tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlackmail Ch. 05

Blackmail Ch. 05


The rest of the afternoon went quickly for Mary. She still got several visitors as she had in the morning: same lame excuses. She wondered if everyone in the office knew. It still excited her: all these guys coming in making their excuses just to get a look down her cleavage.

At one stage she thought about opening her jacket and giving them a good look just as she had been told to do in the restaurant. The thought of that had really turned her on. God, what was she becoming? A few days ago she would have run a mile rather than expose herself to strangers. Now it was all she wanted to do. This guy, whoever he was, was certainly getting to her. He was turning her into an exhibitionistic slut.

The rest of the afternoon passed without a call from him. She didn't know whether she was pleased or sorry.

At four thirty, she made her way down to the car park and drove home. First thing she did when she got home was to mix herself a drink; she badly needed one. She took off her work clothes, her skirt and jacket, and slipped into a silk wrap. She switched on the TV and sat down with her drink.

She was almost nodding off when the phone went. She picked it up. "I guess you enjoyed your lunch," the now familiar voice stated. "Did you get Bob to fuck you in the rest room? I would have liked to have seen that."

"What have you got for me now? I've only just got in. I was going to get some dinner."

"That's not a problem. I'll treat you for being such a good girl, Mary. Do you like pizza?"

"Yes, I don't mind them."

"What sort?"

"Hot and meaty, with garlic and chilies."

"A bit like you." She could tell he was smiling. "Okay, I will send you one around in about fifteen minutes. Oh, and by the way, when he delivers it, answer the door with no clothes on."

"Oh my God," she thought--just when she thought he was being kind to her.

Still she guessed it might have an exciting side. He might be a dishy young student. She began to feel herself getting quite aroused again as she waited for the door bell to ring, and when it at last did, she almost jumped out of her skin.

She slipped off the silk wrap and laid it over the back of the sofa. She walked slowly to the door and looked through the small spy hole. It could have been anybody. A lanky youth about nineteen was standing there with a large pizza box in his hand, and she took a deep breath and pulled open the door.

"Domino Pizza for Miss......Oh, shit!" His voice trailed off as he realized that the woman standing before him was completely naked. "I'm sorry, Miss, I didn't know," the guy stuttered. He was the one totally embarrassed by the situation. Mary had to smile.

"Sorry," Mary apologized, "but I was just going to get a shower and I thought it was the girl next door."

The guy apologized again, but Mary noticed that although his face was a little red he was now looking at her quite openly.

"I must say you look very nice, Miss," the guy said awkwardly. "It's the first time I've seen a woman like you with no clothes on."

Mary had her hand on the door. Should she close it? She had done as she had been asked, but the young guy just stood there looking seemingly reluctant to leave.

Again Mary was feeling that same excited feeling. She knew she should close the door, but she wanted him to look at her, to see her nakedness.

"There's nothing to pay," he said at last. "It was prepaid."

Mary was amused to see a lump had taken shape in his tight jeans. He saw where she was looking. "I've got to go," he said quickly. He clutched at his pants and disappeared down the steps.

Mary smiled to herself as she walked back into the apartment. She slipped back into her wrap and opened up the pizza. She sat and ate at least half of it and amused herself thinking how the guy had acted. She guessed if she ordered pizza again she would get an extra quick service.

The following day was Saturday and at least she didn't have to go into work, but it was just before noon when he rang. "Did you enjoy the pizza?"

"It was very nice. Thank you."

"No problem. I guess the Pizza guy liked you." Mary smiled. "He seemed to."

"The way he ran down the steps I guess he almost came in his pants. I suppose your name's on their quick delivery list. All the guys will want to deliver your next one. Anyway, I have an interesting little chore for you to do tonight.

There's a contest on at the Road Hog Road House in Westbury. I want you to go over there and enter it, and I want you to do whatever you have to do to win it."

"What sort of contest is it?" Mary asked.

"You'll see when you get there. Be there by seven thirty, and as I say, just do anything you have to do. Just come out the winner. I'll see you there. I'll be in the crowd."

Mary had no idea what went off at the Road House, but she guessed it was something embarrassing.

She decided to spend the afternoon shopping, just something to get her mind off things for a while. She arrived home late afternoon, had a light tea, and then showered and changed before she got out the car and drove over to Westbury.

The Road House was not hard to find; in fact she passed it as she drove into the small town. She turned the car around and drove back and turned into the fairly busy car park. As she got out of the car, she could not help but notice several men who were also parking looking at her and commenting to one another.

Inside, the place was crowded, mainly with men and just a sprinkling of women. She made her way to the bar and ordered a drink. When the bar man put her drink in front of her, she asked him about the contest.

"You signing up?" he asked with some surprise, looking her up and down.

Mary nodded. "Where do I go?"

He pointed across the room. "Over by the stage. You'll see a guy with a clip board; that's Jim. Tell him you want to be put down for tonight. Once he sees, he'll okay you.

She took a sip of her drink and made her way across the crowded room. She located Jim sitting with his clip board. He was writing down the details of a buxom blond who was standing with him. When he had finished taking her details, he handed her a card with a number on it. As the girl walked away, Mary stepped forward. "Can I put my name down for the contest?"

The guy looked her up and down seemingly a little surprised. "Yes, sure, I guess you are old enough to know what you are doing. Ever done anything like this before?"

"Anything like what before? I was just told to put my name down."

"It's for the wet t-shirt contest, darling. You've got to show'em your tits."

Mary wasn't too surprised. She had guessed it would be something like that. "Yes, I know. By the way, the name's Annabelle, with an E."

Jim took the rest of her details. She didn't tell him the truth; well, not altogether. When he had finished, he handed her a number. "Door behind me leads to the dressing room. Be in there by eight thirty."

Mary made her way back to the bar and found an empty seat. The crowd in the room seemed to have grown. Gangs of lads joked with each other as they pushed to get drinks. A couple of them tried to chat her up, but gave up when they saw she wasn't interested.

She was just ordering her second drink when she heard a woman's voice beside her, "You doing the contest, luv?"

Mary turned to see a reasonably attractive blond standing beside her. She was wearing a tight low cut sweater that showed off her breasts and a short mini skirt.

Mary nodded. "Yes, I've got my name down. Are you in it?"

The girl nodded and smiled. "Name's Rita. What's yours?"


The girl looked at her. "You're a bit posh to be doing this, aren't you?"

Mary smiled. "Do I look out of place?"

Rita shrugged. "No, I guess anyone can enter. The guys will like you. They usually like a bit of class."

"Have you done it before?" Mary inquired.

Rita nodded. "Yes, several times; never won; came second a couple of times. You have to go all the way to win; thought about it a couple of times, but couldn't make myself do it. They want to see every bloody thing," she said looking round at the crowd. "You'd think they were all bloody gynecologists."

Mary suddenly found herself feeling rather warm. "Get us vodka and lime, luv, and stick with me. I'll show you the ropes," Rita said with a smile. The two of them sat and talked. Rita was a single mum with a couple of kids. "I don't mind second prize," Rita said. "It's £50, gets the food in for the week, and pays for a few drinks." Rita looked at her watch. "Better get through to the dressing room. It starts in thirty minutes, but hang back. You don't want to be first on. Let some other bird get 'em warmed up."

Jim smiled at them as they walked past him into the dressing room. There were about a dozen girls in there, all of various shapes and sizes. "Grab a locker that works. You don't want someone nicking your gear," Rita instructed.

Jim came into the room with a bundle of white t-shirts on his arm. He went round and handed one to each of the girls. He handed one to Rita and then smiled as he passed one to Mary. "Can't wait to see your tits, darling," he said with a grin. He placed the rest of the shirts on a table.

Mary felt herself reddening,

"Glad to see you've palled up with Rita. She is an old pro; she'll show you the ropes." He turned to Rita and grinned. "And no cutting the bloody shirts till the second round." Rita smiled at him.

When he had gone, the girls began to strip. Mary looked around a little nervously.

"Strip down to your knickers, luv, and then put the T-shirt on," Rita instructed.

Mary did as she was instructed feeling a little self conscious undressing in front of everyone. Rita was soon down to her brief panties. Mary noticed her breasts drooped slightly. Well, she guessed that was to be expected after a couple of children.

"I wish I still had tits like yours," Rita commented when Mary had removed her bra. "Mine used to be like that, but look at 'em now after a couple of kids have been hanging on to 'em." She cupped her breasts in her hands and lifted them. "If I win the lottery, first thing I'll do is get a boob job. Still," she shrugged, "the guys seem to like 'em."

She slipped the white t-shirt over her head. On the front was the picture of a pig on a motor bike and the words Road Hog Diner.

They stored their discarded clothes in a locker and made sure it was secure. Jim came back in. Some of the girls were still in just their panties, but he didn't seem to notice. Mary guessed he'd seen it all before.

"Right, you lot listen up," he called. "Come up when your name's announced. I'll have a little chat with you, ask about what you do and what you will do with the winnings. Then you will get wet and dance for five minutes. Okay, that is not too hard. Any questions?" He looked around. "Okay, listen out for me to call your name."

The girls sat around chatting while Jim, now acting as compère (master of ceremonies), started the proceedings. Mary heard loud cheers from the crowd. She wondered what it was going to feel like displaying her breasts in front of so many strangers. She was glad they were at least strangers.

With the announcements made, there was a loud blast of music and the first girl was called up on stage amid loud applause. Mary heard the music start up and heard the cheers and shouts from the crowd.

"Sounds a noisy lot," she said turning to Rita.

Rita grinned. "Wait till you hear them in the finals. They are really noisy then."

Just then the first girl came back off stage. She was soaking wet, her lank hair plastered to her head. The white t-shirt now almost transparent was clinging to her like a second skin, her breasts and nipples clearly on display. She grabbed a towel from a pile on a table and started to dry herself.

One by one the girls made their way up to the stage, and all returned looking the same, wet and bedraggled. At last she heard her name being called. She felt a slight flutter in her stomach as she made her way out onto the stage. She looked out; a sea of faces was looking up at her. "Welcome to the Road Hog, Annabelle," Jim greeted her. "How old are you, and what do you do for a living?" He held the microphone in front of her.

"I'm 28 and I work in an office." She didn't think she needed to say any more than that.

"And you have never done this before have you?" Mary shook her head.

"So, guys," Jim said turning to the audience, "we've got a new pair of tits for you tonight, and if Annabelle gets through to the next round, maybe even more, so come on, give her a big Road Hog welcome."

There was a loud cheer from the crowd and Mary squealed as someone came up behind her and poured a bucket of cold water over her head. She looked stunned for a moment and the audience laughed. Then the music started with a loud rock beat and she began to dance. She could feel her nipples hardened by the cold water rubbing against the thin material of the shirt. She knew they were on show to everyone, bouncing and jiggling to the beat of the music. The enthusiasm of the crowd began to get to her and she found she was enjoying herself. It was exciting being partly naked in front of so many. She was in fact a little disappointed when the music faded and the crowd applauded her performance wildly.

Back down in the dressing room Rita greeted her. "You did well; they liked you; you should get through to the next round."

She dried herself on a towel and wished Rita luck when it was her turn.

After the first round, a barman came in with cans of drink for everyone, and Jim came back stage to announce the six girls who were through to the next round. Both Mary and Rita had made it.

While they sat and sipped their drinks, Rita went and got a couple more t-shirts from a pile on the table. She took a pair of scissors from her hand bag, and to Mary's amazement, she began to cut and slash at them.

She saw the look on Mary's face. "You need to show more flesh this time, darling, and it's a good idea to rip the shirt off completely as a big finish. Sometimes they are difficult to tear so slashing them works two ways: shows the guys a little more and you can get it off without a struggle.

When she had finished, Mary tried it on. It was about ten inches shorter than last time. Before her panties had been covered by her shirt; now they were exposed. She suddenly realized that if they became wet they were not going to conceal a lot. Also several of the slits in the shirt exposed her breasts completely. She shrugged when she caught sight of herself in a mirror, and this was only the second round.

She was third on stage just after Rita. Rita came off stage dripping with water and wearing just her brief panties. She grinned at Mary. "There's a good crowd tonight; go and give it to them, but stay clear of the edge of the stage. There are some groping hands."

This time Mary strode back on stage a little more confidently. She was enjoying the adoration of the crowd; it excited her that the guys were screaming for her. She danced well knowing that she was probably showing them everything, for she guessed her panties were almost transparent with the water. She took Rita's advice and as the music ended she ripped the t-shirt off completely and tossed it out into the crowd. There was a scramble for it. She stood there in front of a hundred or so guys naked apart from her soaked panties milking the applause like a professional before rushing off stage.

Downstairs, Rita greeted her. "Sounded as though they liked you," she smiled and passed her a fresh towel. "You should get into the final three."

She was right. Mary's name was called as one of the finalists.

They sat together having a drink. "Are you up for this?" Rita asked. You need to show everything and more if you want to win."

Mary shrugged. "I've got to win. It's not the money; it's just that I've got to win." She thought for a moment and then went on to tell Rita about the blackmailer.

Rita listened intently until she had finished, then she put her arm around her. "You poor thing."

Mary smiled. "It's not too bad now. It was horrid at first. I felt dirty, but I'm beginning to enjoy some of the things." She grinned. "Actually, it's been quite fun tonight."

She sipped on her drink and then turned to Rita. "Look, you have to show me how I can win this contest, and if I succeed, I'll share my winnings with you. As I told you, I'm not in it for the money."

Rita's eyes lit up. "You really mean that?" Mary nodded.

Rita thought for a moment, and then she looked at Mary. "Look, like I told you at the beginning, to win this you have to be willing to go all the way and I really mean that. They are just a crowd of bloody perverts out there. They want to see everything, and I really mean everything."

Mary looked at her new friend and nodded. "I guessed as much. What do I need to do?"

"Well, I guess you need to start by losing your knickers."

Mary stood up and thrust down her wet panties. She stood there naked in front of Rita. She nodded. "You have a nice body. Wait until you've had a couple of kids. It will be like mine." She picked up a fresh t-shirt. "Here, put this on."

Mary slipped the fresh shirt on over her head. She felt excited about going out there without her panties on. She knew she was going to have to show everything this time. She shivered with excitement at the thought.

"Okay, you are ready to go now so let's go through the routine. After the chat with Jim and once you're wet, start dancing. Give it a couple of minutes. Flash them; let them know you are naked under the shirt. Mind you, I guess most of them will have guessed by then anyway. Then you need to strip completely."

Mary could now visualize herself standing completely naked in front of all those guys. The thought of it almost brought on an orgasm. She pressed her thighs together tightly.

"After that you have about three minutes to perform, and it's up to you; the more you let them see, the more they will like it. Before I had the kids, I used to strip in pubs and clubs. And it was the same there. If you spread your legs and let them get a good look at your pussy, they loved it, but even then, some wanted you to go even further.

"Go further than that? "Mary inquired. "I don't understand."

"In the trade it's called showing pink: spreading your pussy lips open, letting them get a real eyeful."

Mary was stunned for a moment. Would she have to go that far to win? Then she remembered his voice: "Do anything you have to do, just win." Oh, my God, she thought to herself.

She was still thinking about what Rita had said when her name was called. Rita shook her. "It's your turn."

She made her way up the stairs still in a bit of a daze after Rita's revelation, but she managed to shake it off. Once she was out on stage, she felt very vulnerable without her panties on and was glad that the fresh t-shirt was long enough to cover everything.

A big cheer went up when she appeared accompanied by a few shouts of, "Get it off."

"Well, Annabelle, you've made it through to the last three," Jim said when she reached center stage. "Not bad for your first attempt. Can you win it?"

"I can with the help of these guys," she said smiling at the audience.

Again loud whistles and cheers went up.

"Okay, it's over to you, Annabelle; take it away."

One of the stage hands came over with a bucket of water and tipped it over her. Then the music started and she began to dance. She remembered what Rita had said and gave them little glimpses of her bottom, just enough for them to realize that she was wearing nothing under the T-shirt. When she guessed she was about halfway through her routine, she turned her back on the audience, stood with her legs slightly apart, and gripping hold of the bottom of her shirt, she began to slowly peel it up her body. The cheers and whistles were now deafening, and the excitement was getting to her.

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