tagFetishBlack Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 04

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 04

byPhoenix Arrow©

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!


Monday morning Jessica arrived at school early. She hadn't had a good nights sleep the whole weekend. Her nights had been one big emotional blur, leaving her tired as she arrived to work. During the days she had managed to successfully block out the degrading activities of Friday night from her mind, and was confident that today she'd be able to do just the same.

Never the less, Miss Simons was obviously a wreck as she stumbled into the large school building, but still managed to make it to her first room with out looking too out of sorts.

The "official" cheerleading coach of Dalefield High did have other responsibilities at the school. Besides her cheerleaders she often assisted other teachers, doing various errands and tasks. She didn't like it, but it paid her well enough and usually kept her occupied until after school.

But today would be the first time she'd actual pay attention to actual teacher/student interactions. Last sunday evening she had again questioned herself and asked the question "Was it true?" Did white women really have a natural desire to serve black women? She herself was almost tired of questioning this theory. Trish had proven it time and time again to be true.

But despite watching first hand the submission of her own cheerleaders, the white women at the party serving as play things, and her own desires to submit to Trish, something still didn't seem right. Did all white women feel the same way? She had to find out, and the school was the best way to do that. Her plan was to watch and listen. To study if there where other teacher's like herself at the school that had similar submissive desires with their non-white female students.

Her first class was with Mr Brodan. Yes he was a man, but a white man. Was there also something to this natural dominance with the males? Not that she was able to tell. Yes some of the black students were generally more rude to him, but he composed himself rather impressively, and didn't appear to show any submissiveness to them.

After two classes, she was with Miss Jenkins. Yes she was a woman, but a black woman. Yet it was still worth a look. But here to nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, Miss Simons did notice for the first time that Jenkins treated her a little differently than normal. Almost like she were less....equal. But it was probably just her imagination.

Another two classes went by before she went to Mrs Clark's room. Now Marsha Clark was white and definitely a woman. She was roughly the same age as Miss Simons and married, with 3 children. She was a good woman and Miss Simons had a lot of respect for her and her work ethic.

But even with that high level of respect, former coach wanted to see that respect tested. She wanted to now if Mrs Clark was or was not susceptible to Trish's famed "Natural Dominance" as well.

Miss Simons would get her test. The class that was being taught was Algebra, and comprised of a general mix of students, including a rude group of black girls who held the corner of the classroom. From days past Miss Simons could remember their usual class disturbances, but rarely paid attention to how they affected the white teacher.

Well today was no exception. As Mrs Clark was giving a lecture and writing on the board, three of the girls were engaged in their own conversations. Several times the teacher turned around and look at them coldly, but when she turned back they'd simply resume talking. Every time Miss Simons would hold her breath.

Finally at one point Miss Clark told them sternly to behave themselves or ELSE. Two of the girls immediately went quiet. But a third, Brandy, didn't.

After a few moments Brandy, clearly the oldest of the girls continued trying to talk to her friends.

"That's it young lady, Detention!"

Brandy's mouth flew open in surprise and anger. She apparently didn't believe that Mrs Clark would call her out like that, but she was wrong. Miss Simons couldn't believe what she had seen either. Mrs Clark had actually stood up to Brandy. It meant that none of it was true. Brandy, a young black girl was put in her place by a white woman just like her. It proved there was no such thing as natural dominance. White women didn't have to submit to black women.

Miss Simons was beyond happy. At that moment all she wanted to do was give Mrs Clark a huge hug. She just had to know how she stayed so cool and in control. How did she stand up to this black teen so boldly, something that she herself had not been able to.

After class she went to talk with her new inspiration.

"Hey Marsha. Great class today."

"Oh thanks Jessica, I'm glad you thought so. Its sometimes not easy when you have kids acting up, but overall I thought it went well. So what's up?"

"Well I was just admiring how you handled Brandy today. She was really causing a problem." Mrs Clark oddly seemed to tense up a little at the mention of Brandy's name. Miss Simons only barely noticed.

"That? Oh its no big deal. You just have to know how to set these kids straight. Be stern with them and they'll crumble."

"You certainly did with her. But....are you always able to handle things this well?"

"What do you mean?" Marsha gave her a quizzical look.

"Well, I mean you know how rude girls can be sometimes, especially....the black ones..." Miss Simons could see the woman begin to fidget a bit in her seat. She wondered if there was something wrong, but continued "... So do you ever have any real problems with them?"

Mrs Clark's eyes narrowed as she looked at Miss Simons, almost as if she were studying her. Then after a moment she responded. "Listen Jessica, I'm not really sure where your coming from but if your looking for advice, I recommend avoiding confrontations with any of your students, even black girls. It can sometimes...cause you problems. But just remember what I told you before. Be firm with them and they'll respect you."

That was all Miss Simons had to hear. It made perfect sense. If you wanted respect you had to demand it. Mrs Clark demanded respect from Brandy, and she got it. And why couldn't she do the same? What was stopping her from being firm with Trish and putting her little black behind in her place? And to think she had freely went to that stupid, humiliating party just for the honor of being one of Trish's cheerleaders...."ugh" she grunted as she marched her way down to the locker rooms. It was time to take back her squad.


"TRISH, GET IN HERE!" Yelled an inspired Miss Simons from inside her former office. Trish had just arrived and was surprised to see her old coach yelling in such an aggressive manner.

"What's this all about?" She wondered as she dropped her things and moved towards the office, now her office.

"Hello Miss Simons, how those tits of yours? Still hurting from friday?"

The quick statement caught the older woman off guard and despite her new demeanor she blushed. A quick image of the cane flashed through her mind, before composing herself once again.

"No Trish, they do not still hurt. Now I have something very important to discuss with you." Trish watched her coach intently. "I've finally had enough of all this nonsense. You and I both know that all this mumbo jumbo about 'natural dominance' is just garbage."

Trish wanted to smile, but played serious. "But Miss Simons, you saw for yourself at the party. The way those other white girls submitted. Even yourself."

"Trish, I realize now that you simply tricked me into believing it. There is no genetic disposition in white females to submit to black females and you know it. Now enough is enough. Your little games will come to an end. Starting with who coach's this squad."

There she had said it. Finally she was firm with Trish, just like Marsha had been with Brandy. Now she was sure that Trish would crumble before her.

But in actuality, while Trish stood listening to her former coach, she was getting quite amused by the whole thing. She so loved it when her white pets struggled and resisted. It made it so much more enjoyable when they finally broke into submission. But where did this come from? How did she come to this new inspiration? Trish new something had caused this change in attitude, and she was going to find out. So Trish asked her just that.

"Miss Simons, where did all this come from? I thought you were progressing so nicely. You were finally truly accepting who you are and what your place is. Now this? What's the cause of all this new behavior?"

"Well Trish, I've seen first hand that it all a lie. Not all white women want to submit to black women. I just got back from Mrs Clark's class. I watched proudly as she dominantly put one of her rude, black female students in her place. When the black girl challenged her, Mrs Clark didn't back down. Now she's upstairs with Mrs Clark right now serving her detention.

"Oh really? And this black girl accepted her white teacher's authority?"

"Yes she did!" Miss Simons spoke proudly.

"I see. Do tell me Miss Simons, what's the name of the punished black girl?"


"Brandy huh? Well why don't we go pay a visit to this Mrs Clark's room and see if what you are saying is true after all."

"Uh.....OK, follow me..." Miss Simons was a little unsure she wanted to do this. She didn't want to bother Mrs Clark while she was giving out a detention, but she needed to prove she was right. She needed to show Trish the truth and end this once and for all.

After a brief walk upstairs they arrived outside the closed door of Mrs Clarks room and Miss Simons gave it a light knock. After a moment, Mrs Clark opened the door and greeted her fellow instructor cheerfully.

"Hey Jessica. This is a surprise. Did you forget something?"

"Oh its nothing Marsha, I only wanted to make sure everything was going ok with the detention." As she spoke, she quickly noticed Brandy in the back of the classroom, writing something on the board.

Mrs Clark smiled. "Don't worry about her, I've got everything under control. I have her writing lines on the board. That should keep her busy for a while."

Miss Simons looked at the board and read the first line: "I will not talk in class". Miss Simons turned and smiled in triumph at Trish. Trish gave no response either way.

"So who do you have here with you?" Asked Marsha, looking at Trish.

"Oh....ah this is one of my..... YES, this IS one of MY cheerleaders." Marsha looked confused at the other woman's emphasis on words.

"Hello Miss Clark, my name is Trish." The young girl chimed in.

"Well pleased to meet you Trish. Now if you two will excuse me, I need to finish grading some papers."

"Don't worry, its no problem." Spoke Trish as she pushed her way past Mrs Clark and into the room. Miss Simons began feeling a sense of worry.

"Come Trish, we really must let Mrs Clark get back to work. You see she has a student serving detention."

"Yes I do see. Brandy is it?"

At this point Brandy had stopped writing on the board and was watching the three women.

"You know Mrs Clark, I really do find it fascinating that you would choose to punish Brandy."

By now Marsha was getting a little annoyed with all the intrusion. "Trish, I must really get back to work. And your distracting my student from her task. Please leave this instant."

"No I don't think so."

Mrs Clark paused, surprised at the unexpected response. "Excuse me young lady?"

"I said no. I'm not finished with what I need to do here."

Marsha's face was now getting red as she quickly glanced over to Miss Simons, expecting her to do something about her rude student.

But Miss Simons wasn't quite sure what to do. She had been afraid of this. She didn't want Trish to get into a confrontation with Marsha. But that's exactly what was happening.

"Jessica, take your student out of my class room THIS INSTANT or she going to be in BIG trouble."

Gosh she admired her tone. So authoritative, so in command. Miss Simons quickly turned to Trish "You heard her, out of the classroom now!" She could feel the authority in her own voice, and it felt good. But Trish wasn't budging.

"Mrs Clark, let me ask you. Do you really want to punish Brandy?"

Marsha quickly snapped back at her question, "Brandy is being punished because she was a very rude girl, which is exactly what you are being!"

Trish appeared unfazed, "Well Mrs Clark I believe this isn't really how you would prefer things."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about whose getting punished. You would prefer it if someone else were getting punished I'll bet?"

Marsha was getting beyond upset at this point and was starting to shake in anger.

"Huh Mrs Clark? I wonder who else you would want to be up there instead of Brandy, writing a hundred times on the board like a bad girl."

Miss Simons noticed Marsha's eyes widen, but still she remained silent. "Why wasn't she responding?" wondered the coach. "Wasn't it important to be firm and stand your ground with these girls?" Yet Mrs Clark continues to just standing there and Trish spoke.

Turning to Brandy, Trish continued, "You know Brandy, I think your teacher has a little fantasy she's been hiding. I think she's imagined this situation before. How about you Brandy? I bet you would prefer if it were someone else being punished don't you?"

Brandy nodded, but still looked worriedly at Mrs Clark, expecting her to yell at any moment. She didn't.

"Tell me Brandy, who would you like that person to be?"

Brandy didn't say a thing, yet looked wide eyed at Mrs Clark.

Trish smiled and turned back towards Mrs Clark.

"So how about it Mrs Clark? Is this how your fantasy goes?"

"I...I...don't have a fantasy..." Marsha no longer had a look of determination and authority. For the first time Miss Simons could see doubt....and....and...FEAR!

"Oh I know you do Mrs Clark. You remember it don't you? The one with the black student who turns the tables and punishes you?"

Mrs Clark momentarily lost her balance. "Did her knees just go weak?" Questioned Miss Simons.

"Please....stop this....this nonsense right now..." Miss Simons couldn't believe how feeble her fellow teacher now sounded.

"But you really don't want me to stop do you? You actually want Brandy to say no to you. You want her to disrespect you and give YOU detention. Isn't that right?"

By now Trish was right in front of Mrs Clark's face, adding to the intimidation. Marge looked back at the young girl as her eyes slowly watered, "No....no...its not true...."

Trish raised a finger to the trembling older woman's lips "Shhhhhhhhhh....Its ok, we wont tell anyone what happens here today or how you truly feel. It'll be our little secrete."

Trish looked back to Brandy. Both girls exchanged a look of understanding. Then for the first time Brandy took control.

"Mrs Clark, I think I wont be writing any more on the board today. In fact, I wont be serving any more of this stupid detention either. I think instead it would be so much more fun if you served my detention for me. Yes I like that idea very much. Why don't you get your big white butt over here and take over for me!"

In astonishment, Miss Simons watched as her admired teacher and co- worker sheepishly walked slowly past Trish, past a now very confident Brandy to the board. The board already had three complete lines written on it, "I will not talk in class!"

Miss Simons could see a glazed look in Marsha's eyes, as if she were experiencing a dream, a fantasy that was finally coming true. Gently she picked up a piece of chalk and began writing another line: "I will not tal...."

"WAIT" Shouted Brandy. "I want you to write something else instead of TALK. Write TEACH." Brandy gave a little giggle. With little whine, Mrs Clark wrote the new word. Soon the new sentence was complete as it read, "I will not teach in class".

Brandy stood back in amazement of herself. She could not believe she had just commanded her hated bitch of a teacher to do something, anything, let alone write on the board such a self-disrespecting statement. How far could she push her? Was Mrs Clark really desiring her black female student's domination over her? All this Brandy wondered as she watch her teacher carefully write another line.

But a nod from Trish told her she should indeed push further.

"You know Mrs Clark I really don't like you very much as a teacher or a person. My friends and I actually think your a pretty lousy teacher, and your such an annoyance. Every time we try to talk about important things like fashion, cool movies, or boys, you never fail to open your stupid mouth and complain. Always whining like a baby girl. Do you realize that nobody gives a shit about your boring class?

Miss Simons watch the newest spectacle before her. Brandy was really laying on her, and instead of taking offense, it was obvious that the usually firm, in command woman was eating up. It wasn't long before her student was even taking shots at her figure.

"And you know what's worse than having to listen to you talk? Is seeing that fat ass of yours every day in class. You really should do something about all that figure Mrs Clark, its so unsightly. You have no idea how much us girls make fun of your body behind your back."

It took another ten minutes until the teacher reached line number 50. The whole time Brandy never let up her insults, and not once did Mrs Clark stand up for herself. The cheerleading coach watched in stunned amazement the whole time. She just couldn't believe what she was watching. It was so unreal.

But things were only going to get worse. By now Trish was getting bored of the show. She had seen this done lots of times to plenty of hapless white teachers. It was time to show Miss Simons how truly un- dominant her admired teacher really is.

"Brandy, why don't you let Mrs Clark take a brake from writing on the board. Besides, I think Mrs Clark has been dying to live out the best part of her fantasy."

"Oh? What is that?" Brandy lit up, eager to find out.

"Why don't you let her answer that herself. Come on Mrs Clark, tell Brandy what you've been masturbating to all this time. What you've wanted your black students to do to you while you try to teach class?"

Marsha turned but sheepishly looked at the floor.

"Tell us Mrs Clark, tell us what you want Brandy to do to you?"

"I want her to....." She looked over to Miss Simons and quickly looked away embarrassed "....punish me!"

Brandy smiled. "You want me to punish you Mrs Clark?"

Marsha nodded.

"But why should I punish you? You've been such a goody goody teacher? And I've been such a bad student. Do you really want me to punish you Mrs Clark? To humiliate you in your own classroom?"

Miss Simons held her breath. She prayed Mrs Clark would refuse to be punished. That she would stand firm to the black girl and retake control of her class room. But that was all lost when the teacher again nodded yes.

Brandy giggle shortly before moving her head to whisper into her teacher's ear.

The teacher hesitated for only an instant, before slowly slipped her dress off her shoulders. It was clear she was now eager to do as her student ordered. For Marsha, this was a dream she had climaxed to so many times at home. She had long fantasized about one of her female students, especially one of her black ones to stand up to her. To turn the tables and humiliate her in front of the class.

But she had long feared of this actually happening. She knew all too well that to submit to something like this was inconceivable. She could never allow her fantasy to become true. To do so would risk losing her career, her husband, her dignity, or at least her students respect. How could she allow that to happen?

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