. Breathing hard. They just laid there. He enjoyed the weight of her body on his. She still felt him inside her. Wishing they could stay like that way for awhile longer. He began to move from underneath her to get up. She moved to the side.

He quickly kissed her on the cheek and said, "Thank you." then just got up and left the room.

She loved him. So much, and he would never know.


As he got into his car, he thought about what just took place. That was all he could think about. Whether he was with her or not. He couldn't stop thinking about her. She consumed him. It was always the same. She'd call him and ask him to come over and a few short hours later, he'd be back behind the wheel, pulling out of her driveway. It didn't really matter. He could never refuse her. He knew she didn't love him. He loved her. So much, and she would never know.


Written: 05-20-08

Editor: obscurefruit (Thank you!)

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