tagIncest/TabooBlackmailing My Niece

Blackmailing My Niece


If you were to ask her...it just happened. The truth is I set most of it up. Hello, I am a 42 year old man. My name is Kyle, I am 5' 10 " tall and weigh about 165 pounds...am in good shape...I run and work out at the gym. My cock is pretty big (from what I've been told) and yes, I have measured it, little over 8 inches long and quite thick. Measuring around the thickest part it is a little over 6 ½ inches. I keep it completely shaved. I am a musician/songwriter. I own a recording studio where I record commercials for television and radio. I have never married. This is a true story and is about something that happened between me and my 19 year old niece, Macayla, my older sister's daughter. She is small only about 5' 1" and weighs about 95 pounds. She has a great set of tits, probably a small C cup (I've seen her in a bikini at the lake) and a nice small rounded butt. She is engaged to a man named Justin. My sister had told me that they were sexually active and that Macayla was not quite happy with their sex life. He had joined the Army and she was waiting for him to come home on leave so they could get married.

In my work I use computers a lot and have most of the newest software. My niece is in college, wanting to become an X-ray Technician. She called wanting to borrow my office 2010 software. That set the wheels in my brain to turning. I told her come and get it but to come alone, I didn't want anyone else there. I started planning how to set things up so it would look like her fault. The day she came over I left the front door slightly open... I would use the excuse that the lock on the door knob would lock and would not unlock. Then I went and took a shower but stayed naked. When Macayla showed up I went into the bathroom and wet down my hair. I turn on the radio in the bathroom and started listening to some old Boston Tapes. I left the bathroom door open a little ways...my excuse there would be when the door was closed the mirror would fog up. Knowing the kind of person my niece is I knew she would just open the front door, walk in. and yell for me and then start looking to see where I was. My bathroom door is on the side so standing in front of the tub, I could look in the mirror and see if she was watching me. The way it was set up I knew she could not see what I was looking at in the mirror. I heard her yell.

Macayla... Uncle Kyle?

I knew she had entered the house. I had the music up pretty loud so she would think I could not hear her yelling. I start drying my hair and watching for her. In a few moments I saw her. Yes... she was standing outside the door watching me, not saying anything. My cock was about half mast at this time and getting harder. I continued to dry my hair and every once in a while, I would glance over to see if she was still watching. Yes... she was still there. My cock was hard as a rock by now as a very hot girl was staring at it. Also this was something very taboo, showing my cock to my niece. That fact alone turned me on. Looking again I seen her cupping her right breast and I thought (even though I could not see it well) she had her other hand down between her legs. I toss the towel down, reach over and turned the radio off as I opened the door.

Me...Who's there?

She did not do or say anything but just kept staring at my cock.

Me... I will be out in a minute or so. Wait for me in the front room.

I close the door and put on my robe. My cock was still hard and made quite a tent. When I walked out into the front room Macayla was setting on the couch, looking a little flushed. I set down in the recliner. This is how our conversation went

Me...I didn't think you would be here this soon. I thought I had time to shower.


Me...Why were you watching me.

Macayla... I'm sorry Uncle Kyle. I don't know. Please don't be mad at me.

Me...Oh I am not mad...no problem here...But I think your Mom and Step Dad are going to be pissed when they find out. They can't be mad at me though. I was just taking a shower in my own home.


Me...What do you think Justin will say when he finds out.

Macayla...Oh my God!!! What if he leaves me. Looking like she was going to start crying.

Me... Maybe we should just keep what happened between us.

Macayla...Yea, good.

Me...You watched me for quite a while. Seems you liked what you were looking at.

Macayla...Yea, for an older man, you are built nice.

Me...Would you like to see me again?

Macayla...UNCLE KYLE!!!

Me... I ask if you would like to see me again. I didn't say you were going to.

Macayla...Oh ok. (She seemed to have a little disappointment in her answer and on her face).

Me ...Well you could see me again, but you have seen me already so it would only be fair for you to show me something.

Macayla...UNCLE KYLE. I can't do that.

Me...I guess you are right. Maybe we should just tell everyone what happened.


She set there for a few moments staring at the TV then she looked at me.

Macayla...What do you want me to show you?

Me...Well your tities would be a good start.

I got up and pushed the door all the way closed and turned the lock. Went back and set down.

Macayla...I can't believe I am doing this. You won't tell anyone will you?

Me...Of course not, I would be in trouble too.

She started lifting up her top. I stopped her.

Me... Not over there, come stand in front of me.

She got up and walked over in front of me... She lifted her tank top up and was wearing one of those sports Bra's. She lifted it up and there were a pair of the best tits I have ever seen.

Me...Can I touch you?

Macayla...No, it isn't right

Ignoring her, I reach up and cupped her left breast, brushing her nipple with my thumb. She took a deep breath but didn't try to stop me. Then I leaned over and licked her nipple, then start sucking on it. She shuttered. With my left hand I cupped her right breast pinching her nipple between my thumb and finger. I knew she was excited; both of her nipples were hard. I went back and forth from one breast to another sucking and nibbling.

Me... Get on your knees.

She dropped to her knees as fast as it took me to say it. I stood up, opened my robe and my cock was standing full mass.


I started stroking my cock and a drop of precum came out. I reached down and wiped it off with my finger and then put my finger in my mouth.

Me...I love the taste of precum. Do you want to taste?

Macayla...Giggling, maybe.

I milked my cock for some more and she just leaned over and licked it off.

Macayla...God, you taste good. But you know we can't do anything. It wouldn't be right. Besides I haven't been on the pill since Justin left.

Me... We could just watch each other masturbate.

Macayla...Mmmm. I don't know Uncle Kyle. I'm your niece!

Me... We have already seen most of each other and touched each other.

Macayla...Well ok, but no more touching.

Me... Take off your cloths

Her Tank top and bra was still on but pushed up around her neck. She reached up and took them both off at the same time. Then she went back over to the couch and slid her shorts down and kicked them to the side. Hmmm. no panties. She set down on the couch spreading her legs wide

WOW!!!!!! She had the nicest shaved pussy you could ever want to see. She started rubbing her finger up and down her slit, then started rubbing her clit. I am in heaven!!! I dropped to my knees and was furiously stoking my cock. Staring at her pussy was getting the best of me. She was staring at my cock as she played with her pussy. I said fuck it and reached over and moved her hand away, bent down and licked her pussy. She moaned and grabbed my head as if trying to guide me to the right place. I licked up and down her slit. I moved my tongue up and started teasing her clit, then started sucking on it, still teasing it with my tongue...I moved my right hand up and put my middle and index fingers into her pussy bending my fingers so I could find her G-Spot. I move my left hand up and worked my little finger into her butthole and started fucking her with my fingers, while sucking on her clit. She was just making small noises at first but then she started moving around so much that I could hardly stay up with her. She let out a moan and filled my mouth with her cum...it was all over my face, running off my chin. I moved my mouth down over her pussy hole and sucked as hard as I could, trying to get as much of her delicious cum that I could. I looked up at her face and her eyes were rolled back, her breath was coming in gulps. I thought she had passed out. She looked down

Macayla...Please stop I'm way to sensitive

I moved back and she just kind of relaxed.

Macayla... "WOW...I have never cum like before, I think I squirted.

Me... Yes you did.

She giggled.

Macayla... I have never cum that hard or squirted with Justin. I love you Uncle Kyle.

Me...I need to cum

I moved up beside her on the couch, got on my knees. She then scooted back on the couch and reached over and grabbed my cock and started playing with it. Then she moved her head down, kissed my cock and licked the head and down each side of my cock. She moved back up and took about half of my cock into her mouth and started sucking, using her hand to stroke me as she sucked. Taking her mouth off my cock, she looked up at me.

Macayla...I don't think I can get all of you in my mouth. You are a lot bigger then Justin

She went back to sucking my cock...Now I have had better blow jobs but with the way she was trying and the fact that she was my niece, I wouldn't trade it for the best blow job in the world. She was really into it. She took me as deep in her mouth as she could and started swallowing. Damn it felt good.

Me...I am going to cum soon. Where do you want it, in your mouth, pussy or on your tits?

She just looked up at me and started sucking me harder and stroking me faster. I couldn't help it and shoved my cock deeper into her mouth and started Cumming. It was one of the hardest cums I have ever had. she moved her head back until only the head of my cock was in her mouth and started swallowing my cum. Not losing a drop. When I started going soft she let my cock slip out of her mouth and then kissed it.

Macayla...WOW, I didn't think oral sex could be this great. Justin doesn't really like it that much. God I am really soaked and I got it all over your couch Sorry. Can I take a shower?

Me... Yes, go take a shower if you want, are you hungry? I can fix something, and don't worry about the couch, I will clean it later.

She went, took a shower and got dressed. We ate a sandwich... talked about nothing really. I gave her the software. As she was leaving she kissed me right on the lips.

Macayla...Thank you Uncle Kyle, I had a great time.

Me.... So did I, Maybe we can do this again sometimes

As she walked out the door she turned and gave me the biggest smile


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i recall the first time my uncle played with me I was only 19 and only hand one person ever touch me i'd just lost my virginity to my first love he was a quick cummer in and out anyway went to my unclemore...

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by bthompson01/21/18

Great start, can't wait for next chapter!

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