tagNonHumanBlack Rose Ch. 02

Black Rose Ch. 02


He awoke suddenly with a sharp gasp and sat upright, his mind a whirling mess of jumbled thoughts and questions. He looked around at his surroundings, at the dull stone chamber and the strange glow that dimly lit the room, and slowly, like a steadily building nightmare, it all returned. The battle, his capture, Master Alandros's death, his failure to resist the whims of his captor, the 'black rose' who called herself Lucia Morgana.


Daelo shifted slightly and realised for the first time that he was laying in a large king sized bed, situated in the centre of the chamber where he had awoken before on the hard floor. The tall bed posts at either end were constructed of a black metal and sculpted into erratic points that curled and split like barbed thorns. Likewise, the thick bed sheets, pillows and covers were all finished in the same dark colours, reminding him with a shudder of Lucia's obsidian demon form and what she had done to him.

How long had it been? A day? A week? He had no idea of the passing of time, and could not recall any moment when he had been placed within this bed. He had no doubts that he had not been moved from the cold stone chamber that he had been locked within since he arrived in this dark place. This was his prison now, the cage of a succubus's new plaything.

Daelo thought of her last words to him before he had lost consciousness, the utterance no less chilling to him than it had been then.

'We're going to have lots of fun, Daelo. I promise.'

The thought of giving himself to her again caused another shudder through his body, and he fell back onto the thick pillows of his new bed with his hands over his face. He needed to think, to plan a strategy, to escape before he was lost forever. He knew the effects of the succubae on mortal beings, and how quickly they could break a person's will. He also knew that Lucia Morgana was the most powerful succubus he had ever encountered, which meant he had even less time in her grasp.

Even with such limited options available to him, Daelo couldn't lay in bed pondering his fate like this. She probably wanted him ready in his new bed for when she wanted to feed again, and the last thing he was going to do was obey her willingly.

He pulled the covers aside and saw that what little clothing he had been wearing when he arrived in his prison were now gone. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he stood up and walked across to where he thought the door to the place was located. He found it quite strange that the stone beneath his feet pulsed and emanated warmth as he stepped across it, originally expecting harsh coldness.

As he approached the dark side of the room where Lucia had vanished after their last encounter, the shadows swept back and the wall grew brighter, the ominous pulsing glow of the unnatural lighting illuminating what lay beyond.

Daelo cursed quietly as he saw there was no door there after all, although he had hardly expected an easy way out of this place. What did lie on the wall however, was a large mirror, its length and width almost matching the full size of his being. As he gazed curiously into the shimmering surface, he found little surprise in the fact that the frame of the vast, eccentric ornament was made from the same black metal as the bed, and fashioned in a similar design.

Daelo stared into the deep brown eyes of a determined yet weakened apprentice slayer, his short black hair ruffled and messy. As he glanced down at the reflection of his naked form, he noticed the vivid claw marks across his chest, Lucia's mark on him during her feeding. He could still vividly remember her on top of him, crushing herself painfully against him as she selfishly rode his cock and devoured his essence into her greedy innards, as if it was still happening now...

Daelo closed his eyes and shook his head to try and rid himself of the dark thoughts. He needed to focus, to try and keep the evilly tantalising demoness from his mind. It was the only way he would stay free of her complete control.

'Thinking of dear old me?'

Daelo's eyes shot open and there she was, standing behind him, a seductive smile on her perfect features and a gleam in her brilliantly blue eyes. Their gazes locked in the reflection of the mirror and she stepped closer, sliding her arms around his shoulders and running her hands slowly across his chest.

'Mmmmm, all that slayer training has kept you in very nice shape, my pet,' Lucia said as she traced the pattern of scars that ran across his flesh, in particular the deep red runnels that she had inflicted herself.

Daelo scowled at her reflection, refusing to turn and face her.

'My name is Daelo,' he growled, his arms remaining at his sides and showing no signs of responding to her caresses.

'Only if I want it to be,' Lucia said with a grin, leaning in and pressing her lips to his shoulder, the merest touch sending bolts of arousal through him.

'You'll have to behave like a good pet, and make sure I'm satisfied,' she continued, kissing further up along his skin and onto his neck, the edges of her teeth nipping it slightly.

Daelo tried to slow his breathing as he replied.

'I will never desire you, demon. I hold naught but hatred for one such as you.'

Lucia chuckled as she pressed herself closer against him so that he could feel her breasts against his back, the pert nipples poking against his bare skin. Her hands slid down his arms now, along onto his thighs, before meeting at his crotch and taking his member firmly in both hands.

'Are you sure about that?' Lucia said as she squeezed his amazingly erect penis tightly in her soft, sensual grip.

'It seems your body has betrayed your true feelings, my little slayer.'

Daelo looked down at his engorged cock with shock and shame evident in his eyes. Lucia noticed this and laughed aloud, nuzzling her head in against his neck as she continued to play with his erection, her thumbs slowly running up and down along the length of his shaft.

'Don't be so ashamed,' she whispered in his ear huskily. 'Everyone desires me. There is no denying the deliciously raw emotion of lust.'

Daelo closed his eyes as she took his ear lobe between her teeth, her hands still expertly working his cock. He could smell a powerful, dizzying scent from her, like pungent perfume, and knew this was her pheromones attacking his senses. Every demoness possessed the ability, and it was one of their most effective weapons against the willpower of a mortal.

Despite his mind actively assessing the situation, and the fact that he knew how she was doing all of this to him, Daelo was shocked to realise that he found himself wanting to offer less and less resistance against her. The staunch clarity of his mission that had been present in his mind when he awoke was now a distant, blurred memory, replaced now by the shameful and guilty desire he struggled to fight against as it quickly flooded his system.

'Stop trying to fight me, Daelo,' Lucia's voice was in his ear again, using his name for the first time.

'It's pathetic. You belong to me now; you gave me your seed.'

'You took it from me,' he growled in response, finding a reserve of defiance from somewhere in him.

'And you can honestly tell me now that you do not desire such powerful release once again?'

Lucia had taken one of his hands in hers and pressed it against her growing wetness, letting him feel the juices flowing from her slowly pulsing pussy.

'You can tell me without any hint of doubt in your weak mind that you do not wish to unleash your hot seed over and over inside my tight, wet cunt?'

Lucia's hands pumped his cock in quick, long strokes as she repeated the word 'over', and Daelo felt himself grow even harder from her touch, the sensation and her seductive crooning almost too overwhelming for him.

He was aware that he still had his hand against her moist slit, and had made no efforts to move it away. The shame in him epitomised as his head dropped and he uttered his answer to her quietly.

'No. I cannot deny that.'

Daelo did not need to look up into the mirror to know that Lucia wore a savage grin of triumph on her exotic face.

He turned to face her, feeling his willpower slip away into nothingness as it had done before. His breath caught in his throat as his eyes roamed over her perfect body, naked before him. Daelo could not even recall if she had been wearing clothes or not when she appeared.

Once again he became lost in Lucia's blazingly brilliant orbs of blue luminescence, the shifting shades changing constantly from the brightest turquoise and teal to the iciest midnight blue.

Her grin became wider as she saw the look in his eyes and knew that he was hers once again.

Without fully realising that he was doing it, Daelo reached out and curled his arms around her, pulling her tight against him once more as she responded in kind, her own arms fastening around his neck.

He slid a hand down between them to cup her soft mound once more and began to stroke along her hot slit with his fingertips, but she snatched his hand away angrily, her breathing harsh and eyes burning into his.

'Don't waste my time,' she hissed, wrapping her arms around his neck once more. 'I'm not some fancy little slut from your pitiful world. I'm always ready.'

With that, Lucia leapt up suddenly and impaled herself on his throbbing erection, taking him fully inside her tight cunt in one swift thrust, her legs wrapping around him painfully tightly as she held him inside her.

Daelo gasped loudly, the breath escaping entirely from his lungs as she took him mercilessly deep into her molten core. He could already feel her silken walls pulling and squeezing his shaft, eager to take his mortal seed into her demonic womb and provide her with the ultimate sustenance. It took all of his remaining willpower not to explode then and there in that first motion.

Lucia somehow sensed his struggle and threw her head back in a chilling laugh that sent shivers up Daelo's spine, despite the heat that flooded his body.

'Doesn't that feel so much better?' she growled into his ear as she dragged her tongue across his cheek and bit into his earlobe, causing him to grunt with the sharp pain. Lucia simply responded with a squeal of delight as his pain added even more to her pleasure.

Daelo staggered back and was pressed against the wall as Lucia began to bounce up and down on his cock, using his neck to lift herself up each time. He could feel the rough stone of the chamber wall cutting his skin as she slammed against him, and found himself terrified not simply from Lucia and her animalistic sexual desire but from what he was doing. He had given himself over almost willingly, with little to no resistance. Him, an apprentice demon slayer! It almost made him glad that his mentor Alandros was dead now.

Grasping Lucia's hips firmly in his hands, Daelo tried to prise her athletic form from him, as he had attempted to before. Yet again, she was far too strong for him, and he felt pathetically weak in his efforts.

Lucia brought a hand down and dragged her emerging claws hard and slow down along his arm, causing him to cry out suddenly. She seized the opportunity and enveloped his mouth with hers, pressing her lips hard against his.

He actually did express his terror now, as he felt Lucia becoming the demonic black rose once again. Her tongue extended to nearly three times its length and forced its way past his lips and down his throat, causing him to gag repeatedly. Her fangs started to emerge one by one, the edges of the foremost points cutting the inside of his lips as she continued to kiss him viciously.

Daelo's widened eyes looked on in horror as Lucia's obsidian skin shimmered into being, her raven black hair seeming light in comparison. Her arms and legs pulled tighter against him, forcing him to pound into her even deeper, and just when he thought he would never be more terrified in his life, she opened those eyes.

He had never seen ice burn before, but that is what he saw now. Gone were the pupils and irises of her 'human' eyes, replaced by pure pools of blue. The blazing ferocity that shone out directly into his own eyes made Daelo's skin crawl, his head spin and his body quake. It was only when Lucia released his mouth from hers and cast her head back in a room-shaking screech that he realised he was cumming, and not just a simple orgasm but a hard, mind shattering explosion that shook him to the core. His entire body bucked against hers as he filled her with short, sharp blasts of his seed, the intensity even greater than the first time she had taken him. Daelo's mind was on fire, filled with horrific coalescing images of things he did not understand. He felt as if his very soul was being pumped into the greedy womb of the black rose. If he had been more level headed, he would have known this to be not far off the truth.

Daelo opened his mouth and tried to scream from the power of the release and the horror of the ordeal, but Lucia's tongue suddenly shot out and ensnared his own tightly, pulling his head to hers and taking his lips in a painful kiss once again.

His body shivered and shuddered beneath her, his member still buried within her hot folds, her walls squeezing him for every drop of his precious seed.

As he slumped back against the wall of the chamber, Lucia finally released his throbbing cock from inside her and stepped back, grinning down at him as he slipped to the floor in a heap.

'Don't tell me that's all you've got?' she said with a giggle that quite belied her horrific appearance. When she spoke in her demonic form, Lucia's husky, seductive tones were underlined with a deep throated rumble that both scared and aroused Daelo, much to his shame.

She looked down at him and grinned widely, her rows of fangs glinting in the dull light of the chamber.

'No, I thought not,' she said as she nodded towards his lap.

Daelo looked down and just stopped a gasp as he saw that his penis was rock hard once more, his erection standing to attention like an overeager soldier.

'W-what have you done to me?' he asked, still trying to catch his breath. Lucia's eyes flashed and the golden runes adorning her obsidian skin pulsed brightly.

'I told you, no-one can deny themselves of such a powerful force as lust. Even you, a mighty apprentice slayer, cannot stop the primal urges within yourself. There is no going back for you now. Each time you give me your seed, you fall more and more under my whim. Eventually, you won't be able to look at me without urgently needing to stick your cock inside me. And then,' she said with a deep rumbling chuckle, 'then we can really have some fun.'

Daelo swallowed hard and shook his head, glaring up at her.

'I won't do it. I'll resist you.'

'No, you will not.' Lucia shook her head sharply. 'It's impossible. Even now, you want me, don't you big boy?'

Daelo felt his cock straining at her sultry tones and shook his head, trying to rid himself of the damn dizziness her pheromones were causing.

'Daelo,' Lucia whispered huskily, causing him to look up into her flashing eyes.

'Who are you trying to convince?'

With that, she turned and walked over towards the bed in the centre of the chamber, her hips swaying back and forth seductively. She crept onto the bed and crawled across it, laying there on all fours and turning to look back at him, her long tail lifting upwards and beckoning him in a come hither gesture as her glistening sex was revealed to him.

Daelo tried to close his eyes but was fixated on the beauty before him. Even as a demon, she was the most stunning creature he had ever seen, and he knew now how so many had fallen to her. He wished now that she had killed him like she had killed so many others. At least they had been given an end to it all.

Before he knew it, Daelo had lurched up onto his feet and was striding over towards the large bed and the deadly seductress who lay upon it, awaiting her plaything and his ever hardening member.

A cold sweat had covered his body by the time he reached her, and he cursed Lucia for making him like this. Daelo climbed up onto the bed and positioned himself behind her, feeling a sense of revulsion as he locked gazes with her and saw that wickedly grinning evil once again.

He vowed then and there that he would destroy her.

Lucia paid little heed to his mood as the end of her forked tail whipped up and wrapped itself around his throbbing shaft, pulling him closer and plunging his cock into her waiting snatch. A hissing moan of satisfaction escaped her lips as she pushed back against him until she had him completely inside her.

Daelo tried his hardest to deny the arousal, the desire, the amazing sensation that was firing through his system as he was taken into her hot innards. He had almost succeeded too, when Lucia turned around once again and spoke to him.

'Fuck me, Daelo. Fuck me hard.'

A cry of anguish spilled from his lips as he lost his battle against her will, and his strong arms wrapped tightly around her hips as he drew his own back and then slammed his hardness into her dripping cunt, curses and growls emitting from him as he did so.

Lucia squealed with pleasure and brought one of her own arms back to clutch his tightly, her claws sinking into his flesh with ease and the blood running down across his hand and onto her skin, where it sizzled and vanished.

Daelo ignored the pain, the sorrow, the shame, and focussed on the rage building up within him. Everything was lost to him as he dug his fingers into Lucia's thighs and slammed himself against her, plunging his thick shaft into her quivering cunt over and over, the sounds of his naked body slapping against hers echoing around the stone walls of the chamber.

Lucia's screeches for him to fuck her harder barely registered in his brain as he ploughed her dripping hole with recklessly hard thrusts, increasing the pace faster and faster with each slam of his hips against her. Daelo could see her ass bouncing as he smacked against her, the tattoo-like runes on her skin shimmering brighter than he had seen them.

He could feel his cock burning inside her tight hole, feel her slick inner walls sucking and stroking his shaft each time he entered her, demanding his seed for her sustenance once again. Daelo knew he could not hold back much longer, and by the sounds of Lucia's intensifying screeches, she would not remain patient for what she wanted from him.

Daelo's breathing became harsh and laboured as his cock chased in and out of the demonic succubus, his vision tinged with red rage as he expressed the hatred of himself and of Lucia Morgana through the force of his thrusts into the sex greedy demoness. He felt his balls begin to contract, and then let out a gasping cry as Lucia's tail curled under him and began to stroke and squeeze them, faster and faster until he could not hold back any longer.

With a roar that was torn from his throat, Daelo pulled Lucia's hips tight against him and shot his load deep inside her once more, feeling the thick spurts of hot semen coating her inner walls and surging into her hungry womb. He was too far gone this time to be scared, and he simply sagged against her as he continued to pump more and more of his essence into her greedy cunt.

By the time she had deemed herself satisfied and released his cock, Daelo was near-catatonic with the intensity of the sensation, his eyes vacant and his body spent.

Lucia pulled herself from under him and batted him aside with a snarl, still in the throes of her own orgasm. As he collapsed onto the bed and surrendered to oblivion once again, she grinned viciously, licking her lips with her unusually long tongue before stepping into the shadows and vanishing once more.

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