tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlame it on National Nude Day

Blame it on National Nude Day


All characters are over 18 years of age. Enjoy!


Charley was awakened by the sound of a girl giggling.

"Fuck!" he cursed. He was rankled to be roused from a sound sleep.

He had caught a ride home from college with an acquaintance. The good news was he saved $75 and avoided traveling with a busload of unwashed strangers. The bad news was, he missed out on his beauty sleep because they left so early.

The fact that he came home a day early to an empty house turned out to be okay. Luckily the house key was in it's usual hiding place. He was able to let himself in, climb into his old bed and get some shut- eye.

He glanced at the clock. It read 1:34 PM. He thought, " I probably should get up. I'm hungry. I've missed lunch. And man, I need to take a piss". He rolled out of bed and went into the hall bathroom to take care of business.


In the family room his older sister, Amy, giggled and tossed her halter top aside. She did her old beauty pageant move. She held her head up high, smiled big and stuck out her chest. This gave her boyfriend, Barry, an excellent view of her fine ta-tas.

She said, "This is great. We have the house to ourselves for hours. Mom doesn't get off work until five and my doofus brother won't be home until tomorrow."

Barry said, "Since our final exam was canceled, we got to leave a day sooner than we had expected. It's a shame about Professor Collins. I can still see the old guy keeling over having a heart attack as he was handing out the tests."

Amy answered perfunctorily, "Well, of course, I'm sorry our teacher died. I just meant it's great that we have more time to be together."

Amy dove into the crotch of the naked guy lying on the sofa and gobbled his knob.

"Oh Baby, you're the best!" Barry gushed.


Mrs. Ludlow pulled into the driveway. She had her new boyfriend with her. Do you still call him a boyfriend when both of you are over forty-five years old? Or should it instead be Beau? Fella? Or just Mr. X, the guy I'm currently sleeping with?

Her man, Carlos, leaned over and kissed her mouth hard. A hand squeezed her ample breasts.

"Mmm." She moaned enjoying his attention. She said, "I'm so glad we were able to get off work early. My kids won't be home until tomorrow. We will have the place to ourselves."

He said, "Everything is falling in place for a delicious mid-day tryst, mi amour.


Charley flushed, forgot to wash his hands, scratched his butt through his boxers and walked down the hall towards the kitchen. He stumbled upon the source of the giggling. He saw his sister kneeling beside the couch give fellatio to some nude dude stretched out on the sofa. Her breast were beautifully formed, pale with pink tips. They gently rocked to and fro as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

"Whoa!" he thought. He stepped back to avoid detection and studied the scene. The conversation in his mind went a little something like this:

"Amy's grown some nice tits since the last time I saw her topless. Of course, that was 14 years ago. She was 7 and I was 5. We were two happy little kids running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day. She's twenty-one now and I'm almost nineteen. Wow. How time flies".

He thought back to when they were kids. They were best friends and always playing together. That lasted until their parent's got divorced and she hit puberty. Suddenly all she cared about was hair, makeup, her girlfriends, and boys! He was persona non grata, the annoying little brother. She developed a sharp tongue and no one was safe from it. She became a real self-centered bitch who treated everyone badly.

Charley stood silently at the end of the hall and watched the show. Amy was going to town on that guy's dick. She was either a natural talent or she had done this a time or two. He believed it was the latter as he watched her gently suck on the lucky guy's balls.

^^ Mary Ludlow led her beau to the front door. As she put the key into the lock, Carlos slipped his hands around her body and cupped her breasts. He then leaned in and kissed the back of her neck. Mary melted a bit. Remembering her neighbors could see them, she said weakly, "Not here."

"You are so beautiful." His hands slid down her chest, across her stomach and up her back under her shirt. She groaned enjoying his touch. He unsnapped her bra. His actions made her feel like a teenager again. She giggled and said,

"Oh, you're so naughty."

"I can't help myself. I want you naked in my arms."

She unlocked the door and stepped in the house. She turned to her fella and said, "Me too. I can't wait to get naked with you!"

Amy heard her mother's voice. Her first thought was "Oh Shit! I'm so busted!" She stood up praying there was some way she could keep her mom from discovering that she was having sex with her naked boyfriend. Temporarily, he was hidden from her view by the back of the couch, but it would only take a few steps for her mother to uncover her secret.

Mary Ludlow was surprised to see her daughter in the family room. She was not due home from college until tomorrow. "Oh Hi, Amy. You're home early." She was even more surprised to see her topless. Her voice went up an octave as she asked, "Why don't you have a shirt on?"

Carlos grinned at the daughter. He unashamedly looked her tits over. They weren't as big as her mother's, but they were firmer, higher and so unexpectedly exposed.

"Ah . . Ah." Amy stammered. She did not have a good response. She did raise her hands to cover her hard nipples.

Charley saw an opportunity for fun and mischief. He stepped out of his underwear. Naked, he quickly entered the room. He walked up to Amy and whispered, "I will get you out of this mess. Follow my lead."

In a voice everyone could hear, he said, "Hey girl. We agreed total nudity."

He pulled her hands off her breasts. As he did so his hands bumped into her soft boobies and he made sure the back of his digits brushed against her erect nipples. She stiffened and drew in a sharp breath. He then ogled her pretty tits. Amy hissed under her breath at her brother, "You pervert. Copping a feel of your sister."

Charley had his back to the adults. They couldn't see what he was doing. He shut Amy up by grabbing a breast. He squeezed it roughly causing her to grimace. Then he thumbed her engorged nipple and dare her whispering, "You want to tell Mom the truth? That you were topless and sucking your boyfriend's dick, go ahead."

They stared deep into each other's eyes. She sneered at him and said, "Bastard." Then she conceded and broke eye contact.

He whispered, "I will save your ass. Go along with my story."

He let go of her boob, reached down and unzipped the side zipper on her skirt. The short skirt fell to her feet. He hooked his fingers in her panties, squatted and pulled them down to the floor. He was now eye level with her pussy. He didn't even try to hide his next move from his sister. He inhaled deeply and picked up her scent. Then he studied her shaved sex. She had fat, thick outer lips. Her swollen clit was protruding out from under its hood.

While this was happening Mary screamed at her children, "What is going on?"

Reluctantly, Charley turned away from his sister's pussy and answered, "Mom today is July 14th, National Nude Day. Amy, her boyfriend and I came home from school early to celebrate. We were just about to hop in the pool."

All the while he was talking, Mary was staring at her son's cock. Her mind was shouting, "My son has a cock! The last time I saw him naked he had a cute little pee-pee. Now he has a big, hairy dick."

Charley motioned for Amy's boyfriend to show himself. He got off the sofa and stood beside Amy. He was relieved that they had not been discovered having sex. He also was glad that he had been scared shitless. It caused him to lose his erection. He waved weakly at his girlfriend's mother and said, "Hi. My name is Barry."

Barry was just a couple of inches taller than Amy. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular build. He manscaped his lower region. Everyone could clearing see his junk. His dick looked like those found on old Greek statues -- short, wrinkled and flaccid.

Charley stood on the other side of Amy. He was just over 6 feet tall. He had a thin, wiry build. His eyes and hair were dark brown like his mother. His appendage was still swollen from viewing his naked sister and smelling her aroused cunt.

Amy was naked and defiant. She stood with her legs spread and her chest held high. The adults took her stance as that of a proud woman. Really she was furious and wanted to kill her brother. She took after her father and had his light brown hair that now was in a ponytail. She was toned. Nice tits. Killer ass. She had a pronounced gap between her thighs. Since she was shaved everyone could see her stubby, engorged clit and the curtain-like inner lips that sprouted out of her vagina.

Of the three naked young adults standing facing the grown-ups, only Charley was smiling. He was grinning pleased that his stunt was working so far. He had stripped and fondled his hot, bossy sister. He was also happy that his penis was bigger than the one his sister's boyfriend possessed.

Mary was flabbergasted. "Amy! Charley! What are you doing?" She cried.

Amy had recovered from her initial shock over being walked in on. She shifted back into her normal "bully" mode. She operated under the premise that the best defense was a good offense. She lashed out at her mother, ignored her question and asked,

"What did you mean when you said, "I can't wait to get naked with you?""

Mary looked like the proverbial deer in the headlights. She couldn't think of an answer. Charley came to her rescue. He walked across the room and offered his hand to her companion.

"Nice to meet you in person . . . "

Mary's beloved raised an eyebrow and then it click. He played along and supplied his name. "Carlos. Yes, Charley, it is good to put a face to a voice."

Charley then offered up an explanation to give his mother cover.

"You see, my mother and sister both agreed to join me for an afternoon of nakedness today on National Nude Day. I purposely neglected to tell them the other would be here. I thought it would be fun to have them discover the other was here and planning on joining in." He shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands in a "My Bad" gesture.

Carlos chuckled. Charley said. "I apologize ladies for my bad judgment and poor sense of humor. I didn't expect you to get upset and shout at each other. I'm sure each of you was caught off guard and wondering what was going on. I'm sorry. It is all my fault."

Charley looked around the room to see how his message was being accepted. No one raised an objection, neither woman was in a position to argue and the men, well anything that got a pretty woman out of her clothes couldn't be bad. Satisfied his story was not going to be challenged, Charley pushed on saying,

"Carlos, why don't you and Mom strip and we can all go for a swim."

Carlos grinned. He knew a bullshit artist when he heard one. Charley was throwing manure around with a big shovel, but he had to hand it to the kid, he was selling it. He began taking his clothes off. "What the hell," he thought. "Mary and I were going to get naked anyway. It will be good for her to learn to loosen up and be naked with others. This might open up a whole new world of possibilities for us. And well, that Amy is a cutey-pie. Seeing her nude is no hardship".

Carlos was down to his underwear. His swelling dick tented the thin material. "Mary, this is what we were planning, right?"

Mary felt boxed in. She certainly did not want to announce to her children that when she said 'I wanted to be naked", she meant I want to strip off all my clothes, to throw my ankles up by my ears and to have my cunt skewered by Carlos' big, brown dick.

Mary surrendered. She sighed heavily and said without conviction, "Yes. Carlos and I were planning to join Charley in his nude day celebration."

She pulled her top over her head. Unknowingly she flashed her hard nipples at her children. She forgot that Carlos had unsnapped her bra. When she finished untangled the shirt from her shoulder-length brown hair, she was dismayed to see that her bra was askew and her goodies were on display. She pulled off her bra and threw it to the floor in frustration.

Carlos removed his final piece of clothing. His semi-erect penis bounced into view. He stood proudly knowing he was a handsome well-built man. Amy lick her lips unconsciously. He was sporting a healthy piece of meat. It put to shame the short, skinny dick she had been sucking on minutes ago. She couldn't help but wonder was her mother riding that fat cock?

All eyes now swung to Mary since she was the only one not naked. Her unsupported tits slung low on her chest. Her ex used to shame her by saying she had "empty tits" because after breastfeeding two kids and many years of fighting gravity, her breasts sagged. They were no longer the firm, perfectly round orbs twenty-year-olds are blessed with. They were still soft and pliable, just lower. With a good bra, she had as much cleavage as any woman her age.

Mary took the plunge and got it over with. She whipped off her pants and briefs and stood naked before the small group. Unlike her daughter, she did not shave her sex. She trimmed it periodically. Truthfully without pubic hair, she didn't feel like a grown woman.

Mary folded and stacked her clothes on a chair behind her. She hadn't planned to show everyone her ass, but she did. It was firm and round. Seeing it, you knew from whom Amy inherited her outstanding butt.

Amy looked at the adults with curiosity. She studied Carlos with delight. She looked at her mother's body in the competitive way all women judge each other. Amy was younger and hotter. 'Nough said. She hoped that as she aged, she could do so as gracefully as her mother.

The guys were more enthralled with Mary's naked body. They study every part, followed every curve. They found themselves getting hard looking at her large hard nipples, her firm ass, and hairy pussy. Barry didn't care that she was 25 years his senior. Charley's cock didn't know that it was being excited by the woman that created him.

Charley was pleased no one was overly embarrassed about being nude in front of others. The truth was Amy and Mary could not object. This lie was hiding their embarrassing secrets. Barry was too scared to register another emotion, and Charley and Carlos were comfortable being naked.

Carlos said, "Now that everyone is unclothed, shall we retire to the pool?"

Everyone went outside. They claimed a lounge chair. Mary passed out towels and sunscreen from the locker out by the pool. The couples coated the hard to reach part for their partners. Carlos and Barry got fully hard rubbing their women and being touched. Carlos wordlessly presented his erect cock to Mary for lotion.

"Really? She asked under her breath.

He nodded and said, "It's the price you must pay for me going along with this charade."

Mary poured sunscreen on her hand and coated his prick. She could not look her children's way as she stroked his manhood. Amy saw what her mother was doing. Not to be outdone she called out to Barry,

"Sweetheart, come stand in front of me." She poured the lotion directly on his 5-inch shaft and vigorously jacked him off.

"Oooh! Oh!" he moaned at the unexpected sexual contact.

His groans caused everyone to glance his way and discover Amy's blatant act. She stopped when it appeared that Barry was about to shot his load. He stood there disappointed like a dog staring at an empty food bowl when she released his cock.

Charley presented himself to his mother, "Mom, would you do my back?"

She nodded. He sat between her legs and Mary rubbed lotion across his shoulder and back. She held firm to her decision of no lotion below the belt.

"Thanks, Ma," Charley caught her by surprise when he leaned back to kiss her cheek. He rested his back on her tits and enjoyed their softness and the hardness of her nips.

Everyone reclined on their chair. No one spoke of the erections in the crowd.

"So, Charley, are there any activities one does to celebrate this National Nude Day?" Carlos asked with a smile.

Charley turned to Carlos and said, "I don't believe there are specific ways to celebrate. It just a day to relax, be naked, to feel the sun and the breeze on your skin with family and friends. I was thinking though it would be fun to play some of the pool games we did as a kid."

He turned to his sister and asked, "Amy, do you remember playing noodle joust?"

"Yes, that was a fun game."

Barry asked, "How do you play?"

"It's just like the jousting tournaments they held in the Middle Ages except no horses, no lance, and no one dies. Basically, it's a silly game that's a lot of fun," Charley explained.

"Let's play," Barry said.

"We need another team. Mom and Carlos are you in?"

"Sure," Carlos answered for the two of them.

"I'll be the judge," Charley announced. "Everyone in the water in the shallow end. Barry and Amy on one side and the old folks on the other side."

Carlos and his mother booed him for his rude comment. He tossed in two rafts and two foam noodles.

"Ladies mount your steeds and grabbed your noodle. Amy, don't grab Barry's. Grab the blue foam one."

"Ha Ha, little brother. Don't quit your day job," Amy razzed her brother.

The women in a very unladylike like move straddled the rafts. Mary tucked the end of the noodle under her arm. Amy held on to her's with two hands.

"Gentleman, you are in charge of propulsion. Push your partner into the center of the pool where our knights will do battle to the death or until one topples off her inflatable raft."

Everyone understood the game. Carlos forcefully drove Mary into Amy's raft almost upsetting her at the start. Amy regained her balance and pummeled her mother with the foam noodle. Mary kept trying to poke or push Amy with her noodle, but it was too flimsy for such an action.

The guys cheered their girl on and kept the rafts close enough so the women could battle. Charley stood quietly on the pool decking. This elevated vantage point gave him an excellent view. He watched the boobies jiggle and bounce about as the women fought. It was quite enjoyable.

Amy landed a devastating swiping blow to the head. It scared Mary more than hurt her, but she tumbled off anyway.

Charley spoke as a boxing announcer with a bad microphone and a lot of feedback. "The win...win...winner by knockout in the fi...fif...fifth round is Amy...me.me.me. Amy the Animal!"

"That was fun," Carlos said enthusiastically. "Amy, what other games did you play?"

"There was one called Popsicle. It was a lot of fun."

"How does that one go?" Barry asked.

Amy explained, "It a version of Freeze tag. If the person that's "it" touches you, you have to freeze. You have to stand with your hands in the air pretending you're a frozen Popsicle. Another player can unfreeze you, by swimming between your legs. This game is played in the area with five feet or less of water. When a player is unfrozen, they call out a name for a new person to be "it". Oh yeah, you can't freeze someone swimming under water.

"Let's play," Charley said. He did a cannonball to join them in the pool. A giant splash washed over everyone. When Charley surfaced, Amy shouted, "Charley's it!

Everyone scrambled to get away from him. Charley went after his mother because she was the closest to him. He caught her slipping an arm around her waist. She struggled and he enjoyed the contact with her low hanging boobs. His bobbing cock pressed against her thigh.

"Freeze," he called out.

She stopped trying to get away. Charley said, "Put your hands above your head." He showed her how. She copied him. Since she was in three feet of water., he got a good view of her breasts and hard nipples.

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