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Blackmailed for Party


This story takes place in the same 'universe' as "Conversations with Amy", "What a Man Needs", and "Conversations with Donna". You don't need to read those to enjoy this one, but you are certainly welcome to do so. I do make a couple of references and share some characters, but I think there is enough material here so it's in context. Please read and enjoy. Feedback and voting is always encouraged and greatly appreciated.



The girl

"God it is hot!" He said to himself as he rounded the turn at the end of his 3rd mile. Checking his pulse he found it 15% higher than normal at this distance. Running at home was totally different than running down in Montgomery Alabama in early September. He knew it would be different, but not this different. "I'd hoped after a week I would be better acclimated. That first run was even worse, lucky it was overcast!"

The temperature wasn't all that much hotter, but the oppressive humidity was murder. He decided to stop after 3 miles and let his heart calm the hell down. "Being 45 probably isn't helping either."

Greg slowed down and moved to the outside of the track. As he passed his athletic bag he snagged a bottle of water and started walking to cool down. Coming around the inside of the track was a little girl, well little to him anyway. She was already on the track when he showed and was still running. She was cute, but oh so young, only about 5'1, 90 lbs if that, with slim hips and not much chest. She didn't look stringy like a lot of thinner runners did, she looked very feminine, but the fact she was still on the track and had lapped him earlier burned just a tiny bit.

"If I was still in my 20s I could have run her little legs off." As he looked he realized she actually had nice legs. "OK, you dirty old man, get your mind out of the gutter. She's younger than both of your kids!"

Greg completed two laps walking, taking small sips of water and cooling down. He came around for his last walking lap and saw the girl sitting down not far from his bag. As he reached for it she asked, "Do you happen to have another water in there?"

"Sure!" He pulls one out. "It's not cold."

"That's OK; ice water right now might kill me." She smiled in appreciation. "Thanks! I can't believe I forgot mine."

"You ran what, more than 5 miles, without water in this heat? Are you nuts?"

"Only 5, I started not too long before you got here. Actually I was glad to see you; I felt weird on the track alone. As for the water, I'm trying to acclimate myself so when the season starts I don't wimp out."


"Actually soccer, we're practicing a little right now and the humidity kicks my butt."

She had a sweet voice, some Southern accent, but not a strong one. "So you're not a local?"

"Oh I am, but foolish me, I didn't keep up my workouts over the summer. I go to school here." She waved her arm in the general direction of the Alabama-Auburn Montgomery University (AAMU) campus. "You certainly don't sound like a local."

"No, I'm out of Michigan for a workshop/conference down at the Tech-Center."

"OK, Michigan, I have some advice. Run in the mornings here. Afternoons are a killer. Only we masochists run in the afternoons."

She paused to drink more water, "Hey, hold my feet will you?"

She stretched them out toward me and he grasped her ankles. She raised her knees and started crunches, a lot of them. "No wonder she was so fit."

The dirty old man in him stirred again. Her running shorts were the loose leg type and he could see down her thigh and realized she wasn't wearing panties. "Damn, my jock was getting tight all of a sudden." She did well over 100 crunches and as hard as he tried not to look, he did, and felt guilty but enjoyed the view.

"I never wear panties when I run; the cotton gets sweaty and bunches up in the worst places."


She laughed. "It's OK to look. I wasn't flashing you, but it's just there. I'm not ashamed of my body, so you can look if you want."

He let go of her ankles and made to leave, embarrassed by her openness.

"Besides if you hadn't looked I would have thought you might be gay."

"Why would that be important?"

"Because running turns me on," she said stripping off her shorts and opening her legs.

"Girl, get your shorts back on, we are in the open here."

"Not really, the track is in a depression, only people on the track can see us if we stay low. And no one comes out here in the heat of the day."

She laid back, pushed her sports bra up and rubbed her small titties and stretched her legs wide. He couldn't take his eyes off that pussy.

For a moment he was transported back to his own college days. Many sexy and young pussies with wispy pubic hair, fun days before the appearance of AIDS ruined everything.

"Girl, you don't even know me."

"I know, that's what makes it fun. Look, I am clean, an athlete. You look like a straight-laced family man who knows how to take care of himself. Just relax and go with the flow for this once. You never know where it will lead." She said this as she opened up her pink, puffy pussy with two fingers on each side of her labia. "I can tell you are interested." She dropped her gaze to his cock.

He dropped his water, knowing he was in trouble already. Visions of public humiliation if campus security busted them faded as she put a finger into her cunt. All other thoughts went away as the blood filled his other head.

He knelt down between those tight thighs and blessed her inner thigh with a kiss.

"You are going to have to go higher than that to get a reaction out of me."

He looked at her pretty pink pussy again as she opened her lips with her fingers. Her clit was prominent, showing how turned on she really was. He leaned down and tasted her. His last thought before he tore off his own shorts was "What does pink taste like?"

He ate her with abandon, a few flashes of college kept intruding as he remembered girls this open and as interested as sex as guys were. There seemed to be this brief period during the 70's when it was OK for HS and college girls to be horny.

She climaxed quickly and then rolled over onto her knees. "Fuck me like a dog!"

He filled her up, she was so tight! As tight as the two virgins he deflowered decades ago. When she was moving with him she made one last command. "Spank my ass while we fuck!"

That was different, but once he got the rhythm down, he was enjoying it. He kept one hand on her hip and the other smacking her tight little ass as he plowed into her unmercifully. He knew in a vague was he shouldn't cum in her pussy, but the blood was boiling and he wasn't thinking all that well.


"What the hell do we have here?"

He looked up in shock. Standing over the two of them were 4 more college girls. He pulled out, but he had been to far gone. When he pulled out, he spurted cum all over her ass and the back of her legs. He looked up again and saw the one thing worse than campus security, three camera phones pointed at the two of them. He scrambled for his shorts and covered up his cock. The girl, who's name he didn't even know just laid there, cum on her ass and all.

"Very sexy!" said the obvious leader of the 4 girls, a pretty brunette with a smile that wouldn't be described as very nice. Her friends all nodded with various looks that frightened him.

"Who are you two?"

"Denise!" The girl said. He tried to mumble, but one of the girls had his gym bag and was looking at his wallet.

"His name is Greg, from up north. Oh look a pic of the wife and kiddies. And Denise here isn't his wife . . . and he's a tacher too."

"Awwww that is just too bad. Wait, did you say Denise?"

"Yes!" She said warily.

"You are staying the weekend with your sister Debbie, right?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"We met Friday at dinner. Debbie is trying to pledge to us. Oh, little Denise just wait until Debbie sees these pictures?"

"You can't show them to her; she'll kill me!"

"Well whether or not we do depends on Mr. Greg here. What do you say Mr. Greg, do you want to help our sorority with a little project or will I show these pics to Denise, and the campus security, your school, and maybe the NY papers?"

Greg knew he was truly fucked. He sat there wallowing for a moment when the lead girl spoke again.

"Denise, get your ass dressed and go with Beck here. Do what she says or Debbie will see the images and video this afternoon." Denise hung her head and obeyed.

"Now for you, Mr. Greg, I'm not sure what to do with you. We saw enough to know that it was mutual. She was getting exactly what she wanted. I would hate to have to tell your wife and boss."

Briefly hope shone on his face.

"On the other hand, if we decide to forget about this, you owe us big. Since you are also from out of town, we can't let this be a long-term thing. You need to make us very happy this weekend and we will erase our phone memories of those pictures and Glenda's video phone.

She knew she had him when his shoulders slumped. "What do you want?"

"I don't know? Girls, any ideas?"

"Bree, we were talking about a party earlier."

"Glenda, that's a great idea. We need to throw one for our house and potential pledges. We also have to throw one for our brother fraternity and I would prefer to throw it before they throw one for us, remember last years disaster.

"OK Mr. Greg, here is the deal. You and Glenda will go do a little shopping for the fixings for a party for us. You'll bring it all back to our house and set up for the party. You can even attend the party, as long as you do exactly what we tell you to do. I promise that we will forget the whole thing come tomorrow morning and you can go back to home and the wife and kids without worrying about us little college girls, or the little slut who likes having her ass spanked. Deal?"

"That's a little opened ended, Bree?"

"You aren't in much of a negotiating position here. In fact . . " She looked down at her camera. ". . . it looks more like the doggie position. OK, I will sweeten the deal a little. Our parties do tend to get a little wild. I can guarantee you will have a good time, I will personally see to it. After watching you eat that little slut and fuck her so nicely I am sure more of our members will want to satisfy a little Daddy-complex with you. So there, I am offering a worry-free future after you fund a party that you will certainly enjoy. Do we have a deal or do I forward this picture to the cops?"

He folded, knowing she had the best hand. "OK, Bree, you win."

"Good, and for the record, it's Miss Bree to you, and this is Miss Glenda and Miss Christina. Miss Beck went with little Denise. But you will get to know us all better later. For now take Miss Glenda and go shopping. She knows what we need."

Party prep

Glenda followed Greg to his car and whistled approvingly. "A Mustang GT, very nice."

"It's a rental, Miss Glenda." He said sardonically.

"Oh drop the Miss unless Bree is within earshot. I don't want to piss her off either." Glenda grinned conspiratorially. "Just relax Greg, and go with the flow. It won't be that bad. If you play nice you will be in the clear."

Her words again filling Greg with some hope and on their way to wherever they were going he was mentally abusing himself for getting into this predicament.

Glenda kept talking. "Actually when she spotted you, she was told us to take the pics to just have a good laugh and embarrass you. It wasn't until she knew who you were fucking did she decide to punish you a bit. In fact if you were in my cunt she would have pretty much ignored you and given me hell." She leaned over in the seat and put her hand in Greg's lap. He jumped.

"Relax. I liked watching, it makes me horny. My point of view is that if the little slut wanted to fuck, she should be free to do it. I's none of our business if you'r maried or not." Glenda slowly stroked his cock through his shorts while she talked.

"If Bree hadn't been there I might have just come over and put my pussy to your face while you spanked the girl. Or maybe to her face? I wonder if she ever ate a pussy."

Glenda felt his cock jump a little. "That's better Greg. No reason not to enjoy yourself."

"Where to Miss Glenda?" He said nearly smiling at the possibilities.

"Where are you staying?"

"Over on Eastern, at the Inn."

"Perfect. Let's go there because you need a shower and a change of clothes. Then we can go shopping and get back to the house before 6. A couple of hours set up and the party will really start about 8."

"You really mean to go through with it?"

"Hell yes. I love our parties, they do get wild." She squeezed his cock. "Plus right now Bree is passing the word to select friends and our brother frat that tonight will be fun. We also have 18 girls trying to pledge, but only 6 openings, so there will be 18 very compliant little pussies to play with. You will also get an eyeful of guys, girls, guys with girls, girls with girls, and maybe even a little guy on guy. Relax, it's just that a couple of our frat brothers are gay and if you think watching two girls gets you hot, watching two guys does it for me. You'll have your hands full of willing, hot, and legal pussy! Trust me!"

They pulled into the parking lot and Glenda got out with him. "I can shower and change by myself."

"I just want to make sure you do it quickly. You disappear on me and Bree will be furious."

Up into the room, Glenda took a little more charge.

"Why don't you strip before you hit the shower; I didn't get a good look at you at the park."

He looked annoyed.

"Relax, that wasn't an order. I am not holding my phone over you; I just want to see you. You probably figured out already that I am a bit of a slut myself. Fuck, in fact . . ." She pulled out her phone and hit a few buttons. ". . . there, memory erased. It's all gone. You have nothing to fear from me."

"That doesn't help me with your friends."

"I know, but please Greg, play along with us. I will help make sure the other phones are cleaned off. This is a chance for a great time! You'll see, just get in the right frame of mind and enjoy it. If you get pissy, Bree might carry through with her threat. Now for me, just me, please strip so I can see you."

Greg did and Glenda's eyes glowed in appreciation. His license might say he's 45, but he looked better than most guys. Slim waist, not a 6-pack, but smooth. Light hair, great ass, probably from running. Good cock too, although it was soft at the moment.

"Thanks, I can be totally sure you will have fun tonight, maybe more than you think."

While Greg hit the shower, Glenda looked around. A nice laptop computer on the desk, a closet full of suits, nice ones. Greg wasn't a piker so what they spent today shouldn't be an issue. She thought about the computer but decided against it. Sex and party stuff was on thing, anything else might be seen as theft. He got out and came into the room in a towel.

The bed was turned down and a very naked Glenda was in the middle of it. "Now how did you like it, with her playing with herself before you ate her?"

She started teasing her own cunt, knowing it won't take long after all the excitement of the afternoon. She was horny and Greg's cock just poked out of the towel confirming he was getting more into the spirit of things to come.

An hour later they left the Drury, Greg more relaxed and Glenda satisfied, but now even more excited. Greg didn't hesitate eating her pussy and fucking her doggy style. What rocked her world was that after he came in her, he didn't raise too much of a complaint when she straddled his face and he sucked his own cum from her pussy and rimmed her asshole. God, he was perfect!

They hit several stores and overloaded the Mustang with cold beer and other alcohol. At the rib place she convinced the clerk, a delicious looking buxom redhead to deliver the full order at 8:30. It took both Greg's fingers and her sucking on her tits to get her to do it, that and a promise to join the party. The last stop was more problematical for Greg. They hit an ATM and maxed out his debit card's cash limit. Then they went downtown and Glenda negotiated for something.

"Glenda …"

"Relax Greg, it's the 21st century. Besides it's nothing hard-core, just some 'E' to help folks relax."

He shut up remembering just how he got into this situation and no amount of sex was going to make him like buying any sort of drugs.

Back at the house Greg got to meet the rest of the sorority. The girls ranged from pretty to stunning and each one welcomed him with a kiss. Bree made no mention of the pics, so Greg was relieved.

Glenda took the Mustang after ice while Greg set up the coolers and a bar. Every few minutes another girl would come by to check on him and check him out. Most expressed their appreciation for him hosting their party and after a while the kisses and touches were enough to make him forget a bit how he got here. Having over 20 pretty girls kiss you, push your hand between their legs and grope your cock would make any man forget most things. Just before 8 he was alone with Bree. The nervousness came back as he looked at her. She had changed into a short skirt and crop-topped blouse. Her breasts weren't bound in a bra and her sharp nipples threatened to tear holes in her top. She was in sandals that laced up her legs. If it wasn't for the glint in her lovely brown eyes he would have just stared in appreciation.

"Glenda tells me you were a perfect gentleman this afternoon. I'm glad you are seeing this my way. As you probably noticed I haven't told the rest of the girls about the incident. You only have us 4 to worry about. Now, for the early part of the party, just bartend. It'll be mostly beer, but some of the guys will want other drinks. Just dish it out for them. Glenda told me your reservations about the other stuff, so I won't have you messing with it. After the food gets here, things will loosen up. At that point I'll be back to give you your instructions. In the meantime, just make sure you keep the four of us very happy, no matter what we ask of you and tomorrow you will be extremely happy!"

The Wild Party

She left and Glenda came back in. "You all set Greg?"

"I guess so. Bree mentioned I was a gentleman?"

"Well you don't think I was going to mention the hotel room, did you?"

"I wasn't sure."

"Well I didn't mention the red-head either, but by the time she gets here, Bree will have had a couple of cocks in her. Just remember the Miss crap. She can be so anal about things."

Glenda came behind the bar and snuggled up for a kiss and a grope. "I am so looking forward to later, especially knowing how you like eating pussy. Beck made mention how neglected her cunt was, so she'll probably be the first in line. I also know Mandy and Chris liked the look of you and are already planning some action. Christina prefers girls more, so you might not get to taste her at all, but you will get an eyeful. OK, I gotta go and meet and greet. You stay here and be a good boy." She bent down and kissed his cock through his Dockers. "You too!"

Greg stood there still not sure what to do. He heard people coming in and pretty soon he was to busy to do much thinking. He had no idea how many guys and girls had come in, but they went through some serious beer and wine. Not as many for the scotch and harder stuff. True to Bree's word he didn't see a single pill going down. The food arrived and Ronnie, the redhead brought him a plate while spending time behind the bar teasing him a bit as well. He avoided the alcohol and stuck to soft drinks. By 10 he was feeling a bit lightheaded, he was glad he ate. Also by 10 the front of his Dockers had small pre-cum stains as various girls came by, got him worked up and then left him horny. Maybe that's why the light-headedness. By 11 the party was getting hot!

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