Author's Note: The characters of this story are fictional at best and may or may not be similar to other characters in other stories.


Karen couldn't believe she had been so foolish. She loved her boyfriend Michael so much, but letting her boyfriend photograph and film her whenever she was masturbating or fucking him, was crossing the line!? Each and every one of those photographs showed her vagina and her breasts in every position available known to man.

Worst was that Becky Winters -- who was Michael's ex-girlfriend -- had somehow gotten hold of those damning pictures and was setting her up for blackmail.

And now here she was looking at herself on the mirror wearing her usual blue jeans and her regular T-shirt, this time a yellow-white striped one. She was five foot five, had an athletic body and 34B sized breasts. She had dark gray eyes and brown hair. All in all... she was a cute girl. Too bad for her.

"Well now... since you've seen the evidence, let me tell you what you're gonna do for me if you don't want your parents to find out you're not a goody goody two shoes anymore. For the next two weeks dear Karen, you're going to do everything I tell you to do without a complaint, questions or hesitations. Either you do this, or as I just told you, your parents are going to get this nice surprise on the local news."

Karen looked stupefied. Becky smiled in satisfaction. It wasn't as if she hated Karen per se. But Becky had already learnt that she had the hots for this girl and damn if Michael -- who had broken things off with her noticing that she liked women more than she dug him -- wasn't making things quite easy for her.

"Oh... if Michael finds out about this, be sure I'll make this go completely public. You'll be seeing these pictures everywhere! And I mean everywhere." -- she emphasized the word everywhere.

Karen was blushing red again. Becky was sure this was going to be fun. She would humiliate her a little bit... well not too much really, because she was sure that by the end of the day Karen was going to be pretty much in love with exhibitionism.

"So... let's start with this." -- and then she gave her a two piece ensemble. A white see-through T-shirt with no bra and a white micro-skirt that if Karen bent down, would show off her pretty shaved off pussy or butt to anyone who cared to look.

"Take all your clothes off -- that's right even your underwear -- and put these on. And then go through your usual day as normal. I'll be keeping your clothes." -- she said quietly and did not bother to mention that this was probably going to be the last time Karen saw her usual stuff.

She fingered the key she had gotten from Karen's landlord and smirked inwardly at Karen's expression when she discovered that she had taken all her underwear with her and left her with several micro-skirts to wear for the next two weeks. No jeans and no pants.


Karen went on to her job fighting dread. She had never been much of an exhibitionist and prior to meeting Michael, she wasn't even into being photographed naked much less when in usual clothes.

She worked at a boutique shop. Her boss had her usually fetching things and she always was -- without a doubt -- used to sell things off due to her body. Her boss always said that since she had such a hot and young body, that why not use it for their advantage.

"Oh Karen! It's so good that you're here. I want you to put these boxes upstairs." -- she signaled and Karen resigned herself to be exposed to whoever was the lucky creature who came by to shop.

This time when she found it was Mrs. Winters -- Becky's mother - and her son of 19 -- Becky was really pushing her buttons with this one! -- she wanted to cry. Under the unforgiving yellow lights of the store, the T-shirt she was wearing was nearly transparent -- something she hadn't noticed when she had put on the shirt and though she couldn't have said anything, she wished she wasn't so unlucky in matters like these.

When she made an attempt to grab a box from the ground, her boss called her and told her not to forget to squat. This forced the micro-skirt to flare upwards and she blushed from head to toe knowing what must be in plain view.

Jon -- Becky's younger brother -- whistled in appreciation. His mother only smiled.

Karen squatted and grabbed the box, then in a rush stood up making the skirt flare upwards again making her cute little butt come into sight again. Then she took the stairs and blushed heavily once again when Jon got up -- discreetly pretending to be looking at the painting on the wall below the staircase, but everyone knew that he was looking at Karen's pussy as it opened and closed with the movement of going up the stairs.

When she came back down to get the other box, she discovered that Jon was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs holding the box.

"Where do you want me to put it?" -- he asked.

She moved out of the way and showed him the way.

Once all of the boxes were up, her boss called her down and she ended up discovering that the gentleman act had its price. Her boss said...

"Now since you've decided to be such a good sport, I want you to show your thanks to Jon. Please remove your shirt so that he can fondle your tits."

Karen almost cried out in dismay. But she figured this was part of Becky's plan and let Jon hold her breasts. Not only did he held them, but he also fondled them pretty well. It made her feel distinctly uncomfortable since the caresses made her feel wet in her pussy and she was sure that everyone was aware of that fact. She didn't look at Becky's mother for confirmation, though.

Thankfully, their visit had come to an end.


Her boss told her she wanted her to make some errands and so this set her out of the store with the keys to her black 4x4 monster truck and told her to do those errands for her. Stepping out of the truck was as laborious as it was stepping in. She had exposed her pussy and her tits by climbing onto it to many pedestrians. As she was stepping down, she looked to the front and saw a guy with what appeared to be his girlfriend looking at her naked crotch with fascination. She blushed deeply.

Once inside the mall, she discovered that the elevator was in repairs and she had to take the stairs. Someone bumped into her and she let go of the folder she was carrying scattering all the papers in it on the floor. In her haste to get the documents before they were trampled by someone else, she ended up bending at the waist without bending her knees and therefore exposing her butt completely to anyone who dared to look, which was almost everyone coming and/or going to the mechanic escalator. Fumbling to get one paper just a fingertip away from her hand, she spread her legs to give herself some leverage and also showed the crowd of voyeurs the cleft of her naked mound. Because embarrassment usually led to her being a bit wet in between her labia and she had been wet from her prior exposure in the shop, the force of spreading her legs a bit more, forced her major labia to part completely away leaving her more than flushed inner labia to spread open and let every single spectator see her pink and wet vagina.

Once she finally managed to get that, she stood up and watched curious as how many of the people behind her look away first before meeting her stare. She shrugged and went on to her merry way to the bank. After she delivered what she had to, to the bank; she went on ahead to go pay some things that her boss had asked her to do. On her way out of a store, a tiny thread from the bottom of the T-shirt got caught with the door's handle and began to unravel the already tiny shirt even further. When she realized that everyone was staring at her, she noticed that the top had shortened up until almost all of the bottom side of her breasts were showing. The thread had been cut just as it reached there and instead of doing the sensible thing, she squealed making everyone around her turn to look. She rushed to the ladies room to see if she could do something, the run made the T-shirt ride up leaving her tits out in the open and the running made her skirt bunch up to her waist leaving her running almost bared to the elements. Everyone had gotten quite a good look of her intimate parts and she hadn't noticed. But found that upon reaching the bathroom that there was virtually nothing she could do with it. She blushed as she realized right then and there how exposed she had been to the crowd of onlookers. How she had been running around with her tits bouncing up and down, the tiny top up and over her breasts, and her skirt bunched up to her waist. She groaned in despair! Sighing she lowered her skirt to the usual position and put the tiny top back on. She moved her arms up and watched as the tips of her nipples showed. She decided not to put her arms up from now on. She jumped a little bit and was dismayed to find that the situation was worst. If she moved too much, her breasts -- unrestrained by a bra -- would bounce a little and make the T-shirt ride up further exposing her to everyone else. She was doomed.

Once she reached the car, after finishing with all the errands her boss had given her; she wondered how she was going to get into the car without exposing herself completely. She looked around and decided to shimmy out of the skirt and take off the top and just get into the car and then put the clothes back on.

Such a thing wasn't a good idea to do when several young teenagers members from the football team at the local high school got a hold of the sight she made when she entered the car. Her butt pointed towards them, her pussy on full display and her tits hanging below. She didn't notice their appearance and just sat down and pulled the micro-skirt on and then the top and proceeded to pull out of the parking spot as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.


As if the day could not get any worst, Becky arrived at promptly eight p.m. and told her she'd be taking her home. Her boss -- kind soul that she was allowed her to leave with the other girl.

"Well... I heard from my little brother the show you put on just for him. That was nice of you Karen." -- she said whilst smiling towards her. Karen blushed as she recalled that.

"Why did you pick me up?" -- she asked instead of saying something else.

"Well... Michael just informed me -- I told him I'd let you know -- that he was going away for two weeks. And since you left your keys in the pocket of your jeans, I just thought I should give you a ride home."

"Oh." -- she said feeling sad that her boyfriend had gone away without letting her know.

"Here we are." -- Becky said once they reached the corner of the back street that led to Karen's apartment building.

Karen got a hold of her keys and prepared to leave, but not before Becky said...

"Not so fast. You have to give me back my clothes, Karen. I'm a bit sad to know you just about ruined my T-shirt, but oh well; what can we do if you had a little accident."

Karen blushed heavily and stuttered out: "Ok. If you give me back my clothes..."

Becky shook her head in response.

"No can do. I left them at home to go do an errand for my mother and when I returned, the maid had already taken them away to put it in the laundry. So, please give me back my skirt and my top. Undress here now." -- Becky said looking sorry but steely in her response and Karen felt mortified at the thought of walking that street -- which was lit completely and that any moment all of the neighbor's dogs would start barking... this was a nightmare!

But Becky said...

"Karen... if you hesitate any longer... I might be forced to punish you. And you really don't want to be punished, do you?"

She shook her head promptly fearing what kind of punishment would come but not really wanting to know.

She took off the top and the micro-skirt.

Then she opened the door and left holding on tightly to her purse in front of her naked pussy.

A couple of feet away she heard Becky honk out twice and she turned around terrified that someone else would step out to see what was going on.

"No covering your pussy Karen!" -- Becky shouted out loud and Karen just about fainted on the spot.

She bared her pussy once more and went on walking.

All was good until she reached her apartment building and found Scott Tinsdale sitting on the bottom stairs taking a swig of beer from a can. Scott was a good friend to her -- sometimes -- but today she didn't want to see him and definitively didn't want him seeing her as she was now. But she had to go in or else risk being seen by someone else, so she said hello tremulously and just made her way up the stairs feeling Scott's curious but appreciative stare at her naked body.


The next morning found her lying on her bed naked. She woke up in time to pick up the phone and said a groggy hello.

Which quickly evaporated when she realized who was at the other end of the line.

"Hi Karen! Do I have plans for you today... okay... since you're so quiet today, I'll let you know what you have to do. You have classes today, don't you? Ok. I prepared your outfit for today, but I have it with me here at school. Come on over to the college's back parking lot near the sports track and meet me there in fifteen minutes. If you're a minute later than that... you'll be sorry!" -- and then the phone went dead.


Needless to say, Karen rushed. She arrived just in time however. The parking lot was almost empty. Karen's class didn't begin up until 10am and it was only fifteen to 8am.

"Hi! Over here Karen! Okay... take off your clothes here and put these on."

Karen nervously looked around before agreeing to the orders and undressed completely. She hadn't worn any underwear because she hadn't managed to find one single piece of cloth in her rush to get dressed and meet the time quota.

She found the top to be kind of what it the T-shirt from yesterday looked liked, except it left her shoulders bare. The top only covered her breasts, but was so silky -- instead of being stretchy -- that it rubbed against her nipples making them stand at attention due to the friction. When she lowered her pants, she was given a wrap-around mini skirt that covered her a bit better but not much from the micro skirt from the day before.

"Ok. Whenever you sit down today on your desk, you'll have to sit on your naked butt and let the skirt cover you like that. Be extra solicitous today to your teachers Karen... and most of all whenever you have to go to the bathroom, you'll have to get naked before entering the stall; then get dressed after you wash and dry your pussy in the lavatories to prevent the skirt from getting wet, ok? Also... I noticed you sometimes go to the outdoor pool to swim on Tuesdays, so I want you to swim in the nude. Ah... since its probable... if you're feeling horny, I encourage you to bring yourself to an orgasm. And that's it. I'll pick you at your job at nine p.m. sharp, ok? Bye bye." -- Becky said whilst grabbing on to her jeans and shirt and leaving her there standing in the middle of the parking lot wearing the outfit she had given her.

Karen was dismayed.


On math class, she helped with erasing the blackboard and the white board showing off her nipples to the professor's help. Whenever she sat back down in class, she could see everyone turned to look back at her to catch a glimpse of her pussy.

In accounting class, she was the willing participant in all group duties. In literature, with their quirky teacher; she was forced to jump up and down most often than not showing off her tits in their entirety quite a lot. And then finally the dreaded swim at the outdoor pool. Scott had caught her on her way to the pool and would not be dissuaded in leaving her alone until she told him why she had come home in the buff.

At last, knowing he wouldn't leave her alone until she told him; she told him of Becky's treachery. He laughed at her for a full minute before apologizing and then saying that he felt bad for her. She didn't believe him even when she said she was going to swim in the nude and he just smiled.

She felt extremely self-conscious of this fact, but after awhile she forgot all about it. Then she got out, dried herself and got dressed.

"I have a petition if you'd please..." -- he said shyly.

"Yeah?" -- she shyly asked back wondering why she felt butterflies in her stomach.

"Do you think you can let me.. that is... see your pussy up close?" -- she didn't wanted to let him do it, but she did it anyway for reasons unknown to her.

She felt him spread her open with his thick fingers and touch her intimately... it raised shivers up her spine. In the end, she had to tell him to stop because she'd be late to work if he kept on going.

She left.


Her boss once again told her to do something for her. She told her to wear a gauze and nothing else so that she could take some measurements off her body. There was a client that had the same body type as she and so she had her be her model. For the rest of the afternoon, she was forced to stand there wearing nothing underneath that white gauze that under the stage lights of the store left her bare to the gaze of any and every passerby that stumbled through the street. She was completely mortified.

Nine p.m. promptly showed Becky at the door.

"Hey Miss Sommers!" -- she said.

"Hello Becky! How nice to see you here again! Is there something you'd like?"

"Uh yes... well I came to pick Karen up. See, Michael is away and can't come pick her up as he's sometimes wont to do and well he asked me if I could." -- she said grinning at the woman.

"Oh! That's so nice of you! Yes, Karen can go now. You can change here, since we're all girls."

Karen didn't wanted to do so, but did so anyway. Her boss bid her goodbye, and she left towards the parking lot two blocks away.

"How silly of me... I forgot to tell you where we should meet. So how did your day go?" -- she asked like she wasn't showing Karen off to the whole student body.

"Ah... it was okay." -- Karen said not wanting to piss Becky off.

"Ok. I want you to take off the clothes now and walk nude with me to the car." -- she said not so pleasantly when giving out the order.

Karen flinched but did so anyway.

Thankfully it was dark outside and not many pedestrians were around. But it was cool, so her nipples stiffening due to the cold was sort of understandable. The cool air around her pussy was not making things better, though. She had been wet all day long and now this? Karen was mortified.

"Okay. Let's walk."

They arrived and Becky wouldn't let Karen in until she gave her, her backpack first. She did after awhile and then she had Karen walk side by side to the car for two more blocks before letting her into the car.

Becky didn't take her home first. Instead she took her to a local park and had her sit nude, with her legs spread completely under a streetlight on a bench.

She took a couple of pictures. Karen shivered anxiously hoping against hope no one came towards them.

After a couple of minutes, Becky said: "I want you to masturbate yourself. We're not leaving until you orgasm three times, each of them have to be completely powerful. And you have to be loud. If you have to scream, then do so."

Karen blushed again but did as Becky asked hesitant to touch herself in front of Becky. She moaned and whimpered like a whore in heat and brought herself to three earth-shattering orgasms that had her spent.

Then Becky took her home.


Wednesday wasn't much better because Becky said that she'd have to wear a white dress that when the light hit it, it made the dress completely transparent, Karen found out dismayed. And it was shorter than the micro-skirt. Karen went to school feeling terribly anxious.

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