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Black Exchange Student


Living in a college town has some unique qualities. There are Lots of young people and a mix of nationalities. This will become more apparent in this true story about a time in my life.

Ed and I (Brenda) had been married some 20 years. Ed makes a comfortable living however some extra money seemed nice to have. One day I was reading the local College paper when I noted that the University was advertising for a room for foreign exchange students for the coming year. The reason was to place students in a local home to experience the local culture while students improve their understanding and usage of the English Language. There was compensation for accepting a student.

I asked Ed if it would be OK to have a student in our home for a year and we could use the extra money for things we wanted. Ed agreed and we applied to the university to accept a student.

One day a tall nice looking black student from an African country showed up with papers from the university to be accepted. After looking around "Alex" said he would like to take the room if I wanted him. I agreed that he would be welcome and he gave me a paper to sign to be taken back to the University.

The next day Alex moved into our spare bedroom. Of course I helped him get settled. I must admit that I was taken aback by how tall and handsome he was as well as being very black. It was a real pleasure to help him get settled. I seemed to notice that he was giving my 5' 9" figure a glance now and then. I did not give it much thought as I have been blessed with a nice figure all my life and glances from the men was rather common.

Everything seemed to be going well and a few days after moving in, we were sitting on the couch chatting and Alex asked if I minded helping him with a problem. I replied that I would be happy to help him. Just ask!

Alex sort of nervously said, "I was thinking that you might know a lady who would be with me one night a week".

I sort of gulped and replied, " Oh well, I don't know too many black ladies...soooooooooo, well I,,uhh"

Alex said, "Oh that's OK, I like white ladies and maybe they would like me", as he chuckled. "Someone like you would be nice".

"Oh, well let me see what I can do", I replied.

The next few days I was thinking of what I should do. Well, I thought, my hubby travels a lot and maybe I could spare a day a week. Hummmm . What an evil thought! I did have a good friend who was recently divorced but I was not sure how if I should ask her.

A couple of days later, after Ed and I had sex, we were lying in bed talking and I related to Ed what Alex has asked of me. Ed chuckled and said, "Why don't you do it?"

"Huh, what did you say? You want me to do it?"

Ed replied, well it's not like its permanent or whatever. Actually the idea is sort of hot. My wife busting a young black man's balls! That's really hot. If you were not married would you do it?

"Yes I would,,butttttttttt welllllll"

"Hell, if he turns you on, go ahead. You have my permission.

"I will consider it", as I turned over and started thinking about the proposal.

A couple days later, Ed announced that he would be out of town for the week end for a conference. My head started spinning with thoughts of Alex.

Ed departed Friday and when Alex came home from his class, I told him that I had found him a friend for the night. I told Alex to be ready at 11PM and I would knock and he was to close his eyes until the lady told him to open them.

That evening, I put on a thigh length red lacy nightie with no panties or bra and nervously approached Alex's door and knocked advising him to close his eyes. I opened the door and lit two candles in the room then stood by his bed as he lay there completely naked sporting a hard black cock.

As I told him to open his eyes, he said, "WOW, you look great! I can't believe it is you! I think of you every night. You make me so happy".

I moved onto the bed and said, "I was hoping you would like me. I have dreamed of you too".

Our lips met and we kissed like two sex hungry teens on prom night, anticipating our first sex. I moved my hand down and wrapped it around his hard black cock. I could hardly wait to inspect my new toy as I traced kisses down his body and started encircling his cock head with my tongue and lips, licking the precum that was now seeping forth. I was now feeling his cock veins and his black balls. Alex was making some deep throaty sounds as I continued playing with his black manhood. I knew that soon his cock would be in my husband's private garden planting the black seeds from his black balls. I moved to place my white womanhood over his mouth and he eagerly started licking and slurping my now free flowing sweet juices of passion. We made each other moan in pleasure and I soon realized that we were both at our peak of arousal and I moved to his side and whispered, "I'm yours, Take me. I am ready for my young black stud to breed me".

Alex moved over me and placed the head of his black cock between my lips and then pushed into me until his cock was knocking at the door to my womb. He started slowly pushing in and out, then a little faster and I started meeting each stroke with a thrust of my own. My fingers were digging into his black butt, and he pulled me closer. We were both grinding and thrusting with all our might. I was now biting his ear and mumbling "Fuck your white momma, you fucking black stud. Make me your baby's Momma. Fuck me! Breed Me! Dam you are making me your Momma".

Alex was mumbling, "Damn your white ass,,you white bitch, you are mine now!!!!! You make my cock yours, white momma". We were now wallowing in each other's sweat and juice. We were fucking as one. Nothing could stop us now.

We both then exploded. Alex moaned out, "Uhh Uhh Uhhh as he made hard thrusts shooting his load into my white pussy. I was now responding with my orgasm, my pussy was milking his cock dry with contractions of my own. I was not shaking all over, then got really stiff as my pussy had its last contraction, then I went limp.

We lay there not moving as Alex's cock got smaller and smaller and my pussy got tighter and tighter. Alex and I kissed again and he slid off to lay by my side. After a few minutes, I asked Alex if I was up to his expectations.

Alex replied, "Damn woman, you drained my balls like no other woman ever has. I want you again as soon as I can have you".

"I will give you a day to recover and I will be back for more of that black cock. It's so damn good"!

We had sex again the next night and it was just as good as the first time.

Ed came home Sunday night and we had sex, then as we lay talking, Ed asked if I had thought about sleeping with Alex. I then told him that we had done it.

"Damn, that's hot", Ed said. "I want to watch next time".

There is nothing like a new love to spice up the old marital bed.

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by Anonymous02/04/18

Bullshit story

The african exchange student suddenly became african american when having sex with the white wife, sprouting nigga speech..
Eg. Damn your white ass bitch, make my cock yours white momma, damn woman youmore...

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