We'd been watching some chick flick. I couldn't tell you the name of it: something with Sandra Bullock, though the probably doesn't narrow it down much. Chick flicks makes girls feel all cuddly, which is the only reason for them to exist.

My buddy Dean and I had been going out with a couple of roommates, Carrie and Beth, since the beginning of our sophomore year. And now here were on a nasty January night, me and Carrie snuggling in one oversized beanbag, and Dean and Beth in another (their third dorm-mate, Amy, was away on a ski weekend), watching Sandra Bullock sorting out her love life. Or at least the girls were watching: I was more interested in moving my hand onto Carrie's breast or her upper thigh as often as possible in the very dim light (and across the room I was sure Dean and Beth were doing the same).

Hey, it's not as if the girls minded: before we came over they'd cranked up the thermostat so they could wear t-shirts and shorts (Carrie wasn't wearing a bra; and as far as I could tell without staring, neither was Beth).

"Stop it," Carrie said, not at all meaning it, as I kissed her neck. We both knew that gets her hot. I was finding it very difficult to wait for the movie to end so we could go into Carrie's room and... you know.

And then the power went out: lights, television, everything. Not unheard-of during January snowstorms, of course.

This was total darkness: there wasn't even any light coming in from outside, because all the streetlights were out, and the storm was covering the moon and stars.

"The good news is," Carrie said, "I'm pretty sure Sandra gets the guy in the end."

"Well, so everything's okay then," I said.

"Guys," Beth said, "the bad news is, if the power's out, so's the heat, which means it's gonna get really cold in here really quickly."

"I think I can make it to the linen closet for the heavy blankets without killing myself," Carrie said. "But Beth, can you come with me so I don't kill myself if I trip over something?"

They left the room. As soon as they were out of earshot, Dean said in a loud whisper, "Alan, speaking of that..."

"Speaking of what?"

"Do you want to try something that'll get us killed if the girls ever find out?"


"Switch places with me."

It wasn't just the matter of the girls killing us if they found out: we were sort of serious about Carrie and Beth, and I wasn't sure how I felt about anybody, even my best friend, cuddling with my girlfriend.

Still, it would be kind of exciting, and at age 19 that was a good enough reason to try almost anything, and hopefully the girls would never know. And honestly, I planned to be with Carrie for the foreseeable future, and this might be my only chance to cuddle (or maybe make out with) another girl.

"Okay," I said, "but I swear to God, if the girls ever find out, I'll kill you before they get the chance to do it first."

"Deal," Dean said. We both got up and, slowly, managed somehow to make it to one another's beanbags.

We were barely settled in when the girls came back (though if we hadn't heard their footsteps on the hardwood floor, we'd never have known -- it was that dark).

Beth climbed onto the beanbag next to me, and threw the blanket over us. "Shhh," she said softly, and wrapped my arms around her, resting my hands on her breasts. I was right: no bra.

This was already getting more serious than we'd planned.

I was kind of conflicted: was I worried that Dean was doing the same thing to Carrie across the room, or hoping that he was so I wouldn't have to feel so guilty about it?

Guilty or not, I closed my fingers around her nipples and pinched them lightly. She responded by turning her head toward mine and kissing me, and then stroking my cock through my jeans.

I wondered how far she'd go with "Dean" while Carrie and "I" were in the same room. It was pitch dark, of course, and we were completely under the blanket, so maybe she thought it would only be mildly embarrassing if the lights suddenly came on.

Of course if the lights suddenly came on and she saw who was under the blanket with her, things would get pretty ugly. All the more reason, I thought, to move things along.

I slipped my right hand under her t-shirt and cupped her bare breast. When she didn't object, I lifted the shirt over her breasts and took both of them in my hands. I wished I could see them, but of course that could never be.

I heard a very faint moan coming from across the room, so I knew something was going on between Dean and Carrie; but before I could consider how I felt about that, I felt Beth squirming about and soon realized that she'd worked her shorts down her legs.

This had definitely gone way beyond anything we'd expected -- and was, apparently, about to go a lot further. I knew I should put a stop to it, but... based on what I was hearing from across the room, Dean was having no such attacks of conscience about Carrie.

And what could I say, anyway? "Beth, I'm Alan, and I've been kissing you and feeling you up without your knowledge or consent, but now we have to stop"?

So, resigning myself to an eternity in hell, I undid my jeans and pushed them down past my knees.

Beth climbed onto my lap and kissed me deeply, then shifted down closer to my knees so she could pull my underwear down enough to expose my cock.

I could feel her raising herself up a bit, and of course I couldn't see what she was doing, but apparently she was pulling the crotch of her panties to one side. She lowered herself onto my stiff cock, and I felt it sink deep into her pussy. "Shhh," she said again -- not that I had any intention of speaking -- and she began slowly bouncing on my cock. Beanbags are the not the quietest places to fuck, and I don't think Dean and Carrie could have had any doubt what we were doing. I was beyond worrying about how Dean felt about it; and this was all his idea to begin with, anyway.

I was fucking Beth. In the back of my mind, I guess I'd always wondered what it would be like, but of course I never thought it would happen.

I put my hands back on her breasts, which she seemed to like.

Oh, shit... I was about to cum, but I had no idea whether it was safe to cum in her. I'd never given that sort of thing a thought before, since Carrie was on the Pill before we'd even met -- but was Beth? Guys don't discuss their girl friends' birth control methods.

And I sure as hell couldn't ask her now, could I?

So praying for the best, I started cumming inside her: filling her with enough sperm, it felt, to conceive a small army.

She clasped her lips against mine, muffling out sounds as she started to cum as well.

About 30 seconds later, we heard similar noises from across the room, and I knew Dean had filled my girlfriend's pussy as well.

I wondered whether this was going to start bothering me later on. For now, though, I was catching my breath after fucking the hell out of Beth.

When Dean and Carrie were done, Beth pulled her shirt back down over her breasts, felt around on the floor for her shorts and put them back on, then headed for the bathroom. I could hear Carrie putting herself back together as well, and she followed Beth.

When they were out of the room, Dean said "You two did it too, huh?"

"Yeah," I said. "There was no way I could stop without, you know..."

"Sorry, Alan," Dean said. "Fucking stupid idea. Are we okay?"

"I guess. This definitely goes into the 'let's never speak of this again' bin, though."

"Bet your ass. And more importantly, the girls can never find out."

"No shit," I said.

We returned to our original beanbags, and tried to act innocent when the girls came back.

The Next Day

"Anything interesting happen while I was away?" Amy asked her roommates.

Carrie and Beth exchanged glances.

"What?" Amy asked.

"If you tell anybody about this, we're going to have to kill you," Carrie said.

"Seriously," Beth answered.

"Okay, fine, out with it."

"Well, you know there was a blackout here last night, right?"

"I'd heard. So?"

"So the guys were over," Carrie said. "we were watching a movie. Alan and I were in that beanbag, and Dean and Beth in that one."

"Fascinating," Amy said. "So?"

"So since it was pitch black," Beth said, "we left the room and before we came back, we decided to switch places without telling the guys. And, um..."

"We ended up fucking them," Carrie finished.

"No shit!" Amy said. "How was it?"

Carrie and Beth exchanged glances. "Hot as hell," Carrie said.

"Definitely," Beth said. "I came like crazy, and it was killing me trying to be quiet about it."

"It'll never happen again," Carrie said.

"Right," Beth agreed.

But they were both thinking, maybe, though...

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