tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlackmail Ch. 04

Blackmail Ch. 04


Mary was panicking as the cop looked at her through the open window. "I asked you to get out of the car, miss. Don't make it hard for yourself."

"I can't, officer; honestly, I can't."

"You have a disability?"

"No, but you don't understand. This is my car. I have the papers here in my bag." She suddenly realized what she had said. Her bag had disappeared from her office along with her spare rain coat.

"Look, miss, I'm asking you for the last time; please get out of the car."

"I can't, officer; please, I can't."

"Why can't you?"

"Because I've got no clothes on."

The officer smiled and looked into the car. "You mean there's nothing under that map, only you?" Mary nodded.

"Do you realize that it's an offence to appear naked in a public place?"

"Of course I do, but it's not my fault; someone stole my clothes."

"How could they steal your clothes? You mean they made you strip?"

"No, I was showering at work, and when I came out, they were gone," she lied. "They took my bag as well. That's why I have no papers." The cop smiled and scratched his head. "Well, miss, I have heard some tall stories in my time, but yours is one of the best. We have had a report that this car is stolen and you have no papers to show otherwise. So you either get out or I will have to make you get out. You thought taking your clothes off would get you out of this. It won't work with me, so out."

The cop gripped the door handle and pulled it open. Mary cried out, and grabbed for the door with one hand while trying to hold the road map around her with the other. But now the cop was beginning to loose his cool with her, and he jerked the door even harder. With a cry, Mary was pulled out of the car and tumbled into the road a mass of naked limbs still desperately trying to cover herself with the map.

The cop looked down at her and laughed. "I'm sorry, miss. I thought you were making it all up. Here, let me give you a hand." And with that he reached down, gripping her wrist, and pulled her up to her feet.

Mary stood there for the second time that day exposed to a total stranger: well, almost. Sitting down, the map had been adequate, but standing it was a different matter. It was a case of covering her breasts or her pussy. The map just wasn't big enough to do both jobs.

The cop looked at the attractive young woman in front of him. He could see she was distressed by the situation, but finding an extremely attractive naked young woman driving a car was not something you came across every day, and he wasn't going to let her get away so easily even if she weren't guilty of anything. He looked at her and noticed that her nipples were poking over the map. Yes, she has nice perky nipples, he thought to himself. Mary saw where he was looking and tried to cover them, but this only exposed her down below.

"I just need to take some details from you," he said taking out a note book from his rear pocket and flipping it open. Just then a motorist came past and hooted on his horn. The cop looked after him. "I think you had better come and sit in my car. We can't have you exposing yourself to everyone."

He pointed in the direction of his car and Mary moved slowly towards it, glad in one way not to be exposed to every passer by, but the problem was in turning and walking towards his car. She now exposed her rear to the cop who immediately felt a stirring. She was some attractive lady and she certainly had a nice arse on her. He opened the rear door and watched her slide in to the back of the car, and then he secured the door and walked around and got in the drivers seat.

"Okay, now, let's start with your name."

"Mary Ellis," she replied in a low voice.

"Well, Mary Ellis, if that's your real name, you have nothing on you to prove it. Let's see what we've got here: for one, driving a stolen car."

"It's not stolen; it's my car," Mary shouted at him.

"It may be, but at this moment you can't prove it. Two: naked in a public place."

"That's not my fault. My clothes were stolen."

"And you can't say by whom?"

She shook her head.

"So I guess we need to take you down to the police station and get things sorted out there."

At this, Mary panicked. "You can't do that while I'm in this state. Everyone will see me."

The cop nodded and smiled. "Yes, I'm sure they will, and there are a lot of cops down there."

"You must be able to do something."

"I could check things up on the radio, but that will take time. It's all effort and what do I get out of it?"

Mary shrugged.

"Tell you what, little lady, just lay that map aside and let me get a good look at you while I check things out, and if you check out okay, I will let you go."

Mary looked at him a little shocked. "You mean sit here naked?"

He nodded. "You are not far off that now, and I think I've already seen all the bits, but it would be nice to get an unrestricted look."

Mary grimaced. It was just one damn thing after another. She had to either completely expose her body to this guy, or be taken down to the station and probably be exposed to she knew not how many. Again, she knew she was beaten. She slowly slid the map away from her body and laid it on the seat beside her. Now she was exposing everything to the searching eyes of the cop.

Again she felt that new found thrill as she totally exposed herself to a stranger. The cop never took his eyes off her body as he made inquiries over the radio. At last he turned to her and smiled. "I guess you have been telling me the truth, miss. It appears someone has tried to set you up. But it's not too clever to drive around the streets with no clothes on. You never know who might be about," he said with a big smile. "If I were you, I'd get home as quickly as possible."

He got out of the car and opened the door for her. She slid out of the rear seat trying not to display too much, but it's not easy to get out of a car very ladylike when you have no clothes on.

"Can I take my map?" she inquired.

The cop smiled and nodded. She reached in and picked it up, holding it in front of her. She smiled at the cop and made her way back to her own car giving him another look at her naked rear view. He smiled to himself. Well, the job did have some perks. Then he waved to Mary as she quickly drove away.

At last she got home without any more incidents and was glad to be back in the safety of her home. She was just calming down when the mobile rang. She picked it up with some reluctance; he didn't want more from her tonight? She really hoped not.

"Did you enjoy your trip home, Mary?"

She gasped. Had he been watching?

"Joe, that's the name of the cop who pulled you over, thanks you for your interesting display."

"You knew about it?"

Sure, I know everything that goes on. Joe's a friend of mine and I owed him a favor."

"You really are a bastard, you know." She felt he was smiling.

"Well, I just thought it would be a bit of fun. So anyway, have a good night and I will call you tomorrow."

Mary was feeling hot and dirty after her experience with the cop. She couldn't believe it had all been a set up. She made her way to the shower and spent time under the stinging sprays.

In the privacy of her own bedroom, she slipped naked between the cool sheets. She suddenly thought about Bob. He had not contacted her today. Was he trying to keep himself out of things? She picked up her phone and dialed his number.

"Hello there, Mary," he said when he heard her voice. "Sorry I haven't contacted you, but it's been a busy day. Has he contacted you again?"

He listened as she recited the story of her latest escapade. When she had finished, there was silence for a moment at the other end of the line.

"I can't believe you went along with it," he said at last.

"Well, what am I supposed to do? You know what he said he will do if I don't do as he asks, and neither of us wants to take the risk of him going through with that threat."

"I can't thank you enough," Bob said. "I'll make it up to you when it's over. How are you coping?" Mary smiled to herself. Should she tell him she was beginning to enjoy the whole thing? That even though she was finding it humiliating and somewhat degrading, she was certainly getting turned on by what she was being asked to do?

Her hand slid down under the bed clothes and she found her pussy warm and already beginning to feel wet. "It's been awful," she lied. "Being naked down in the archives with those two lads there, and being pulled naked out of the car with that cop seeing everything was just too much."

Just thinking about it again made her slip her fingers inside her moist pussy. "I could do with you being over here," she told him.

"I bet you could. I'm sorry I can't be there with you. I feel a little jealous about that cop seeing you naked."

"He made me sit there in the car with him, totally naked, and he never stopped looking at me. It was awful."

She bit her lips to suppress a groan, just thinking about it, as she thrust her fingers in even deeper. She could hear Bob making sympathetic comments, but she was no longer listening. Her hand was working furiously between her legs. At last, with a cry, she came, dropping the phone on the floor. She leaned over and picked it up in time to here Bob asking her if she were alright.

"I'm sorry," she said with a smile. "I had a bit of a coughing fit and I dropped the phone."

She was feeling a little more relaxed now, and she continued to chat with him for awhile.

Before ringing off, they arranged to meet up for lunch at Mario's, their favorite restaurant, the following day.

The ringing of the mobile phone awakened her the following morning. She picked it up and checked the number; it was him. She clicked it on.

"Good morning, Mary. I hope you slept well."

"I might have if you had not woke me up."

"I just needed to catch you before you got up. I have your instructions for today."

She took a deep breath. What was he going to think of for her torment today?

"Have you any plans for today? I don't want to interfere with them."

"No, nothing apart from work. Oh, and I've arranged to meet someone for lunch."



"Oh, good, that will fit in well. Today we will take you a little further."

Mary wondered where that could be. She had nearly been caught naked at work, and had to parade herself naked before a traffic cop. What more was there?

"I thought we might try it out today with a little less clothing: let's say just your jacket and skirt."

"I can't!" she said, alarmed at the thought, but instantly after she had said it she knew it wasn't up to her.

"Of course you can. You will still be completely covered. Only you and I will know that you are wearing nothing under your suit; well, for the start at least."

She could almost imagine him grinning when he made this comment.

"I'll call you later, Mary. Just follow my instructions and we'll get along fine. Actually, I think you are beginning to enjoy our little relationship." At this the phone went dead.

Mary lay back on the pillow. She knew he was right. She was excited by the humiliation, wondering what was going to happen next. It wasn't like doing something naughty of your own free will; this was domination. This man, whoever he was, had control over her. She had to bend to his wishes. She lay for a moment looking at the clock. Then she slipped out of bed and made her way to the shower.

It had been uncomfortable when she was allowed to wear her blouse under the suit, but now that was gone. She felt more exposed. The suit had only three buttons, and the top one was located between her breasts so without a blouse, she was exposing an interesting display of her ample cleavage. She thought about trying to get away with a scarf, but she knew if she displeased him she might have to pay for her indiscretion.

Walking in to the office block, she could not help but notice where the eyes of the security man were focused as she stood in front of his desk to sign in. She felt hot and embarrassed. She tugged her jacked closer together as she made her way to the lift.

Again, walking to her office, she felt all eyes were on her, and she was glad when she was able to close the door. As she sat down in her seat, she felt her hardened nipples rubbing against the material of her jacket.

During the morning, she had to put up with the obvious stares of several guys who came into her office on the pretext of checking invoices and delivery notes. She guessed that the word had gone around that there was an interesting sight to be seen in Mary's office. Of course, the attention of all theses guys was having its effects on her. Her stiff nipples ached and she knew she was juicing up. In the end, she had to get herself to the privacy of the ladies rest room, and once in the cubical, she was able to relieve herself.

She felt a little less stressed out when she finally emerged. She washed up and checked her make up. She glanced at her watch. It was almost lunchtime and time for her meeting with Bob.

Mario's was as usual busy with the lunch time trade. It provided good food with speedy service and was much used by many of the office workers in the area. Bob was already there when Mary arrived. He waved to her from a table in the window. As she made her way through the crowded tables, she did not fail to notice the many admiring glances she was getting from most of the male customers. When she took her seat, she noticed that Bob's eyes were instantly drawn to the interesting display of cleavage she was showing,

He smiled. "A little daring?"

Mary grimaced. "It's you know whose idea." She leaned over the table, giving an even better view of what she had on show. "It may surprise you to know that thanks to you, my suit is all I am bloody well wearing."

Bob shrugged. "You can't blame it all on to me. You were a willing partner, and anyway, how was I to know that some pervert was watching us?"

Mary shook her head. "I don't know where it's going to end. He keeps coming up with these ideas, and I usually finish up naked in a public place."

Bob smiled and reached over the table and took her hand. He squeezed it. "Well, I know it must be hard for you, but as long as you go along with him, at least our jobs are safe."

Mary smiled. "It's alright for you. It's me who is having to do these things. I'm sure everyone is beginning to notice. I've had creeps coming into my office all morning with stupid queries just to get a look down my neck line."

A smile cracked Bob's face and he nodded. "Well, it is a very attractive neckline."

Mary just shook her head and picked up the menu. She was just about to start reading it when her mobile rang. She picked up the phone and checked the number. "It's him," she said, looking across at Bob.

She put the phone to her ear. "I hope you are going to enjoy your lunch. The food's very good in Mario's."

God, she thought to herself, does this guy know everything about her?

"I hear on the grapevine that your outfit caused a bit of a stir in the office this morning, Got some of the guys quite excited. We must think about taking things a step further at some stage. But on with today. I noticed that Bob seemed to like the way you are dressed."

She looked around a little startled. If he knew that, he must be some where close by, but she could see no one with a phone.

"I think we should give him a treat, so what I want you to do is to slowly open the three buttons on your jacket."

"I'm not stripping in here. You can do what you want. That is going too far."

"I'm not asking you to strip in such a public place. Well, not today anyway; just asking you to open the buttons. When you've done that, I just want you to sit and enjoy your meal. Oh, and by the way, you can't adjust the jacket in any way, or refasten the buttons until you get back to your office block. Bon apatite, Mary." And with that the phone went dead.

"What did he want?" Bob inquired.

"This," she said, slipping open the first button, and as Bob stared, she slowly opened the other two. Her jacket gaped open displaying in detail that she was not wearing anything under it. Bob could see clearly the interesting valley and the swell of her firm breasts. Luckily the jacket was a little loose on her so it did not altogether display her breasts: that is, as long as she didn't move too quickly.

When Mario came for their order, she saw him do a double take at her little display. Then he even leaned closer for a better look as he described recommended items on the menu to her. It was difficult for Mary to contend with the jacket. She had to be careful as she lifted her glass of wine or put a fork of food in her mouth. Every action caused the jacket to gape even wider if only for a moment, and on more than one occasion, her erect nipples were on open display.

She could not help but notice several of the other customers glancing in her direction, and it seemed that Bob was also enjoying her little display. For Mary, it had been hard to comply with her tormentor's wishes. The thought of displaying herself in such a public place horrified her. But after the initial shock she found herself beginning to enjoy the sensation.

Yes, her tormentor had certainly found her hidden weakness. She was becoming an exhibitionist. With this new found excitement, she now began to relax and enjoy herself. She even began to feel she wanted to be seen by strangers, and at one stage when their ever attentive waiter asked her if she required more wine, she turned to face him allowing one breast to totally escape from its concealment. The look on his face made her shudder and she had to squeeze her thighs together. Her action was not missed by several of the customers who nudged their partners and indicated in her direction.

She didn't usually drink too much at lunch time, but today she needed it. Bob was a little surprised when she asked the waiter for a second bottle. What with the wine and her teasing display, Mary was feeling more than a little horny, continually pressing her thighs together to put exquisite pressure on her pussy. When the meal was over and the waiter brought the cheque, Bob gave them his credit card and said to Mary he needed to go to the men's room before they left.

Mary smiled as she watched him thread his way through the tables towards the rest rooms. Then suddenly she got up from the table and followed him. Men glanced up as she passed their tables. She no longer cared that her jacket was open and was giving them exciting glimpses of her breasts as she passed them.

She pushed through the door leading to the rest rooms, and paused for a moment in front of the door with the sign Men on it. Then she pushed it open and stepped inside. The place was empty apart from Bob, standing before a urinal. He glanced over his shoulder and saw her standing there.

He gasped. "You shouldn't be in here."

She nodded. "I know, but I want some of what you have in your hand."

"What, now?"

"Yes, right now. I can't wait."

She stood there legs slightly apart with her hands resting on her hips. She moved them around; her action opened up the jacket and displayed her breasts. Bob recognized how hard her nipples were. She was certainly in heat. He saw her flick open the clip on her skirt and ease the zip down. The skirt fell to the floor, and she kicked it away. She stood there before him in just her jacket and heels.

"I need fucking," she said huskily.

Bob struggled to get his cock back into his pants. It was becoming a problem as it was steadily becoming erect. At last he managed to stow it away. He grabbed Mary by the hand and bungled her into a cubical, closing the door behind them and sliding the latch closed.

Mary grabbed for him, pulling him to her, kissing him wetly while she thrust her body urgently up against him, feeling the hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach. With one hand she struggled to unfasten his belt and slide her hand into his pants. She wrapped her fingers around the hard length of his cock and squeezed.

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