tagFetishBlack Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 03

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 03

byPhoenix Arrow©

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow


As Miss Simons walked through her house door, her mind and body ached terribly. It was an instant reminder of what she had witnessed tonight, and it made her want to cry. She had never been so used and humiliated like this before.

Dropping the keys she went straight for the shower. She desperately needed to wash off the disgust.

The warm water felt good on her skin as she tried to clear her mind. The mind that held knowledge of the nights degrading activities. She had to keep her mind clear of them, or she would go insane.

The soreness of her breasts lessened from the gentle shower spray. Her hand slowly reaching down to feel her tender stretched pussy. Quickly the image of that terrible black dildo popped into her head and she quickly shook it away.

Turning around, she allowed the warm water to flow over her back. She noted that her behind was still a little sore. She could still feel the stings from Trish's strong hand.

Taking some soap she began lathering up her hands before washing her face. She needed to clean that first. It was still sticky with Amber's juices. "Gosh Amber! How could I?" Mrs Simons couldn't help but remember the look on Amber's pretty face. A look of heat and desire as the former coach lowered her willing tongue to her....to her.....

Again she shook the memory away and moved down to wash her breasts. They indeed were still very soar as well. Miss Simons cringed as she remembered the cruel plastic stick. She continued to wash and sooth her large breasts for a few minutes before moving on.

Finally she had reached her poor vagina. It was still terribly stretched from the evil dildo. Easily 3 fingers slipped inside as she felt a sob coming on. "How could Trish be so demented?" She cried. "How could she use me like that and humiliate me in front of all those other women.....black women?"

At that moment the former coach could feel her pussy tingle. "Dame it stop that!" She yelled at herself. She knew why her pussy was tingling and she hated herself for it. The fact of the matter was that she had actually enjoyed being humiliated before all those strange black faces. She had wallowed in the expressions on their faces as she made a spectacle of herself for Trish.

This time her pussy pulsed and she slapped it. Then slapped it again harder. She didn't want it to be all excited and aroused. She didn't want it to be turned on as she recalled the humiliation of the past few hours. What had been done to her should have made her mad as hell.

But it hadn't.

Despite herself, her mind began drifting to the other white girls at the party. The other girls that were made to serve and entertain just like her. "Oh how degrading it must have been for them as well." Miss Simons thought. "Did they enjoy it? No, how could they? No one could enjoy behind humiliated in those ways."

Before she knew it, Miss Simons's mind had begun recalling the experiences. Recalling how she had followed Jennifer into the kitchen, relieved to get away from the black crowd for at least a moment but also still very nervous of what the night may hold.

"Hurry up!" Jennifer yelled at her, "Miss Brown doesn't like it when we slack off."

Miss Simons was surprised to hear Jennifer, or "Jen" actually talk to her. Until now the older woman had been very submissive and restrained, prancing around in her bra and panties while serving food. It caught her off guard to suddenly see Jen in this commanding persona.

"Are you stupid or something? Get over here and take this tray outside. You better not piss off Miss Brown. You have no idea how mean she can be when she's mad."


Jen look back at her "But what?"

"But aren't you her boss?" Miss Simons should have known better. But she was dying to learn more about their twisted role reversal.

The half naked executive gave the former coach a stern look "Ya, so what's your point?"

"Well...I mean...why are you here taking orders from her then?"

Jennifer's face was now getting red. She looked as if she was going to slap Miss Simons. Instead she simply lifted the food tray and shoved it into the coach's arms.

"Get going Missy, the guests are waiting."

Miss Simons decided not to press the issue further and began walking towards the kitchen door. She realized that Miss Brown had indeed been right. Jennifer was an assertive, strong-minded person. But not here.

Emerging from the kitchen to the unwelcome sight of even more black faces arriving, she slowly approached a young black woman, in her early 20's, standing by the kitchen door.

"Would you like an orderv ma'am?" Miss Simons tried over the crowd noise.

The young girl turned and gave Miss Simons a look like she had just noticed her for the first time. "Oh, how nice. What a good girl you are. Do tell me, who do you belong to?"

Miss Simons blink several times, not knowing how to respond to the question before asking one herself "Belong to?"

"Yes you silly girl. Who brought you to the party?"


"Oh, so your Trish's new toy. How wonderful for her. She certainly knows how to pick them. What are you supposed to be dressed up as?"

Miss Simons lowered her eyes and blushed, "A cheerleader."

The young woman gave a slight giggle, "Yes you certainly are. You're a lot older than her usual white girls, and not as pretty. But don't you look just the cutest in that uniform. Well hurry along now."

Miss Simons gave a fake smile before continuing to the next group of women. Eventually she reached one of the few men in the group. He was sitting at one of the couches when she approached with the tray.

"Orderv sir?"

"Don't mind if I do."

As she held it out to him, instead of taking one of the orderv's, he reached under her skirt and actually began grouping her left inner thigh.

She instantly jerked back, causing the remaining odervs to fall off her tray and onto the floor. With the surrounding women looking at her, she quickly lowered to the ground to pick each one up. Several times the creepy guy, who was actually quite young would place his foot beneath her skirt and lift it up, briefly exposing her to the room. Each time she'd struggle to move away.

Finally she collected them all and stood back up with the tray, but the man would still not leave her alone. Grabbing her by the hips and pulling her closer, he again reached underneath her skirt and began feeling her thighs. She was scared and didn't know what to do.

As he continued grouping her, she looked up at Trish with pleading eyes, hoping that she would intervene. When Trish simply shook her head and smiled wickedly, Miss Simons' heart sank. She would have to let him feel her up. As he began moving up her leg, she soon could feel his long dark fingers touching her dry outer lips.

She sighed at the intimate contact, feeling the strain of trying to keep the heavy tray up with her hands as he freely played with her folds.

The coach noted the black women sitting around her, watching her, commenting on what a slut she was being. Miss Simons felt so ashamed being played with like this, in front of other women. But she continued to stand there and take it, just as Trish wanted.

Despite the crude manner at which she was being played with, she could feel her pussy moistening. She looked down at the man's face and he returned a knowing smile.

But at that moment, Miss Simons could sense the focus of the room changing. Everybody was turning and looking over towards the stairs. Miss Simons looked to.

Coming down, holding another, older black man's hand was Amber. She too was wearing her skimpy cheerleading uniform and her long blond hair was a mess. As she arrived at the bottom of the stairs Miss Simons's could see that her inner thighs were shiny and slick.

In some state of shock, Miss Simons watched as Amber approached her location at the sofa. The young blonde was blushing as she obviously tried not to look Miss Simons in the eyes. As she arrived, she released the hand of the black male and took the hand of the one seated before her former coach. The guy, who had continued to lightly fondle the middle aged cheerleader, stood up and followed Amber's lead back towards the stairs. Soon they had both disappeared.

Still in surprised shock, Miss Simons made her way back to the kitchen to restock her tray. "What is Amber doing here?" The coach questioned. "And what is she doing with those men upstairs?" The former coach was beginning to form a possible scene in her head when Jen walked through the kitchen door.

"So, here for only a few minutes and your already dropping food on the floor."

"Oh, sorry. Its just that man kept trying to feel me up."

"Well get used to it. He likes to touch us. Just don't keep dropping your tray. You definitely do NOT want to get on Miss Brown's bad side."

"You still haven't told me why your taking orders from her." Again Miss Simons was pushing the issue and again Jennifer was getting upset."

"Your a real bitch you know that? Do you really want to know? Do you really want to know why I allow this black subordinate to treat me like a cow and show me off at her parties?"

"YES!" Miss Simons could hardly contain her enthusiasm for wanting to know.

"Its the same reason why your standing here dressed up like a freaking cheerleader and taking orders from an 18 year old black girl."

"Natural Dominance?" Miss Simons responded.

"That's right. Natural dominance. I thought it was bullshit the first time Miss Brown told me about it. She had come into my office one day after I was especially nasty to the mostly all black cleaning crew. She was right, I so did enjoy watching them slave away making my office look all clean and fresh. And I would never even thank them for it.

So when she came into my office later that day, told me how rude I was, and said how she would give me a good hard spanking for it, I laughed in her face. When I asked her how in hell she'd plan on doing such a thing, that's when she told me about natural dominance, where white women were naturally submissive to black women.

It sounded absurd and ridiculous. But soon enough she had me believing her. As she commanded me over her knees I found myself loosing all my nerve. The same nerve that got me to be an executive was now being replaced with a need to obey. I wanted her to punish me. To spank me. To turn my ass red with her hand. To put a white bitch like me in my place. Just like you do."

"What?" Miss Simons questioned back.

"You want Trish to dominate you, to use you, to treat you like a submissive cheerleader. Admit it!"

Miss Simons lowered her eyes and blushed. It was true and she knew it. She would do anything to be Trish's little white cheerleader, even attending one of these questionable parties.

"Well I can see it in your eyes. So that is why I take orders from my subordinate Miss Brown. Not because SHE wants me to, but because I WANT to. I WANT her to tell me what to do. I WANT to be her stupid white cow. Just like you WANT to be Trish's stupid white cheerleader."

Miss Simons now understood what Jen was trying to tell her. It all made sense. Even though Jen was the boss of Miss Brown at work, Miss Brown "naturally dominates" Jen, hence the reason why Jen has submitted to her, and why herself has submitted to Trish. Miss Simons new she may have been reaching a new understanding.

"Now come on, if we waste another second we'll both get in big trouble."

Miss Simons walked back out of the kitchen with a new food tray and began serving food to who ever wanted some. A few of the women would make rude comments to her as she stood before them, while others simply ignored her. Soon she made it to where Trish was sitting.

"You've been doing well Miss Simons. I am very proud of you. It looks like your doing a better job being a food server than you ever were being a cheerleading coach, that's for sure."

This made the former coach feel sad. She had always loved coaching her cheerleaders, and always thought she was pretty good at it. She had received tons of awards from many competitions. Yet if Trish told her she was a better food server, than it must be true.

"Are you surprised to see Amber here?"

Miss Simons nodded her head.

"The guy she brought down stairs was my uncle and that was my brother she took with her. His name is Thomas. He has a thing for white girls, but frankly I don't see why. Can you guess what he's doing with her right now?" Trish had an evil grin on her face. Miss Simons's eyes opened wide at realizing what Trish was getting at.

When my brother first saw her, he wanted her almost immediately. That was when she was captain of the squad and still little miss high and mighty white girl. Boy did I put an end to that. Can you just imagine what her parents would think if they knew their little girl was upstairs getting fucked by my big brother?

A little shiver went down the coach's spine. She knew both of Amber's parents. John and Cindy Lowenstien. John was a very well off businessman while Cindy was a very respected lady in the community. Both of them were known to frequent many high level functions and just the thought of their pampered teenage daughter serving black men and women was very stimulating....and even erotic, to the coach's regretful admission.

She found herself imagining Amber's nude sweaty body beneath the aggressive black male as he pistoned his large tool into her.

The image in her head quickly ended to the ringing of a small bell. Turning around, Miss Simons saw Trish's mother happily ringing it in her hand.

"Ok ladies, it is time for the main entertainment to get underway. I'm sure it's going to be a very good show tonight. Everyone take their seats please."

Miss Simons watched as all the women sat in the various chairs and sofas around the living room. It made a perfect circle as they all faced the inside.

Instantly Jennifer kneeled on the floor in front of where Miss Brown was sitting. Taking her que, Miss Simons set her tray aside and lowered to the floor before Trish. She felt a light petting on her head..."Good Girl". The coach could help but feel proud of herself.

At that moment, one of the female guests emerged from a door leading down to the basement. She was holding a leash in her hand, which Miss Simons quickly found was connected to the neck of a young woman.

The coach gasped at the sight. The white woman appeared to be 25 or 26, with two large loop rings attached to her dangling breasts as she crawled behind the black woman. But the most shocking thing about the girl, was that she was completely hairless. Not only was her pubic mound bare, but the hair on her head was completely shaved off. She was bald.

Miss Simons studied the expressionless face of the young woman. It was as if she was a zombie, passively following the lead of the black woman tugging on her leash until they reached the rest of the group and took their seat. Sensing her former coach's curiosity, Trish leaned forward in her chair and began whispering into Miss Simons's ear.

"That girl is known as the party toy. Her name used to be Samantha, about the same time she was graduating from grad school and applying for a job. Fortunetly the woman holding her leash, Orlanda, was the one interviewing her for one such job. Not long after her fiance was very sad to learn about the new position she'd accepted, "Party Toy". Turns out she always had a desire to serve black women and never knew it."

Trish continued to tell the story of Samantha's submission. Of how she wisely choose to leave her fiance and volunteer full time for her new position. A position of submission and service to black women. Usually she is kept down stairs in the basement and only brought up for parties and special occasions.

As Miss Simons watched the young woman, she just couldn't believe that such a pretty, intelligent, aspiring young professional would give up a promising career and family to serve as a slave. But that's exactly what had happened. Apparently, she once had long lovely brunet hair but willingly allowed them to shave it all off so it could be made into a whip. Miss Simons gasped when she saw the whip in Orlanda's hand.

By now everyone had been seated around in the circle. Miss Simons patiently knelt on the floor, not knowing what to expect next until Miss Brown spoke up again.

"Ok ladies, time to get tonight's entertainment started. But first I'd like to thank all you girls for coming. I know how much you enjoy these parties, but I still am glad all of you could be here. Also, let me introduce to you all my daughter's latest conquest. The white creature kneeling before Trish is Miss Simons, her 'former' cheerleading coach."

Miss Simons blushed embarrassingly at the new attention as all eyes were now upon her.

"According to my daughter, Miss Simons was not doing a very good job as her coach and she has agreed sensibly to step down in favor of Trish."

Every one started clapping, making Miss Simons feel even worse.

"However, since my daughter is such a nice girl, she has allowed Miss Simons to remain on the squad as a cheerleader, and that is why she is dressed like she is today."

Again more clapping, almost as if they were applauding Trish's pity over the pathetic former coach.

"With that said, we can now begin with the entertainment. I think my Jen should go first, every agree?"

Everyone seemed more than happy to let Miss Brown's submissive go first. Miss Simons noticed that Jen looked as if she was a little nervous, but also getting excited.

"Very good. Ok white cow, go into the kitchen and get your things."

With a blushing face, Jennifer stood and disappeared into the kitchen. After a brief moment, she returned with a small brown box, and a bowl of cold milk. Setting the bowl down on the floor, she opened the box and presented it to Miss Brown. Trish's mother than nodded, reached inside the box and removed a bell. Quickly she fastened it to the neck of her white cow and ordered her to remove her bra and panties.

With an ever reddening face Jen obeyed, revealing to the crowd her sagging breasts and jelly ass. Miss Simons could see the absolute shame in Jennifer's face. Her body obscenely jiggled as she lowered her naked self on to her knees and hands. Reaching into the box again, Miss Brown took out a permanent black marker and placed it between Jen's teeth. Finally, with the bowl of cold milk right below her dangling breasts, Jen dipped each "udder" into the bowl. The cold milk instantly hardening her nipples and coating her breasts.

With a slap to the butt, Jen began crawling along the inside of the circle. With enormous humor, the women watched as she did her best to crawl like a cow, ass jiggling, sagging breasts swaying and dripping with milk.

To Miss Simons's never ending surprise, each woman took the permanent black marker in her mouth and, as the poor boss crawled to them, they would draw big black cow patches on her body. As her back, belly, ass, and legs soon became covered in black semi- circles, the coach could actually see tears of total humiliation swelling in her eyes.

This respected, middle-aged white woman was normally a tough, no- nonsense SOB at work. Yet here, with real cow milk dripping from her nipples, a cow bell jingling away, and black patches being drawn all over her body, she was nothing but a stupid white cow. And at her own admittance, she was craving it. Without even a command from Miss Brown, Jen was soon mooing like a fool. Her face and upper chest flushed with shame, she soon crawled up to where Miss Simons was kneeling on the floor.

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