tagRomanceBlame It On Mackinac

Blame It On Mackinac


Several years ago, having just learned that my wife Linda was pregnant for the fifth time, the two of us took a Getaway Weekend on Mackinac Island (we dearly love all of our children, but everyone needs a break from time to time). The island is one of my favorite places in all the earth (ranking just behind 'inside Linda'), situated as it is where Michigan's two peninsulas, and Lakes Huron and Michigan, come together in a stunning visual convergence. The cool northern air, the beautiful blue water, and the island's unique, 'time capsule' ambience, together make for a delightful, romantic atmosphere.

As we drove up, Linda leaned in close to me.

"Do you remember the first time we made this drive together?" she asked.

"How could I forget?" I replied. "It was our honeymoon."

"Mmmmmmm," she purred at the happy memories. "And do you remember how I kept myself occupied during the long drive?"

"I remember that you took great delight in a new toy that you'd acquired just the day before," I chuckled.

"You mean the one between your legs?" she grinned.

"I do believe that's the one, yes."

"Oh, look!" she said, stroking her hand over my crotch, which was already beginning to bulge at the sensual memory. "Here it is!"

I squirmed at the delightful sensations her hand was creating in my penis, as it quickly became erect, and began to strain against the fabric of my shorts. I twisted my hips and shifted my position, trying to find a more comfortable configuration, but without much success. Then Linda unzipped my pants, and proceeded to while away the miles idly stoking my penis, pausing occasionally to bend down and take it into her mouth, while I drove.

After many miles of this delightfully tortuous game, I reached over with my right hand and unbuttoned the waistband of her shorts, tugging at the zipper to give myself enough room to slip my hand into her panties. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair and probed further, until I encountered the first folds of her labia, and her clit nestled under its hood. I stroked her little nubbin, while she put her feet up on the dashboard, to give me better access. Closing her eyes, she moaned and groaned and ground her hips against the workings of my hand on her pussy, which by now was wet and slick with her arousal. I probed further, until I found her opening, and penetrated her with two fingers. I stroked in and out of her warm, moist tunnel, rubbing her G-spot with each stroke, while she gasped and groaned and ground against my hand with ever-increasing urgency, and I continued to drive (I'm wondering if I should include a "Do Not Try This at Home" warning?). Finally, I felt the walls of her pussy clench tightly onto my fingers, as she gasped and panted, and pumped her hips in a furious rhythm, until, with a sharp cry of "Oh!" followed by a long satisfied "Oooooohhhh," she came on my fingers. I was so intent on keeping the car on the road that I didn't always take close notice of the other traffic around us; it's possible we gave a couple truckers a bit of a show.

Having reached her orgasm, she returned her attention to my cock, lazily stroking and licking it for the rest of our drive. Several times she brought me right to the edge of orgasm, then backed off, so that by the time we exited the freeway, I was trembling at a fine peak of arousal. The forty-five minute boat ride to the island, with all the boarding and disembarking details at either end, only barely brought me down from the edge. I couldn't wait to get her into our hotel room.


Our room was on the top floor of our hotel, overlooking the water; it was an utterly stunning view. I stood behind Linda and held her in my arms, fondling her breasts through her clothing, while we swayed lazily in each other's arms, admiring the view, and 'decompressing' from the trip, and from life-with-four-kids, and life-in-general. Standing in front of the large window, a hundred feet above the water, we almost felt like we were suspended in space.

"It's beautiful," said Linda, dreamily.

"Not as beautiful as you."

She looked back at me with a smirk at my flattery, but I was utterly sincere.

"Let's take a shower," she said.

"Mmmmm; I like your thinking."

Linda started the water running, and we began playfully undressing each other. When we were both naked, and our clothes were flung all over the room, we hopped into the shower. The warm water running down onto our bodies was utterly relaxing and refreshing. I grabbed the bar of soap, and began soaping Linda's wonderful breasts as I held her from behind, with my semi-hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass. Linda has truly amazing breasts, large and full and firm, and I delighted in their heft as I held and fondled them and rolled their nipples in my fingers. I moved the soap slowly down her belly and lathered up her pubic hair. Then I turned her around, so she was facing me, and my growing erection poked between her legs. I soaped her back, moving slowly downward, slipping my fingers between her ass cheeks. I paused momentarily to tease her sphincter with the tip of my finger, which made her shudder and giggle.

I handed the soap to Linda, and she returned the favor to me. When I was facing her, she ran her soapy hands admiringly over my chest and shoulders, telling me in appreciative tones how my firm chest and shoulders were turning her on, and how powerful they felt. She grabbed my stiff cock and stroked slowly along the length of it, from the balls to the head, and then back again; pre-cum was oozing copiously from the tip, mixing with the soapy foam.

Grabbing the shampoo bottle, I drizzled a small stream onto her lovely brown hair, and slowly massaged it into her tresses, while she luxuriated in my sensual attention, continuing to stroke my cock as I washed her hair.

Soon my erect member was straining, and I was starting to worry that I'd come right there, in the shower.

"Can we go to bed?" I groaned.

"What's the matter?" Linda teased me. "You gonna come?"

"I might. . ."

"Okay," she said, smiling. "Let's dry off. I want all your cum for inside me."

She grabbed two towels from the linen shelf and tossed one to me. We very sensuously dried each other off, being sure not to neglect any part of each other's bodies. I knelt down to run my towel over her legs, and when I had gotten near her crotch, she spread them enough for me to get my towel between. I ran the towel along the full length of both her legs, especially the insides of her thighs. When I got to her vulva, I cupped my hand over her pubic mound, stroking gently. Linda put her hands on my head, and I leaned in to nibble on her pussy, savoring the rich scent of her arousal, and the tangy flavor of her sexy 'sauce', until she nudged me away, lifting me off my knees.

By now, our arousal had reached a fever pitch. Linda shoved me across the room, to the edge of the bed, and pushed me down onto it. Kneeling between my legs, she grabbed my throbbing manhood and began to lovingly lick and suck it. Cupping my balls in one hand, she licked slowly along the entire length of my cock, making happy humming noises, which sent sensual vibrations through my throbbing pole. When she got to the head, she sensuously licked all around it before taking it into her mouth. Slowly, she lowered her head onto my length until she could take no more, then withdrew until she only just held my cockhead between her lips in an erotic kiss.

When I was groaning and on the edge of delirium from the sensations she was creating in my cock, she took me out of her mouth and sat up. Rubbing my cockhead between her tits, to use my oozing pre-cum as a lubricant, she wrapped my erection between her soft, firm globes and slowly tit-fucked me, sliding her breasts up and down along my shaft. One moment my cock had disappeared between her 'girls'; then the head peeked out from the top of her ample cleavage, before returning to her snug cleft.

My balls were aching as she unwrapped her tits from my cock, stood up, and pushed me up onto the bed. Then she climbed onto the bed with me and straddled me. Wrapping her pussy-lips around the shaft of my cock, she began to rub her slit back and forth along the length of it. I watched her face contort as the gentle friction on her clit took her to ever-higher levels of arousal. Looking into my eyes, she gave a quick twist of her hips and took me into herself with a sensual groan. My thick cock was once again back in its favorite place, wrapped in the delightful moist warmth of my wife's vagina.

"Oh god, Rick," she moaned, "you feel so good inside me; let's make love for hours."

"Mmmmmmm," I murmured, "Sounds good to me."

Linda ground herself slowly and sensuously on my erection. We were both very conscious, at that moment, that we had no place else to be, nothing else to do. Our humdrum daily lives, and the cares of the world, were hundreds of miles away. We could just relax and enjoy each other, with no thought for what we had to do next, or who was clamoring for our attention. We were utterly relaxed and unhurried, and we savored each other's bodies, and our lovemaking, as fully as we could.

Linda leaned forward and offered her bounteous breasts for me to fondle and suckle, and I reveled in their firm fullness. I made little circles around her nipples with my tongue, causing her to purr with pleasure. She sat up and put her hands against my chest to steady herself, and ground herself more insistently against me. I could feel her pubic bone grinding against mine, and her labia beginning to caress my balls.

I have never felt bigger, or harder than I did that day. I was reaching depths inside my wife that I was sure I had never reached before. I could feel my cockhead nudging against her cervix, and the walls of her vagina stroked my shaft in a velvety, warm embrace. Several times, she clenched her cunt-muscles around my shaft, which created intense sensations in my cock, and took me to an even higher plane of erotic bliss.

We continued our mating at a slow, sensual pace for a long, long time, savoring every second, every millimeter of our coupling. When Linda rolled her head back, I knew she was close to coming. Her mouth fell open, and her breath came in short gasps. Her tempo rose to a frantic pace, her hands clenched on my chest, and her legs rhythmically squeezed my hips as the waves of her climax crested and broke. Her head rolled from side to side, and she groaned in the ecstatic agony of orgasm. As I watched her come and come and come, I couldn't help grinning from ear to ear.

The sensations in my cock from her climax were incredible, but I resisted the urge to come, just yet. When she 'returned to earth', I was still hard, still buried deep inside her. I flexed my pelvic muscles, causing my cock to swell inside her. A fleeting look of confusion crossed her face. "You're still hard?" she asked.

I grinned back at her. With a sly wink, I said, "Come again?"

She giggled, and resumed grinding against me. Since she had so recently been at her peak, it was only a short trip back to the top, and soon she was writhing and wailing in the throes of another orgasm. I drove my cock up into her with powerful grunting thrusts, bringing ecstatic cries of orgasm from her throat. Wave after wave of sexual release broke over her, as she trembled through orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, in between her gasping breaths, she urged me, "Come with me!" So I finally abandoned myself to my own orgasm, releasing my seed into my wife. I felt like all my insides were shooting out the tip of my cock as I pumped my thick fluid essence into her in great spurts.

"Oh, Rick. . . oh, baby. . . you're filling me with your cum," she moaned. "Oh, it's you, and you're putting it inside me. . ."

"Oh yeah, baby," I answered. "It's all for you. . . With love, from me to you. . ."

Both of us were shouting and twitching uncontrollably in our orgasmic ecstasy, completely mindless of who might be hearing us. Afterwards, Linda collapsed on top of me, utterly spent, and completely satisfied.

We laid together, my penis softening inside her, for a long time afterwards, caressing and kissing each other, and basking in the warm afterglow of some of the very best lovemaking we'd ever had. Our pubic hair was a wet inter-tangled snarl, saturated with a mixture of our sexual fluids. She laid on top of me, purring contentedly, and occasionally rubbing her breasts sensually against my chest. I ran my hands lovingly over her back, and the graceful curves of her firm, round ass. Again I ran my fingers along the crack of her ass, and probed until I found her rosebud, causing her to quiver at the sensation.

I don't know how long we lay like that, but after a while, I could feel myself starting to get hard again, while I was still inside her. I felt my cockhead parting the walls of her vagina as it slowly expanded into her depths. Once again, I clenched my pelvic muscles, causing my fresh erection to swell within her again.

When Linda felt my cock growing again inside herself, she lifted her head and looked questioningly at me. "What are you doing?" she asked, almost accusingly.

"Wanna play some more?" I asked her, with a chuckle.

She just shook her head. "You're insatiable!" she muttered.

"Yeah, I can't get enough of you," I responded. "Besides, you're the one who wanted to make love for hours."

"Mmmmmm. . . I did, didn't I?"

With a sigh of happy mock-resignation, Linda sat back up and started grinding on me, slowly and sensuously, yet again. The nice thing about both of us having so recently climaxed, was that we could just keep going for a long time, if we wanted. And we wanted.

I know it's just horribly cliché to say that time stood still, but that's how it felt. The outside world sort of faded away as we mated on and on and on. The Universe shrank down to the size of our two bodies joined together. I was only aware of my erect penis snugly wrapped in the warm moist depths of Linda's vagina, sliding slowly in and out of her, caressed in the loving erotic embrace of her womb. The continued gentle friction of our coupling caused my cock to virtually hum, buzzing and vibrating with a happy warm glow, even as I continued stroking in and out of her, alternately pressing into her, reaching for her deepest absolute center, then slowly withdrawing to advance again. It almost came to seem that we were no longer two individuals, but a single entity, fused together where my cock penetrated her cunt. It was almost as if I could reach out from my erect cock inside her, and feel the core essence of her being, and be felt by her in the same way.

It was the most incredible, wonderful, transcendent, and deeply spiritual lovemaking that I think we've ever had. There was no pressure for either of us to rush to an orgasm; there was just the two of us communing with each other in the deepest, most intimate possible way. It felt like we could go on making love forever.

Eventually, though, after who knows how long, our orgasms crept up on us, and, as much as we wished we could go on forever, there was nothing we could do but give in to the release. When we finally came to our soaring mutual climax -- my second, her third -- we couldn't help laughing out loud, for the sheer, gratuitous joy of our union, the intermingling of our bodily substance.

When we were truly, finally finished, we lay together, embracing each other, for a long time afterward. When at last we 're-entered the earth's atmosphere', we noticed that we'd been making love for upwards of two hours, with my penis inside her vagina for most of that time. My wife got her wish. . .

Simply incredible.


That time, on Mackinac Island, is still very high on the list of our absolute, most incredible sexual experiences. We don't think of ourselves as anything like 'sexual athletes' -- we're just regular people; parents, even. But every time we have sex, it's good and solid, and strengthens the bond between us. Every once in a great while, though, our sex passes into something more like a 'transcendent' realm, and this was one of those. . .

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