I was stunned. I did not know what to say. OK Amritha, I guess you understand. I will be in touch.

The phone went dead. I was in complete shock. I did not know what to do. My husband would divorce me; my agency would drop me and what would all the people in my neighborhood think? I felt completely hopeless. What could I do? What was going to happen? It had been a few weeks. My husband was out of town again. I have never told him of my horrible experience. He noticed that I was different, but thought I was depressed because I had not had a modeling job recently. He did not know that I had turned down several.

Garret had not called again. Maybe he had changed his mind. Perhaps he realized that having his" very own model that will do whatever I want whenever I want" was not really a good thing. Maybe he thought that if he spread around those naked pictures of me being screwed by him and five of his friends, he could get in some kind of trouble. I don't really know. I am just somewhat relieved that he had not called.

Many times I have reflected on that situation... My mind just raced randomly.... I had been taken by six strangers in a bar and had been very turned on. I had begged to be taken. *WHY? It's not like me! I always had been the one in control. I'm the one who always turned men on without even trying! I would never have sex with for than one person at a time, or with a stranger, or in a public place... I am very conservative. I am a recognizable model. Why did I do it and why was I turned on? Why did I beg? How am I going to get those awful pictures back? *

Suddenly a ringing sound broke me from my thoughts. It was the phone. Hello. Hello Amritha. Yes? This is Garret...... My heart sunk. I was getting sick. AMRITHA! ... Yes. I said this is Garret. You are supposed to me nice to me...remember? ....Yes. Well, then you better start! DO YOU UNDERSTAND! ..... Yes. That's better. Now I have good news for you. You and I are going out tonight and we are going to have a great time. Please no... PLEASE! Hold on Amritha. Save those pleases for later. I just love when you beg for it. But I....I... DON'T say any more...just listen! I am going to pick you up at 8:00 tonight. I want you to wear that same sexy little dress that you wore last time. The only difference is that you are not to wear anything, not even a thong underneath. Do you understand.? But..but.. . DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Yes... I do.

It was now 8:00. I was very frightened and upset. I had dressed exactly as I was told. The doorbell rang. I went slowly to the door and opened it. It was he!

Hi Amritha. Great to see you! Come out and let's go. I closed the door and stepped out into the hallway of my apartment building. Hold it! What I asked? I want to see if you are dressed as I said. Suddenly he started to pick up my dress. Instinctively I stopped him. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I can't have you pick up my dress in the hallway. Someone may see me. Oooohhh. I guess you have forgotten already, well let me refresh your memory. Take a look at this!

It was one of those pictures! There I was completely naked, draped over a bar. One guy was licking out my butt-hole. Another was yanking on my hair and I was sucking on his penis. There were guys lined up at both ends. It was revolting! AMRITHA! Do you remember now? Yes I do. Good then just hold still. With that he slowly lifted my dress. It was at my upper thighs. Then it was above my bush. My butt was also fully exposed. It went up my stomach to the bottom of my breasts. He then pulled it up and fully exposed my breasts. It stopped at the bottom of my neck. I was standing in the hallway with my dress completely pulled up. I was virtually naked. *Please. Please. I hope no one sees me.* Well Amritha. Despite the pictures and fond memories, I had forgotten how really great your body is. Your legs are incredible and your tits are perfect. Turn around. I did as he said while being petrified that one of my neighbors would see me. And your ass .. I can't even describe how terrific it is. Now bend over and touch your toes. NO! NO! PLEASE.. SHUT UP! Again I did as he said. I felt his finger probing into my butt hole and something greasy was on it. I thought I was going to barf. It was so humiliating! He played in there for a few minutes then told me to stand up. I did and my dress came down. I thought I would make you a little slippery to get you started. He then took out a small razor blade and slit my dress in the front and back. Let me see if these are in the right places. His finger went into the front slit and he started massaging my pussy. Then he spun me around and put his finger through the rear slit and into my butt hole. Perfect! I can now touch you at will. Let's go.

We got into the elevator. I live on a very high floor. We went to the back corner. The elevator had made several stops and several people had gotten on. It still had several floors to go. Suddenly I felt a finger pushing up my butt.* What is he doing? We are in an elevator. There are people around* I held as still as nothing was happening. Deeper and deeper went his finger into my butt. I wanted to scream, but just held still. That picture he had showed me was still clear in my mind and so were his threats to give them to my husband, my friends, my agency, my neighbors and anywhere he could post them. Deeper and deeper went his finger. It was hurting and it was hard to hold still. But I had to so no one would know what was happening.

Finally the elevator reached the bottom floor. Everyone got out except us. Garret now started pushing me out by pushing his finger deeper into my butt. Finally when we stepped into the lobby, he released me. We then went outside.

I hope you enjoyed that. There will be a lot more before the night is over. I own every opening you have and will play with them whenever I want. Now come over here. Where? I said. Over here by this bush he answered. We went behind a few small bushes. GET ON YOUR KNEES he commanded. I won't let you keep treating me like this I countered. Really... Let me make it easier for you Amritha. Again he pulled out a picture. I looked at it and again was horrified! There I was stark naked. I was on all fours on a table in the restaurant. One guy was taking me from behind and I was sucking on another's penis. Several other guys were naked around the table....... OK AMRITHA! GET ON YOUR KNEES. I did as he instructed. Pull out my cock and suck on it. I unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his penis. I can't walk around with a hard-on he said. Suck me off. NOW!

I sucked and licked on his penis for several minutes. He began to moan. Suddenly he thrust his cock deep into my mouth and held my head tightly in that position. Something horrible started to fill my throat. I tried to pull away, but he held me even tighter. SWALLOW ALL OF IT he commanded. I can't have you dripping with cum. We have not even gone out yet. The night is young. I started to gag but he would not let go. Somehow I swallowed it all and he released me. Did you enjoy that as much as the first time? I HATED IT!!! I screamed. I don't know why I did that last time. You will come around later Amritha. Just give it time. He hailed a cab and we got in. As we were driving, he pulled up my dress to fully expose my pussy. I think the driver could see me. He was adjusting his mirror to get a better view. He was really a dirty, disgusting-looking guy. Garret spoke. I can't ignore the third opening. Spread your legs. Please.. Pl . NOW he yelled. I spread my legs a little. Put your legs up on the back of the front seat. He then forced them as wide open as they would go. Now play with yourself. WHAT? NOW! I reached down and started playing with myself. The driver could not take his eyes off the mirror. I did this for about 5 minutes, until we reached our destination. We got out and I heard Garret tell the driver that he hoped that he enjoyed the tip. The driver said he loved it and did Garret need him to come back for us. Garret told him to come back in about 5 hours and the cabby drove off.

We were out some club that I had never seen. It was large, crowded and fairly dark. We went into the bar area and sat down. I'll buy you a drink he said. I thought that it might make me relax; so I ordered. I drank it really fast because I was so nervous. He ordered me another and again I drank it quickly.

See those guys at that table? Yes. They have been staring at you since we got here. I think I will give them a little preview. With that he started inching up my dress. He pushed it back to the point of reaching my pussy. All eyes were on me. He rested his hand on my pussy and just sat there while the guys all stared at me. He put his finger into me and started to play with me. I pushed his hand away. HOW DARE YOU! I told you that you are to do anything I want. You are my slave! Again he took out another picture. It was just horrible. He was seated on a chair in a bar. One of his friends was standing behind each of his shoulders. They were all fully dressed. However I was completely naked. I was upside down facing the legs of the chair. Each of his friends was holding one of my legs up high over his shoulders. My pussy was shoved up into his face and he was eating me out. The worst part was that it was clear that I was pushing myself up into his face to force his tongue deeper into me.

Amritha I am tired of warning you. I will just have to punish you. He then went over to the table where all the guys were sitting and showed them the picture. They screamed, howled and made all sorts of crude remarks. I was so embarrassed, I almost starting crying.

He came back over too me. Shannon I warned you for the last time. Anytime you don't do exactly as I command I will punish you. NOW GET UP! I stood up. Walk over to the front of that table. I walked over slowly but kept my eyes closed. I could not bear to look at them. Stop he said. One of the guys at the table spoke. Hey bitch how about letting me eat out your pussy right now. We can do an instant replay of that scene. Another said, I want to fuck your gorgeous ass. The suddenly Garret said, sorry guys we have to move on, but keep watching. He then stuck his finger through the back slit and into my butt hole. This is how I guide her around. He then pushed his finger forward until I started walking. The table starting really screaming as we left the room.

Shannon, we are going into the dance area. You are to follow my finger commands. If it moves to the left you do, and so on. If I pull back a little you are to stop. If I move it in and out just hold still and enjoy it. I HATE YOU I shouted. Too bad Shannon, because I own you and am going to use you and that magnificent body any way I want. The only thing you can do is enjoy in or hate it. So it is your choice, but I will take you how, when and where I want. That is all that that matters to me.

The dance area was crowded. Garret made me go out on the floor with him. We started dancing and he kept picking up my dress in the front or back to the point of slightly exposing parts of my body. He would also reach through the slits and put his fingers into my body. I was starting to feel a little dizzy. In fact my body starting reacting pleasurably to what was happening. It made me sick but I was starting to turn me on.

We then went to a step up area that surrounded the dance floor. There was a waist high railing that went all the way around. Bend over the railing like you are resting on it. I did as he said. I felt his hands reach under my dress. He reached from behind into my pussy and put a finger into me. As he played with me I was getting really wet. *What is wrong with me. This jerk is thoroughly degrading me and I am getting turned on? Why? * Once again it was like my body had a mind of its own. Despite my intense feeling of hatred and disgust, it continued to react more and more to what his was doing. Suddenly he pulled them out. Hold still and close your eyes. I did as he said. I felt his hands lift my dress up to the base of my butt. I felt his cock finding its way into my pussy. He penetrated me and starting pumping in and out. I still had my eyes closed. But I was sure that people could see what was happening. I did not care! I just wanted his cock to keep going in and out. *WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? WHY AM I ENJOYING THIS SO MUCH?*

Shannon open your eyes I heard him say. His voice was to my left, yet he was still to my rear and screwing me. I opened them up and looked left. Garret was standing there laughing! Horror struck me! I looked then behind. There was a complete stranger screwing me. I tried to stand up but several hands pushed me down. I felt my dress being lifted up over my over my butt and up over my breasts. It now covered only my face. I could not see. Someone's mouth starting sucking on my tits. My body was on fire. It started gyrating wildly. I don't know why I was doing this but did not care. Suddenly my dress was completely removed. There was a crowd of people on the dance floor and on the step up area surrounding me. They were all cheering. A chair was brought to the dance floor. One of the guys from the table in the bar stood on it and shoved his penis into my mouth. The whole time I was being screwed and my breasts sucked on by two other guys. I also saw guys jerking off on either side of me. I was sooooo turned on! My body was completely out of control.

I started feeling cum inside me, on top of me and in my mouth. New penises replaced the old ones. This happened again and again. I could not get enough.

At one point a girl stood on the chair and shoved her pussy into my mouth,. I was so hot I went at it wildly. * WHAT AM I DOING? I am eating out another girl. Guys are screwing me and jerking off all over my body. Many people are watching and cheering vulgar things. THIS IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING AND REVOLTING. BUT I AM SO HOT I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!* Nothing mattered except this incredible pleasure ride that I was on. HEY! Remember me? I looked up at it was another one of the guys from the table. Remember that I said, "I want to fuck your gorgeous ass"? Well I am going to do that right now. He then immediately went behind me. Even in my extremely excited state I was fearful of having that done. I started to protest, but once again too many hands held me down. I felt his penis at the entrance to my butt hole and try to break free again. Their hold was too strong. I could not move at all. I started to feel the pain as he went back and forth. Gradually the pain started to turn to pleasure, immense pleasure. I heard myself starting to groan and felt my body reacting wildly. "She really loves this" I heard him shout. "This beautiful, hot model really loves getting gang banged by strangers in public and she loves to get it in the ass. "Bang her really hard"; "make her beg for it" others shouted. "BEG FOR IT BITCH!" I did not respond. He started to stop. OH Please! Please keep going. "BEG FOR IT! BEG ME TO FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!" Please fuck me in my ass. I beg you! PLEASE! "TELL ME THAT YOU WANT ME TO SHOVE MY COCK DEEP INSIDE YOUR ASS! " Please shove your cock deep inside my ass. The crowed cheered even louder. He started to do it again. It felt incredible.

It seemed that at least 15-20 men had taken me in one of my openings. I must have sucked on at least that many penises and pussies. One part of me was revolted and confused. The rest of me was in another word. It was a world of sheer pleasure with no remorse or responsibility. It was one of pure animal instinct. The part of me that was in this state was in total control. The more disgust one part of me felt, the more the other part of me got turned on. I was a slave to this part of me. Garret's voice broke my thoughts. I think you have had enough for now Shannon. I don't want you to wear yourself out. Besides I think you are enjoying it too much. Lets get going. The last two guys finished up on me and I got dressed.

We went outside. There was a cab parked in front. It was the same driver. We got into his cab and drove off. Did you have a good time? Garret responded. Yes it was lots of fun, but the night is not quite over yet. We still have time for a little more fun. Isn't that right Shannon? Yes, Garret, whatever you say. I was still extremely hot. My body still craved more. Garret took out another picture and showed it too me. It was another picture of me at the restaurant. I was completely naked and lying face down on a table in the restaurant. There was a big cushion under my stomach, so my butt was propped up into the air. I was blindfolded and shackled. One guy was on top of me, screwing me in the butt. He was yanking on my hair and riding me like a horse. Another guy had his penis in my mouth. Naked guys were all around the table. Shannon, tell me about how you felt about what was happening here. Well I remember being confused and revolted as I was tonight. Total strangers in a public place were taking me in crude ways. I hated it but loved it. I wanted it to end but wanted it to continue. What do you feel now? The same way. I am disgusted by it, but very turned on.

We reached my apartment and Garret told the driver to park somewhere near the front. When the cab was stopped, he showed the driver the picture. He went wild. She is my slave and will do whatever I tell her. Shannon, climb into the front. I did as he said. Now lean over the seat and face me. Again I did as commanded. OK driver, I am going to give you your fare and tip both right now. Shannon pull up your dress. I did as instructed. I was now kneeling on the front seat with my body draped over into the back. My butt was totally exposed. Go ahead and fuck her. She seems to get especially turned by getting it in the ass, but it is your choice. With that the driver got behind me and shoved his penis into my butt. He started pumping furiously. My body again took control and reacted in a completely wild, unrestrained fashion. Garret grabbed my hair and shoved his penis into my mouth. He was really yanking my hair so my head went up and down really fast.

*WHAT IS HAPPENING? I am in front of my apartment getting screwed in my butt by this dirty, revolting cab driver and am sucking on some real jerk's penis. One of my neighbors might see me. * But I was so turned on I did not really care. Once again, the enormous pleasure had overtaken me and my body was going crazy. I was out of control. I heard groans and felt a warm liquid filling my butt and mouth. They both finished and pulled out.

OK Shannon we are done for now. You can go and wait for my next call. I started to get out. STOP! What? You forgot to thank me. Thank you? Thank you for what? You forgot to thank me for letting so many guys fuck you. You forgot to thank me for all the cock and pussy I let you eat. You forgot to thank me for degrading and abusing you in front of so many people. Most of all you forgot to thank me for letting your service my cock. Thank you.

I got out. I went up to my apartment and fell into a deep sleep.

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