tagInterracial LoveBlack Cheerleaders Rule!

Black Cheerleaders Rule!


I'll admit that when I first met her, I didn't like her. Who am I talking about? Stephanie Mendes. The six-foot-tall, sexy young Black woman who tried out for the Blackstone University Varsity Cheerleading Squad and became its Captain. Why didn't I like her? It had to do with her almost supernatural beauty, her extremely bossy ways and her attitude. Now, don't get me wrong. We welcome racial and cultural diversity at Blackstone University. There are thirty young women on the Squad and eleven of us are from minority backgrounds. We have Asian, Hispanic and Middle-Eastern girls on the Cheerleading Squad. Stephanie became the first Black Cheerleader at the school. An instant celebrity and darling of the media. I saw her as my rival. I really didn't intend to fall in love with her.

My name is Amber O'Shea. A five-foot-nine, lean and athletic, blonde-haired and green-eyed young woman of Irish descent living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I attend the most diverse school in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Blackstone University. It has eleven thousand students and forty one percent of them are of African-American, Middle-Eastern, Asian, Hispanic or Native American descent. The school's tenth President, Dr. Rosa Angels, is a Black woman. She graduated from the Blackstone University MBA program in 1989. Twenty one years later, she's the school's first female President and its first African-American President as well.

A lot of people think I'm some chick from a sheltered life because of my background. I can't stand that. Seriously. Get to know me before you judge me. Before attending Blackstone University, I was a student at Saint William Academy, a private Catholic school. I attended that school on an academic scholarship. You see, my parents are dirt-poor. I worked hard to get where I am, that's all. I'm not one of those snobby White chicks you hear about. I publicly dated a tall, handsome young Black man named Trevor James Whitaker. T.J. to his friends. He now plays football for Boston College, Blackstone University's archrivals. I loved Trevor. And the fact that he dumped me for a Black chick named Josephine right before the Senior Class Prom didn't make me hate his guts. It just made me swear off men altogether.

I've always hung out with people based on mutual interests and personality rather than race or religion. My father, Anthony O'Shea died when I was real young. And my mother, Elisabeth O'Shea married a Japanese businessman named Edwin Yamamoto. That's right, my stepfather is Japanese. My mother bore him a son, my half-brother Josiah Yamamoto. I love my brother and my stepfather. These days, Josiah Yamamoto is the Senior Class President at Saint William Academy. And I support him in everything he does because he's family. Yeah, I come from a working-class multicultural family. You would never guess that by looking at me. I'm not a WASP. I'm a down to earth kind of Boston chick.

When I enrolled at Blackstone University, I wanted to join the women's basketball team. Most of the girls on the team were either Black or Hispanic, with an Asian chick here and there. I can play basketball pretty well. In fact, I met my ex-boyfriend while playing basketball with some male friends at the YMCA. However, since I'm short and not particularly fast, I didn't fare too well against these tall and rough-and-tumble chicks. I wanted to play a sport but what were my options? Blackstone University fields men's and women's basketball, men's baseball, women's softball, men's and women's soccer, men's and women's cross country, men's and women's swimming, men's and women's volleyball, men's and women's Ice Hockey, men's Football and women's Equestrian. Basketball is the only sport I know how to play. I tried out for the women's swim team but failed miserably. I'm not a good swimmer. Not all White chicks are swimmers. Get it through your head.

My last option for an athletically challenging extracurricular activity was the varsity cheerleading squad. I tried out and made it. The cheer captain was this mean-spirited Irish redhead named Monica O'Bannon. I couldn't stand that bitch, and neither could most of her 'followers'. She put me through hell simply for being the new gal on the block. I resisted the urge to punch her lights out. When I heard that she got in a car accident and couldn't cheer for the rest of the season, I was extremely happy. I wanted to become the cheerleading team captain. And now I had my shot. Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, this tall and extremely gorgeous young Black woman came along and blew my dream out of the sky. Stephanie Mendes came from Brockton Community High School, where Black and Hispanic cheerleaders are quite common. Brockton is a city not far from Metropolitan Boston where people of African-American, Asian and Hispanic descent outnumber Whites. Their schools are really diverse. I hang out t Brockton's Westgate Mall sometime. It's pretty cool. Stephanie was a Brockton gal through and true. And she had a lot of experience in all things related to cheerleading.

When Stephanie joined the varsity cheerleading team, the national media came and everyone was rooting for her. The first Black woman to join the Blackstone University varsity cheerleading squad. CNN had the nerve to call us a lily-White squad even though we had Asian, Hispanic and even Pakistani cheerleaders on the team. Wow. The Black Entertainment Television ( BET) news crew took many pictures of Stephanie Mendes and ignored the rest of us. I don't have a problem with a sexy young Black woman succeeding. I really don't. However, I didn't feel she deserved all the attention she got. Nobody made a fuss when I joined the team. Of course, blonde-haired White chicks are common on cheerleading squads. We're nothing unusual or special in the eyes of the media. However, when a hot woman from a minority background joins a cheerleading squad, it's front page news. I just love this, don't you?

To say that Stephanie and I didn't like each other would have been an understatement. She called me an uppity White bitch to my face once and I resisted the urge to take a swing at her. Why do people keep making assumptions about me? I'm not rich. I'm not famous. I'm not perfect. I don't hang around with only White folks. I have friends of all races. In my lifetime, I've dated Black guys and Hispanic guys, not just White guys. I attend a mostly Black Church, the Good Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church of South Boston. I live in a middle-class neighbourhood where people of African-American, Hispanic and Asian descent outnumber Caucasians. Oh, and my stepfather and half-brother are both Japanese! Who are you calling an uppity White bitch?

At school, I struggled in my classes. Acing my classes at Saint William Academy was easy. Blackstone University was a tough school. And if my GPA fell below a 3.0 I would lose my academic scholarship. So I went to the Student Center to get tutored. Guess who was the tutor? My tutor was none other than my archrival Stephanie Mendes. She came in wearing a bright red T-shirt and blue jeans. Her long black hair was pulled in a bun and she looked really beautiful. So beautiful that she gave me pause. I was stunned. Stephanie offered me a handshake with a bright smile as if we were best friends. I gave her a fake grin. I didn't want to be tutored by her. However, unless I wanted to flunk out of school, I needed her help.

Stephanie had me right where she wanted me, and we both knew it. I needed help with my Advanced Algebra homework, along with Sociology, Psychology and Physics. Stephanie was proficient in all of these subjects. Oh, great. She's not only tall and gorgeous, she's also a genius. During that first tutoring session, she simply amazed me. What is it about all these gorgeous Black girls I see in Boston-area colleges and universities? They're all smart, strong and sexy. They're like Super Women! After that first tutoring session, I found myself revising my opinion of Stephanie.

When I went home that night, I couldn't stop thinking about her. So I did my homework on her. Stephanie was the daughter of Ernest Gomes, a Brockton city councilman of Cape Verdean origin. Her mother Elsie Joseph was of Haitian descent and taught mathematics at Brockton Community High School. She was famous not only for being the first Black cheerleading captain at her old high school but also its most recent Prom Queen. Wow. Oh, and she was also on the men's wrestling team at her high school. She took third place at the state wrestling championships in her weight class. Wow. All that and the looks of a supermodel and the brains of a genius. Is there anything she can't do?

As I lay on my bed, my thoughts drifted to my ex-boyfriend. My sexy Chocolate stud. How I missed him. Yet it was another sexy brown body my mind kept picturing. I found myself fantasizing about Stephanie. Her cute smile. Her lovely breasts. That athletic yet curvy body. Those strong legs. And oh my God, that big and round yet firm-looking butt. My own thoughts surprised me. What the heck? What is wrong with me? I am not gay or bisexual, I swear. I don't think of other girls like that. I went to sleep. And dreamt of Stephanie. Damn.

The next day, we had cheerleading practice and things were more awkward than usual. I kept looking at her, and trying not to picture her naked...I failed miserably. When we formed a pyramid in preparation for next Friday's football game against the University of Maine, I got so distracted by Stephanie's ass that I tripped. The whole pyramid came down. And the whole squad blamed me. I did something I had never done before. I took off running. I could feel everyone staring at me. I didn't care. I had to get away.

I got to my dorm, and went straight to bed. I must have been asleep when I heard two knocks on the door. I went to see who it was, thinking it was my roommate Sally Chang, this chubby Asian chick from Plymouth. It wasn't Sally. The person at the door was none other than Stephanie Mendes. A.K.A. the last person on the planet I wanted to see. She was wearing a tank top and booty shorts. And she looked...delicious. Oh, man. Did I just think she looked delicious? What is wrong with me? Stephanie's voice jolted me back to reality. She asked me if she could come in. I nodded.

We sat down and she grilled me. First she wanted to know why I sucked more than usual at cheerleading practice. Second, she wanted to know why I skipped our tutoring session at the Student Center. I hesitated. Should I tell her? Definitely not. She would think that I'm weird. I couldn't believe this. I was having sexual feelings for another woman, my archrival. Why her? Stephanie looked at me with surprising empathy in her big brown eyes. She told me she didn't particularly like me but thought I was an okay person. She wanted to know what could have rattled me this much.

That's the closest she's come to complimenting me. Wow. I smiled and told her I thought she was an amazing person. Stephanie's eyes narrowed and she tensed. In a cold voice, she told me I didn't have to fake being nice to her. She got up and headed for the door. I don't know what came over me but I darted after her. I grabbed her hand, wanting to apologize. She didn't like that. She got in my face, looking quite irate. That's when I did something that surprised us both. I kissed her. Stephanie froze. But she didn't resist. When our lips parted, her eyes widened and she shoved me away. I got right back in her face. And this time, she didn't resist. She kissed me.

Somehow, we ended up on the carpeted floor of my apartment. Kissing and touching affectionately. I got on top of Stephanie, desperately wanting her. Stephanie looked at me with panic in her eyes and told me she wasn't gay or bisexual. I told her I wasn't gay or bisexual either. I simply wanted her. I kissed her again. We wrestled playfully and she got on top of me. Then we began undressing each other. Soon we were both naked. I was amazed at Stephanie's gorgeous, brown-skinned and absolutely magnificent body. She looked like an African Goddess from the old days come to life. I was just a skinny White tomboy who happened to be naked.

Stephanie appeared to like what she saw when she looked at me. I kissed her tenderly, and began licking her breasts. I had never done this to another woman before but it felt right. Stephanie guided me as I licked a path from her breasts to her belly. Finally, I made my way to her pelvic area. I inhaled the scent of her pussy. It was wondrous, and hot. Though I was clearly a novice, I fastened my lips to Stephanie's pussy and began licking away. She must have liked what I was doing for she grabbed my neck and urged me to go down on her. I licked and fingered her pussy. And it didn't feel weird or wrong to me. It felt absolutely right. Stephanie's screams of passion filled the dorm.

Afterwards, things got really awkward. Stephanie clearly enjoyed what we did but she told me repeatedly that she wasn't gay or bisexual. She also threatened to kick my ass if I told anyone. Wow. She really didn't have to say that. Who am I going to tell? I was really confused after my first time having sex with another woman. It was amazing, sensual and erotic yet confusing. It did a lot for me. More than my late-night romps with my ex-boyfriend. And I knew I wanted more. And I wanted Stephanie. She avoided me like the plague on campus. In our dealings during cheerleading practice and tutoring, she was polite but distant. Yet I could see she still wanted me. I could see it clearly in her eyes.

Three nights after our first romp, she came back to my dorm. Yeah, Stephanie wanted more. The sexy Black Goddess wanted some of my White Chocolate. And I was more than happy to share. This time, she went down on me. Spread my legs and went straight for the pussy. And she absolutely rocked my world. We licked and fingered each other all night. I loved the feel of Stephanie's lips on mine as she fingered my pussy. It was a great night. Afterwards, she didn't hit the panic button but told me she liked me. I told her I liked her too. And she told me she wanted to continue our fun and games as long as I was discreet. What do you think I said?

Stephanie and I continued to have our fun on the sly. Publicly, she only dated men. She was going out with this tall, good-looking young Black man named Erick Dwayne. Captain of the Blackstone University men's varsity football team. Yeah, they seem like the perfect couple. But I'm the only one who can give Stephanie what she needs. That's why she keeps coming back to me night after night. I went shopping for a few items to spice things up for our 'sessions'. Like a strap-on dildo, a bunch of vibrators, and lots of lubricant. Hey, I'm optimistic, alright?

The following night, I treated Stephanie to some wild fun. She liked the way I think. I licked her pussy and fingered her before fucking her with my vibrator. When I put on the strap-on dildo, she was a bit nervous but I told her I'd be gentle. And I was. I gently penetrated her pussy with the strap-on dildo and fucked her gently. After a while, her nervousness vanished. My sexy Black Goddess relaxed and enjoyed. We got into even more kinky stuff together. Stephanie liked her big booty played with. I loved licking her big brown butt and spanking it. I even slid a slim dildo up her big ass while licking her pussy and she loved it. I gently fucked her ass with my pink dildo, and she squealed in delight.

Stephanie was learning a lot of things with me. Like how to lick my pussy properly. I also showed her the proper way to fuck another woman with a strap-on and volunteered my own cunt and ass for the experiment. Wearing my strap-on dildo, Stephanie fucked me. My sexy Black Goddess looked absolutely amazing while fucking me. She was so tall and gorgeous. I lay on my back, legs in the air as she thrust the dildo deep into my cunt. At the same time she fingered my asshole. After a while, she replaced her fingers with a slim blue dildo and fucked my ass with it. I'm really into anal play now. Both giving and receiving. And Stephanie enjoys doing both with me.

We're exploring eroticism and kink together. I am really into spanking now. I love to bend Stephanie over my knee and give her big brown butt a good spanking. And she loves getting her big butt spanked. Stephanie loves to suck my strap-on dildo before I fuck her pussy and ass with it. Sometimes when I come to my dorm, I find her naked waiting for me. She loves to sit on my lap as we make out before fucking passionately. I love making love to her. She sometimes feels like spanking me and although I'm not really into it, I happily bend over and take it because I want to make her happy. She means that much to me.

We're spending more time together outside the bedroom now. Stephanie and I went dancing at this queer-friendly nightclub in Rhode Island, far away from the prying eyes of our classmates and friends. I care about her and she cares about me. However, we come from different worlds. I'm a working-class Irish chick who's discovering her bisexuality and coming to terms with her attraction to Black women. Stephanie is a middle-class African-American gal from a deeply religious background who isn't quite ready to embrace her newfound sexual identity. Stephanie can't say the words gay or bisexual without feeling uncomfortable. She isn't ready to come out. I'm not ready to come out of the closet either. However, I've at least admitted to myself that I am bisexual. Stephanie can't do that yet. I hope she'll eventually come around someday. I'm in love with her. I want to be with my Black Goddess for the rest of my days.

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