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My name is Eddie and something has happened in my life recently that I have to write about. Let me tell you about my situation. I am a 32 year old white male, who is married to a very sexy woman, named Liz. Liz, who is 28 years old, and I have been married for five years. We met when we were teenagers and dated on and off, until our marriage. Liz is easily the most attractive woman I've ever been with and I love her very much.

Liz has always been my dream girl. My wife has long brunette hair, that falls below her shoulders and blue eyes that light up when she smiles. Liz is 5'5", and weighs about 130 lbs. She has awesome 36' D cup breasts, with huge areoles and nipples that poke out like knobs when she's aroused. Liz also has a bodacious ass that some would say is slightly too large, but that I think is perfect.

My wife and I have always had a good sex life, at least from my point of view. Nothing too wild, she loves oral sex (both giving and receiving), but she has never allowed me inside that gorgeous ass of hers. I don't push her on the anal sex, because the rest of it is so good. I always thought that she was satisfied with our sex life, but recent events have shown me what a fool I was. When I think about what happened last Friday night and what is going to happen tonight, I don't know whether to cum in my pants or vomit.

Liz and I just moved to this neighborhood two weeks ago. This area is a little run down, but the economy has affected my job and Liz lost her's , so we didn't have much choice. We couldn't afford our mortgage. Bankruptcy and foreclosure soon followed.

Soon after moving in we met our neighbors. Robert and Shawn are two young black men in their early twenties. Liz was mowing the yard one day, in a pair of short cut offs that allowed half of her pale white ass cheeks to hang out, when Robert came outside and started talking to her. She soon invited him in for a beer. I was a little leery of the young black man at first. I'm not prejudiced or anything, but at 6'2", Robert is 3 inches taller than me, and he was obviously enjoying the view of my wife's sexy ass and huge tits. But after talking to him for awhile, I started to like him. Despite this, I was a bit taken aback when Liz asked him if he'd like to come over on Friday night and play poker. Robert asked if he could bring his roommate Shawn.

Liz laughed, "Sure, why not. The more the merrier."

After Robert had left, I spoke up, "Are you sure about this?"

My wife looked at me in surprise, "You're not afraid of your wife being around black men, are you? Besides, we could use some money, and I'm sure we're better at Texas hold'em than they are."

I had to agree with her. We were short on money and we were both experienced poker players.

Our guests showed up early on Friday evening. Liz was in the kitchen preparing some snacks, when the doorbell rang. When I answered the door I was surprised to see three black men, instead of the two I expected. Robert introduced me to Nate. Like Robert and Shawn, Nate was in his early twenties, and like our neighbors his skin was coal black.

"Nate is my cousin," Robert informed me, "I wasn't expecting him to come over tonight, but I didn't think you guys would mind."

Liz walked into the living room from the kitchen and smiled, "Of course not," she said, "I did say 'the more the merrier'."

The three black men stared at my wife and smiled. Liz was wearing another pair of short-shorts, which were barely covered by her top, which was a shear pull over blouse, with a plunging v-neck. The fabric of her top was so thin you could see the outline of her nipples. It was obvious my wife wasn't wearing a bra, as you could see her big titties jiggle when she walked. I was definitely not happy with her choice of wardrobe.

I offered our guests a seat in the living room. We had a card table set up with four kitchen chairs around it. The three black men sat at the table while Liz went into the kitchen to finish making the snacks. "As soon as she has the treats ready, we can get down to some serious poker," I informed them, as I took a seat across from Robert.

Robert grinned and gestured to his left, "Nate here kicks ass on Texas hold'em. I hope you can keep up."

Nate spoke up, "Yeah, I hope you're ready to lose some money, white boy."

My face turned red, as I thought about how to reply.

"Honey, why don't you come get them some beers," Liz yelled from the kitchen.

Robert immediately stood up, "I'll go," he said, "so that you two bad ass poker players can get to know each other." The tall black man was smirking as he walked through the swinging doors and into the kitchen.

I talked to Shawn and tried to ignore Nate. After a few minutes I began to wonder what was taking Robert so long with the beers, so I went to check on him. I went through the swinging door as quietly as I could. What I saw made my heart jump up in my throat.

Liz was standing at the counter, a tray of snacks in her hands, her back to Robert. The black man was right up against her, whispering in her ear, but more importantly Robert's large dark hands were on my wife's ass, rubbing and squeezing her fleshy butt buns, through her shorts. Liz's eyes were half closed and she was breathing hard. I heard her whisper something back at him and thought I caught the words, 'black cock'. I was so stunned at first I didn't know what to do. They sensed my presence and both turned around quickly. Robert withdrew his hands from my wife's tail and smiled as if nothing had happened.

Robert picked up a six pack of Busch, off the counter, "We were just on our way back with the goodies," he said.

Liz looked at me appearing a little frightened, obviously wondering about how much I had seen. I was frightened myself and did not let on to what I had witnessed.

We all went into the living room, where Shawn and Nate were waiting. The beer and snacks were passed around as Robert and I took our seats. Since we hadn't expected Nate to be there, we were one seat short, so Liz sat on my lap. There was a lot of small talk as we dealt the cards and the game began.

The three black men were better at Texas hold'em than I thought they would be and things weren't going well for Liz and I. Within two hours I was getting pretty drunk and was down to my last chip. Liz had already dropped out of the game. I looked at my cards and then at the board. I had a full house with just the river card to go. Nate was the only one still in on this hand.

"I've only got one chip left," I informed everyone.

"So bet it," Nate shot back.

"There's gotta be a way I can bet more than five dollars on this hand," I begged aloud.

Nate appeared to think for a moment, before looking at Liz with an obscene glint in his eye, and replied, "An article of your old ladies clothing ought to be worth about twenty bucks."

I gritted my teeth, but Liz spoke up, before I could say anything, "No problem, bucko!" She had seen what was in my hand and knew I had it. Nate threw a twenty dollar chip in the pot and Liz dealt the river card. Nate then turned his cards over. I nearly passed out and the three black men erupted in cheers. Nate had a four of kind.

My wife couldn't believe it, "You gotta be fucking kidding!" she exclaimed, but I couldn't help but notice an excited look in her eyes.

"So what's it going to be?" Robert asked with enthusiasm.

"Take it off!" Shawn added.

I started to object, "Now wait a ...,"

"You wait a minute white boy," Nate interjected, "a bets a bet!"

Liz looked at me and stood up off my lap, "He's right honey." My wife undid her shorts and slowly slid them down to her ankles, before kicking them across the room. Liz was wearing a pair of pink silk panties, that allowed a gracious amount of her bountiful, white ass cheeks exposed for all to see. Liz stepped out from the table and turned around slowly. Both Robert and Shawn whistled and Nate just groaned. This wasn't part of the deal, but I was drunk and getting a little excited myself. Liz sat back down on my lap, "So now what?" she asked.

Robert smiled at this, "Well, if you want to keep playing, you'll have to bet with your clothes."

I froze and didn't know what to say. Liz looked at me and appeared a little disgusted, "Okay," she agreed, "Eddie will play and I will strip. But I have a feeling he's going to start winning."

"Whatever," Nate mumbled, "Just deal the cards."

I took a deep breath and wondered if this was real. All my wife had on now was a pair of panties and that flimsy top that showed off half of her tits. Of course, I lost the next hand. I couldn't help but feel my dick get hard as Liz stood up and began to take off her top. My wife's bare breasts popped into view and she laid her blouse across my shoulder. Liz shook her shoulders, as her huge pale titties swung from side to side. Her nipples were as big as I'd ever seen them and I noticed a wet spot on the front of her panties. The three black men had a dangerous look in their eye and Robert was openly rubbing his crotch.

"Look at those big ass white titties!" Shawn exclaimed.

By now I had become angry and a little worried as Liz sat back in my lap, "You know, with you sitting in my lap, it's no wonder I can't win a hand!" I snapped.

Liz's face turned red as she stood back up, "Well fuck you, shrimp dick!" she shot back, "I'll just sit on someone else's lap and distract them!" With that, she walked around the table to Robert, who was sitting straight across from me. With a shit eating grin on his face, the black man pushed his chair back, and my wife sat down on his lap.

I was in shock. Once again I felt paralyzed and unable to speak. Liz put her arm around Robert's neck and glared at me. Robert held my wife by the waist and turned her so she was facing me directly. Liz dealt the cards as Robert started whispering in her ear. I knew my wife could feel his hard black cock poking into her ample buns. I pretended not to watch as my once loyal bride began to rotate and slide her hot married bottom across this black man's lap. It wasn't long before Robert started moving his hands up Liz's flanks. Before I knew it he was fondling my wife's huge white titties with his big black paws. Liz moaned and it looked as though her massive bare breasts were becoming even more swollen. I wanted to say something, but the sight of those dark, black hands mauling my sweet wife's lily white boobs had me hornier than I had been in my entire life. Of course by now, I'm sure Liz had lost all respect for me.

I actually won the next hand, but before I could ask for Liz to put her top back on, my wife spoke, "Hold on a moment," she said, "I'm the one losing my clothes here. I'm the one who should say what the payment is when my husband wins."

Everyone who mattered seemed agreeable to this. "So what do you want?" Nate asked.

Liz squirmed as Robert continued to molest her awesome knockers, "Everyone gets to see my tits," she started, "Now I want to see some black cock."

Nate looked at me and laughed. He stood up and walked over to my wife. I saw the huge bulge in his pants and my stomach sank. I knew this night wasn't going to end well. Shawn stood up on the other side of her and started to undo his pants. Both men pulled their pants down at the same time. This was even worse than I thought. Liz was in awe. She leaned forward as Robert continued his violation of my wife's swaying mammaries. Both men's cocks were huge and dark as coal. Shawn's was about 9 inches long, which made it about four inches longer than mine and Nate's awesome snake was at least 11 inches.

Liz reached out and grabbed hold of both of the ebony monsters, with her dainty white hands. Both men were erect and so thick that her fingers did not touch. My wife appeared to be in a trance, "They're so big and so black," she murmured. Liz started to stroke the black pythons lovingly, as Nate and Shawn reached over and slapped at her humungous white boobs.

Liz started playing with Nate's balls, as she looked me in the eye and leaned towards his bobbing prick. My wife stuck her tongue out and licked the huge head of Nate's big black cock. Nate moaned and thrust his hips forward. Liz's eyes grew wide as the first 5 inches of Nate's hot black meat entered her slutty white mouth. My sweet innocent wife bobbed her head back and forth as she started sucking in earnest. Every so often she would pull the long black hose out of her face and spit on it. Liz was soon sucking that fat black cock like her life depended on it. By now, Nate's ebony log was slick with my wife's saliva as she sucked all 11 inches in and out of her married, white mouth, and down her unfaithful gullet.

All the while, Robert and Shawn were brutalizing my wife's huge, white tits, with their rough black hands, squeezing, pulling, and slapping her burning boobies. I was witnessing the most obscene thing I could imagine.

Nate looked at me as he continued to thrust his big, black pipe in and out of my wife's needy white mouth, "What do you think about your wife sucking my big, black cock?" he asked, with a smirk, "I think she likes it." He pulled his rock hard pecker out of Liz's gulping mouth, "How about it?" he queried.

My wife of five years looked up at me, panting, her eyes wild, and her lips swollen and covered with spit and precum, she answered, "Oh god yes! I love sucking black cock!"

"You don't mind your husband watching either, do you?" Shawn asked.

"Hell no," Liz replied, "I want that little dicked bastard to watch me suck and fuck all of your big, black cocks!"

I felt so betrayed by that point, that I could do was sit back and watch. But at the same time, my own cock was stiff as a board and I thought I would cum in my pants at the slightest touch.

Liz started moving her mouth faster and faster on Nate's throbbing black meat. Nate yelled and grabbed the back of my wife's head. He pumped his dark pipe in and out of Liz's hot, wet mouth as fast as he could. Liz gave a little cough and I knew Nate was blowing his load of black cream into my sweet wife's married white mouth and down her cheating throat. Liz pulled the spasming snake out of her mouth and fell to her knees.

Nate grabbed her chin and pulled her face up. Liz looked at me as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Nate deposited another load of jism past Liz's tongue and into the back of her cum thirsty throat. Unbelievably, he wasn't finished yet. Several more ropes of thick white cream spurted from Nate's thick, black python and splattered across my wife's swollen and abused tits.

Liz sat back on her haunches and groaned, "Oh my god."

Shawn and Robert stood to each side of Liz and lifted her up to her feet, "We're not done yet," Robert informed her. The two men carried my wife over to the couch and positioned her on her hands and knees. Shawn got on his knees in front of Liz and she grabbed his bobbing, black cock and fed it into her desperate mouth. My wife was soon sucking that huge, black pecker and playing with those big ebony balls as she looked me straight in the eye.

Robert grabbed Liz's panties and pulled them off of her. My wife spread her knees and pushed her ass towards the black man. Robert then proceeded to slap my wife across her big, married white ass as hard as he could, with his huge, black hand. Liz looked stunned at first, but soon she was wiggling her delicious butt cheeks around and begging for more. Nate went over and joined in, he and Robert taking turns swatting each of Liz's jiggling, pale butt buns, leaving a red hand print with each stroke.

Liz quit sucking on Shawn's monster cock for a moment and looked back at her tormentors, "Oh god yes!" she breathed, "Spank my white ass! I've been a bad little white girl! I'm cheating on my husband and loving every minute of it! I love sucking black cock and having my big, married, white butt spanked by black men!"

It was obvious to me at this point that Liz was out of control, and consumed with lust. I knew nothing was going to be the same again.

Robert started to work his fingers in and out of Liz's sopping wet pussy, and looked at me, " I'm going to tear your wife's sweet little pussy up."

"Yeah, whiteboy," Nate chimed in, "We're going to fill this tight white pussy full of black cock!"

Liz looked at me and pulled Shawn's throbbing, black pecker from her mouth, "Bring that bastard closer. I want him to get a real good view of my little white body getting packed with black meat!"

I didn't resist as Nate dragged me by the hair and sat me on my knees next to the foot of the couch. By now, Robert was completely naked and lining his 10 inches of coal black cock up with Liz's weeping cunt. My wife's pubic hairs were cut short and neatly trimmed, so I had a good view of what happened next.

Robert slapped my wife's jiggling, white ass one more time, and spoke, "Tell Daddy what you want, Vanilla drop."

My wife, who had been sucking on Shawn's swollen balls, looked back at me and Robert. "I want you to fuck my married, white cunt with your big, black cock, while my pathetic husband watches!"

With that, Robert started rubbing his enormous black prick up and down Liz's leaking slit. Nate continued to slap my wife's horny white ass. Liz wiggled her stinging butt from side to side, "Yes!" she screamed, "Please fuck me! Fuck my tight white pussy! Tear it up with that big, black cock!"

Robert started to push his huge, black prong into Liz's cheating little pussy. Liz's eyes grew big, as Robert slid his big black pecker in and out. Shawn shoved his own black monster back into Liz's mouth. They soon had a rhythm going. My wife was being pumped full of hot black meat from both ends and was obviously loving it. Not to be left out, Nate had slid under Liz's chest and was sucking on her swaying white tits for all he was worth.

"Look at that shit man!" Robert yelled at me. I did look. His huge black cock was pistoning in and out of my innocent little wife's tight white pussy at break neck speed. That fat black cock was so big that Liz's inner pussy lips clung to the coal black shaft and I thought she would be turned inside out. It wasn't long before I realized that my wife was cumming. Thick pussy juice that had started to turn white, coated Robert's pumping black cock. Liz was throwing her ass back at Robert as fast as she could and moaned around the black mamba in her mouth. My wife's hot little twat became too much for Robert and he moaned, "Oh fuck!" He pulled his twitching black dick out of Liz's tight little cunt. He started to slap my cheating white wife's fat ass again, as he blew thick cum all over her abused butt cheeks.

About this time, Shawn started to cum in Liz's mouth. My wife was bobbing her head up and down and sucking on the studs black cock like a mad woman. Liz started choking and pulled off. White cream dripped from her nose as she caught her breath, "Damn!" she exclaimed.

Nate pulled himself out from under Liz's smothering boobs. "I think it's time to take this to the bedroom," he stated, as he pulled Liz off the couch and onto the floor. Nate made my wife crawl across the floor, with her face pressed downward and her gorgeous white ass swaying in the air. I couldn't believe my wife was doing this, but then again, it was hard to believe any of this had happened. As Liz made her way to our bedroom, the three black men took turns smacking her across her flaring butt cheeks, until they were beet red.

I followed behind, watching all of this in disbelief. When we reached the bedroom, Nate laid down on our bed, face up. Liz crawled up and straddled the black stud. Robert and Shawn grabbed me and made me lean over the foot of the bed, so that my face was only inches away from the action.

Liz lifted her hips up and guided Nate's 11 inches of black tube steak into her still tight pink pussy. My wife made a strange noise and started to impale herself repeatedly on Nate's chocolate cock. Liz looked down at me, as that black anaconda pumped in and out of her swollen cunt. "Do you like what you see baby?" she teased, "Do you see what that big black cock is doing to your sweet innocent wife's poor pussy!?" Liz was now bouncing her jiggling ass up and down on Nate's ebony club as fast as she could.

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