tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailing Sis Into Strip Poker

Blackmailing Sis Into Strip Poker


My twin sister woke me up. I looked at my radio at it was 12AM and I asked her, "What's up Sarah?"

"Mike, I need a big favor, would you come with me?"

"Sure sis but what's happening?"

She starts to cry and tells me "Jim wants me to do something that I don't want to so I need you for protection."

"Sarah, he's bigger than me, how can I protect you?"

"Just by being there, he won't try anything with you there."

"What does he want to try?"

"He wants to take my clothes off and stick his thing in my privacy hole."

"WOW!" I never seen any girl naked and I didn't understand what she was talking about but I didn't want to seem so naïve so I didn't say anything else. We just had our 18th birthdays but we lived on a farm and were home schooled and very religious so we were socially backward. We didn't have a TV and didn't have any friends. We were either doing school work or farming. Once in a while we would go into the town to shop for supplies and that was our only contact with the outside world.

"He knows some things about me that I don't want Mom & Dad to know so he's blackmailing me. Please help me, please."

"OK sis, I'll do my best."

We walked quietly down the hall to my older brother's room. My parents were certainly asleep because they were early birds and they had a downstairs bedroom so they would never hear anything that went on upstairs. My sister opened his door and we both walked in.

"What's he doing here?"

"I want him here."

Jim pulled Sarah over and they whispered to each other for a minute. Jim finally said "OK, Mike we're going to play a card game.

"OK Jim."

We sat on the floor and I asked "What's the game?"

Jim said "Strip poker."

I asked "What's that?"

Jim says "Just like poker except the winner gets to choose which loser has to take off a piece of clothing. After that, if a loser has no clothes, the winner can make them do whatever they want."

"OK, got it." I really didn't know what he meant because I was so naïve but I didn't want the both of them thinking I was stupid.

We played the first hand and Sarah and I lost. Jim says "Sarah, your turn."

Sarah took off a sock and we went on. After playing a few more games, we all lost some clothes but my sister only had on her bra and panties. She said "I have to go pee."

While she was gone my brother said "Mike, we need to stick together on this, just follow my lead on everything, we want to get Sarah naked and then have her do stuff with us. Don't let her trick you into helping her. You want to see her naked, don't you? She thinks she is safe with you around but not if I include you in on the fun"

"I'm with you bro."

Our sister came back and we started and I won the next hand and said "Your turn sis."

She gave me a real dirty look and reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She took it off and covered her tits with her arms.

Jim said "No fair put your arms down."

She put her arms down and Jim and I stared at her tits. It was the first time I ever saw naked tits and they were perfect. My brother elbowed me and said "Mike, aren't her tits gorgeous?"

"Oh yeah Jim." I felt my thing start to swell and started to get embarrassed.

We played the next few times and my sister won them all. Soon enough my brother and I only had our boxers on. I then noticed that my brother's boxers and a big bulge in them just like mine and my sister was looking at our bulges. Was she interested in seeing them? Not my sister, she was a good girl but she was letting us look at her naked tits and we hadn't finished yet. I wasn't embarrassed anymore and wanted to see how far this would go. We played again and Jim won, "Off with your panties sis."

"No Jim, this has gone too far. I won't take off my panties and let you see my private area. Mom told me to never let anyone see it."

"Do you want me to tell Mom and Dad what you did? Do you want them to know that you shoplifted?"

So that was the secret. Mom & Dad would ground her for life for that.

"No Jim, don't tell them, can't I do something else? I'll do your chores for a month. I'll do anything but this."

"Sorry sis, off with the panties."

She gave Jim a real dirty look and stood up and slowly pulled her panties down her legs until they were on the floor and she stepped out of them. I couldn't see anything because her hand was over her private area.

"Sarah, move your hand away from you pussy and sit down cross legged"

I never knew that a woman's private area was called a pussy. My sister moved her hand away and I saw it for the first time. There was a slit with hair all around it. I immediately felt my thing swell even more when I saw it. I didn't see how my thing was supposed to go inside her because there was no hole there. She sat down cross legged and we both stared at her private area. The slit opened up a little and I leaned forward to see it better. Maybe there was a hole there and maybe that's where my thing would go in.

We played again and Sarah won and told Jim to take off his boxers. He quickly got them off and his thing was as big as mine. Sarah stared at it and Jim said "Sarah, have you ever seen a cock before?"

"No, it's huge. How does it go in my hole? I don't understand."

Look at this magazine and he passed it to her. She stared at it and said "these girls look a lot older than me and they have a big hole down there. I guess the hole gets bigger when you get older."

"It also gets bigger after you've had some cocks in there."

Sarah passed the magazine to me and I saw how it's done for the first time. HOLY SHIT! That's how it's done. I said "Sis, you don't have a hole down there like these girls."

Jim says "Sarah spread you legs and pull apart your lips and show Mike where a cock goes."

She did this while Jim and I got real close. We finally saw her hole. It was small, real small; there was no way my thing would fit in there.

We played again and it was my turn to take my boxers off. I quickly got out of them and Sarah moved my hand away to look at my thing.

"Mike, it's just a big as Jim's thing. I didn't think that was possible."

I felt proud that I was equal in something with my older brother. He slapped me on the back and said "Bro, I think Sarah likes looking at your cock."

"NO I DON'T!" But she kept staring at our cocks.

Now we were all naked and we started the next game and I won. I didn't know what to do so my brother whispered to me, "make her kiss our cocks like they do in my magazine."

"Sarah, I want you to kiss our cocks like the girls do in the magazine."

"NO WAY! Jim, you can't tell him things like that, I won't do it."

"You will or I'll tell Mom and Dad. Stop saying you won't do whatever or I'll tell them right away, understand?"

"OK you bastard."

She got on her hands and knees and came over to us and grabbed Jim's thing and kissed it quickly and pulled away.

Jim says "Sarah, the rule is one minute for each thing you have to do so kiss my cock for a minute and then Mike's."

She went back and started to kiss his thing.

Jim says "Sarah, kiss the head, the top of it. That's it, lick it now; lick the head. Oh good, so good. Now open your mouth and put it in."


"Yes!" and he pulled her head down so his cock went in her mouth and she struggled to get off but he held her there while he moved his thing in and out of her mouth. He suddenly groaned and jammed his thing farther in her mouth. He groaned for about 30 seconds and held in head so she couldn't get away. He finally let go and she pulled off. White stuff came out of her mouth and she leaned over spitting the stuff out. It looked like mucus except it was whiter in color.


"No sis, I came in your mouth. Remember Mom teaching you about Sex Ed? That was my sperm."

"EEEEWWWWW! That was disgusting, gross and tasted terrible."

Jim says "Mike's turn and you have to do the exact same thing you did with me or you automatically lose and I'll tell Mom & Dad."

"OK, OK you asshole."

She crawled over to me and started to kiss my thing.

"Mike, I'm sorry but Jim is forcing this on us. I didn't mean for this to happen."

I didn't say anything but I was glad my brother was forcing her. She then took my thing and put it in her mouth. It was the best feeling in my life. She moved her head up and down on my thing while keeping her lips tight around my thing. I started to get a funny feeling down there and my mind made me push my thing as far as I could in her mouth. She started to gag and pull off but I grabbed her head and held her down. I felt the need to piss so I started to but it wasn't pissing. It felt wonderful; I was having spasms down there and shooting something out of my thing. I never felt something so good but it only lasted for 30 seconds. I pulled out after I was done and my sister spit my stuff out.

"Mike, how did it feel bro? You came in her mouth. Welcome to the BJ club. You shot your sperm in her mouth."

"I loved it! It was the best feeling in the world to shoot my stuff. My sperm won't get her pregnant, will it?"

Jim laughed "You can't get her pregnant unless you cum in her pussy and she has to be at the right time of the month for that. She just finished her period yesterday so you could even cum in her pussy and it would probably be safe."

Sarah wanted to wash out her mouth and brush her teeth but Jim didn't trust her to come back so we went with her into the bathroom. There was stuff on her chin and tits and she wiped her chin off but kept the stuff on her tits. She gargled and brushed her teeth and we went back to Jim's room.

"Sis, how did you like giving your first BJs?"

"It was gross; I don't understand why girls do this. The only reason I did it was because you're blackmailing me. I can't believe you made me do it to Mike, he's my twin."

"Sis, I loved it, really, thanks for letting me shoot my stuff in your mouth. Can I shoot some of my stuff in your privacy?"


Jim says "It not bad what were doing, lots of brothers and sisters do this but they don't tell anybody."

We played the next hand and Jim won again. "Sis, let Mike stick his cock in your pussy."


"Sis, do you want me to call Mom & Dad up right now, tell them you're a shoplifter and you gave us BJs?"

"Mike will tell them you blackmailed me, right Mike?"

"I don't know what you're talking about sis."

Jim yells "WAY TO GO MIKE!"

My sister yells "MIKE! NO! I thought you would help me?"

"Sis, I was going to help but if I have a choice between helping you or putting my thing in your privacy, I'm going for B."

"Sis, do you want me to tell them you're a shoplifter and you did dirty things to Mike and I?"

"NO! DON'T TELL THEM YOU ASSHOLE! Jim, please, anything else but letting him push his thing up my privacy. I don't see how it will fit. I've never had anything in there before and I can't even get a finger in there. I tried once but it wouldn't go in and his thing is much bigger than my finger. I also remember Mom telling me that if I have sperm in me I might get pregnant. Please don't make me do this. I'll do anything but this."

"Mike's cock will fit in you pussy, everybody does this sooner or later. I've read in the magazine that we have to get you wet before he sticks it in. I got some of Mom's lubrication that I found in the bathroom. I use it to jerk off and it's makes it nice and slippery. Sarah, lie down on the edge of the bed and spread your legs just like the girl in the magazine."

She looked at the magazine and copied the position. She was laying flat on the bed with her legs spread holding her knees up.

"Mike, come over here, look at the magazine to see what you have to do. You put your cock in her pussy hole."

"I don't see her privacy hole Jim."

"It's there, take Mom's lubricant and put it all over you cock and get ready. I'll put some of lubricant in Sarah's pussy." He poured some lubricant on Sarah's privacy and his fingers and started to rub her privacy and then stuck a finger in and it slowly went in. He found the hole! There was a hole, the hole where babies come out of and I was going to put my thing in there!

"Jim it hurts! OH! OH!"

"I need to bust your cherry; it says that you should do it with lube and a finger. I'm going in all the way with my finger."

"OH MY GOD! OWWWWWWW! IT HURTS!!! STOP!!! OH! OH! Oh, it is getter better, it doesn't hurt anymore. Mmmmm, this isn't so bad."

Jim put another finger in her hole and pushed them in and out. "Mike, are you ready?"

"Yeah bro, I've got my thing all lubed up."

He backed away and held his fingers up, "just like the magazine said, look at the blood on my fingers, I popped you cherry sis. Get between her legs and put your cock in her pussy."

"NO JIM, I don't want his thing in my privacy."

"Let him put it in and he'll make sure he pulls it out before him cums in your pussy."

"But Mom said to never let anyone put their thing in my privacy hole. She said I would have a baby. I'm supposed to wait until I'm married."

"You won't have a baby, you have to have sex when you're ovulating and that won't be for another 10 days or so. Mom is just trying to scare you about sex. Everybody does it before they're married."

Jim commanded us, "Mike, put it in but don't cum in her."

My thing was about and inch away from her privacy hole and I got closer and pushed my thing against her slit.

"NOOOO, PLEASE STOP! I DON'T WANT THIS, PLEASE STOP! Ouch Mike, that's not where my hole is you idiot. Please don't do this to me Mike, please stop. Jim, please stop this, I can't do this, look at the size of his thing; it will never fit in my hole. Wait a sec; let me pull my lips apart so you can see the hole. You see, it is way too small for his thing. No keep it away from the hole, don't put it in. Oh my God it's touching my hole, oh God it's going in."

As she moved her hands to her privacy and spread her lips and there was the little hole. I moved my thing to the hole and pushed.


Jim, Sarah and I watched as my cock suddenly popped in.

"OHHHHH! Better, that's better, oh that hurt but now it's ok. I can't believe you got your thing in my privacy hole. Mom would kill me for letting you put your thing in there. Don't shoot your stuff in me and don't ever tell anybody, promise!"

"I promise." I pushed my thing in deeper.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, this is good, I feel full, stuffed."

I kept pushing in and finally got to the bottom. My balls were against her ass. I was all the way in and it felt great. This was heaven. We both held still not really knowing what to do next.

"Oh sis, this is great, I love you and I love having my thing in you."

"Oh Mike, it feels great, no wonder why Mom told me not to do this. She didn't want me to know how good it was and how much I would love this and want to do it all the time. I can't believe we're having sex. Jim, what do we do next, what does the magazine say?"

"It says Mike and you should move your hips so his cock moves back and forth in your pussy. It says the cock should almost come all the way out and then slam it back hard. It says to go slow and speed up and then he should cum deep inside your pussy. Mike, just pull out before you cum and shoot your sperm on her belly."

Sarah and I started moving our hips and clumsily did what the magazine said.

"Oh Mike, this is great."

"I know Sarah, I love this; I feel all tingly down there."

We started to do a little better and I was pulling my cock all the way out and ramming it back in faster and faster.

"OH! OH! OH! Sarah was saying each time I rammed it in her."

She started to pull on my ass trying to get me in deeper and wrapped her legs around me. I suddenly felt like I did before when I shot my stuff in her mouth.

"Sarah, let me pull out, I have to shoot my stuff out!"

She didn't respond and kept me deep in her and I suddenly shot my sperm in her privacy hole.

"OH! OH SIS! Oh Sarah, I'm shooting my stuff in your privacy hole. OHHHHH!"

I stopped shooting my stuff in her and we stayed still.

Jim says "Mike, pull it out and let me fuck her now."

I pulled my thing out of her hole and saw a little blood on my thing with my white stuff coating it. I looked at her privacy and the hole had a little blood also and my white stuff, the sperm, was on and in the hole.

Jim moved me out of the way and quickly stuck his thing in her. She grunted and groaned as Jim moved in and out of her hole with his thing.

"Sis, we're going to fuck you all the time now. I can't believe how good your pussy feels on my cock. Do you love my cock in your pussy?"

"I love it."

"Sis, say that you love my COCK in your PUSSY, SAY IT!"

"I love your cock in my pussy."

"Tell me that you want me to cum in your pussy."

"Cum in my pussy, cum in my pussy, cum in it, give me your sperm."

"Fuck, her it comes. OH! OH! CUMMING! I'm cumming in your pussy. AHHHHH."

They stayed that was for a while, Jim was as deep as possible and Sarah was hugging him. Jim finally pulled away and pulled his thing out. I watched Sarah's hole and the white stuff was pouring out. She laid there with her legs spread with our stuff leaking out of her. This was the greatest thing that had happened to me ever and I wanted more. My cock was hard again and I pushed Jim out of the way and pushed my thing in her wet hole again. We went at it again, the both of us grunting and groaning.

"Mike, keep on going, I feel weird down there, like it's getting tight."

"Sis, I can feel your hole getting tighter,"


I felt her hole contract around my thing again and again. I didn't know what was happening until my brother said "Sarah, you just came on Mike's cock. How was it?"

"It was the best! It was the best! I love this; you guys can do this to me anytime, anytime."

We did just that, Jim and I shot our stuff in her many times. I lost track how many times I did her but we finally finished at 5am. Mom & Dad get up at 5:30 so we stopped, promised to keep this quiet and promised to do it again as soon as possible. Sarah's privacy hole now looked like the girls in the magazine; you could see the hole now instead of just the slit. The hole was leaking our sperm out of it but Sarah didn't care. She was a woman now and having our sperm in her was a badge of honor. We all went to bed wondering what the next day would bring.

To be continued...

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Please stop writing. Everyone in the world who can read will thank you.

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I grant that you intended and succeeded in making your characters juvenile, but your writing is not supposed to be.

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