tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlackmail Ch. 01-02

Blackmail Ch. 01-02


Mary looked at the 10 x 8 glossy prints as she waited for the phone to ring. It showed her in great detail leaning over the desk of Bob Levant, the financial director of Burtondales. Her blouse was open and her bra pulled up over her large exposed breasts, which at the time were been handled by Bob who was also clearly deeply embedded in her from the rear.

The picture had arrived in the internal post that morning. With it was a letter stating that the picture and other copies would be distributed around the company if she did not follow the instructions that would be phoned to her later that day. She had immediately rang Bob and he came to her office. Like Mary, he too was horrified when he saw the picture.

"Who the hell took this," he burst out when he looked at it.

Mary shook her head. "How am I supposed to know that? It's taken in your office," she retorted.

"If this gets out, were both for the chop. You know how BJ feels about relationships in the workplace." He tossed the print back on Mary's desk.

"I wonder what he is going to ask for?" Mary said. "If it's blackmail, I can't afford to pay."

Bob shrugged. "You'll have to let me know and we maybe can sort something out."

For the rest of the day it had been hard for Mary to concentrate on her work, and she was glad when the majority of the staff left. She had been told to wait in the office for the call, and before she went, she had asked Fran, her secretary, to go and fetch her some food from the cafeteria. She nibbled on the sandwich looking constantly at the phone. It was 8pm when at last the phone rang.

"Hello, Mary." It was a man's voice that she did not recognize.

"I guess you got the picture; nice and clear, wasn't it? I've several others; maybe you would like to see them."

"What do you want? I don't have much money."

"It's not money I want, Mary. It's you I want."

"Me?" Mary inquired.

"Yes, you. You are a very attractive woman. I don't want a lot from you,just a few small requests. Do as I ask and soon it will be all over. But you must do exactly as I ask: one mistake, one refusal, and I will send the prints to BJ."

"You wouldn't! I would be finished here if you did."

"I know. That's why I said what I did. Just follow my instructions to the letter and everything will be okay. I'm sure that's what Bob will tell you to do because his job's on the line as well."

Mary sat and thought for a moment. "Okay," she said at last, "what is it you want me to do?"

"That's what I wanted to hear." The voice at the other end of the phone was lighter now.

"Just one little instruction before we start. On your way home tonight, I want you to call in at Wal-Mart and get yourself a new mobile phone with a Blue Tooth earpiece. When I call tomorrow, I want you to give me the number, and in the future we will use that. Okay?"

Mary told him that she understood.

"Right. I'm glad we understand each other, Mary. Now for this evening's task-- it looks as though everyone has left your office."

Mary suddenly looked around. Obviously, whoever it was on the phone could see her.

"No, you can't see me," the voice said, "but I can see you very clearly, and I do like the blue suit. As always, you look very smart in that." Mary felt uncomfortable knowing that someone unseen was watching her. Was it a member of the staff? Was she being stalked?

"What is it you want from me?" She spoke into the phone.

"Not much, just a little fun," the voice said. "Tonight I just want to see you follow instructions. Now to start with, I want you to put the phone on speaker. You will need your hands free."

Mary pressed the speaker button on the phone and replaced the receiver. Now the voice seemed louder. "You can still hear me, but I may not be able to hear you so well, so just nod or shake your head. Can you hear me clearly?"

Mary nodded her head.

"Very good," the voice said. "Now get up and walk towards the window." Mary did as requested.

"That's very good. Keep that up and things will go along fine. Now move the small chair on your right and place it behind you."

Again Mary did as requested, wondering where all this was leading. She stood in front of the chair looking out at the almost darkened windows of the office blocks. Across the courtyard, some lights were still on, and she could see cleaners working in some of the other offices. Was the voice out there watching her? Was he in one of the offices across the courtyard?

"Right, Mary. We'll get started. First of all, I want you to remove all your clothes."

She didn't move. She just stood looking at the darkened window.

"Did you hear me? I said remove all your clothes!"

She nodded nervously, but still didn't move.

"Now, Mary, don't spoil things before we even get started. I have the pictures here. All I have to do is post them, and you and Bob—well, neither of you might not be able to get another job without a reference."

Mary knew it was hopeless. She either had to follow his instructions or take the consequences, and she didn't want to lose her job. She guessed Bob would feel the same. So she knew she had to submit herself to some perverted stranger's warped desires. She felt almost traumatized as she moved her hands up and began unbuttoning her jacket. She slipped it off and laid it over the back of the chair. She did the same with her blouse, and then slipped out of her skirt. It felt strange standing in front of the window of her office in just her underwear. She didn't know who might be out there watching. There were hundreds of windows; any number of people could be out there. She shuddered at the thought.

"Very nice," the voice from the speaker phone said. "Victoria's Secret?"

Mary nodded. She now felt ashamed and humiliated.

"Right. Let's get down to the interesting bit. Although your undie's are very pretty, you will now have to take them off as well."

Mary stared at the darkened window. She could see her reflection in it, standing there in just her brief underwear and her hold ups. She noted that some more of the lights had gone off across the court yard and there was now no sign of the cleaners, but still she knew anyone could be out there watching.

Reluctantly she moved her hands up to the clasp of her bra. She flicked it undone, and then peeled off the bra. She felt her nipples stiffen as the coolness of the air conditioning hit them. She dropped the bra on top of her other discarded clothes, and then she hooked her fingers in the waist band of her briefs and slowly slid them over her hips. She stooped to retrieve them as they fell down around her ankles. She stood up and saw again her reflection in the darkened glass. Her naked body stared back at her.

"You have a wonderful body," the voice said. It was lower this time. "I have seen it before, but not in such detail. Bob obstructed the view last time, and you didn't remove all your clothes. I like you better completely naked."

Mary shivered slightly and she felt her nipples harden. Her body was reacting; the pervert was having an effect on her. She couldn't believe it.

"Turn around slowly for me." The voice broke her out of her trance.

Again she did as instructed, and finished facing the window again.

"Delightful! We are going to have fun, you and me. Now sit down on the chair."

Mary sat down. The leather of the seat was cool on her bare flesh. She shivered again and sat there waiting. What was going to happen next?"

"Right, Mary. Now I want you to lean back on the chair and open your legs wide. I want to be able to see every detail of what lies between them." Now she really felt mortified. Just how far was he taking this? Hadn't he done enough making her strip naked in front of God knows how many pairs of eyes that might be out there? But again, reluctantly, she complied with his wishes.

"Nice pussy. I'm pleased to see you keep it neatly trimmed; don't like to see them hidden."

She sat there with her legs wide apart staring at her reflection.

"Now for the exciting bit, Mary," the voice spoke again. "I want you to make yourself cum for me, and I want the real thing--no faking; just use your fingers."

She couldn't believe what he was asking her to do--play with herself in front of the window. She was about to scream. "No, I won't." But then she thought of the consequences. She knew she would have to comply.

Her hands moved down between her legs. She eased the pussy lips apart and was not surprised to feel them wet. She slid one finger into the warm wet interior and moved it slowly around. Her thumb located the hard nub of her clit and pressed it gently making herself groan. Then while slipping another finger inside, she proceeded to finger fuck herself, rotating her clit with her thumb while her fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy.

Although she was feeling a little worked up by what she had been asked to do, she wondered if she could actually bring herself off under the circumstances, but it was not too long before she felt her body responding. She closed her eyes; it was bad enough doing it with out watching herself. She felt the pleasure welling up inside her. She was hot and horny with the exertion, and then she came, groaning and gasping deep breaths. She slumped back in the chair breathing heavily; the speaker phone was now silent.

A few moments went by. "You did that very well." The voice now seemed a little strained. "You can dress when you are ready. Don't forget what I said about the Blue Tooth. I will call you tomorrow." There was a click as the caller replaced the receiver and she heard the sound of the dialing tone.

Mary eased herself up off the chair. The red leather was wet with her juices. She would have to clean that before she left. She picked up her discarded clothes and made her way to the ladies wash room where she cleaned herself up before redressing. She returned to the office, cleaned the chair, and straightened things before she left. She drove home reflecting on what she had done. How far were things going to have to go? What more was there in store for her? She followed his instructions and called at Wall-mart, buying a phone with Blue Tooth.

The helpful guy even set it up for her ready to use. Back at home, she had a restless night and was still tired when she woke. After a shower and breakfast, she made her way back to the office.

Around ten her phone rang. Was it her caller? She was relieved when she discovered it was Bob. "Can I come over and see you? I think we need to talk."

"I'm free at the moment."

"I'll be there in five."

Minutes later there was a knock on the door and Bob came in. He had a large brown envelope in his hands.

"I guess he rang last night?" Bob said.

Mary nodded.

"He's not after money is he?"

She shook her head. "No, not at the moment." She wondered if should she tell him what went on.

He placed the envelope in front of her. Mary opened it and slid out a series of 10 x 8 prints. She gasped. They showed her undressing. They were crystal clear and showed every detail. When she got to the last one, she began to feel faint. "My God, how could he?" she exclaimed.

Bob shook his head. "I'm glad for our sake you went along with him although it must have been awful for you to do those things."

Mary looked at him. "What more could I do?"

"I don't know," said Bob, shaking his head. "Is he calling again?"

Mary nodded. "He said he'd call later today."

"I know it's not very nice for you, but you will just have to humor him. Hopefully he will soon tire of his little game."

Mary was unsure and Bob did not sound too hopeful.

"If there is anything I can do to help, you know you only have to call."

She nodded.

"Keep me informed." He smiled at her as he left the office.

It was mid afternoon before she received the call she was dreading. "You have the mobile?" the voice said. She told him she had and gave him the number

"It was fun last night, wasn't it?"

She did not reply.

"Did Bob like the pictures? The details were very good."

She still didn't reply.

"Hope you are not sulking. I want you to enjoy your little adventure with me."

"Okay," Mary said at last, "let's get it over with. What do you want now?"

"Nothing at the moment, dear girl, but be in the Botanical Gardens by the Peter Pan statue at eight tonight and I will contact you. Bye for now, Mary." And with that, the phone went dead.

She checked 1741 but found the call had come from a public phone box. She shrugged. Guess we will have to see what tonight brings, she thought to herself.

Well thats Part 1 and I hope you found it interesting, poor Mary isint she in a mess, but you dont have to wait because as a special treat. I have included Part 2 as well. so enjoy.

Blackmail Part 2

The rest of the day passed slowly for Mary. She found it hard to concentrate on her work. She kept looking at the window where her tormentor had made her strip and perform.

Looking across the courtyard to where the other blocks of offices faced hers, she wondered if he were still somewhere in there watching her. She had worked out from the direction the photographs were taken that he was certainly located somewhere opposite.

It was a last 5pm and time to leave. There seemed no point in going home only to come out again. Maybe she should eat out and then a stroll around the shops; anything to get her mind away from what lies ahead. By the time she made it to the car park to pick up her car, she was feeling a little more relaxed. She had drunk a half bottle of wine with her meal.

The sun had just gone down and the sky was just beginning to darken as she pulled into the car park at the Botanical Gardens. A few cars were still parked there. Was his car one of them she wondered? She locked up the car, slipped the Blue tooth earpiece into place, and made her way into the Gardens.

As she made her way towards the rose garden where the Peter Pan statue was located, she only passed three people: a young couple walking slowly arm in arm staring into each others eyes and an elderly man walking a large Golden Labrador which came ambling toward her and sniffed at her held out hand.

The dog's owner smiled. "He's a devil for a pretty face." He grinned as he walked past.

The rose garden was deserted, and in the warm evening the sweet smell of the roses filled the air. Mary glanced at her watch. It was just before eight. She walked towards the bronze statue. Was he close by watching her she wondered? She shivered slightly. She jumped as the earpiece came to life ringing in her ear. She pressed it on.

"Good evening, Mary. Glad to see you are on time."

She didn't answer, but looked around her. There were plenty of places where someone could hide themselves; he could be anywhere.

"I enjoyed our little game last night. I hope you got something out of it as well."

She still didn't reply, just wanting him to get on with it.

"Tonight I thought we would take things a little further--nothing too serious--so I want you to undress."

Mary looked around, startled. "What? Here?" she exclaimed. "Anybody could come."

When he replied, she could tell he was amused. "That's all part of the fun. Now just do as you are told."

It had been bad enough undressing in the privacy of her own office, but this was different; this was in an open public place where anyone could walk by.

"I'm sorry. I really can't, not here." She spoke quietly into the ear piece.

"Don't be difficult, Mary. You know what I said about any refusal and I will have no option but to forward the pictures. And don't forget I have others now. What would BJ and the other board members think of your little display last night?"

Mary knew there was no point in arguing. She was in a bind and getting deeper into it every day. Resignedly she looked around, and with trembling fingers, began to unbutton her jacket. When she had removed it, she held it in her hand wondering what to do with it.

"Just hang it on Peter," the voice in her ear said.

She hooked the jacket on Peter's outstretched bronze hand. Then she began to unbutton her blouse, still looking around her expecting to see someone appear at any moment. With the blouse off, she unclipped her skirt and eased it down over her hips. She scooped it off the ground and placed it with her other things.

Now she was feeling very vulnerable standing there in just her brief underwear. She looked around. "I really can't go any further, not here." She spoke quickly into the mouth piece.

"You really don't have an option, Mary. I know you are not shy."

"No, I'm not, but what if someone comes?"

"They'll get a very pleasant surprise. Now be a good girl and take the rest of your clothes off. The longer you delay things, the more chance there is of your being discovered."

She realized that he was right of course. She would have to go through with it in the end so what was the point in delaying things. With another glance around, she unclipped her bra and slipped out of it. Her briefs followed and now she was naked and terrified in a public garden.

"There, I told you it wasn't hard. And by the way, you look beautiful standing naked amongst all those roses."

Now that she was naked, Mary felt a little strange. Yes, she was terrified that someone would walk into the rose garden and discover her, but strangely she also felt a little excited. It was like the first time, many years ago now, while she was at college; Spring break, it was. After a rowdy drinking party, Mary, along with several others, had gone down to the lake and skinny dipped. She still remembered how she felt after undressing completely in the presence of others and running into the water. It had excited her watching all those naked bodies around her, and had added to the pleasure when later that night the hunky Ralph Goodwin had taken her in the back seat of his car.

But now she was older. That happened ten years ago. But standing naked and being watched brought it all back to her. Instinctively she moved her hand down to her pussy lips. Yes, they were slightly moist. She couldn't believe she was actually responding to this pervert.

"A little wet already?"

The voice in her ear made her jump. Guiltily she removed her hand.

"Right. How about a little stroll? Just walk over towards the gate."

Now she was feeling more than a little scared having to move away from her clothes. Standing by the statue she could have grabbed them if someone had suddenly appeared, but if she walked away from them, there was no chance. She looked towards the gate. It was only fifty yards or so. Maybe it would be alright. She had not seen anyone since seeing the three people when she first came in.

She began to walk towards the gate. The further she moved away from her clothes, the more vulnerable she felt. She moved quickly at first, but he told her to take her time. As she walked, she felt her large unrestrained breasts sway with the movement of her body. At last she reached the gate. Now she was shaking, and she knew she was getting wetter. Why was her body responding like this? He kept her waiting by the gate until he gave her his next command.

"We are nearly done for tonight, Mary. You have done very well so far. All I want you to do now is walk through the gate and around the outside of the wall till you reach the other gate. Then you can retrieve your clothes."

Mary glanced through the gate. Still no one was in sight, but it was quite open out there and she could hear voices in the distance. Hesitantly she pushed open the gate and stepped out. Keeping close to the wall, she began to make her way around. Suddenly, the Golden Labrador she had seen earlier appeared, wagging its tail. It moved towards her. She began to panic. Its owner would be close by. She dived for the shelter of some bushes: the dog followed. In the bushes she was at least shielded from view. The dog sniffed at her, its wet nose rubbing against her bare leg; she patted its head.

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