tagInterracial LoveBlack Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 05

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 05


Kirk was awakened by Li Su stirring, slowly wriggling her ass against his groin. He squinted as the sun peeked through the shades and saw her lift one of her slender legs into the air. Simultaneously he felt her hand wrap around his semi-hard cock and pull it between her legs. "Good morning lover!" she said brightly.

"Mornin' gorgeous" Kirk mumbled not yet fully awake.

"I knew you were starting to wake up when I felt my Chinese good luck charm starting to get hard and wanted to feel it where its supposed to be -- between my legs!"

They both chuckled and snuggled closer. Within a few minutes, Kirk's cock was at full mast and he began to slowly rock his hips. He felt Li Su's vaginal lips begin to swell and her wetness begin to coat his morning hard on.

She reached between her legs and massaged the head of his cock. "I learned that the books and girls' gossip was wrong about something else last night."

"What is that?"

"They say that the first time a man makes love to you is supposed to the best. But each and every time you do me is better than the last!"

Feeling her heat and the increasing flow of her nectar on his cock Kirk began thrusting slightly faster between her legs. "Let's see if we can keep the trend going!"

Quickly lifting her leg to release him, Li Su pulled away. "You'd better not get me started or else I will never finish my presentation! Let's shower so I can make you breakfast and I will quickly finish. But you have to promise me you will listen this time and not ask questions until I'm finished. I was so horny yesterday that your voice made me so wet that I needed you in me! Deal?"

"OK -- deal! Now let's shower."

As they rose from the bed they were greeted by a sight that set Li Su off in a giggling fit. "Look at this mess" she laughed "It looks like there was a war in here!" Kirk could only chuckle in agreement as he looked down at the sheet and saw the red residue of the oil they'd used to great effect. There were also tiny globs of red candle wax on the pillows. The unopened champagne bottle was nestled in the water filled ice bucket which was tilted at an awkward angle. And the trail of clothes caused them both to laugh heartily. His slacks were crumpled on the floor with one leg nearly turned inside out. His shoes, still tied, were nearby and pieces of her clothing were in a trail leading out the door and down the hall to his office.

"A lust crazed pointer to the bedroom!" he chuckled and bent to retrieve his slacks.

"Leave them there unless you're expecting company." Li Su said as she stretched her arms above her head stifling a yawn.

"Not expecting anyone -- just expect to spend the weekend with you gorgeous!"

"I'm glad! Now let's shower."

They hurried with their showers and thoroughly washed each other. Their progress was slowed briefly when Li Su lathered his cock with soapy foam, began pumping it slowly, rinsed it and took it into her mouth as she knelt despite water drenching her face. After swirling her tongue around the head and planting a soft kiss on the tip, she rose and explained impishly "I just needed to rinse my hair!"

"I'm sure you did NOT!" Kirk chided "One more suck and you would have found yourself flat on your back on that messy bed getting wished good morning by a hard cock!"

As he turned off the shower she bolted to the towel rack, wrapped one around her wet hair and snapping another at his muscular ass before wrapping it around her lean body. "I'd better hurry to feed you and finish my presentation! Then who knows?" she said with a flirtatious wink.

Li Su patted herself dry and first put on a thigh high beltless black robe but decided it was too revealing if she hoped to finish her presentation. She switched to white leggings and a sports bra. The nearly transparent leggings showed off her prominent camel toe and the shadow of her pubes. Upon seeing him staring between her legs as he toweled off, she quickly slipped on an oversized t-shirt that draped down to her upper thighs.

Li Su proved to be almost as good in the kitchen as she was in bed. She quickly whipped up plates of crab meat eggs benedict, side of fruit and mimosas. She needed Kirk's help only with popping the champagne cork. They ate on patio facing each other across the table as she quickly finished her presentation using printed notes.

She breathlessly summarized that she and a team of undocumented associates had created a patentable breakthrough which she was willing to sell to Kirk for $100,000 in cash. She explained that she needed the cash to begin paying her undocumented friends and to move her mother to the states. She needed to move quickly because she had angered her husband by refusing to be his sex toy any longer and needed to avoid retribution against her mother. She also indicated that she was filing for divorce as soon as her mother was on her way. Finally, she wanted no paper trail of the patent because her soon-to-be ex would be entitled to 50% of her property.

She concluded by saying, "I know you have the money because your team boasted about your wealth when they tried to recruit me. Also you said that the patent could be worth millions but I look at it this way. I already trust you with my most intimate possession -- my pussy, so why shouldn't I trust you with my patent? Now you can speak. Any more questions?"

"No, but I have a couple of comments. First, our being intimate is based on mutual attraction that started with lust but has evolved into caring for each other after you let me see the real you. Second, I separate business from pleasure so our being lovers won't influence my business decision. I need to analyze the value of the patent, how I can legally make it work and I need to know more about your ten associates."

"I figured that might be your answer" Li Su said and handed him a binder of documents. Here is an analysis of the patent done by the same consultant you use (your team told me), the second section includes resumes of the team and the third section includes the patent documents for your signature. You can look them over while I clean up our mess in the bedroom!"

Kirk began poring over the documents as she cleared their plates. The executive summary of the patent analysis was extremely positive so he moved on to the resumes. Each was a single page with a two inch color photo of the team member in the upper right hand corner. The qualifications of each were most impressive which could not be said of the photos. Some were average in appearance, some dowdy and one obviously overweight.

"Hmmmm ..." Kirk mused as he thumbed back through the resumes "She said there were ten team members but I only count nine." He decided to await her return before inquiring and turned by to the details of the patent. "This is absolutely BRILLIANT!" Kirk thought as he read the details of the invention. He was so engrossed reading that he was unaware that Li Su had returned until he heard the scraping of her chair as she sat down. "I didn't mean to startle you but thought I'd check to see if you had more questions for me.

"This is impressive Li Su! Your work is most impressive. Your team too but one question -- Aren't there supposed to be ten resumes?" Li Su blanched like a kid caught stealing cookies.

Taking a deep breath, she hesitantly said "There is one more but I am reluctant to show it to you."

"I can't imagine why because I have to know who I'm dealing with before making a commitment."

Exhaling in resignation, she delved into the sheaf of papers, retrieved a single sheet and offered it to Kirk. After studying it for a minute he said "Quite impressive background and she's very pretty too!" Li Su stiffened upon hearing his comment but this lady had great credentials and was absolutely stunning no matter her ethnicity. In addition to sheer beauty she also had light brown eyes with what looked like flecks of yellow.

"Why didn't you show me this one earlier?"

"Because I knew that you'd find her attractive."

"She's attractive for sure but she's got great credentials too and she's a member of your team right?"

"Yes but ..."


"She's also very attracted to you! She looked you up on the Internet and found pictures of you playing basketball without your shirt. And ... she's also my nosy neighbor -- the one that interrupted us when we were making love the first time. I don't want to lose you to that slut! She wears skirts that are too tight, far too short trying to attract black men."

"She says she needs to be a real slut to catch the eye of black men and will let them abuse her too because that's what she thinks they want. I don't know if that's true anymore because of the way you treat me and something I read in a book."

"What did you read?"

"That men want a perfect hostess in the living room, a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom!"

Kirk chuckled at the age old wives' tale. "Let me tell you something Li Su. I already know you can be a good host and that you cook well but don't put yourself down by calling yourself a whore! I enjoy experimenting in the bedroom and being lusty as hell but its important to me that the lady I am with enjoy what we're doing TOGETHER!"

"I just don't want to let that slut neighbor of mine take you away from me! She's a good programmer and prettier than me and is already planning to seduce you. "

"Oh I see! What if I tell you that there is only lady that I'm interesting in sleeping with right now and she's sitting across the table from me?"

A bright smile came across her face "I'd say prove it -- RIGHT NOW!" Li Su said and stood up from the table.

As she stood Kirk saw her protruding nipples then noticed that she was bare legged. She had removed her bra and leggings when she went into the house.

Without hesitation Kirk moved around the table and swept her into his arms. Her shirt rode up leaving her bare ass resting in one of his strong hands. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the lips before plunging her tongue into his mouth. She then whispered into his ear. "You said we can experiment so I want to try something that I read that really excites me."

As Kirk carried her through the bedroom door, he asked "What's that?"

"Put me down and I'll show you."

He lowered her to her feet. She kissed him again, quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head and knelt before him. "I want to see if I can throat fuck you! I've dreamed about it every night since our first time. I come hard just thinking about it."

Seeming intent on making her dream a reality she grabbed his elastic waistband and tugged his lounge pants off. Without waiting for him to finish kicking them aside, she took his thick mushroom head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

"Fat chance of that happening!" he thought to himself "My cock is too long and too thick. Many others have tried and failed."

Li Su was clearly intent on trying and did something he had never seen before. After thoroughly wetting his cock, she released it turned her back to him and lowered her head between his legs. She wrapped her left hand around his cock and began slithering backwards, limbo style. She stopped, raised her head to his balls and started alternately licking them and taking one after the other into her warm mouth.

He looked down on her contorted body and saw that her nipples had become beet red. Her legs had spread as she rocked back showing off the 'Silk Road' pattern of her pubes. Her inner thighs glistened with her cream. His observations were interrupted as she pulled his cock down into the position she wanted and she began to slowly envelop his meat. She began bouncing her torso up and down, taking more of him with each pass. He was sure she'd reach her limit soon.

She paused, took a deep breath and thrust upward and he felt his mushroom head brush against the back of her throat. Without so much as a slight gag she thrust upward and he felt his cock slide into her throat. She began bobbing slowly up and down, not fully releasing his cock from her tight throat which alternately gripped and released him as she swallowed. Kirk looked down in surprise that she had taken him into her throat and saw her hands slide between her legs.

Without missing a beat with her throat, she began first stroking her clit and then plunged two fingers deep in her pussy. She found a perfect rhythm and Kirk thought he'd died and gone to heaven the sensation of her throat gripping his cock was so powerful. She began thrusting her fingers deeper and faster into her slit signaling her oncoming climax. She suddenly stiffened, groaned onto his meat and did something he'd never witnessed before. She started squirting! With each groan, her abdomen tightened and a stream of clear liquid spurted from her loins.

Before he could digest this scene, she jammed her index finger into her mouth and slid it back and forth along the side of his cock. She then did something he didn't expect but felt -- she removed her finger from her mouth, slid it along the crack of his ass and slid it into him. He reacted to this novel sensation by first trying to pull away which caused his already throbbing cock deeper into her throat. She plunged her finger deeper into him and began massaging his prostrate. His balls quickly tightened and he erupted. He came with such force that his knees began to buckle!

Li Su began milking him with her throat before withdrawing and guiding his spurting cock to her lips, then her face before stroking it to deposit his thick hot cream on her shapely tits. Her finger in his ass continued massaging him and his nuts continued to respond with one thick jet of cum after another spewing forth. He'd cum with such force and for so long that his temples throbbed and he felt lightheaded.

Her mission accomplished, Li Su released his cock, straightened her legs and lay back on the floor her face below his still dripping cock. As a drop of his cum splattered against her cheek, she smiled up at him and collected more from her face with a finger and sucked it into her mouth. Smiling up at him as she removed her finger she said, "So much hot and delicious cream and I made you give it to me!"

"Yes and you're going to get even more before you leave! But right now I'm going to take you into the pool so we can rinse off."

"Oh darn, I thought you were just going to TAKE me!"

They swam a few leisurely laps until satisfied that they washed away the remnants of his cum from her face and nestled in the spa. Kirk smiled at his good fortune -- both the written one from the restaurant earlier and the one he was looking at before him. Li Su deceptively full breasts floated on the water with half of her again hard red nipples winking at him just above the water line. They sat across from each other as Li Su playfully extended a shapely leg and wriggled her toes on his cock. She then extended the other leg and began sliding his cock between them. He grew hard to the point that his thick purple head stood vertical against his stomach peeking out of the bubbling froth.

"If you keep that up you're going to get ravished right here in the water!"

"I'll keep that in mind for when its dark so I can enjoy the lights dancing around us as you give me more of my New Year's snake! Besides I just came so hard that my stomach muscles are sore just like my throat from swallowing you! I need some hot tea to soothe it."

"I have to say that you are amazing! I didn't think that was any chance you could take my cock down your tiny throat."

"I'd never done it before so I practiced using a long cucumber like I read in one of my books."

"You must read some awesome books. I'm looking forward to learning what else you've read that excites you."

"Its more than we could possibly do in a single weekend. So -- I guess I'll have to come back and you'll have to visit me more."

"I've already decided that I'll probably visit again next week if I decide to move forward with the deal you proposed."

"You're going to do it?" She asked excitedly.

"I'm not sure yet (although he was at the 95%+ stage). I need to discuss a couple of things with my lawyer."

"Oh" she responded slightly deflated "I guess I'll have to wait for your final answer or torture you with my throat and fingers some more!"

"You're gonna get both soon, I'll bet. Let's dry ourselves off and go back to the restaurant so you can get some tea."

They took turns patting each other dry with Li Su again lingering on his cock, cupping his balls and playfully jabbing at his ass. He wrapped an arm around her and started for the bedroom. Noticing that she had unpacked and spread her clothes all over the freshly made bed, Kirk remarked "It's a good thing we're headed out for tea because there's no room for us to romp!"

"We could have made love on top of everything except this." She said holding up a red garment that was folded into a square and wrapped in heavy plastic. "It's a birthday gift for my mother. I just need to find the right box to put it in."

"Maybe the lady at the restaurant can help?"

"Could be! She really helped us already with her oil and candles. Let's hurry and get dressed."

Without waiting for what he might put on, she selected and satiny sheath like dress and slipped it over her head -- no bra and no panties. Kirk followed suit and slipped on a form fitting black t-shirt and decided to go 'Commando' beneath some elastic waist pants. They donned sandals and drove towards the restaurant. When they arrived at the door, they were disappointed that it was closed for the traditional break between lunch and dinner. The proprietor saw them and excitedly scurried to the door. Grinning broadly she began chattering in Chinese with Li Su and smiled at Kirk's groin in seeming approval. She directed them to a table and scurried off to retrieve a pot of tea that Li Su had apparently requested.

When she returned, they resumed their excited chatter. He assumed that that were gossiping about last night's escapade because Li Su gestured about the 'wax mold' coming off her tits in one piece. Ordinarily, he would have been anxious to leave but he relaxed in his chair as they chatted. He knew that their next stop was going to be at his office and he wanted to arrive after his team left to avoid questions about Li Su being with him. Being lost in his thoughts, he was startled when the proprietor almost leapt from the table and hurriedly dialed the phone.

"She has a friend who sells special boxes that I can use for my mother's gift." Li Su explained. Within minutes the friend arrived with a selection of boxes. After some extended chatter and laughter, Li Su selected one. Kirk glanced at his watch and decided it was probably safe to go to his office. They arrived to see that there were no cars in the lot so Kirk pulled up to his private entrance. Li Su sat in the same seat she'd used during her interview as Kirk excused himself. Unknown to her he was visiting the safe to retrieve cash he kept there in case there was another foul up by the payroll company. Before returning, he went to his car and secreted the thick envelopes of cash in the trunk wheel well.

He walked back into the office to find Li Su sitting primly in her chair, knees tightly together and her ankles crossed. "See I know how to sit like a real lady and not just a slut when I was here before!"

Sitting down in the chair he'd used during their interview Kirk smiled and said "Now that I've seen both sides of you, both ways work for me."

Suddenly opening her legs wide Li Su said "Then its OK if I show you my pussy now because you're not interviewing me?"

"Yep! And its time for me to show you what I might have done to you. Stand up!"

Li Su stood and watched as he pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist, fully exposing her pussy. "Now sit down."

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