tagLoving WivesBlackmailed by the Boss

Blackmailed by the Boss


Over the past three years I have been writing erotic stories here on Literotica. My stories revolve around two basic themes: reluctance and seduction. I am married and my sex life is pretty basic, but I fantasize men blackmailing me into having sex with them and ultimately allowing them to seduce me. There is one co-worker of mine who is five years my junior that dominates my stories. My stories were harmless and remained secret until my boss read my email and discovered my secret.

My boss is named Ted and evidently he began reading my email several months earlier and through that process he found an email with my account ID on Literotica. He began reading my stories. Soon after he did he came to me and explained that if I didn't agree to have sex with him he was going to tell my husband about my stories. The stories were about him AND people he knows. I couldn't let him learn of them. I told Ted I appreciated that he was trying to fulfill my fantasy, but that I could NEVER cheat on Mike. We went round and round until he proposed a compromise. He suggested that if I agreed to give him a cameltoe slide (sometimes called a stripper slide) he would forget all about the stories. They would be our secret. Reluctantly I agreed to meet him at his house the next day.

That night Mike and I fucked hard and fast. I couldn't help but think about Ted. I was going to slide up and down his cock the next day and I didn't have a choice. I tried to convince myself it wasn't cheating.

The next day came and I found myself in Ted's room. I sat naked on the edge of the bed as I watched Ted undress. I had never really thought about him in a sexual way. He was almost ten years old than me. His body wasn't flabby nor was it muscular. When he pulled down his pants I was really surprised by the size of his penis. Despite the fact that he wasn't erect I estimated he was almost twice as long and thick as my husband.

I am not sure what came over me, but suddenly I felt very exposed. I watched his penis growing and I felt my nipples grow hard and I knew my vagina was getting wet. I was aroused and I knew he could tell.

Ted took my hand and pulled me up so he could lie down on the bed. He handed me a tube of KY and smiled. Awkwardly I squirted a line of lubricant over his erect penis. The KY was sliding off the side so I used my fingers to catch it and rub it along the length of his shaft. His penis jumped as he felt my touch. He told me that was enough and pulled me over. I straddled him and slowly lowered my vagina over his penis. Jolts of electricity ran through my body when I felt his penis touch my vagina.

The disgust I had felt earlier had disappeared when Ted took hold of my waist and pulled me forward, his penis sliding between my vulva. The KY mixed with my own lubrication allowed me to glide back and forth of the length of his penis. It felt good. My disgust had turned into guilt. I looked to my right and saw myself in the mirror. I watched my naked body reacting to Ted's penis as I slid back and forth. My back was arched and my pelvis was tilting back and forth. My nipples were hard and my mouth was open as I panted with pleasure. I felt sick. The door was open and I imagined Mike walking in – how could I explain what I was doing?

I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax. When I am with Mike I always have to concentrate to climax. I leaned forward and put my hands on Ted's shoulders I looked down at him and felt so guilty I closed my eyes and pretended it wasn't happening. Just as I did Ted let go of my waist forcing me to propel myself back and forth over his penis. Ted began massaging my breasts and feeling his hands kneed them caused me to open my eyes. It felt so good I came. He could tell I was having an orgasm and gave me a cocky smile. a

Then Ted took hold of my waist once more and pulled me forward far enough that I slid past the tip of his penis. When he slid me back I could feel the tip pressing against my vagina. If I tilted my pelvis he would have slid right into my lubricated vagina. I moaned as the tip passed across my vagina and he did it again and again. The more I tilted my pelvis the more pressure his penis exerted on me, the trick was not tilting it too far. I could tell Ted was enjoying this little game as he seemed closer and closer to having his own orgasm. Just as his penis was pressing against me once more he let go of my waist and pulled me down, my arms pinned between his chest and my body. We were face to face while his penis was still pinned against my vagina. His breath was hot as he told me he wasn't ready to cum.

He lifted his head and kissed me. He asked me to kiss him back. I relaxed my neck and gave into him and began kissing him back. His penis was still positioned perfectly against my vagina. My vulva was wrapped around the head of his penis and I caught myself tilting my pelvis fully so that if he pressed any harder it would slide inside of me without any problem. Ted began pulsing his hips back and forth slightly, the head of his penis teasing me as we kissed. I spread my legs making it even easier for him to enter me. I closed my eyes and began hoping he would force his penis inside of me.

Then I felt it. It felt like he had slipped inside of me, but I knew he hadn't moved. I stopped kissing him and tried to push away, but he held me firm. He was ejaculating and his semen was shooting inside of me. I told him he had to stop. I reminded him that Mike had a vasectomy and that I wasn't on the pill. As I struggled the tip of his penis pressed slightly farther inside of me so I froze. When Ted had finished cumming he let me go and I stood up on my knees and watched as his semen began leaking out of my vagina. Suddenly I decided I needed to get out. I jumped up and got dressed and escaped to my car.

I couldn't go home as I felt Ted's semen leaking out of me as I drove. I headed to the gym to take a shower. I stood in the shower for almost 30 minutes just thinking about what had just happened. I had let my boss cum inside of me after insisted we couldn't have intercourse – so much for safe non-sex. I felt sick to my stomach.

After I got home Mike wanted to have sex and I didn't feel much like denying him tonight. It didn't take him long to climb on top of me and begin to fuck me. I closed my eyes and all I could imagine was Ted's penis inside of me. Once Mike was done I felt sick again and rolled over and tried to go to sleep.

The next day Ted texted me before I left for work and asked that I stop by his house before work so we could talk. I suspected he didn't want to talk, but I didn't feel like arguing with him so I agreed to meet him.

When I arrived Ted answered the door and invited me inside. He asked me if wanted to go to his bedroom and I explained to him that this had to stop. What had happened was a one-time thing. He argued with me and told me that he knew I wanted him. He began kissing me. My body went limp as he held me against his body. I didn't kiss him back, instead I begged him to let me go. I begged him not to do it again. Ted grasped my arm and led me to his room. I felt helpless. I didn't want him to do this, but my body wasn't stopping him.

He helped undress me and pulled me into bed with him. The two of us were completely naked between the perfectly white sheets. They were cool and slid across our bodies as Ted ran his hands all over me. My body couldn't help but respond. He began kissing my neck and then my breasts as I writhed and moaned with pleasure.

Then Ted began licking and kissing my vagina. Oh God it felt good. I continued to enjoy it until I thought I was about to cum and he stopped. He laid back down next to me and pulled me on top of him. He told me to slide up and down his penis. I didn't need the KY since I was already perfectly lubricated. It felt amazing. He began pulling me forward again so that the head of his penis would press against my vagina. Once it was perfectly aligned I stopped moving. I tilted my pelvis and spread my legs to welcome his beautiful penis inside. I surrendered myself to him.

Then Ted began to tease me. He told me that if I wanted to feel him inside I would have to admit it is what I wanted and slide backward allowing his penis to penetrate me. I was so wet. I spread my legs even farther and the head of his penis slipped effortlessly inside of me. Ted pulled me toward him so that he could kiss me and the head slipped out. I groaned and pressed backward until I felt him slide all of the way inside of me. That was all it took. Ted and I fucked all morning. He must have cum inside of me three or four times before we collapsed.

Laying next to me Ted told me how he had always wanted me, but that I had seemed so happily married. Once he had read my erotic stories he knew something must be missing from my marriage. I was conflicted. I told him that I did love my husband and that I was devoted to him, but acknowledged that something must be missing for me to end up in his bed.

Over the next several weeks we began sleeping with each other almost daily. The upside of having an affair with the boss is that you don't need an excuse to be late. Ted was tired of sharing me. He was used to getting what he wanted and he really wanted me. He began buying me expensive lingerie, dress and jewelry – all of which I kept in 'my' closet at his house. Soon I had a full wardrobe. Ted wanted me to stop spending my nights with my husband and start spending them with him.

I promised Ted I would stop making love to my husband, but that I couldn't leave him. I told him that I would tell Mike that I was going out of town for a business trip for a week and that seemed to satisfy Ted. Of course Ted was insatiable when it came to sex. I think it was the second night I stayed with Ted that I fell in love with him and we stopped having sex and we started making love.

When I 'returned' the next week I told Ted I was going to have to start working at our Chicago office more and more, perhaps as much as every week for the next month or two and then once a month after that. He wasn't excited about the idea, but he accepted it.

Ted was thrilled with the arrangement as it was as if we were living together. I was in love with him and I think I would have done almost anything he asked and he asked for more and more. First he asked me to shave my pubic hair completely off. I have always thought men who wanted shaved pussies were a little perverted, but I wanted to make Ted happy. Then he began asking me if I had ever thought about breast augmentation. My breasts were small, but I have a pretty small frame. Ted and I had been living together for almost a month and I wasn't sure I was ready for plastic surgery.

Over the next couple of weeks I thought about it and finally agreed. I went in on a Monday and had it done. Mike and I hadn't slept together in almost a six weeks and I wasn't looking forward to seeing him on the weekend. I knew he was growing impatient, but now he would see my shaved pussy as well as my larger breasts.

On Friday Ted and I stayed home and made love all day. He loved my new breasts and I'll have to admit they look amazing. I am really enjoying all of the attention I am getting. That evening I was dreading going home, but Ted told me to dress up because he was taking me to dinner. He told me to call Mike and let him know that I had missed my flight and that I had so much work to do I was just going to stay in Chicago over the weekend.

Ted had booked us a room in the Ritz Carlton after dinner and I knew something was up when he lead me to the penthouse. There were candles everywhere. Once I was inside Ted kneeled down on one knee and showed me a ring. He was proposing to me. I felt the finger already around my finger and realized I wanted to wear his instead. He took my hand and removed my ring and put his ring in its place.

While we were making love I decided to tell Ted some important news. He was going to be a father...

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