tagFetishBlack Escort Makes Him Her Toy

Black Escort Makes Him Her Toy


Its been a while since I have added any stories. Not that I haven't had some in mind, just a lot of time to type it up. If you like this one, be sure to read my others as well.


In my 40 some years I have never been intimate with a Black Lady or engaged the services of an Escort.

Occasionally I would look at web sites featuring various escorts, imagining sex with these beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes and colors. When your 20 years old you don't appreciate the tight soft firm bodies of a lady who is also 20 years old, but when you are 40 years old the bodies of a 20 year old captivate you.

My fantasies have always involved various scenarios where I have been submissive. My wife is not in to this and as time as gone on these fantasies sometimes over power me.

I travel a lot and on one recent trip I went farther then just looking at the web sites and fantasizing. I called Summer, a 20 year old beautiful sexy black lady. We talked on the phone for a bit and she asked me if I had any thing special in mind, so I admitted my fantasies of submission. She asked me a number of questions about my kinky preferences and told me she thought we could have a great time.

I was very nervous about meeting with Summer, having never done anything like this in the past. I took a shower, cleaned my self especially well and prepared for her to meet me at my hotel.

She called my room upon arriving at the hotel and suggested we have a drink in the lounge first. She was beautiful. Dressed very sexy, but not slutty. But as she leaned over I could see her luscious black boobs. She could tell I was nervous and I think that amused her. We ordered are drinks at the bar and then retreated to a more private area.

Summer was sitting up against me, her hand on my thigh. She was kissing my neck, nibbling on my ear and whispering how she was going to really enjoy this night.

As she said that, her hand found my hard dick. "Looks like someone else is already enjoying there night" she told me.

She was squeezing and rubbing my dick making me even more and more turned on. As she was rubbing my hard cock she leaned into me and said "I bet your one of those white guys who want to be a nasty little slut for his Black Mistress aren't you?" Well she was exactly right, but even though I was rock hard, I still had some will power and told her that I thought she was beautiful and that I would love to enjoy her sexy body.

"I asked you if you wanted to be my nasty little slut, YES or NO?" And then she stopped rubbing my dick and leaned into me a whispered "I only play with White boys who want to be my slut, so what do you want?"

Embarrassed beyond belief, but so turned on, I replied "I want to be your slut" she leaned back, looked at me and said "I cant hear you" I knew she wanted, and I repeated my self louder.

She then smiled a look of satifisaction, knowing she had broken me. As she looked at me this way I noticed her doing something under the table. I was so scared and turned on at the same time; I was just hoping people were not listening or paying attention to us.

She straightened back up, and twirling around her finger were the panties she had been wearing and now had just taken off. She twirled them around her finger several times till she flipped them at me.

They hit my chest and kind of stayed there so I quickly grabbed them hoping no one had seen her.

"Sniff my panties slut" she told me. I knew there was no way I could not obey her so I took her sexy panties to my face, and sniffed her wonderful aroma. Umm, just sniffing her panties took me deeper into her control. "Go put them on, take my panties to the men's room and put them on, throw yours away, you can lick the crotch too if you want to but hurry back with wearing my panites you slut".

So off to the men's rooms I went, I was thinking to myself, going to the men's room to put on panties, something just not right about that.

I slipped into a stall and took off my pants, underwear and held out the panties to slip on. Of course before I did, I took one more sniff. The panties were very sexy, and I felt absolutely silly wearing her sexy little panites, the head of my dick was sticking out, no way they were going to be able to control my hardon.

When I left the Men's room Summer was standing there waiting for me, she held out her hand and off we went to my room.

I opened the door for her, and she went and laid down on the bed looking up at me smiling, "Well come on she said, let me see you panty boy, little white slut wearing his black mistress panties"

I took off all my clothes except the panties. "Come over here Slave" she ordered. When I got beside the bed she grabbed my hard dick and started rubbing it. She pulled the panties down and was checking out my dick as she jacked it off. "Not bad she said, for a white one"

She was still fully clothed jacking me off, it felt great. But I knew it would not be this easy. She pulled me on to the bed with her and leaned over my dick as she jacked it off. Rubbing her hair all over my chest and stomach, I could feel her warm breath near my cock, hoping she was going to suck me.

Instead she rubbed her finger around the head of my cock, covering several of her fingers with my pre cum. She started kissing me; oh wow was she a good kisser. My mouth was so hungry for her. She broke off our kiss quickly and put her fingers in my mouth and made me suck my pre cum off her fingers. Then she pulled her fingers out and went back to kissing me and playing with my dick only to get her fingers covered and feed it all to me again.

"Oh I see, you like wearing panties, and eating cum, you really are a little slut aren't you? ARENT YOU?" I admitted it, I was her slut. And I wanted more of what ever I could get from this dark skinned beauty.

"Were going to have a contest and the winner get sucked" she told me as she grabbed her bag and went to the restroom. A few minutes later she called from the bathroom and told me to close my eyes. I heard her return to the bedside and she told me to stand up but to keep my eyes closed.

I stood up beside her, and then she told me to open my eyes. Even before I did I was imagining her naked. I had only seen brief glimpses of her body and I was anticipating see her naked now. I opened my eyes as she told me to. We were standing in front of the mirror and the first thing I noticed were how beautiful her breasts were. But before I could even complete registering that thought I noticed something I didn't expect.

Where I was expecting to see her pussy instead she was wearing a strapon dick.

"Ok, lets have a big dick contest, and who ever has the biggest dick gets it sucked" As she said that she held her dick up against mine. It wasn't really necessary though, it was clear hers was bigger than mine.

"Looks like mine is bigger, Bitch" and she pushed me to my knees and started rubbing her strapon dick around my face. "Come on slave boy, suck my dick, suck it" but she wouldn't stick it in my mouth but kept on rubbing it around my face.

"Beg for it slut, beg me for my cock" And Beg I did telling her I wanted to suck her magnificent black cock. She took a firm grab of my hair and then stuck her cock in my mouth. She started telling me what a good cock sucker I was. I was going to town on her cock. It may have been rubber and lacked the feelings mine had but I was sucking it as good as any blow job I had ever been given.

After a few minutes she pulled her cock from my mouth and laid me on my back on the bed. She removed her strapon and told me it was time to find out if I sucked pussy as good as I sucked dick.

Finally I was getting to taste her pussy. I had dreamed of eating her pussy since the moment I first called her.

She climbed up on my face and started rubbing her juices all over my face until she settled in and had me start sucking her pussy. I found her clit and stated sucking on it the same way I had sucked on her strapon. I could tell she was enjoying my pussy eating.

I started to sense she was close to cumming, and about that time she climbed off my face and grabbed her dildo removing it from the strap and she started fucking her self with it.

"No white dick is going in this pussy tonight" she told me. She was shoving that dildo in and out of her pussy while I watched her fuck herself. She spread her legs real wide and told me to sit on my knees between her legs.

I got in the position she told me to and then she told me to jack off while I watched her fuck her self.

I started Jacking off as I watched her rubber cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I knew and she did too that I wasn't going to last very long.

She told me to slow down, that I was not allowed to cum until she gave me permission.

Then she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and stuck it in my mouth, "clean all that pussy juice off you slut" she told me. And that I gladly did.

Then she took the dildo back and started fucking herself again, and told me to start jacking off. It was killing me I was so horny, I needed to cum so bad. She could tell I was close.

"Cum on my pussy slut, shoot your cum, shoot it all over my bald black pussy, shoot your cum slut" I couldn't hold it any longer. She pulled the dildo out and I started shooting my cum all over her pussy. I don't think I had ever cum so much in my life.

I just kept squirting and squirting. When my orgasm finally stopped she took the tip of the dildo and rubbed it on the head of my dick. Get the remaining cum from the head of my dick on it. And then she stuck it in my mouth.

"You like sucking cum off my dick you slut, that's good, because you have a lot more to clean up too. Then she pulled the cock from my mouth and pulled my face to her cum covered pussy.

"Eat that cum you nasty slut! Don't you leave a drop on me anywhere?" I started sucking my cum from her pussy.

"Well lets see, you have worn panties, sucked my cock, eaten cum, your really are a slut. She was teasing me about everything she had made me do as I cleaned my cum from her pussy. Her humiliating talk just made me hornier and encouraged me to eat her even better.

It was just a few minutes till she came all over my face. I was so pleased that I gave her such an intense orgasm. And eating her cum certainly made eating mine easier to swallow as well.

After she finished cumming, and having me clean her pussy to her satisfaction she told me that I was very lucky, that if she had more time that I would find out what it was like to have her black cock up my slutty ass.

I am not sure if she told me that to scare me or to make sure I scheduled an appointment to see her again.

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