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Black Supremecy


"Good God, can that man move!" I said in awe.

"Yeah, especially for a white boy," the girl next to me said with a laugh. "You know that it's always the black boys who dance better."

I snorted inelegantly. "Those black niggers only think they can. The difference is that we pay attention to them. Gives them a big head." So saying, I tossed down my shot of tequila and slammed the glass back on the bar, missing Stephanie's incredulous glare in my direction. "You know, Steph, some of those black bastards made a pass at me last week."

Stephanie looked at me with an eyebrow cocked high. I know what she was thinking. I loved attention from anyone, and it wasn't at all difficult to get it. I'm on the shorter side, but always wear sexy, stylish heels to make up for it. My curly, dark red hair is as fiery as my passionate temper, and my green eyes always betray my emotions. But it's my body that "brings all the boys to the yard". A voluptuous, pear shaped woman, I make no attempt to hide my large frame behind baggy clothing. Instead, I happily flaunt it with curve-hugging clothes, short skirts and even lower-cut shirts. My dynamite personality always draws people in. But as far as Stephanie was concerned, I have a major flaw... my intolerance for the black population.

Looking at Stephanie's expression, I knew I had to be clearer. "I was just getting out of my psychology class. When I walked into the hallway, one of them let out a wolf call, and a bunch of his 'boys' started laughing and clapping. SUCH immaturity," I rolled my eyes. "I don't know who they thought they were. Completely uncalled for. I swear, Stephanie, I was born in the wrong era. I shoulda been born before segregation ended."

Steph laughed. "Brier, you need to relax. There's no difference between a white boy and a black boy except for the color of his skin."

"Perhaps," I replied congenially, winking at the bartender as he slid me another drink. "But I know most of them still think we owe them something. It's as if they want retribution. You know I'm from the south. I freely admit that my family were, and are, plantation owners. And as I've no interest in apologizing for the way my ancestor's treated THEIR ancestors, I'm keeping myself as far away from them as possible!"

"Considering your disgust of them, that's probably a good plan," Stephanie said with a smile, "But how you're going to do that at this college is a mystery to me, especially when there's an entire fraternity of them plus more." Lifting her glass to her lips, she took a sip of her drink, smiling at a guy across the room. In moments, he began to move in her direction.

"Well," she continued, "As much as I was looking forward to listening to you continue your rant, I do believe I have a dance partner headed my way. So I'll catch ya later on at home, nkay?"

"Sure, Steph," I laughed, "Go have fun with your man. I'll be fine. See you in the morning!" I waved her off, watching as she gave the guy what looked to be a knee-weakening kiss. The way his hand wandered from the small of her back to the top of her rounded ass made me glad that she didn't share my dorm with me.


"Does she suspect anything?" Brian asked Stephanie when pressed her lips close to his.

"Not a thing," she responded with a coy smile. "Promise she won't get hurt?"

"I can't promise that," Brian said, then with a sadistic wink added, "But I promise she'll like it."


After I finished another drink, I paid the bartender –plus gave him a generous tip- and made my way to the dance floor. As usual, I didn't lack for partners. The way I swing my hips to the beat and make my body sway.... Needless to say that, noticeable even in the worst circumstances because of the way I throw my weight around, when I'm at my best, I can make a lot of jaws drop.

Raising my arms in the air, I let myself loose, feeling the music in my veins and responding to it without thought. I let my body sway and writhe provocatively, uncaring of if I had a partner or not. My eyes closed, I could still discern the spotlights, both colored and white, illuminating the gyrating crowd below them, and I could still imagine the various people surrounding me. I moved with little finesse, letting my feet and body move me where they would. Opening my eyes again, I noticed a few black men had danced their way closer. I edged back towards the open side door next to the dance floor. The breeze cooled the heat emanating from my skin, and I was able to move further from those egotistical assholes parading around as 'men'.

The song changed, and so did my movements. I stepped high, swayed low, my hips gyrating quickly, almost like a belly dancer or a gypsy, as I hit each beat with a pop of my hip. I threw my head back and laughed in pure enjoyment, spinning in a circle just for the joy of it. I quickly circled again. Wait a minute... those niggers were following me across the floor! But no, it couldn't be. There just had to be a larger population than normal here.

As the tune intensified during the chorus, I took the opportunity to press through the moving crowd, towards the wall, but still near the door in case I needed a quick escape. The move was to be my downfall.

"Hey there, sexy," a nigger stepped in front of me, "I'm Aiden."

"I don't care who you are," I snapped, "Get out of my way."

"No... no, I don't think I will. You look like you love dancing as much as me, and I would like to partner you this evening."

"I don't think so," I snarled, narrowing my eyes. "I don't dance with bootlips." To my surprise, Aiden laughed.

"You will tonight, honey," he said, a smile spreading across his face. "Ohhhh, yes you will," he reiterated to my shaking head.

"Fuck you, porch monkey" I said, spinning on my heel to leave. I stopped short. In front of me were three more niggers. "Excuse me," I ground out between my teeth, bracing myself to push through them.

"Oh, are you on your way outside?" one asked. "Here, let us escort you."

"I don't need your help," I growled.

"She won't be saying that later, will she, Craig?" another said.

"Sure as hell won't, Joe," Craig responded.

"Why? I'm not gonna even be with you later," I spat out, pissed off at being 'helped' out of the bar.

"Wanna bet?" The first yahoo chuckled deep in his throat as we walked through the open doorway. An idling car waited in a nearby parking spot, and the niggers steered me to it.

"Let me go!" I screamed at them, starting to panic. "I just wanted to dance!"

"And you will," Joe grinned at me, opening the rear door, "Just not precisely in the way you intended. See, me and the boys here," he gestured to his kinfolk, "heard how you're talking about us. And we're going to show you we aren't all cut out of the same cloth."

"Thanks, but no," I attempted to swallow my fear, and retorted snidely, trying to yank my arm out of their grip. "I'll just go back inside now."

"Listen, you fucking cunt," the first nigger spoke again. "We tried being nice. Don't make us force your stupid ass into this fucking car."

I wrestled with Joe and Craig, who each held an arm. "I'm going back inside," I cried out, twisting in their grasp. Both appeared to be stronger than me, though, because neither lost their grip. Aiden quickly tired of my struggles, and he bent to reach into the car, coming back out with a cloth. Impatiently, he pressed the rag against my nose and mouth. I tried to hold my breath, really I did, but after struggling with the two, I was slightly out of breath, and before I could stop myself, I took a deep breath. Immediately I felt woozy, and I looked to either side for help, but the two assholes just stood there with smug smiles on their faces. 'I'm gonna get you for this,' I thought.... And then I blacked out.


Soft hands gently ran themselves over my curves. I moaned quietly, moving to stretch languorously beneath the attention. My eyes flew open. I couldn't seem to move. Why was that? I looked at my wrists. They were tied with rope, and secured to a ring on the wooden 'bed' I lie atop of. My ankles had been given the same treatment. And was that a slight breeze I felt.... ohhhh, shit....

"I see that you're finally coming to," a voice commented to my right. My head whipped around to glare at the speaker.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Where the hell are my fucking clothes?" I demanded, moving my hands to see if I could possibly wrest out of the restraints. He –I think it was the asshole that called himself Aiden- chuckled low in his throat.

"Tut, tut, Brier," the nigger shook his head, clucking his tongue in disapproval. "You don't want to upset your audience." At the casual wave of his arm, I stopped in my fruitless struggles and took a look around the room. My heart stopped beating in my chest. Surrounding me were at least 20 niggers, all nude, and all caressing their glistening, rock-hard shafts.

"You see," he continued, fixing me with a pointed stare, "We're sick and tired of you treating us like shit. We think that it's your turn to be called names for no reason, to be loathed, to be... used...." He stood, stripping off his clothing. Wincing, I tried to curl up more, retreating from him. I made one last attempt at bravery.

"Touch me, and I swear to fucking God you'll wish you hadn't. I'll call the police, I'll call the news station, I'll make sure that you fucking go to jail for rape!" Though I spoke in a low voice, I mustered every ounce of hatred, disgust, and fear that I had into my voice, hardening it, attempting to make it harsh enough to cause these.. these... pigs! to think twice, and so back down. But it was to no avail, apparently, as Aiden laughed at me, backed up by chuckles from various other men around the room.

"Trust me, sweetheart, by the time we're done, you're not gonna tell anyone what happened, because you'll be wanting it to happen again."

I snorted in disbelief, my anger at his statement temporarily overcoming my fear. "What the fuck makes you think that? Do I look like a fucking whore to you? Do I look like I enjoy being used by animals? None of you have finesse or style. It's a 'rut'n'go' to y'all. Stick it in, fuck me, cum, the end."

"That's right, cunt," Joe stepped up, a sadistic smile on his face. "And that's exactly what we all plan on doing."

"You can't be serious," I said, ignoring the butterflies in my belly, trying to keep the panic from my mind. "You're not... you can't really... you wouldn't..." It was a struggle to keep the frailty from my voice, and I desperately attempted to regain my righteous anger to fuel my stance. "There is no way in hell that you're going to even try," I stated confidently. "I'll tell you what. Let me go now, and I won't ever say a word to anyone."

"Nice try, but we're not nearly as stupid as you think we are," said Craig from the other side of me. He, too, was sporting a thick, prominent erection. "On the contrary, to be a member of this fraternity, you need a GPA of 3.5.... which is probably double yours," he added with a wry grin. "So.... you might as well accustom yourself to what's gonna happen. You wouldn't want to wear out your body in resisting, when you're going to need it to get through the upcoming ordeal."

Enraged, I spit in his eye. His response was immediate. He slapped me hard across the face, and I cried out in pain.

"Thought you'd get in your revenge, did you, you stupid bitch?" He snarled, clenching a fist. "How'd you like that? Are you going to spit at me again, fucker?"

I shook my head, my eyes shining in unshed tears. Now I knew that this was not something I could escape, I was determined to remain unattached. I must remain detatched from my body, not remember what was hurting me, who was there, what was happening. I couldn't believe it. I know I'm not the purest of girls, but... to be used by a bunch of fucking pigs with pricks.... what a low blow. They came to America to work and all they're doing is fucking.... God. What the hell happened? Not an hour or so ago, I was at the top of the foodchain, and now I'm on the bottom? I choked back a sob. No self-pity. I can get through this humiliation... I can do it. I'm not going to be a victim of a bunch of self-righteous niggers.

"Hey now, calm down, brother," A nigger stepped forward, putting a free hand on Craig's shoulder. "You don't wanna damage the goods, do you? Not this early on, anyways," he said with a leer in my direction. Slapping Craig's back, he stepped forward, close to me.

"So.... you don't like negroes, huh, whitey?" he asked, slowly stroking himself. "I think me and the boys are really gonna enjoy changing your mind."

"Fuck you, asshole," I spoke in a low growl through my clenched teeth, bracing myself for a blow. Instead, the fucker laughed. Then he did something no other darkie has ever done before. He touched me. I couldn't repress my shudder of revulsion. "Get off me!" I cried out, straining my body away from him. He laughed more, running a rough hand down my side, following my heavily curved shape, his hand firmly stroking over my ass as he felt the round globes. "Leave me alone!" I tried again, struggling to move towards the other side of the platform/table. I was cut short by a loud clank, and the platform suddenly swung forward, so that now I was perpendicular to the floor, rather than horizontal. I realized the table was on some sort of pivot.... and now I had to stand upright, attached to this thing, unable to move, while a bunch of self-righteous, condescending pricks eyeballed me like a fucking piece of meat.

Enraged, I gave vent to my frustration in a loud scream. All it earned me was a round of laughter and some rather dirty comments about how they couldn't wait to hear that same sound made while they fucked me. I attempted to stare them down, but once again, my only response was laughter.

"See if that bitch is so high and mighty after we're through wi' her," one said loudly.

"Bet her eyes look better when she gags on my cock," another said.

"Can't wait to see that ass shake," a third chipped in.

I started to tremble. I couldn't help it! What was I to do? I was more than adequately restrained, naked, to a rough wooden platform, in a room with probably 2 dozen lean, muscular young men, all of whom were naked and anticipating a fine meal. Luckily, no one seemed to notice my subtle tremors through their lust-filled eyes, and I was saved a very small piece of degradation. But degradation was definately in store for me.

I found that out in short order, as the nigger who brought me upright reached for my breasts. "Let go you fucking nigger!" I screamed out, my body jerking as I tried to get away. He laughed coarsely, roughly pinching my nipple between his supple brown fingers. Enraged, I lowered my head and bit him hard on the back of his hand. It came up fast, knocking me in the jaw and throwing my head back against the planking, and I cried out in pain. The fucker laughed at me. The nerve! "That fucking hurt!" I yelled at him.

He licked his lips with a wry grin, obviously undeterred, though I saw pinpricks of blood on his hand where my teeth had pierced his filthy muddy brown skin. "Wouldn'ta happened if'n you'd just stayed still," he admonished me. His gaze ran down my body, his prick jumping as he did so. I squirmed uncomfortably, not used to being on display.

"What do you think, boys?" he threw back over his shoulder. "Which hole are you gonna go after first?" They laughed, and various answers were thrown out. Under cover of the loud responses, the nigger leaned close to me. "Doesn't really matter what hole, you know," he informed me, a secretive smile on his face. "In the end, they're all going to be thoroughly ravaged." I shivered in disgust as his warm breath hit my hot cheeks. He chuckled low in his throat, then leaned closer and ran his slobbery tongue down the side of my face. I moved my

head, opened my mouth, and bit him. He slapped me again, and this time, the blow to my head left me with senses reeling for a few moments as I tried to make the room stop spinning.

"This bitch is gonna be a good ride," I heard him say to another.

"Fuck yeah," was the response, "can't wait to fucking hear her beg for more."

"N...never..." I spoke hoarsely, my head lolling as I fought the dizziness, "will I ever beg for anything from a nigger."

Joe moved in front of the nigger and stepped close, pinching my chin between his rough fingers as he forced me to look at him. It was with great effort that I focused my eyes well enough to stare into his glinting gaze. "The first thing you're going to beg for," he informed me smoothly, "is a reprieve."

Though I wished differently, things began to happen. It seemed that the time for talking to me was done, as if Joe touching me was the cue for action. The floor beneath my feet wasconcrete, but the coolness of it felt good against my bare feet, especially against the warm air that kissed my flesh. My jaw ached from the two blows I had recieved, and my confidence was sagging just as much as my stature. I was bowed, letting my arms hang loosely from their restraints, as I turned in on myself, not wanting to comprehend what was going on. I, the sexiest BBW on campus, had been kidnapped by the all black fraternity. Purpose? To be used. Why? It's not like I had done anything to them personally. I can't help it that I just can't stand their ugly faces. I never went out of my way to be a bitch to them. It's not my fault that somewhere along the line, a Grandfather had owned their grandfather. I come from a long line of strong, proud people. That's it.... I inhaled a deep breath, and forcefully straightened my spine.

I was raised differently than these morons. I have morals and ethics, and I know my place in the world. Especially seeing how debauched they really are, I know that my place is above them. I'm not just going to take this shit. They picked the wrong bitch to fuck with today. I took another deep breath, and stared down the blackie next to me.

"Do your worst," I snarled, eyebrows lowered threateningly. "I won't break."

"We'll see, honey," he chuckled, the thick cock in his hand jumping erratically as he laughed, "we'll see."

I tossed my head, throwing my long red hair back over my shoulders in an attempt to display bravery. I know my body is gorgeous. Curves in all the right places to tempt even the most haughty man. My skin a pale, creamy hue almost exactly the color of a cafe au lait dahlia. The nipples protruding from my heavy breasts are a dusky pink, which only draws attention to the mass of fiery red hair adorning my plump mons. It's one of my best features; I never shave it, but keep it neatly trimmed so that it's not wild. Several shades lighter than my hair, it's a stunning contrast to my thighs as it hides the treasure beneath. I've been told by a lover that I remind them of the painting of "The Birth of Venus", just with a much more erotic and shapely form (including my "bubble butt" as he phrased it). Is it any wonder that these niggers were attracted to me? I knew if I kept myself positive, I would survive this experience intact.... right?

I looked around the room. There were still about two dozen men. Which meant that it was the entire fraternity. They were all inching forward, and I shivered as my flesh quivered involuntarily. The two standing next to me were the first to partake of a sample of my flesh. Joe came close, a hand covering my mouth to prevent me from biting him again, and began to suckle the tender flesh just below my ear. My attempts to turn my head away earned me nothing but his fingers closing more painfully on my bruised cheeks. The other nigger came close, and his first move was to thread his filthy fingers through my tangle of pubic hair before yanking on it painfully. I gasped in dismay and closed my eyes in agony as my thighs tried to close themselves, but failed. A low chuckle sounded next to my other ear as another fucker stood next to me, then swooped down to nibble roughly on my earlobe, his hand reaching over to clench my breast, fingers digging into the tender flesh. I knew a bruise wouldn't be long in coming.

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